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Occult Symbolism | Clothing Apparel: Kvlture

Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 | 11:18 PM


Founded in 2011, Kvlture is a Singaporean clothing and apparel brand specializing in the marketing of occult themed illustrations inspired by the teachings and philosophies of Aleister Crowley. The visuals depicted in the above entry are representative of its principal logo, a symbolic amalgam incorporating distinctive features attributed to the construction of the Necronomicon Sigil as well as the Unicursal Hexagram - a prominent fixture in Thelemic Law.

Necronomicon Sigil
The origins of this symbolic motif are predominantly attributed to the weird fiction subgenre  popularized by H.P. Lovecraft (Howard Phillips Lovecraft). The sigil, alternatively known under the Necronomicon Gate colloquialization, exists as a symbolic representation of reality’s fluidity - in that aspects of enlightenment pertinent to the spiritual ascension of one’s essence are malleable characteristics operating on a juxtapositional level with eternal destiny.

Unicursal Hexagram

Endemic to texts ascribed to the Book of Thelema, a spiritual philosophy developed by early 20th Century British author and ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley, the Unicursal Hexagram is a symbolic representation of religious identity/ recognition. Crowley’s adaptation of the figure houses a five petaled rose positioned within the axial corpus (centermost region), the flower being representative of the divine feminine aspect of the spirit realms union with the physical/ corporeal manifestations of perceived reality.
NOTE - The above visual depicts an insignia evincing commonality with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; the Ruby Rose within the central region of the Unicursal Hexagram emphasizing proper magick - alchemy, astral projection/ disambiguation (assumes the existence of an ‘astral body’ or soul independent from the physical/ corporeal aspect of self capable of traveling beyond the confines of anatomical limitation), and scrying (visualizing the immaterial world/ noncorporeal actuality through a process of psychic divination) are three prominent fixtures within the practice of proper magick. 
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