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Samuel Girod, an Amish Farmer Residing in the State of Kentucky, Formally Sentenced to 6 Years of Incarceration in a State-Funded Penitentiary in Lieu of Eastern Kentucky District Court Judge Danny C. Reeves's Ruling That He Violated USFDA Regulatory Policy in What Reeves Deemed as "His Refusal to Comply With the Agency's Product Labeling Guidelines" in the Sale and Marketing of Herbal Supplements

Written By Michael Reign on Thursday, July 6, 2017 | 9:34 PM

The terse written excerpt, as well as the 5 minute, 47 second cinematic presentation accompanying it, examines the plight of Samuel Girod, an Amish farmer and resident of Bath County, Kentucky; who was formally sentenced to serve six years in prison following what Eastern Kentucky District Court Judge Danny C. Reeves deemed as an 'overt attempt by the defendant to blatantly disregard USFDA ( United States Food and Drug Administration) regulatory standards in the sale and marketing of various herbal supplements for which he hadn't adhered to said agency's product labeling guidelines.'

From Amish America

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A federal judge sentenced a Bath County Amish farmer to six years in prison on Friday morning.

A federal jury handed down guilty verdicts against Samuel Girod in March for misbranding products.

After serving six years, Girod will have three years of supervised release. He must also refrain from producing and manufacturing products during that time. That judge said Girod exhibited continuous and blatant disregard for the law.

A brief summation of Girod’s offenses:

At his trial in March of this year, the evidence established that Girod had been manufacturing and selling homemade products to businesses in numerous states and that the products did not comply with FDA regulations. Specifically, one of his products was dangerous when used in the manner recommended and all three were advertised in a way that did not comply with the law.

In 2013, a federal judge in Missouri ordered Girod to stop manufacturing and selling his products, until his labeling and advertisement of the products met FDA regulations. Despite the court order, Girod continued to manufacture these products and sell them in Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois, marketing them in the exact same manner as he had before the court order.

The evidence further established that, as part of the 2013 order, the judge required inspections of Girod’s facility in Bath County, to ensure his compliance with the order. In November 2013, two FDA Consumer Safety Officers attempted to conduct the court-ordered inspection of Girod’s facility, but they were prevented from conducting the inspection by Girod and others on his property. Then, after the criminal case against him began, Girod tampered with a witness, failed to appear for court proceedings, and was a fugitive for several months.

Girod may file an appeal, but it’s not known if he intends to do so.

CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Let the harsh reality of Eastern Kentucky District Court Judge Danny C. Reeves’s decision to impose a 6-year term of confinement, a sentence which Samuel Girod will be required to serve no less than three years, weigh heavily on your conscience. For we reside in a nation where the rule of law is subject to the discretion of its political assemblies (Persons that the corporate telecommunications industry insists have been duly elected to represent the best interests of the civilian population), as well as their judicial contemporaries, both of which routinely abandon their presupposed code of ethics in favor of the most affluent segments of society, choosing instead to visit a bevy of irredeemable vituperations upon the plebeian aggregate. The reality of a two-tiered system of justice has never been more evident, when members of the status quo can act with impunity, freely pillaging the public trust while enriching their constituents within the financial sector at the expense of the electorate, embroiling the nation in a limitless deluge of military conflicts and combat operations for which no clear path to victory can be reasonably expected, despoiling the institution of faith and sound religious doctrine to mollify a burgeoning secularist consensus, engineer the dissolution of national sovereignty through the actualization of a series of international trade agreements,

orchestrate the capital murder of individuals whose crisis of conscience compelled them to sever their ties with deleterious elements of the political establishment, etc., all of this without even the mention of consequence. Federal prosecutors tasked with the responsibility of presenting evidence of culpability on the part of defendant during the course of the trial-based proceeding were rumored to have sought a 68-year term of imprisonment coupled with a $3 million penalty of restitution, prior to Reeves's ruling. Imagine for a moment the reaction of Girod's family at the prospect of one of their own, an individual whose standing within the community is unblemished, being given such a sentence, all the while murderers, rapists, and narcotics traffickers throughout the whole of the continental United States are typically required to serve less time.

Interested parties are invited to participate in the following online petition:

- as Girod's sole chance at freedom rests firmly with the issuance of a presidential pardon by acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Eschatology | Article and Information Repository

Written By Michael Reign on Monday, April 24, 2017 | 10:04 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to eschatological discourse. {Updated on a Regular Basis}

Many are those who would seek to characterize the written verses and passages ascribed to Biblical Scripture as ancient fable, with still others dismissing the notion of theological discourse altogether. The fundamental tenets of Judeo-Christian philosophy oftentimes the target of secularist assemblies, multimedia organizations, the political establishment, the Entertainment Industry, religious abolitionists, etc., with the reality of end times prophecy viewed by the vast majority of the world’s population as hypothetical conjecture. For individuals whose faith and adherence to a monotheistic system of belief that rightfully exalts the Heavenly Father as the author of creation remains steadfast, the concept of a Biblically-inspired predestination exists as a guide for future events.

7.27.2001 Eschatology | Theological Discourse and Scriptural Interpretation

4.24.2014 The Mark: Assertions Made by the Scientific Community Regarding the Concept of Microchip Implantation Reference the Imposition of Federal Mandate - Where One’s Consent Is No Longer Required

9.21.2012 VeriChip | The Prophesied Mark of the Beast?



5.11.2017 Government Officials in the Republic of India Implementing a Compulsory Biometric Identification Verification Database to Catalog and Collect Information on All of Its Estimated 1.35 Billion Inhabitants - The Aadhaar Program, Hailed by Its Progenitors as a Necessary Plan of Contingency Designed to Mitigate the Incidence of Lost or Stolen Identification, Tax Evasion, as Well as Facilitating a Marked Reduction in the Monetary Expenditures Allotted for Social Subsistence or Welfare-Related Provisions - Citizens of the Republic of India Will Be Required to Enroll in the Program, With Each Individual Being Assigned a Unique 12-Digit Numeric Serving as a Digitally-Transcribed Record of Identity Capable of Being Verified Through Fingerprint and Iris Scans, or Risk Being Unable to Pay Taxes, Participate in the Electoral Process, Collect Monetary Pensions, and/ or Obtain Benefits From Welfare-Oriented/ Income Redistribution Government Service Plans - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at One Point in Time an Outspoken Vocal Critic of the Aadhaar Proposition, Has Embraced the Prospect of an All-Encompassing Digital Identity Verification System - Modi’s Political Constituents Within the Indian Parliament for Varanasi Passing a Legislative Provision That Would Effectively Precipitate a Dramatic Expansion of the Aadhaar Initiative, Allowing for a Marked Increase in the Latitude of Accessibility Afforded to Government Entities and Private Businesses Attempting to Procure Records From the System’s Database - A Mainframe Which Documents the Following:

Date of Birth
Place of Residence
Financial Holdings and Account Information
Telephonic Registries
Email Addresses and Correspondence Histories

The Advent of the Aadhaar System’s Utilization as a Portal of Information by Corporate Institutions and Agencies Heralding the Possibility of Non-Participants Being Unable to Open a Bank Account, Obtain New Cellphone Numbers, or Purchase Plane Tickets - Lawyers Opposing the Implementation of a Compulsory System of Identity Verification Argued Before the Supreme Court That Citizens Could Not Be Forced by Government Representatives to Forfeit the Privacy of Their Biometric Data to Private Companies as It Would Be in Violation of Preexistent Privacy Protections Guaranteed to Residents Within the Contents of the Indian Constitution - This Argument Countered by Statements From Mukul Rohatgi, the Acting Attorney General, Who, During the Course of a Preliminary Hearing, Attempted to Illustrate That Citizens Could Not Be Afforded a Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to Privacy as Indian Nationals Did Not Possess the Authority to Claim an “Absolute Right” Over Their Bodies



1.22.2018 Trump Administration Enforces New Proof of Identification Standards in Compliance With Legislative Mandate That Was Initially Passed in 2005 by Congress During the Tenure of Then President George W. Bush

The Law Revises Preexisting Measures at the State Level Regarding Automotive Licensing and Driving Regulation, and Requires Prospective Passengers of Commercial Airlines to Present Additional Documentation Prior to Boarding Domestic or Internationally Bound Flights

Like the Republic of India’s Aadhaar Initiative, the REAL ID Act Exists as a Plan of Contingency Designed to Mitigate the Incidence of Lost or Stolen Identification, Tax Evasion, as Well as Facilitating a Marked Reduction in the Monetary Expenditures Allotted for Social Subsistence or Welfare-Related Provisions That Would Otherwise Occur Through the Use of Fraudulent Documents Pertaining to One’s Proof of Identity

Each of the Nationally Recognized Identification Cards Possessing the Following:

Legal Name
Date of Birth
Binary Gender
Physical Address
Photographic Affirmation

Federal Agencies Will Be Prohibited From Accepting Any Proof of Identification That Fails to Satisfy Policy Expectation After October 1, 2020

8.3.2014 Barcode Product Identification Technologies and Their Connection to the ‘666’ Numeric



7.20.1999 Apple Computer Company Co-Founder Steve Wozniak’s Rationale for the Apple 1 Computer’s Initial $666.66 Asking Price

Matthew Chapter 7, Verse 15 | “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”



3.24.2016 *VIDEO* Humanist Doctrine of Lakewood Church Ministry and Congregation Laid Bare

Victoria Osteen, Wife of World Renowned Prosperity Gospel Preacher Joel Osteen, Attempts to Rationalize the Benefits of Heretical Proclamation and Influence Theologically Inchoate Audiences in a Series of Controversial Statements Where She Emphasized the Need to “Do Good for Your Own Self,” Because Obedience – Specifically What Would Constitute the Earthly Body of Christ in the Holy Sacrament of Worship – Aren’t Entirely Intended to Glorify God’s Ethereal Majesty as Much as What Could Be Given for the Purpose of One’s Happiness and Contentment Upon the Earth


5.21.2018 Pope Francis: “It’s Okay to Be Gay, God Made You Like This”

Vatican City Pontiff Rationalizes the Acceptance of Homosexuality in a Series of Statements Given During the Course of Dialogue With Juan Carlos Cruz, a Childhood Victim of Sexual Abuse at the Hands of an Unverified Number of Catholic Priests in Chile, Most Notably, Fernando Karadima; Who Took Indecent Liberties With Numerous Children for More Than Twenty Years

When Questioned by Reporters, Representatives Affiliated With the Roman Catholic Church, Specifically the Vatican, Would Neither Confirm Nor Deny the Vicar’s Purported Line of Communication With Cruz

3.29.2018 Pope Francis: “There Is No Hell”

Controversial Utterance by the Vatican City Pontiff Contradicts 2,000-Year-Old Theological Testament of the Catholic Church Concerning the Reality of Hell and the Eternal Destiny of Condemned Souls Given Over to the Flames of Perdition

The Proclamation Purportedly Made During the Course of an Interview With Avowed Atheist, and Longtime Confidant, Eugenio Scalfari, the Context of Which Was Subsequently Published on March 28, 2018 in La Repubblica, With the Relevant Section Pertaining to Hell Being Translated by Rorate Caeli

The Interview in Question Being Captioned With the Following Headline, “The Pope: It Is An Honor to Be Called Revolutionary” (“Il Papa: È Un Onore Essere Chiamoto Rivoluzionario”)

Portions of the Written Contents of This Discussion Appearing Below:

Eugenio Scalfari: “Your Holiness, in our previous meeting you told me that our species will disappear in a certain moment and that God, still out of His creative force, will create a new species. You have never spoken to me about the souls who died in sin and will go to hell to suffer it for eternity. You have, however, spoken to me of good souls, admitted to the contemplation of God. But what about bad souls? Where are they punished?”

Pope Francis: They are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate Him, but those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven, disappear. THERE IS NO HELL, there is disappearance of sinful souls.”

The Heretical Nature of the Pontiff’s Convictions Also Contradictory to Scripture, as Evidenced in Isaiah Chapter 66, Verse 24, Where Jesus is Quoted With the Following Words:

“And they will go out and look on the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; the worms that eat them will not die, the fire that burns them will not be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind.”

Leviticus Chapter 26, Verse 1 | “You shall make you no idols, nor graven image, neither rear up a standing image. Neither shall you set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it; for I AM the LORD your GOD.”



5.6.2016 England-Born Performer Adele Pauses a Live Performance Held in Copenhagen, Denmark; to Sing the Praises of Beyoncé Following the Release of the U.S. Songstress’s Most Recent Album, the Racially Divisive, ‘Lemonade,’ Telling the Concert’s Attendees That Beyoncé is ‘Jesus (Expletive) Christ’

A Series of Blasphemous Proclamations by the British Pop Star Where She Attempted to Venerate One of Her Erstwhile Contemporaries in the Entertainment Industry is Noted in the Following:

Beyoncé is the most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of worshipping.”



5.2.2014 ‘Religious’ Congregation Devoted to Celebrity: National Church of Bey Based in Atlanta, Georgia; Stirs Controversy

Founder ‘Minister Diva’ Pauline John Andrews Openly Criticizes Groups and Organizations That Have Spoken Out in Condemnation of the Church’s Views and Beliefs

In a Series of Statements That Could More Appropriately Be Characterized as Blasphemous Asseveration, Andrews Makes Mention of the Following:

“We are very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine Deity walking among them. Deities often walk the earth in their flesh form. Beyoncé will transcend back to the spirit once her work here on Mother Earth has been completed. As our congregation begins to swell, we ask that you consider what is more real; an invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing Goddess who shows you her true form daily… While we do not believe Beyoncé to be the Creator, we recognize that she still sits among the throne of Gods. We humbly ask you to respect our beliefs, just as you want those to respect yours. Open your mind to new possibilities and you will see, just as we did, that Bey is a true higher power.”

The Fledgling Group is Also in the Process of Producing Its Own Reinterpretation of Scripture, What It Deems as “Beybles,” That Will Be Distributed to the General Public in the Near Future

Andrews, When Questioned Regarding the Nature of the Book’s Context, Offered the Following Assessment:

“After hearing the divine work written out in the Beyble, we assure you that you too can walk in the truth and reach a deep level of understanding. It may sound odd at first, but you just need a formal introduction to the word. Mother Bey is worthy of your praise.”

2 Peter Chapter 3, Verses 3-4 | “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts. And saying, where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”



3.28.2018 Tat Siong Benny Liew, the Acting Chair of New Testament Studies at the College of Holy Cross, Proffers the Suggestion That Jesus Was a ‘Drag King’ With ‘Queer Desires’

Liew Homoeroticizes Scripture in His Portrayal of the Holy Bible, Offering Up a Host of Preposterous Assertions – the Vast Majority of Which Are Blasphemous in Their Context – to Promote the Concept of Gender Fluidity

Zechariah Chapter 12, Verses 2-3 | “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the Earth are gathered against it.”



12.6.2017 Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Officially Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel, Prompting Palestinians to Burn the American Flag and Igniting the Genesis of Renewed Conflict in the War Torn Region

12.6.2017 Warnings and Protestations Intensify From All Corners of the Eastern Hemisphere in Anticipation of Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s Open Declaration of Jerusalem Being the Capital City of the State of Israel

Geopolitical Luminaries From the United Kingdom, the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the State of Palestine, in Addition to Pope Francis of Vatican City, Condemn the President’s Planned Course of Action, Equating it to “Declaring War Against 1.5 Billion Muslims”

Luke Chapter 21, Verse 25 | “And there shall be signs: In the Sun… And in the Moon… And in the Stars… and upon the Earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.”



3.7.2012 Photographer Captures an Angelic Manifestation in the Clouds Hovering Directly Overhead of a Buddhist Temple Near the Grand Palace in the Capital City of Bangkok

Isres Chorphaka, 51, Was Touring the Grounds of a Buddhist Temple Near the Grand Palace in Bangkok When He Bore Witness to the Ethereal Phenomenon



9.27.2017 Image of the Cross Captured in a Photograph in Louisville, Kentucky

Picture of a Gleaming Cross of Golden Sunlight Amidst a Sea of Gray-Colored Clouds Taken in Louisville Startles Members of a Local Community

7.24.2017 *VIDEO* Omen of Ill Portent: The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 and God’s Warning for America – Part 2

7.24.2017 *VIDEO* Omen of Ill Portent: The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 and God’s Warning for America – Part 1

2.3.2016 Image of the Cross Appears in the Skies Above the State of New Mexico

Picture Captured by Jason Luther in Maljamar, New Mexico; During the Afternoon Hours of February 2nd of 2016

1.20.2016 Signs in the Skies Heralding the Second Coming? Perfect Cross Captured in the Skies Above the State of Michigan Prompting Fears of Armageddon

Startling Image Photographed in the Late Afternoon Hours of January 2016 by Mechaele Loraffe of Buchanan, Michigan

Matthew Chapter 24, Verse 8 | “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.”


9.21.2017 Hurricane Maria, the Strongest Cyclonic Disturbance to Impact Puerto Rico in More Than 80 Years, Ravages the U.S. Territory With Torrential Rains and 155 MPH Sustained Winds as the Entire Island is Left Devoid of Electricity and Running Water

9.19.2017 Hurricane Maria Leaves a Trail of Destruction in Dominica and the U.S. Virgin Islands as It Approaches Puerto Rico

9.8.2017 Hurricane Irma Lays Waste to the Caribbean Leaving Thousands Homeless, Without Electricity, and Running Water as It Barrels Toward the Southeastern United States

9.6.2017 Vast Swaths of the Isle of Barbuda Left Unrecognizable in the Wake of Hurricane Irma as 90 to 95 Percent of Structures and Residential Dwellings Are Obliterated

9.5.2017 Hurricane Irma Now Registering on Seismometers Across the Caribbean

Strength and Intensity of the Storm, With Irma Having Maintained Category 5 Status With 185 MPH Sustained Wind Speeds for 37 Hours, Being Detected on Instruments Designed to Gauge Seismic Activity Related to Tectonic Disturbances Beneath the Earth’s Crust

9.5.2017 Irma Becomes the Strongest Atlantic Hurricane Outside the Gulf and Caribbean Island Regions Ever Documented



9.14.2017 Category 4 Hurricane Irma Decimates the Florida Keys With 140 MPH Sustained Winds, Reducing 90 Percent of Structures, Residential Dwellings, and Commercial Buildings to Rubble

8.29.2017 In Excess of 19 Trillion Gallons of Flood Water Have Inundated Portions of Southeast Texas From One-Time Category 4 Hurricane Harvey

8.28.2017 Disaster of Biblical Proportion: Catastrophic Damage Left Behind in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey Defies Reason



2.12.2018 Tropical Cyclone Gita Hammers the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga With 145 MPH Sustained Winds – Some Gusts in Excess of 175 MPH – Rendering Fifty Percent of the Archipelagic Nation’s Commercial Buildings and Residential Dwellings Completely Uninhabitable

The Cyclonic Disturbance Has Been Described by Officials as the Worst to Impact the Region in 60 Years

2.3.2002 Tornadic Disturbances | Climatological Phenomena and Significance

1.15.2006 The Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF-Scale) as an Instrument of Damage Assessment in the Wake of Tornadic Disturbances | History and Significance



7.20.2018 Tornadoes Ravage Portions of Central Iowa Reducing Local Businesses, Residential Dwellings, and Commercially-Owned Structures to Rubble

Mesocyclonic Disturbances Born of an Intense Line of Thunderstorms Across the Central United States Resulted in 27 Separate Reports of Tornadic Activity in Iowa Alone – the Strongest of Which Merited EF-3 Distinction, Having Registered Sustained Wind Speeds of 144 MPH – According to the National Weather Service

3.20.2018 *VIDEO* 9 Confirmed Tornadoes Spawned by a Series of Severe Storms Decimate Portions of Northern Alabama, Claiming 19 Lives in the Process

2.25.2018 11 Tornadoes Now Confirmed to Have Touched Down Across the State of Kentucky According to the National Weather Service, Three of That Number Meriting EF-2 (Enhanced Fujita Scale Intensity Class 2) Designation

The Strongest Disturbance Impacting Areas of Christian County With 135 MPH Sustained Wind Speeds

Psalm Chapter 9, Verse 17 | “The wicked shall be turned into hell, And all the nations that forget God.”

8.21.2017 Wildfires Increasing Both in Intensity and Frequency Across the Planet



8.21.2017 19 Wildfires Merge Into a Raging Phlogiston, Becoming the Largest Fire in the History of British Columbia, Canada

The Massive Fires in an Area West of Quesnel in Central B.C. Have Coalesced, Generating a Single Blaze Nearly 4,700 Square Kilometers (1,814.68 Square Miles) in Diameter


8.1.2018 ‘Walls of Flame’ Engulf California City: Massive Wildfire Sweeps Through Redding, Prompting the Evacuation of 90,000 Residents

The Carr Fire in Shasta County, One of 17 Major Fires Burning in the State of California and Widely Acknowledged as the 7th Most Destructive in Its History in Terms of Property Damage and Structural Loss, Has Consumed 103,772 Acres as of July 30th of 2018, Having Less Than 35% Containment

6.10.2018 Ten Separate Wildfires Ravaging the State of Colorado Force the Evacuation of Thousands of Residents From Their Homes, With the Spring Creek Fire¹ – Now Widely Acknowledged as the Second Most Significant in State History – Consuming More Than 107,000 Acres, With 100 Structures Having Been Reduced to Ash in Its Destructive Wake

¹ Only the West Fork Complex Fire – Which Was Generated by Lightning in 2013 – Burned More Land, Having Devoured 109,049 Acres

4.17.2018 Flames Ravage Portions of the American Southwest Consuming in Excess of 350,000 Acres as Government Officials in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah Declare States of Emergency

Critical Fire Conditions Born of Excessive Wind and a Prolonged Absence of Precipitation Are Forecast in Portions of Arizona and Southeastern Utah to New Mexico, Colorado, Northwestern Texas, the Western Periphery of Oklahoma, Western Kansas as well as Southwestern Extremities of Nebraska

4.14.2018 More Than Two Dozen Wildfires Raging Across Portions of Western Oklahoma and Texas Charring an Estimated 200,000 Acres and Prompting the Evacuation of 120,000 Residents From Their Homes

12.22.2017 With More Than 273,400 Acres of Land Consumed by Flame, the Thomas Fire Becomes the Largest Ever in California State History

The Mammoth Blaze, Which Has Burned in Excess of 273,400 Acres, the Equivalent of 427.1875 Square Miles, Has Destroyed 1,063 Structures and Cost an Estimated $177 Million Since it First Began on December 4

12.5.2017 Apocalyptic Scenes of Devastation as Flames Ravage Portions of Southern California Prompting the Evacuation of More Than 27,000 Residents From Their Homes

Gail Force Santa Ana Winds, Some in Excess of 80 MPH, Wrought by a Massive High Pressure Surface Gradient in the Great Basin, Fan Flames in All Directions, Extinguishing the Hopes and Dreams of Thousands as Commercial Buildings and Residential Dwellings are Consumed by the Relentless Inferno Which Has Laid Waste to More Than 140,000 Acres, Leaving an Estimated 260,000 Without Electricity

10.14.2017 Massive Wildfires Ravaging Portions of Northern California, Including Santa Rosa and Napa Valley, Acknowledged by State Government Officials as the Deadliest Disaster of Its Kind With 42 Confirmed Fatalities, More Than 150 Additional Persons Being Unaccounted For, and in Excess of 5,700 Residential Dwellings and Commercial Buildings Either Damaged or Completely Destroyed

Initial Damage Estimates From the Fires That Consumed an Estimated 206,000 Acres of Land, Much of Which is Now Charred Beyond Recognition, Place the Cost of the Catastrophe at a Staggering $6 Billion

9.14.2017 Almost 2 Million Acres of Land Consumed by Flame Across the United States in 2017 With 75 Active Wildfires Blanketing Significant Portions of the Pacific Northwest in Smoke and Ash



1.27.2017 Chile Ravaged by Worst Wildfires in Country’s Modern History, Scorching Homes and 100-Year-Old Vineyards, Claiming Six Lives in Their Destructive Wake

Multiple Blazes Have Ravaged 588,000 acres and Are Increasing in Size, According to Officials – With the Country Declaring a National State of Emergency



6.19.2017 Massive Wildfire in Portugal Claims 62, With Many Victims Burned Alive in Their Personal Vehicles While Attempting to Escape the Raging Inferno


8.26.2017 Catastrophic Flooding Inundates Vast Portions of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, Claiming More Than 1,200 Lives in the Process



5.27.2018 Second 1000-Year Flood in Two Years Envelops Historic Maryland City as Torrential Downpour Causes Nearby Rivers and Streams to Swell Above Their Structural Embankments

4.19.2018 Historic Floods, Landslides Devastate the Hawaiian Island of Kauai

Torrential Rains – With Precipation Totals Exceeding 28 inches in Substantive Areas of the Island in 24 Hours – Impacting Residents and Prompting a Public State of Emergency in Hanalei, Where 350 of the City’s Inhabitants Were Forced to Abandon Their Homes in the Wake of the Deluge

Following Preliminary Damage Assessments by a Host of Officials in the Affected Region; Sarah Blane, the Chief of Staff to Kauai’s Principal Mayoral Representative, Offered Her Perspective With the Following:

“It’s the worst disaster to occur on Kauai in 25 years, since Hurricane Iniki.”

Hurricane Iniki Made Landfall on the Island in 1992 as a Category 4 Tropical Disturbance, Causing $3 Billion in Damage and Claiming Six Lives

NOTE – Hawaii, is considered part of North America by virtue of its statehood on August 21, 1959; geographically, the 50th state is more aptly characterized as a volcanic archipelago occupying the northernmost periphery of Polynesia, a geographic subregion of Oceania

2.25.2018 Massive Flooding Documented Throughout Vast Portions of the Ohio River Valley in the Wake of a Violent Storm System That Produced Hail, Torrential Rains, and Isolated Instances of Tornadic Activity, Claiming Four Lives in the Process

1.10.2018 Devastating Mudslides Born From the Wake of Torrential Rains Inundating the Hillside Communities of Santa Barbara County Claim the Lives of Thirteen With Countless Others Remaining Unaccounted For

The Affluent Enclaves of Montecito, California; Home to an Estimated 9,000, Are Buried Under Mountains of Debris, With Helicopters Being Utilized by State Rescue Service Personnel to Evacuate Displaced Residents

1.5.2018 Massive Deluge of Floodwater Born From the Onslaught of a Cyclonic Disturbance Off the Eastern Seaboard Inundates the City of Boston, the Worst Disaster of Its Kind to Impact the Region in More Than 40 Years

Luke Chapter 21, Verse 11 | “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”


1.9.2018 Massive 7.6-Magnitude Undersea Earthquake Registered in the Caribbean, Becoming One of the Most Powerful Temblors to Impact the Region in Recorded History

Tsunami Advisories Issued for Portions of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Wake of the Tectonic Disturbance Were Eventually Cancelled



9.20.2017 226 Confirmed Fatalities as 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake Levels Numerous Buildings in Central Portions of Mexico and Its Surrounding Cities

9.8.2017 Devastation in Mexico as Homes, Schools, and Hospitals Are Flattened With 35 Confirmed Fatalities in the Nation’s Biggest Earthquake in More Than a Century

The Deadly 8.1-Magnitude Tectonic Disturbance Registering 60 Miles Off the Southern Coast of Mexico, Southwest of the Town of Pijijiapan

The Quake Felt Across Mexico and as Far North as Austin, Texas; More Than 1,300 Miles From the Epicenter of the Massive Temblor



1.23.2018 8.2-Magnitude Undersea Earthquake Centered 157 Miles Southeast of Chiniak, Alaska; Prompts Mass Evacuations in the Town of Kodiak as Residents Are Urged by Authorities to Abandon Their Homes in the Event of a Tsunami



11.12.2017 Powerful 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake Devastates Countless Cities and Towns Along the Border of Iran and Iraq Killing More Than 450, Injuring in Excess of 7,000, and Leaving Thousands More Homeless, Without Food, or Running Water

The Epicenter of the Massive Temblor Registering 19 Miles Southwest of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan at 9:20pm Sunday With Reverberations From the Tectonic Disturbance Felt as Far West as the Mediterranean Coastline



9.27.2017 Thousands Forced to Abandon Their Homes on Ambae Island Following the Eruption of the Monaro Volcano

The Monaro Volcano Erupted in the Afternoon Spewing Lava With ‘Rocks and Ash’ Descending Upon Nearby Homes and Villages

As Many as 6,000 Residents Are Reported to Have Evacuated as Government Officials on the Pacific Island Nation of Vanuatu Declare a State of Emergency



9.26.2017 Airlines on Edge as Fears Grow Over the Impending Eruption of Mount Agung With More Than 75,000 Residents on the Island of Bali Ordered to Evacuate



5.4.2018 Portions of the Big Island of Hawaii Left Unrecognizable Following Massive 6.9 Magnitude Temblor and the Subsequent Eruption of the Kilauea Volcano Prompting a State Government Emergency Declaration and the Evacuation of Thousands of Residents

The Massive Shield Volcano Began Its Destructive Cycle of Eruption on May 3rd of 2018, With Lava Flows Consuming 6,164 Acres (Approximately 9.6 Square Miles) – Leaving 657 Structural Dwellings Uninhabitable in Its Wake – According to the Most Recent Estimates by the Hawaii County Civil Defense Service

NOTE – Hawaii, is considered part of North America by virtue of its statehood on August 21, 1959; geographically, the 50th state is more aptly characterized as a volcanic archipelago occupying the northernmost periphery of Polynesia, a geographic subregion of Oceania



1.24.2018 Mount Mayon, a Stratovolcano Located in the Province of Albay in the Bicol Region (A Geographical Area Comprising the Island Territory of Luzon in the Philippines) Erupts, Spewing Lava and Ash Plumes More Than 600 Kilometers (372.823 Miles) Into the Air as Fears of a Pyroclastic Density Current (Commonly Referred to as a Flow) Mount, Forcing the Evacuation of 61,000 Residents

The Mayon Volcano is the Most Active in the Region, Having Erupted 50 Times in the Past 500 Years


3.30.2017 Famine Threatening an Estimated 20 Million Throughout Portions of the African Continent and the Middle East

1.31.2002 Communicable/ Infectious Disease: Epidemiological Classifications, Symptomology, and Agents of Causality

2.8.2002 Hepatitis: Epidemiological Classifications, Symptomology, and Agents of Causality



10.13.2017 Jerry Brown, the Acting Governor of California, Issues an Emergency Proclamation Concerning the Deadly Hepatitis A Outbreak Affecting a Number of Cities Throughout the State

According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), There Have Been a Total of 18 Deaths – All in the San Diego Precinct, Which Has Reported 490 Cases of Infection With 342 of That Number Resulting in Extended Periods of Hospitalization

The Santa Cruz Area Has 71 Reported Cases, With 33 of That Number Meriting Medical Attention

4.9.2002 Influenza: Epidemiological Classifications, Symptomology, and Agents of Causality



1.20.2018 Deadly Influenza Outbreak Ravaging the United States Claiming 100 Lives on a Weekly Basis as Virus Continues to Spread

759 Confirmed Fatalities Resulting From Complications Associated With the H3N2 Strain of the Contagion Between October 7th and December 23rd of 2017

9.29.2017 At Any One Given Point in Time, There Are, on Average, an Estimated 110 Million STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Infections in the United States

According to Recent Analyses by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Documented Incidences of Infection Pertaining to Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis Experienced a Marked Increase From 2015 to 2016

Cases of Chlamydic Exposure Rose 4.7 Percent, With Pronounced Increases Being Cataloged Across the Nation, Rates of Infection Highest in Southern States and Lowest in the Northeastern Periphery of the Country

The Most Prevalent Groups Affected by the Illness Were 9.2 Percent of Adolescent Girls and Young Adult Women Comprising the Age Bracket of 15-19 Years, and 8 Percent of Women Aged 20-24

From 2015 to 2016, Documented Incidences of Infection Pertaining to Gonorrheic Exposure Increased 22.2 Percent in Men, and 13.8 Percent in Women, With 92 Percent of Cases Attributed to the 15-44 Age Demographic

Rates of Syphilis Increased Substantially in Every Age Group and Every Ethnic Background, With the Number of Infants Born Infected With the Disease Surging From 492 Cases in 2015, to 628 in 2016

11.19.2015 Plague: Epidemiological Classifications, Symptomology, and Agents of Causality




Deadly Bacterial Plague Ravaging the Coastal Periphery of the Island Nation of Madagascar Deemed to Be the Worst in Fifty Years, as the World Health Organization Warns of a Possible Pandemic

The Devastating Outbreak Has Besieged the Country’s Capital City of Antananarivo, Claiming the Lives of 128 and Infecting More Than 2,000

4.17.2018, Inc. Flooded With Complaints Following Revelations of a Marketed Advertisement Campaign Designed to Promote the Sale of Merchandise Geared Toward Infants and Toddlers Emphasizing the Use of Narcotics as a Means of Enjoyment

Corporate Representatives Within the Company Disavowed Any Claims of Involvement, Choosing Instead to Foist Responsibility on Third Party Businesses Gravitating Toward the E-Commerce Platform

1.24.2012 The Caduceus Wand and the Satanic Symbology of the Medical Profession *VIDEO*

6.24.2009 The Esoteric Connotation of the Caduceus Symbol as an Unspoken Metaphor for the Sinister Agenda of Western Medicine



5.9.2018 Open Drug Use, Combined With a Burgeoning Homeless Population, Thrusting Urban Districts of San Francisco, California; Into the Spotlight Amidst Concerns of a Nationwide Opioid Crisis

Documented Instances of Complaints Pertaining to an Epidemic of Drug Use in the City Have Surged With the Number of Reports Cataloging the Presence of Syringes and Medical Waste on Street Walkways Increasing From 209 to 6,363 Between 2009 and 2017 – an Increase of 2,194% According to the City’s Database Collection of Non-Emergency Calls

Grievances Related to the Presence of Human Waste (Fecal Matter, Urine, Vomit) Also Experienced a Marked Increase During This Same 8-Year Timespan, With 5,771 Reports Having Been Documented in 2009, as Opposed to 20,960 in 2017, a 363% Adjustment

Homeless Populations Have Also Increased Dramatically as Evidenced by Calls Fielded by Non-Emergency Dispatch Service Representatives Concerning the Presence of Homeless Encampments Throughout the City Having Risen From a Total of 586 in 2009, to 42,208 in 2017 – Numerical Figures Equating to a 7,200% Differential

1.23.2018 Vermont Becomes the 9th State to Legalize the Recreational Use of Marijuana – Despite the Protestations From Acting Governor Phil Scott and a Number of Health Care Professionals Who Voiced Concern Regarding the Possible Exposure of Children to the Substance

Propositions to Broaden the Legality of Marijuana Use Were Passed by Both the State Senate and House of Representatives, Marking the First Time in U.S. History That Such Measures Were Ratified Into Law by Way of Legislative Decree

1.3.2018 The State of California, Widely Acknowledged as the World’s Sixth Largest in Terms of Economic Stature, Authorizes the Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use Following the Approval of Proposition 64

California Joins an Ever Increasing Number of States in the U.S. Allowing for the Recreational Use of Marijuana With Only Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Alaska Having Adopted Similar Measures Before It

Government Proponents of the New Law Cite Its Necessity as a Means of Encouraging Investment in a Burgeoning Industry Within the Debt Saddled Territory With Taxpayers Expected to Shoulder the Burden of an Estimated $426 Billion Dollar Deficit Ushered Into Existence by Progressive Policies Designed to Aid in the Welfare of Immigrant Communities Flocking to the Region Following the Passage of SB 54 (Senate Bill 54), a Legislative Provision That Effectively Transformed America’s Most Populous State Into a Sanctuary for Expatriate Foreign Nationals Entering the Country Illegally

1.1.2018 *VIDEO* CNN Reporter Randi Kaye, Wearing Large Marijuana Leaf-Styled Earrings, Lights a Bong for an Unidentified Pot Smoker, and Actively Demonstrates How to Use Narcotics Paraphernalia During the Course of a Live New Year’s Eve Telecast in the State of Colorado Prompting Both Concern and Outrage From Several Viewers

4.20.2016 A Brief Summation of Legal Policy Pertaining to Marijuana Use in the United States



4.3.2018 China’s Military Leadership Openly Pledges to Support Russia as Tensions Between Moscow and the West – Specifically the United States – Escalate in the Wake of the Syrian Conflict

12.12.2017 High Ranking Senior-Level Chinese Diplomat Openly Threatening an Invasion of Taiwan in the Event of the Island Nation’s Aspirations to Gain Independence From the Communist Regime

Startling Proclamation Also Mentions the Possibility of a Prolonged Military Occupation Should the United States Begin Positioning Warships in the Region

12.7.2017 Military Contingents Within the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China Actively Preparing to Unify Their Forces With North Korea in Advance of a Potential Conflict With the United States and South Korea


9.7.2017 North Korean Military Regime Openly Threatening to Employ the Use of an Electromagnetic Pulse Tactical Weapons Offensive Against the Continental United States

Statements Issued by the Rogue Nation’s Supreme Commander Echo These Sentiments as Kim Jong-Un Was Quoted With the Following Utterance Courtesy of the State-Run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Not Long After the Successful Deployment and Subsequent Detonation of a Hydrogen Bomb:

“Our Weapon Is a Multi-Functional Thermonuclear Nuke With Great Destructive Power Which Can Be Detonated Even at High Altitudes for Super-Powerful EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Attacks According to Strategic Goals”

8.9.2017 Pyongyang Political Regime’s Combat Strategies Laid Bare as Military Contingents Within the Rogue Nation Reveal the Locations of Four Preselected Target Areas in the United States With Preliminary Casualty Estimates Surpassing 493,000

8.8.2017 North Korea Actively Considering Nuclear Missile Strike on the U.S. Pacific Territory Nation of Guam

A Spokesman for the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Released the Following Statement Through the North’s State-Run KCNA (Korean Central News Agency):

“The KPA Strategic Force is Now Carefully Examining the Operational Plan for Making an Enveloping Fire at the Areas Around Guam With Medium-to-Long Range Strategic Ballistic Rocket Hwasong-12 in Order to Contain the U.S. Major Military Bases on Guam, Including the Anderson Air Force Base”

4.26.2017 Paramilitary Brigades Within North Korea’s Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League Actively Preparing to ‘Wipe Out’ the U.S. and South Korea With Five Million Nuclear Bombs

4.26.2017 Kim Jong-Un, 33, the Acting Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Commemorates the 85-Year Military Anniversary of the North Korean Army’s Establishment With the Country’s ‘Largest Ever’ Live-Fire Artillery Drills Along the Wonsan Coast as the Looming Threat of Nuclear Conflagration in the Region Weighs Heavily on the International Community

4.23.2017 North Korea Promises the Dawn of a ‘Great War’ as U.S. Aircraft Carrier-Led Strike Force Approaches the Korean Peninsula

4.23.2017 North Korea Accuses Australia of ‘Blindly and Zealously Toeing the U.S. Line,’ Threatens Long Range Nuclear Strike - Statements From the North Korean Foreign Ministry Hinting at the Possibility of a Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensive Against the Island Continent Follow Earlier Proclamations by Julie Bishop, Australia’s Acting Foreign Minister, Who Was Quoted as Saying That ‘Pyongyang Poses a “Serious Threat” to Peace and Stability in the Region’ - The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Released the Following Series of Statements Regarding Bishop’s Assertions:

“If Australia Persists in Following the U.S. Moves to Isolate and Stifle the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and Remains a Shock Brigade of the U.S. Master, This Will Be a Suicidal Act of Coming Within the Range of a Nuclear Strike by the Strategic Force of the DPRK. The Australian Foreign Minister Had Better Think Twice About the Consequences Entailed by Her Reckless Tongue-Lashing Before Flattering the U.S.”


4.12.2018 Russian Federation State Media Organizations Warn Viewers to Begin Stockpiling the Necessary Essentials – Including Iodine in the Event of Radiation Exposure – for Use in Subterranean Bomb Shelters in Advance of a Third World War

4.8.2018 In Response to Accusations of Complicity Levied Against It by Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump in the Wake of a Chemical Weapons Attack in the Metropolitan District of Douma, Russian Federation Foreign Ministry Officials Openly Warn the U.S. of the ‘Most Serious Consequences’ Should It Entertain the Notion of ‘Military Intervention’ That Would Otherwise Endanger the Lives of Russian Servicemen Conducting Military Operations in the Region

6.19.2017 High Ranking Contingents Within the Russian Federation’s Defense Ministry Sever All Lines of Communication With the United States Following the Pentagon’s Decision to Down One of the Assad Regime’s Warplanes Over the Raqqa Province

Military Aircraft From Various Branches of the U.S.-Led Coalition Conducting Combat-Related Operations Over Syrian Government-Controlled Areas West of the Euphrates River Viewed as Potential Targets

4.20.2017 High Ranking Military Contingents Within the Russian Federation Authorize the Deployment of Armed Services Brigades, Helicopters, and Armored Vehicles to Its Territorial Boundary With North Korea as Acting President Vladimir Putin Braces for War

9.28.2016 “I Could Destroy America in Half an Hour or Less” - Vladimir Putin, Then the Acting Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Quoted With the Aforementioned Utterance During the Course of a Lavish Banquet in Moscow, a Statement Which Was Subsequently Published in the Pages of a Book Co-Authored by Douglas E. Schoen and Melik Kaylan Entitled, ‘The Russia-China Axis: The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership’


12.20.2017 South Korean Military Intelligence Operatives Warn of Biological Weapons Experiments Being Actively Conducted by the Pyongyang Political Regime as a Means of Testing the Possibility of Employing the Use of Anthrax-Laden Warheads That Could Later Be Retrofitted Onto Their ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) Stockpiles

The Trial Run Examinations Believed to Be Used as a Means of Ascertaining Whether the Anthrax Bacteria Would Be Capable of Surviving the High Temperatures Associated With the Missile’s Re-Entry Into the Earth’s Atmosphere From a Sub-Orbital Trajectory

12.20.2017 South Korean Military Contingents Patrolling the Southern Periphery of the Korean Peninsula Fired an Estimated 249 ‘Warning Shots’ in the General Vicinity of 44 Chinese Fishing Vessels That ‘Swarmed Around’ One of Its Patrol Ships in an Escalation of Tensions in the Region

According to Coast Guard Operatives, Chinese Ships Routinely Enter the Waters Bordering Gageodo Island, Their ‘Illegal’ Activities Adversely Impacting Local Fisheries

6.19.2017 South Korea Threatening Military Action Against Its Northern Counterpart Following Pyonyang’s Decision to Employ the Use of an Automated Aerial Reconnaissance Drone Designed to Gather Intelligence Information Pertaining to the South’s Missile Defense Program

5.17.2017 Moon Jae-In, the Acting President of South Korea, Warns of the ‘High Possibility’ of Military Conflict With Its Northern Counterpart Following an Intense Series of Dialogues With Pyongyang’s Political Establishment



8.24.2016 REPORT: Government Officials in the Czech Republic Urging Citizens to ‘Prepare for the Worst’ - Warning Follows a Similar Advisory Issued by Members of Germany’s Parliament Requiring Citizens to Stockpile a 10-Day Supply of Food and Water


8.31.2016 German Government Officials Preparing for Regional Conflict in Europe as Orders of Military Conscription (Draft) Are Sent to Doctors and Physicians Across the Country, Urging Them to Report to Active Duty

8.22.2016 German Citizens Instructed to Begin Stockpiling Food, Water and Available Cash, Reinforce Their Structural Dwellings and Learn to Defend Themselves From Attack as Government Officials Warn of “Existence-Threatening Developments in the Future”


4.25.2017 Theresa May, the United Kingdom’s Acting Prime Minister Since 2016, Emphasizes the Readiness of Great Britain to Employ the Use of Nuclear Weapons Technology as a Preemptive Military Strategy Against Perceived Threats to the Stability of the British Empire



4.10.2018 Unconfirmed Reports of Casualties Resulting From a Coordinated Tactical Military Offensive That Claimed 14 Foreign Nationals, With Four of That Number Having Been Identified as Highly Decorated Members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Attributed to the Nation State of Israel, Prompting Outrage From Representatives Within the Iranian Foreign Ministry Who Promised Swift Retaliation

The Names of the Servicemen Believed to Have Perished as a Direct Result of Airstrikes by Two Israeli Air Force F-15 Fighter Jets on the T4 Air Base Installation in Syria’s Homs Province as Follows:

Colonel Mehdi Dehghan
Seyyed Ammar Mousavi
Akbar Javar-Jannati
Mehdi Lotfi-Niasar


4.9.2018 Russian Federation Corporate Media and Telecommunications Agencies Accuse Israel of Launching a Total of Eight Missiles, Five of Which Were Purportedly Intercepted by the Syrian Military Defense, Into the T4 Air Base Installation in Syria’s Homs Province, a Series of Attacks That Claimed the Lives of 14 Foreign Nationals, Many of Whom Are Believed to Be of Iranian Descent

The London-Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) Stated That the Attacks, First Thought to Have Been Carried Out by the United States, Were Instead the By-Product of a Coordinated Tactical Military Offensive Born From the Weapons Armament of Two Israeli Air Force F-15 Fighter Jets That Entered Syrian Air Space From an Undisclosed Location in Lebanon

A Military Spokesman for the Nation State of Israel Offered No Indication of Involvement When Questioned by Journalists



4.14.2018 U.S. President Donald J. Trump Proffers the Assertion That the Coordinated Military Offensive Involving France, the United States, as Well as the United Kingdom, Against Syria’s Assad Regime in the Wake of Unconfirmed Reports of a Chemical Weapons Attack That Claimed the Lives of 70 Civilians, ‘Could Not Have Had a Better Result’

4.13.2018 Massive Warship Armada Stationed in the Mediterranean Sea Advances Toward the Western Coastline of Syria in Anticipation of Conflict Following Allegations of Human Rights Abuses by the Assad Regime in the Wake of a Chemical Weapons Attack That Claimed the Lives of 70 Civilians in the City of Douma

4.10.2018 “Get Ready Russia, the Missiles Are Coming”: Stern Proclamation by Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Directed Toward Russian Dignitaries for Their Support of Syrian Leader Bashar Al-Assad in the Wake of a Chemical Weapons Attack in the City of Douma Sparks Concern of Regional Conflagration in the International Community

4.8.2018 Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Warns of Substantive Repercussions Following Unconfirmed Reports of a Chemical Weapons Offensive Being Initiated by the Assad Regime in the City of Douma – a Major Metropolitan District Located in Eastern Ghouta – That Claimed the Lives of 70 Civilians, Many of Whom Are Believed to Have Been Women and Children

12.22.2017 Highly Decorated U.S. Marine Corps General and the Acting Commander of Military Contingents Stationed in Norway, Robert Neller, Warns of the Imminence of Major Conflict, Cautioning Active Duty Soldiers to Be Prepared for a “Big-Ass Fight,” as Tensions Escalate Between the United States, Russia, and North Korea

Neller’s Sobering Proclamation Was Announced to Servicemen Already Prepositioned Within the Territorial Boundaries of the Scandanavian Country

One of the More Pointed Statements Documented in the Following:

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming.”

The General’s Utterances Made With the Expectation of Additional Forces Being Deployed, as the U.S.’s Military Presence is Set to Be Greatly Expanded Throughout the Region in 2018

7.29.2017 Senior Level Military Sources Within the Pentagon Actively Planning to Obliterate a Nuclear Weapons Facility Operating Beneath an Undisclosed Location in North Korea’s Mountainous Extremities – Course of Action Precipitated by the Pyongyang Political Establishment’s Steadfast Refusal to Halt the Development of Its ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) Weapons Technologies

6.19.2017 U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet Naval Warplane Downs Syrian Army SU-22 Jet Near the Village of Rasafah, South of Raqqa; in Response to What Pentagon Officials Deemed Was an Unprovoked Attack Against U.S. Coalition-Sponsored Rebel Contingents Operating in the Area

4.27.2017 Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump, During the Course of an Oval Office Interview Ahead of His 100th Day in Office on Saturday, Spoke Frankly of the Possibility of Engaging North Korea Militarily in a Conflict That Has the Potential to Become Regional in Scope But Insisted That His Intentions Were to Seek a Diplomatic Resolution to the Ongoing Dispute Between the Two Countries Over the DPRK’s Active Development of Its Nuclear Weapons Arsenal and ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) Capabilities - The 45th President Was Quoted With the Following Statement by Reporters From the Reuters News Agency:

“There is a Chance That We Could End Up Having a Major, Major Conflict With North Korea. Absolutely.”

4.26.2017 Senators in Attendance at a Closed Door Whitehouse Briefing Informed by Senior Officials Within the Trump Administration’s Cabinet of the “Urgent National Security Threat” Posed by North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Missile Development Programs

4.24.2017 Entire U.S. Senatorial Committee Invited to the White House for Classified Briefing on North Korea From Acting Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and General Joe Dunford, America’s Highest Ranking Active Duty Military Official and Current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Matthew Chapter 24, Verse 7 | “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.”

3.6.2014 The Ruling Class-Sponsored Campaign of Racial Division and the Engineered Balkanization of America

9.8.2017 Puppet Presidencies | Uncovering the Elitist Agenda Behind the Two Most Recent Presidential Elections in the United States

11.12.2014 Racial Animus | Definition and Significance



3.29.2018 Carl Lemon, 63, an In-School Suspension Coordinator at Harding High School in Bridgeport Connecticut; Formally Taken Into Custody by Law Enforcement Officials Following Allegations of Terroristic Threats

Following a Brief Interrogation, Police Officers Tasked With Investigating the Criminal Complaint Indicated That Lemon Stated That He Hates White People and Couldn’t Wait “for the Panthers to Give the OK and a Revolution Begins Because He Will Execute Every White Man He Gets His Hands On.”

The Suspect Also Stomping on an American Flag in a Classroom Full of Students, Later Telling Them, “This is What I Think About It.”

Authorities Familiar With the Case Said That the Principal of the School Found an Anonymous Note in Her Mail Box Stating:


Lemon Had a Criminal History Prior to His Employment With the School District, Having Been Arrested on Charges of Creating a Public Disturbance, Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment

2.13.2018 Kehinde Wiley, 41, the Official Portrait Artist for One-Time U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, Facing a Renewed Sense of Scrutiny Following Revelations of Past Works Depicting the Regal Semblance of an African American Woman Clutching the Severed Head of an Unidentified White Female, a Web-Based Destination Frequented by Skeptics Whose Administrative Analysts Pride Themselves on Delegitimizing Sensationalist Claims and Rhetorical Innuendo, Were Unable to Refute Critic’s Assertions Regarding the Racially-Insensitive Nature of the Work

1.11.2018 Disturbing Line of Commentary Made by Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump During the Course of a Bipartisan Immigration Reform Conference in Which He Labeled Haiti, El Salvador, as Well as the Whole of Africa, as “Shithole” Countries When Questioned Regarding the Travel of Various Population Segments Into the Continental United States, Igniting a Media Firestorm

Disparaging Remarks Purportedly Follow a Series of Controversial Statements Where the President Proffered the Suggestion That the Vast Majority of Haitian Immigrants Traffick AIDS Into the United States, and That Nigerian Foreign Nationals – Upon Their Admittance Into the Country – Would Never “Go Back to Their Huts” in Africa

11.29.2017 Texas State University Campus Editorial: ‘Your (White) DNA is an Abomination’

Incendiary Diatribe Published in the Opinion Section of the Texas State ‘University Star’ Student Newspaper by Rudy Martinez, a Youth Activist That - According to Several Written Posts Appearing on a Multitude of Social Media Platforms - Was Arrested in Washington, D.C., During the Inauguration Ceremony of Then President-Elect Donald J. Trump

Inflammatory Rhetoric Condemns Caucasian Americans and Asserts Their Responsibility for the Hardships and Difficulties of Millions of Ethnic Minorities Throughout the United States

Some of the More Controversial Statements Reading as Follows:

“You Were Not Born White. You Became White… You Don’t Give a Damn.”

The Column Goes on to Suggest That “Whiteness in the United States” is a “Construct Used to Perpetuate a System of Racist Power.”

The Final Paragraph of the Written Tower No Less Offensive to Viewers as is Evidenced in the Content Appearing Below:

“Whiteness Will Be Over Because We Want It to Be. And When It Dies, There Will Be Millions of Cultural Zombies Aimlessly Wandering Across a Vastly Changed Landscape. Ontologically Speaking, White Death Will Mean Liberation for All… Until Then, Remember This: I Hate You Because You Shouldn’t Exist. You Are Both the Dominant Apparatus on the Planet and the Void in Which All Other Cultures, Upon Meeting You, Die.”

11.26.2017 Pediatric Nurse in Indiana Incites Fury From the Outlying Community Following an Incendiary Written Post Appearing on the Twitter Social Media Platform Asserting That “White Women Raise Terrorist, Rapist, Racist, Killer Sons’ Exclaiming That “Every One of Them Should Be Sacrificed to the Wolves”

Taiyesha Baker, the Author of the Controversial Post and an Employee at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, Has Since Been Terminated

11.2.2017 Brianna Brochu, a Freshman at the University of Hartford, Connecticut; Formally Taken Into Custody by Authorities Following Months of Racially Motivated Harassment and Intimidation of a Former Roommate

Brochu, in a Series of Text-Generated Posts to Her Instagram Social Media Account, Openly Bragged About Her Criminal Activities, the Statements, All of Which Will Be Used During the Course of an Upcoming Court Proceeding, Appear in Their Entirety as Follows:

“Finally did it yo girl got rid of her roommate! After 1 ½ month of spitting in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons on her backpack, putting her toothbrush where the sun doesn’t shine, and so much more I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie”

Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe, the Woman Who Endured Brochu’s Pointless Campaign of Abuse, Had to Be Prescribed Antibiotics for a Persistent Pain in the Depths of Her Throat, a Bacterial Infection She Would Later Learn Was Caused by Her Erstwhile Roommate’s Insertion of Her Toothbrush Into Her Anal Cavity, an Accusation Brochu Has Since Denied, Equating Previous Statements Made on Her Instagram Account as an Attempt to ‘Appear Funny’ to Prospective Viewers

Matthew Chapter 12, Verse 25 | “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

9.28.2003 Civil Unrest | Definition and Significance



2.2.2017 Sarah Silverman, 46, Stand-Up Comedian, Actress, Producer, Author, and Impromptu Stage Performer; Emphasizes the Necessity of a Military Coup Against Acting President Donald Trump in Response to the Anarchist-Instigated Scenes of Chaos Visited on the Campus of UC Berkeley the Previous Evening

2.1.2017 UC (University of California) Berkeley Officials Forced to Cancel Scheduled Public Speaking Engagement by Syndicated Breitbart News Editor and Columnist Milo Yiannopoulos Following a Series of Violent Demonstrations - Protesters Attending the Event Were Seen Throwing Lit Projectiles at Law Enforcement Officers, Dismantling Barricades, and Burning the Grounds of the Campus in Advance of Yiannopoulos’s Arrival

1.30.2017 Thousands of Demonstrators Gather Outside the White House and in Cities Across the United States to Protest Donald Trump’s Executive Order Temporarily Banning Segments of the Indigenous Populations of Seven Middle Eastern Nations - 45th President’s Proclamation Elicited Protests in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Sections of Washington DC Throughout the Course of the Afternoon

1.22.2017 VIDEO - Anti-Trump Protesters Cheer in Unison Following Madonna’s Proclamations of Mayhem - Entertainment Industry Icon Contemplated Blowing Up the White House Following the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump

1.21.2017 Women’s March on Washington Attracts Crowds in Excess of 200,000 as Celebrities and Entertainment Industry Icons Galvanize Attendees

1.20.2017 Bedlam Descends Upon the City Streets of Washington, D.C.; as Anti-Trump Demonstrations Culminate in Violence With 217 Being Physically Detained by Law Enforcement Officials in Advance of the 45th President-Elect’s Inauguration

Hosea Chapter 4, Verse 3 | “Therefore shall the land mourn, and everyone that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea shall also be taken away.”



8.9.2017 Decomposing Specimens of Hundreds of Great Shearwater Birds Found Along the Coastlines of Long Island and Portions of Southern New England, Disturbing Report Follows the Discovery of Dead Waterfowl in Tiverton and Charlestown, Rhode Island

7.25.2017 Hundreds of Dead Birds Found Along the Roadside of a Rural Idaho Town in Close Proximity to Beef Packing Facility

Troubling Discovery Made by Idaho Fish and Game Officials, as Well as Residents, in Boise

6.16.2017 Hundreds of Dead Ring-Billed Seagulls Discovered by Residents Along Jefferson Avenue in the Delray Neighborhood Near the Rouge River Bridge in the Suburbs of Detroit, Michigan

Officials From the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Assert That the Premature Deaths of the Birds Were the By-Product of Natural Selection, Primarily Through Competition for Food and Water Between Adults and Their Younger Counterparts

5.18.2017 Aquatic Bird Die-Off Reported From Amelia Island to Ponte Vedra Beach

Researchers With the Florida Sea Grant Extension of Northeast Florida Have Identified Several Species of Osprey, Pelicans, Sea-Faring Gulls, and Anhingas Among the Deceased

5.4.2017 395 Migratory Birds, Predominantly Warblers and Orioles, Found Dead in Galveston, Texas

Flock Purportedly Crashed Into the American National Insurance Building at One Moody Plaza With Casualties Believed to Be the Result of Inclement Weather and Disorientation Caused by Excess Light Emanation From Nearby Structures

4.29.2017 ‘Catastrophic’ Deaths of Populations of Deer Fawn and Female Deer Documented in Wyoming

4.21.2017 Dozens of Dead or Dying Sea Birds, Seals and Sea Lions, Dolphins, and Other Marine Mammals Washing Up Along the Pacific Coastal Regions of Southern California - State Wildlife Conservation Officials From the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute (CIMIWI) and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) Assert That the Presence of Neurotoxins - Specifically Domoic Acid - in Algal Blooms is the Most Likely Cause

4.17.2007 Fish Kill | Theoretical Causes and Terminology



4.23.2017 Fisheries and Livestock Secretary Maksudul Hasan Khan Documents in Excess of 1,200 Tons of Dead Fish in Several Haors (Bodies of Water) Surrounding the Netrakona, Sunamganj, Habiganj and Kishoreganj Districts


5.18.2017 Thousands of Dead Fish Found Floating Upon the Surface of 350-Acre Kottanatham Lake, near Kondalampatti, a Body of Water That Aids in the Irrigation of Farms in the Villages of Chinneri, Poolampatty, Keeranur, and Periyur

Residents Claim the Discharge of Industrial Effluents Into the Lake Contributed to the Mass Die-Off


5.1.2017 In Excess of 100 Tons of Dead and Decaying Fish Surface Across Vast Swaths of Lake Kunashak in the Federal Subject of Chelyabinsk Oblast, an Administrative Center Situated in the Ural Mountains Region, Along the Border of Europe and Asia


5.1.2017 Mass Die-Off of Fish Extending Outward 3 Kilometers (1.864 Miles) From a River in Quang Nam



4.22.2017 Miches Municipality - Thousands of Tilapia and Catfish Have Died of Unknown Causes in the Laguna Redonda scientific Reserve in the Coastal Miches Municipality Prompting a Series of Investigations by Technicians From the National Directorate of Protected Areas of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources



4.24.2017 Nadadores, Coahuila - Thousands of Dead Fish Procured From the “Los Pocitos” Ejido El Aguila Pond by Mexico’s Civil Protection Agency and Humberto Rodríguez García, Its Acting Director of Public Safety



5.1.2017 Thousands of Dead Fish Found in the Waters of Dunkerque


4.24.2017 Thousands of Dead Fish Found in a Dam Between Puglia and Basilicata



4.29.2017 Tons of Dead Fish Littering Kuwait’s Beaches and Bay With Representatives From the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) Urging the Environmental Public Authority (EPA) to Prevent the Release of Sewage Into the Nation’s Waterways



4.23.2017 Thousands of Dead Fish Procured From Cartersville Park Lake in the State of Georgia - Gary Anderson, the Acting Parks Director, Working in Conjunction With the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Attribute the Loss of Animal Life to Oxygen Depletion Precipitated by an Overabundance of Wildlife

3.13.2017 Scriptural Passages in the Holy Bible Referencing Sexual Sin and Immorality

12.19.2013 The Normalization of Perversity and the Engineered Acceptance of Deviant Practice

4.1.2003 Perversion | Origin and History

12.24.2016 Homosexual Matrimony as a Fundamental Tenet of the New World Order Agenda of Reinventing the Traditional Family Dynamic

2.21.2016 Gender Dysphoria, Androgyny, and Transgenderism: The Occultic Connection

9.3.2000 Androgyny: The Pagan Sexual Ideal

6.12.2017 The Rise of the Dream State – Part 3 | Trans-Culture, Paraphilias, Non-Duality, and the Corporate Panacea for Alienation

6.6.2017 The Rise of the Dream State – Part 2 | Transhumanism, Postgenderism, Brain Centricism, and Psychic Fragmentation

5.31.2017 The Rise of the Dream State – Part 1 | Trans Agendas, Gender Confusion, Identity and Desire



12.2.2017 Senior Scottish Episcopal Church Minister and Advocate for the LGBTQ Community, the “Very Reverend” Kelvin Holdsworth, 51, Actively Encourages Christians to Pray That 4-Year-Old Prince George – the Son of Prince William and the Third in Line of Succession to the British Throne – Be Blessed With the ‘Gift of Homosexuality,’ so as to Force the Church of England to Accept Same-Sex Marriage



6.20.2017 Montreal Celebrates 8-Year-Old Drag Queen and the Perverted Sexualization of Prepubescent Youth

Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden Who Regularly Performs in Various Public Venues Across the City as a Drag Queen Known as “Lactacia,” Hailed by Members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community as a Role Model and Inspiration


1.2.2018 Prepubescent Youth Founds Drag Club for Kids Designed to Promote Freedom of Expression and Foster an Atmosphere of Inclusivity

Desmond Napoles, 10, Also Known as ‘Desmond is Amazing’ (A Stage Name for His Cross Dressing Persona), a Resident of Brooklyn in New York City and an Active Member of the LGBTQ Community, Establishes ‘Haus of Amazing’ – Which He Hopes to Market as the ‘First and Only Drag Club for Kids’

12.20.2017 The Cable News Network, More Widely Recognized Under the Abbreviation of “CNN,” Openly Advertising “Santa’s Husband,” a 32-Page Parody Authored by Daniel Kibblesmith and Illustrated by A.P. Quach That Focuses on Race Relations and Promotes Homosexuality

The Book in Question is Being Actively Marketed to Children During the Christmas Holiday and Sold on Amazon, in Barnes & Noble Online Service Venues and Physical Store Locations, as Well as in Target, and Walmart

11.30.2017 The Walt Disney Company Actively Marketing the Concept of Gender Fluidity to Children With Its Debut of a Boy Princess in the ‘Star Vs. the Forces of Evil’ Animated Series

Controversial Plot Follows an Earlier Storyline That Depicted Two Characters of the Same Biological Sex Sharing a Kiss Earlier in 2017

11.8.2017 Harvard Actively Promoting a Workshop Delving Into the Benefits of Anal Sex as Part of the Ivy League College’s Annual ‘Sex Week’ Curriculum

The Event, Titled, “What What in the Butt: Anal 101,” Opened With the Presenter of the Exhibition Denouncing the “Stupidity of Abstinence” and Extolling the Virtue of “Putting Things in Your Butt”

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Harvard University is Considered One of America’s Most Prestigious Institutions of Higher Learning

10.19.2017 Corrupting America’s Youth: Drag Queen Possessing Demonic Countenance Photographed at the Unveiling of the Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, California; as Part of a Secular Progressivist Agenda Emphasizing Inclusion and Diversity



11.14.2017 Scenes of Jubilation Echo Across the Australian Continent Following the Results of a Voluntary Postal Survey Gauging the General Public’s Receptability to Redefining the Concept of Matrimonial Covenant and Amending Preexisting Laws Governing the Prospect of Same-Sex Union

Findings Pertaining to the Nationwide Vote Were Announced Wednesday With 61.6% Voicing Their Support for the Legalization of Gay Marriage on the Basis of Equality

The Organized ‘Yes’ Campaign Garnering 7,817,247 Votes Compared to 4,873,987 Opposing the Resolution’s Proposal

The Result of the Poll Prompting Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, Australia’s Acting Prime Minister Since September of 2015, as Well as the Nation’s Federal Parliament, to Act on Behalf of the Majority and Commit to Rewriting the Law Before Christmas

12.9.2002 Erotic Fetishism | Psychosocial Analysis and Classification




1.27.2016 Norwegian Woman, 20, Claims to Be Trans-Species, Insists She Is a Feline Held Hostage by Human Physiology

Nano, Her Actual Name Being Undisclosed, Claims to Possess Heightened Senses as Well as an Extrasensory Depth of Perception and Also Insists She Can Communicate With Others by Meowing

10.30.2013 Ecosexuality/ Sexecology | Definitions and Terminology




3.26.2015 Emma McCabe, 31, Claims to Be a Participant in an Ongoing Intimate Relationship With a Poplar Tree Following a String of Failed Relationships With Men Throughout the Course of Her Life

Naming the Tree “Tim,” McCabe Proclaims Her Desire to Establish a Matrimonial Covenant With the Tree in the Following Utterance:

“I’m in Love and Would Like to Get Married. I Look at Other Trees, But Don’t Touch – I Wouldn’t Cheat on Tim.”

Later, in a Series of Statements Obtained During the Course of a Syndicated Interview With Closer Magazine, McCabe Details the Nature of Her Sexual Liaisons With the Tree,

“He Fulfills My Emotional and Sexual Needs. I Orgasm by Rubbing Against the Bark Naked. I Love the Feeling of Skin-on-Bark Contact, Which Gives Me a More Pleasurable Pain Sensation, and the Feel of His Leaves Against My Skin Makes Me Tingle. I Have Sex With Him Every Week – It’s the Best I’ve Ever Had!”

7.14.2012 Robot Fetishism and the Subculture of Technosexuality

5.20.2010 Technological Agalmatophilia | Classifications and Interpretations

2.24.2017 Sex Robot Recreational Facilities and Vacation Resorts: ‘Cybernetic Brothel’ Holiday-Themed Hotel Establishments to Open Across the Globe



11.23.2017 My Life With a Sex Robot: Dinner Dates, Sexual Intercourse Four Times Per Week – and Wife Approves

James (His Last Name Redacted From This Article), 58, an Engineer Believed to Be a Resident of the United Kingdom, Has Been Involved in an Ongoing Sexual Relationship With a 5ft Tall Sex Doll Known Only as ‘April’

He Remains Married to His Wife, Her First Name Recognized as ‘Tine’ (Likely an Abbreviated Colloquialization Representing the Name ‘Christine’), But Admits to Having Sexual Intercourse With the Blonde Mannequin Four Times a Week – Even Taking the Doll on Dinner Dates to Various Eateries and Restaurant Establishments in the Surrounding Area

The Quinquagenarian Attempts to Rationalize His Fetishistic Preoccupation With a Technologically Inspired Construct Possessing Anthropomorphic Countenance in a Series of Statements:

“Every Guy Has in His Head the Perfect Girl and This is What I See When I Look in the Mirror. Most Manufacturers Make Them Look Something in the Region of 20 Years Old. For a Man of My Age It’s a Fantasy Because I Will Never Be a Brad Pitt or Something Like That.”

Regarding the Perceived Sexual Connotation Surrounding the Nature of the Object, He Added:

“The Sexual Aspect of Doll Ownership is a Very Small Part of It, What You Find More Pleasure From in the Long Run is Looking After Them, Dressing Them, Putting on Their Make Up and Interacting With Them.”

When Prompted by Reporters to Give an Assessment of His Feelings for the Silicone-Based Automaton, the Engineer Was Quoted With the Following Statements:

“I Feel Deeply for Her, More Deeply Than I Had Ever Imagined. If I Had to Choose Between April and My Wife I Honestly Don’t Know What I Would Do.”



2.10.2017 Man Marries His Own Mother After Impregnating Her

Betty Mbereko, 40, a Resident of Mwenezi in Masvingo, Zimbabwe; and a Widow for the Past 12 Years, Purportedly Six Months Pregnant Following a Series of Incestuous Encounters With Her 23-Year-Old Son Farai



2.4.2018 Steven Walter Pladl, 42, and His Biological Daughter, Katie Rose Pladl, 20, Taken Into Custody in North Carolina on Allegations of Incest Following the Birth of the Couple’s Infant Son

According to Documents Pertaining to the Issuance of Several Out-of-State Arrest Warrants, Katie Was Given Up for Adoption as an Infant, Having Reconnected With Her Parents in August of 2016 Through Social Media

The Young Woman, Who Was 18 Years of Age at the Time, Eventually Relocated to Richmond, Virginia; Sharing a Home With Her Mother and Father, a Sequence of Events Culminating With Steven Pladl’s Legal Separation From His Wife

In May of 2017, or Some Point Shortly Thereafter, Katie and Steven Moved to Wake County, North Carolina

Criminal Investigators, Through Written Testimonials Submitted by Pladl’s Estranged Spouse, Learned That He Had Impregnated His Daughter and Was Purportedly Planning to Marry Her Following the Birth of Their Child

8.10.2016 Woman Who Was 16 Years of Age When She Gave Her Son Up for Adoption as an Infant Now Involved in a Sexual Relationship With Him

Monica Mares, 36, and Son Caleb Peterson, 19, of Clovis, New Mexico; Go Public With Their Affair in a Bid to Raise Awareness Regarding GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction)

Reunited in 2015 Following a Series of Written Communications on Facebook’s Social Media Platform, the Couple Adamantly Proclaim Their Willingness to Risk Incarceration to Maintain Their Commitment

Mares is Quoted in the Following Statement Regarding Her Son:

“He is the Love of My Life and I Don’t Want to Lose Him. My Kids Love Him, My Whole Family Does. Nothing Can Come Between Us, Not Courts, or Jail, Nothing. I Have to Be With Him. When I Get Out of Prison I Will Move Out of Clovis to a State That Allows Us to Be Together.”

The Unwed Mother-of-Nine Purportedly Willing to Give Up Parental Rights to Her Other Children to Pursue a Relationship With Her Son

11.9.2001 Polyamory (Sociological Discourse) | Definition and Significance



6.20.2017 Married Couple Residing in the State of California Openly Celebrate Hedonistic Lifestyle Following the Introduction of Another Woman Into Their Marriage

Matthew Catano, 31, and His Wife of 10 Years, Michelle, 30, Also Claim That Their Unconventional Arrangement Actually Enhances Their Parenting Ability and Fosters Dialogue With Both of Their Children

Courtney, 26, Who Has Since Adopted the Citano Surname as Her Own, is Viewed by Each of the Children as a Second Mother



7.24.2017 ‘We’re Going to Have Children With the SAME MAN!’

Identical Twins Who Sleep in the Same Bed With Their Shared Boyfriend Both Plan on Becoming Pregnant With His Children

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, Both 32 and Willing Participants in a Polyamorous Arrangement for the Past Five Years, Have Spent an Estimated $250,000 Between One Another on a Variety of Cosmetic Procedures in an Effort to Look Similar

3.13.2013 Country-by-Country Analysis of the Transnational Scope of Addiction to Pornographic Material



2.19.2018 Married Prostitute That Routinely Sleeps With 30 Men on a Daily Basis Lauds the Benefits of Her Chosen Profession in the Sex Industry in a Candid Interview With Reporters

Kirie Redfield, Her Chronological Age Undisclosed at the Time of This Particular Article’s Publication, Was Quoted With the Following:

“I Do What I Do Because I Love It. I’ve Got Nothing to Hide – I’m Not Ashamed of What I Do. I Love the Fact That I Can Use My Body to Make Money.”



11.3.2017 Former Student Who Garnered Thousands of Dollars From Sex With Clients as Old as 80, Revels in Her Experience, Proclaiming ‘Whoredom’ to Be a Personal Accomplishment

Andrea Werhun, 27, a Resident of Toronto, in Collaboration With Filmmaker Nicole Bazuin, Has Formally Published a Book Entitled, ‘Modern Whore,’ in the Hopes of Mitigating the Stigma Surrounding Prostitution as a Chosen Occupation

The Book Tells How She Experienced a Type of ‘Spiritual Conversion’ When She Parlayed as a Stripper in a Local Nightclub, Desperately Wanting to Appear as Strong and Sexy as Seasoned Performers Before Entering Into a Contractual Agreement With the Toronto Sirens Escort Agency, Having Sexual Intercourse With Clients as Old as 80

When Questioned by Reporters Tasked With the Submission of This Article to Internationally-Based Online Media and Telecommunications Outlets, Werhun Was Quoted With the Following Statement:

“I Felt No Shame About Having Sex With People for Money. I Like Money and I Like Sex – So What’s the Problem? The Shame I Felt Was the Shame of Others.”


10.24.2017 During a Syndicated Television Appearance as a Guest on the Maury Povich Show, Ari Nagel, 42, a Serial Sperm Donor Known as ‘the Sperminator,’ Relishes His Experience of Having Fathered 29 Children With 24 Women

The Children Ranging in Age From 14 Years to Some That Have Yet to Be Born



11.16.2017 Married Educational Instructor Accused of Soliciting Sex From Several Male Juveniles, All Between the Ages of 16 and 17, in Exchange for Preferential Grade Assessments

Yokasta M. (Her Last Name Has Yet to Be Made Public by Authorities), 40, Groomed a Number of Teenage Boys Through Various Social Media Platforms at an Undisclosed Location in Medellín, Colombia; Purportedly Threatening to Fail Them Should They Refuse Her Sexual Advances

Numerous Pictures of the Disgraced Educator in Various Stages of Undress, as Well as Sexually Suggestive Videos, Were Obtained by Law Enforcement Officials

In Addition to the Impending Divorce From Her Longtime Husband, the Suspect Mentioned in the Criminal Complaint Faces the Possibility of 40 Years Incarceration



7.5.2018 Amanda Eckblad, 22, One-Time Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Where She Majored in Criminal and Juvenile Justice, as Well as Sociology, Who Was Also Formerly Employed as a Truant Officer for an Undisclosed Organization Whose Services Where Initially Contracted by the Racine Unified School District, Stands Accused of Two Felony Counts of Sexual Impropriety Involving an Unidentified 17-Year-Old Male Student Who Attended Classes on the Campus Grounds of Racine Case High School

Eckblad is Facing Charges Stemming From the Possession of Child Pornography, in Addition to Unlawful Intercourse With a Minor, Following the Recovery of a Sexually Explicit Video on Her Cellular Communications Device That Purportedly Shows the Suspect Having Intercourse With the Juvenile

According to Court Documents Pertinent to the Criminal Complaint, Eckblad’s Phone Was Confiscated by Investigators Following Her Arrest by Law Enforcement Officers Amid Allegations of Sexual Impropriety With the Unnamed Student

The Video Footage in Question, Which Was Obtained by Authorities After the Issuance of a Search Warrant, Was Recorded in March of 2018, Incriminating Evidence Which the Defendant Later Attempted to Purge From the Device’s Registry in May

Online Court Records Also Indicate That She Has Another Open Case Originating in Racine County Where She Has Been Implicated in the Straw Purchase¹ of a Firearm for a Convicted Felon

¹ The term ‘straw purchase,’ commonly referred to as a ‘nominee purchase,’ is characterized as a monetary transaction involving the exchange of goods or services for an individual whose ability to participate in said agreement is limited or restricted, oftentimes on the basis of legal precedent as it applies to prior criminal offenses

3.23.2018 Brittany Zamora, 27, a Married Licensed Educational Instructor Formerly Employed at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School in Goodyear, Arizona; Formally Taken Into Police Custody Following Allegations of Sexual Misconduct With an Unidentified 13-Year-Old Male Juvenile

The Adolescent Youth in Question Being One of Her Students, With Allegations That the Defendant in the Criminal Proceeding Performed Oral Sex on the Minor on Three Separate Occasions, Each of the Illicit Encounters Culminating With the Teacher and Student Having Sexual Intercourse

The Incidents in Question Occurring Both in One of the Facility’s Many Classrooms, as Well as in the Confines of the Suspect’s Personal Vehicle

The Parents of the Alleged Victim Contacted the Principal of the School With Their Concerns, Having Uncovered a Series of Lurid Conversational Exchanges That Were Subsequently Released to the Public, Portions of Which Appear Below:

VICTIM: “I want to f_ck so bad bby those time weren’t enough for me”

MRS. ZAMORA: “I know baby! I want you everyday with no time limit”

MRS. ZAMORA: “If I could quit my job and f_ck you all day I would”

VICTIM: “I need more head from u”

MRS. ZAMORA: “I’ll give you whatever you want baby.”

Zamora Faces a Host of Additional Ancillary Charges Pertaining to the Case, Having Exchanged a Number of Sexually Explicit Text-Generated Communications, Photographs, and Images With the Teen – Infractions, That When Taken Into Account, Could Play a Significant Role in Her Sentencing

4.2.2017 Recently Married Education Specialist ‘Raped 13-Year-Old Pupil and Sent Explicit Photographs to Several Students’

Amanda Schweitzer, 37, a Reading Comprehension Instructor at North Middle School in the State of Missouri, Formally Detained by Law Enforcement Officers in the Wake of Three Separate Investigations Involving the Dissemination of Pornographic Material to Three Male Students, One Being 13 Years of Age and the Others Mentioned in the Criminal Complaint Being 14

Schweitzer is Also Facing Rape Charges Stemming From Accusations of Sexual Impropriety Involving a 13-Year-Old Male Juvenile

Details Pertinent to the Incident in Question Place Schweitzer and the Victim, Identified Only as ‘C.A.,’ in the Confines of Her Three-Bedroom House in Joplin, Missouri; Where the Suspect is Believed to Have First Removed Her Clothing, Then the Male Juvenile’s, Before Having Sexual Intercourse in One of the Bedrooms

Schweitzer, Who Was Subsequently Placed on Administrative Leave by the Joplin R-8 School District Following Her Arrest, is Believed to Have Two Children of Her Own

3.21.2017 Sarah Fowlkes, 27, a Biology Instructor Employed at Lockhart High School in the State of Texas, Surrenders to Authorities Following Allegations of Sexual Impropriety Involving an Unidentified 17-Year-Old Student

Fowlkes, Who is Also Recently Married, is Pictured Smiling Shamelessly in Two Separate Booking Photos While on the Grounds of the Caldwell County Detention Facility

3.16.2017 Youth Football Athletics Coach ‘Had a Threesome With a 15-Year-Old Girl and His Wife After She Told Him It Was Okay to Have an Affair So Long as She Could Join In’

Dustin and Danielle Ewing, Who Are Also Parents to Three Young Children, Formally Detained by Authorities in Irving, Texas; Following Allegations of Sexual Impropriety Involving an Unidentified 15-Year-Old Female Juvenile

Documents Pertaining to a Recently Issued Arrest Warrant Affidavit Obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Indicate That Dustin Ewing, 29, Purportedly Began Having Sex With the Teen in October of 2016

At One Point, Ewing’s Wife, Also 29, Became Suspicious and Uncovered Inculpatory Evidence of an Extramarital Affair Through Various Text-Generated Communications Between Her Husband and the Adolescent Youth

In December of 2016, Dustin Ewing Reportedly Informed the Young Girl of His Wife’s Discovery and Attempted to Reassure Her That Their Relationship Could Continue as Long as She Could Participate

1.13.2017 Alexandria Vera, 24, Formerly Employed as an Eighth Grade Language Arts Instructor at Thomas J. Stovall Middle School From the Aldine Independent School District (ISD) in Houston, Texas; Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison Following a Guilty Plea in the Aggravated Sexual Assault of a 13-Year-Old Male Juvenile

6.1.2016 Alexandria Vera, 24, an Unwed Mother-of-One and an Eighth Grade English Instructor Formerly Employed at Thomas J. Stovall Middle School From the Aldine Independent School District (ISD) in Houston, Texas; Sought by State Authorities Following the Issuance of an Arrest Warrant Stemming From Allegations of Sexual Impropriety Involving an Unidentified 13-Year-Old Male Juvenile Who Regularly Attended Her Classes on the Grounds of the Educational Facility in Question

The Suspect Purportedly Submitted a Written Confession to Prosecutors Regarding Her Role in the Illicit Relationship, Professing Love for the Male Student

Vera Steadfastly Maintains That the Family of the Adolescent Youth Were Supportive of the Relationship and Were Excited to Learn She Had Become Pregnant With the Boy’s Child in January

The One-Time Educator Later Terminated Said Pregnancy Following an Open Investigation by Child Welfare Investigators Who Had Actively Questioned Her at Her Former Place of Employment

1 Timothy Chapter 2, Verses 9-10 | “…women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness – with good works.”

11.24.2014 Exhibitionism (Sociological Discourse) | Definition and Significance



1.31.2018 Kim Kardashian, Never One to Skirt Controversy or Exploit Opportunity for Material Gain, Publishes a Series of Sexually Suggestive Photographs on Various Social Media Platforms, Prompting Concern From One Parent Whose 13-Year-Old Daughter Had Begun Sexting a Male Juvenile as a Means of Emulating the Reality TV Personality

Luke Chapter 8, Verse 17 | “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.”



9.25.2016 CBS NEWS INVESTIGATION EXCLUSIVE: The Obama Administration’s State Department Authorized the Use of an Estimated $770 Million in Taxpayer Subsidies to Renovate and Furnish Mosques and Islamic Fundamentalist Congregation Centers Overseas

When Pressed by Reporters Employed With CBS News’s Atlanta-Based Affiliate, Representatives From the State Department Responded Through an E-Mail Correspondence Attempting to Justify the Misappropriation of Government Funding on the Basis of the Acting Political Administration’s Claims That It Was “Fighting Islamic Extremism by Building Relationships With Islamic Leaders”

6.3.2015 Controversial Policy Drafted in 2011 by High Ranking Officials Within the Obama Administration, Acting Under the Direction of the President, Emphasizes the Financial Support of Muslim Brotherhood Organizational Affiliates in Portions of the Middle East and Geographical Areas Comprising the Northern Periphery of the African Continent Under the Guise of Political Reformation

The Measure, Known as Presidential Study Directive-11 (PSD-11), Remains Classified Despite Efforts Made by Independent Investigative Research Analysts to Have the Entirety, or Portions of, the Legislative Provision Released to the General Public Under the Freedom of Information Act

11.22.2017 Weinstein Aftermath: Comprehensive Inventory of Men, All From Various Industries and Spheres of Influence, Including Technology, Business, Politics, and Media; Formally Accused of Sexual Misconduct (Updated Frequently)



5.11.2017 Diane Shima Rwigara, 35, a Challenger and Outspoken Vocal Critic of Rwandan Presidential Incumbent, Paul Kagame, 59, Embroiled in a Nude Photo Scandal That Threatens to Derail Her Political Aspirations

Rwigara, a Noted Women’s Rights Activist and Founder of the People Salvation Movement, Has Steadfastly Claimed That the Photographs Circulating on a Plethora of Social Media Platforms Have Been Digitally Manipulated by Acting Representatives Within the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) to Negatively Impact Her Presidential Campaign



8.14.2018 Lengthy 886-Page Series of Documents Submitted to a Pennsylvania State Grand Jury Illustrate the Indefensible Depravity of 301 Priests and Clergymen Spanning the Course of 70 Years Who Sexually Abused In Excess of 1,000 Children, Some as Young as 5 Years of Age, Across Six Separate Catholic Dioceses

Disturbing Revelations Pertinent to the Jury’s Investigation Highlight the Reluctance of Senior Level Church Officials, Including the Now Archbishop of Washington, D.C., to Address Allegations of Sexual Impropriety

The Contents of the Report Revealed an Untold Number of Children Were Anally, Orally, and Vaginally Compromised, Plied With Alcohol, and Made to Perform for Clergymen in the Production of Sexually Explicit Material Since the Mid-1950s; Some of the More Heinous Acts Mentioned During the Course of the Deposition Detailed Below:

Young Prepubescent Boys Were Instructed to Rinse Their Mouths With Holy Water as a Means of ‘Purification’ After They Were Forced to Perform Oral Sex on Clergymen

One of the Juveniles Mentioned During the Course of the Proceeding Having Been Forced to Pose Nude in the Guise of Jesus While Priests Took Pornographic Pictures of Him, Sharing Them With One Another

In One Instance, a Priest, During the Course of His Visitation With a Bedridden 7-Year-Old Girl at a Local Children’s Hospital – the Child in Question Having Just Undergone a Tonsillectomy – Forcibly Raped Her Without Drawing the Attention of the Medical Healthcare Facility’s Staff

An Established Pedophile Ring Within One of the Church’s Six Dioceses Whipped Little Boys, Allowing Men to Rape Them for a Fee

Another Priest, During the Course of Grooming His Middle School Students to Perform Oral Sex, Taught Them How Mary Had to ‘Bite Off the Cord’ and ‘Lick’ Jesus Clean After He Was Born

Many Priests Documented in the Court’s Findings Made Children Wear Gold Crosses as a Means of Identification, the Adornments Designed to Aid and Abet Sexual Predators Operating Within the Confines of the Diocese as to Which of the Children Were Available for Abuse

Incriminating Evidence That Would Have Otherwise Led to the Excommunication and Eventual Incarceration of Prospective Clergy Was Categorically Dismissed by Church Leaders Who Sought to Protect Their Subordinates From Undue Scrutiny by Attributing Incidences of Unwarranted Physical Contact With Prepubescent Juveniles to ‘Wrestling’ and ‘Horseplay’

Since the Initial Release of These Documents, 247 of the Priests and Clergymen Have Since Been Identified, Legal Statutes of Limitation Protecting a Vast Majority of the Accused, With Only Two of That Number Facing Trial and the Possibility of Incarceration. Segregated in Accordance With Their Respective Diocese, They are Listed as Follows:

Allentown Diocese (34 accused in total)

Reverend Thomas J. Bender
Monsignor Thomas J. Benestad
Reverend Robert G. Cofenas
Reverend David Connell
Reverend Timothy Johnson
Clergyman Jim Gross
Reverend James Gaffney
Reverend Joseph Galko
Reverend Edward George Ganster (Deceased as of 2014)
Reverend Francis T. Gillespie
Clergyman Richard J. Guiliani
Reverend Joseph D. Hulko
Monsignor William E. Jones, V.F. (Vicar Forane. Deceased as of 2004)
Reverend Michael S. Lawrence
Reverend Joseph H. Kean
Reverend Thomas J. Kerestus (Deceased as of 2014)
Reverend Francis Joseph McNelis (Deceased as of 2005)
Reverend Gabriel Patil
Reverend Henry Paul (Deceased as of 1982)
Reverend Paul G. Puza
Reverend Dennis A. Rigney
Reverend Joseph A. Rock
Reverend Gerald Royer (Deceased as of 2003)
Reverend Charles J. Ruffenach (Deceased as of 1980)
Reverend J. Pascal Sabas (Deceased as of 1996)
Reverend William J. Shields (Deceased as of 2000)
Reverend Stephen F. Shigo (Deceased as of 1991)
Reverend David A. Soderlund
Very Reverend Henry E. Strassner, V.F. (Vicar Forane. Deceased as of 2009)
Reverend Bruno M. Tucci
Reverend A. Gregory Uhrig
Reverend Andrew Aloysius Ulincy
Reverend Ronald Yarrosh
Reverend Joseph A. Zmijewski, D.D. (Doctor of Divinity, Deceased as of 1968)

Erie Diocese (35 accused in total, with one having been formally charged)

Reverend Michael G. Barlet
Father Donald C. Bolton, C.Ss.R (Latin: Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris – Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer)
Reverend Robert F. Bower
Reverend Dennis Chludzinski
Father Donald Cooper (Deceased as of 2011)
Father Michael Robert Freeman
Reverend Gregory P. Furjanic
Father Herbert G. Gloekler (Deceased as of 1985)
Father Robert E. Hannon (Deceased as of 2006)
Monsignor James P. Hopkins
Father Barry M. Hudock
Reverend Joseph W. Jerge (Deceased as of 2006)
Father Stephen E. Jeselnick
Reverend Thomas C. Kelley (Deceased as of 2005)
Father Gary L. Ketcham
Father Thaddeus Kondzielski
Father Gerald Krebs
Father Jerry (John) Kucan
Monsignor Louis Lorei
Father Salvatore P. Luzzi
Father Richard D. Lynch (Deceased as of 2000)
Monsignor Daniel Martin (Deceased as of 2006)
Reverend Leon T. Muroski
Brother Edmundus Murphy
Reverend John L. Murray
Father Giles L. Nealen, O.S.B. (Order of Saint Benedict, Deceased as of 1996)
Father Jan Olowin
Father Andrew Pawlaczyk (Deceased as of 1982)
Reverend John A. Piatkowski (Deceased as of 1970)
Father David L. Poulson – CHARGED
Father John Philip Schanz (Deceased as of 2010)
Reverend Samuel B. Slocum
Monsignor Thomas Snyderwine
Seminarian John Tome
Father Patrick Vallimont

Greensburg Diocese (15 accused in total, with one having been formally charged)

Father Dennis Dellamalva (Deceased as of 1994)
Father Gregory Flohr
Father Charles B. Guth
Father Francis Lesniak
Father Henry J. Marcinek
Father Fabian G. Oris (Deceased as of 2007)
Father George R. Pierce (Deceased as of 2009)
Father Gregory F. Premoshis
Father Thomas W. Rogers (Deceased as of 2005)
Father Leonard Sanesi (Deceased as of 1992)
Father Roger A. Sinclair
Father Joseph L. Sredzinski (Deceased as of 2015)
Father John T. Sweeney – CHARGED
Reverend Joseph A. Tamilowski (Deceased as of 1994)
Father Roger J. Trott (Deceased as of 2017)

Harrisburg Diocese (37 accused in total)

Reverend Francis J. Allen
Reverend John G. Allen
Reverend Francis A. Bach
Reverend Jesus Barajas
Reverend Richard J. Barry
Reverend James Beeman (Deceased as of 2016)
Reverend John Bostwick
Reverend Donald Cramer
Reverend Walter Emala (Deceased as of 2008)
Reverend Paul R. Fisher
Deacon Donald “Tim” Hackman
Reverend T. Ronald Haney (Deceased as of 2012)
Reverend John Herber
Clergyman Philip Hower
Reverend Kevin Kayda
Reverend Edward Konat
Reverend George Koychick
Reverend Thomas Kujovsky (Deceased as of 2015)
Reverend Thomas Lawler (Deceased as of 1987)
Reverend Robert Logue
Reverend David H. Luck
Reverend Monsignor Robert Maher (Deceased as of 1990)
Reverend Daniel Mahoney (Deceased as of 2007)
Reverend Guy Marsico
Reverend John M. McDevitt (Deceased as of 1999)
Reverend Anthony McGinley (Deceased as of 2006)
Reverend James McLucas
Reverend Ibarra Mercado
Reverend Charles Procopio (Deceased as of 1997)
Reverend Guido Miguel Quiroz Reyes, OFM (The Order of Friars Minor Capuchin – Latin equivalent: Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum. Deceased as of 2006)
Deacon James Rush (Deceased as of 2016)
Clergyman Bryan Schlager
Reverend Herbert Shank
Reverend Patrick Shannon
Reverend Timothy Sperber
Reverend Carl J. Steffen (Deceased as of 2015)
Reverend Frederick Vaughn (Deceased as of 1992)
Reverend Salvatore V. Zangari (Deceased as of 2004)

Pittsburgh Diocese (77 accused in total)

Reverend James R. Adams (Deceased as of 2011)
Reverend James L. Armstrong (Deceased as of 2012)
Reverend John M. Bauer
Reverend John E. Brueckner (Deceased as of 1960)
Reverend Leo Burchianti (Deceased as of 2013)
Reverend Robert Castelucci
Reverend Mauro James Cautela (Deceased as of 2005)
Reverend Charles J. Chatt
Reverend Anthony J. Cipolla (Deceased as of 2016)
Reverend John P. Connor
Reverend John David Crowley (Deceased as of 2006)
Reverend Richard Deakin
Reverend Ferdinand B. Demsher (Deceased as of 1983)
Reverend Myles Eric Diskin
Father Richard J. Dorsch
Reverend David F. Dzermejko
Reverend John P. Fitzgerald
Reverend Joseph M. Ganter
Reverend John A. Genizer
Reverend Charles R. Ginder (Deceased as of 1984)
Reverend James G. Graham (Deceased as of 2015)
Brother William Hildebrand
Reverend John S. Hoehl
Reverend John J. Huber (Deceased as of 1998)
Reverend Edward G. Huff
Monsignor Edward Joyce (Deceased as of 1969)
Reverend Marvin Justi (Deceased as of 2009)
Reverend Bernard J. Kaczmarczyk
Reverend Joseph D. Karabin
Brother John Keegan
Reverend Henry Krawczyk
Reverend Edward L. Kryston
Reverend Anujit Kumar
Reverend George Kurutz (Deceased as of 1977)
Reverend Fidelis Lazar
Reverend Albert Leonard
Reverend Casimir F. Lewandowski (Deceased as of 1978)
Reverend John P. Maloney (Deceased as of 2007)
Brother Julius May
Reverend Dominic McGee
Reverend Donald W. McIlvane (Deceased as of 2014)
Reverend Thomas McKenna
Reverend Albert McMahon
Reverend John H. McMahon (Deceased as of 1993)
Brother Frank Meder
Reverend Arthur R. Merrell
Reverend Joseph Mueller (Deceased as of 2010)
Reverend Lawrence O’Connell (Deceased as of 1986)
Reverend Thomas M. O’Donnell
Reverend William P. O’Malley, III (Deceased as of 2008)
Reverend George Parme (Deceased as of 2002)
Reverend Paul E. Pindel (Deceased as of 1991)
Reverend Francis Pucci (Deceased as of 2002)
Reverend John W. Rebel (Deceased as of 2013)
Reverend Raymond R. Rhoden (Deceased as of 2006)
Reverend Carl Roemele
Reverend Michael C. Romero (Deceased as of 2000)
Reverend Oswald E. Romero (Deceased as of 1997)
Reverend David Scharf
Reverend Richard Scherer (Deceased as of 2007)
Monsignor Raymond T. Schultz (Deceased as of 1999)
Reverend Francis Siler (Deceased as of 2015)
Reverend Rudolph M. Silvers
Reverend Edward P. Smith (Deceased as of 1956)
Revered James E. Somma, M.Ed. (Master of Education, Deceased as of 2004)
Reverend Bartley A. Sorensen
Reverend Robert E. Spangenberg, C.S.Sp. (Congregation of the Holy Spirit, with the given names of Spiritan priests or brothers within the Catholic faith oftentimes followed by the aforementioned abbreviation to indicate membership in the fraternal order. Deceased as of 2006)
Reverend Paul G. Spisak
Reverend Lawrence F. Stebler (Deceased as of 1997)
Reverend Richard Gerard Terdine
Reverend Charles Thomas (Deceased as of 1967)
Reverend John William Wellinger (Deceased as of 2011)
Reverend Joseph S. Wichmanowski (Deceased as of 1977)
Reverend George A. Wilt
Reverend Robert G. Wolk
Reverend William B. Yockey
Reverend Theodore P. Zabowski

Scranton Diocese (45 accused in total)

Reverend Philip A. Altavilla
Reverend Girard F. Angelo (Deceased as of 2009)
Reverend Mark G. Balczeniuk
Reverend Joseph P. Bonner (Deceased as of 2007)
Reverend Martin M. Boylan
Reverend Robert J. Brague (Deceased as of 1997)
Reverend Francis T. Brennan (Deceased as of 1974)
Reverend Joseph Bucolo
Monsignor Gerald J. Burns (Deceased as of 1999)
Reverend Anthony P. Conmy
Monsignor J. Peter Crynes
Reverend Raymond L. Deviney
Reverend Donald J. Dorsey (Deceased as of 2007)
Reverend John M. Duggan
Reverend John J. Dzurko (Deceased as of 1991)
Reverend James F. Farry (Deceased as of 1990)
Reverend James F. Fedor
Reverend Ralph N. Ferraldo (Deceased as of 1997)
Reverend Angelus Ferrara
Reverend Austin E. Flanagan
Reverend Joseph D. Flannery (Deceased as of 2005)
Reverend Martin J. Fleming (Deceased as 1950)
Reverend Robert J. Gibson (Deceased as of 2012)
Monsignor Joseph O. Gilgallon (Deceased as of 1991)
Reverend Joseph A. Griffin (Deceased as of 1988)
Reverend P. Lawrence Homer (Deceased as of 2015)
Reverend Mark A. Honart
Reverend Joseph F. Houston
Reverend Francis G. Kulig
Reverend Albert M. Libertore, Jr.
Reverend John A. Madaj (Deceased as of 1998)
Reverend James M. McAuliffe (Deceased as of 1989)
Reverend Joseph F. Meigan
Reverend Russell E. Motsay
Reverend James F. Nolan (Deceased as of 1957)
Reverend W. Jeffrey Paulish
Reverend John A. Pender (Deceased as of 2009)
Reverend Mark T. Rossetti
Reverend Edward J. Shoback
Reverend Thomas P. Shoback
Reverend John J. Tamalis
Reverend Virgil B. Thetherow
Reverend Robert M. Timchak
Reverend Lawrence P. Weniger (Deceased as of 1972)
Reverend Joseph B. Wilson

Society of St. John (4 Accused in total)

Reverend Christopher R. Clay
Reverend Eric S. Ensey
Reverend Carlos Urrutigoity
Reverend Benedict J. Van der Putten

NOTE: Legal Transcripts Associated With This Particular Inquest Encompassing the Dioceses of Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Scranton, That When Combined, Were Tasked With Servicing More Than Half of the State of Pennsylvania’s 3.2 Million Catholic Residents

6.26.2018 Head of Prominent Charity Organization Campaigning Against Child Abuse and the Sexual Exploitation of Prepubescent Youth, Advocate for 2016 Democratic National Committee Presidential Nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, as Well as a One-Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Taken Into Custody by New York State Authorities Following Accusations of Attempting to ‘Arrange the Rape of Multiple Children, Some of Which Were as Young as Two Years of Age’

Joel Davis, 22, a Former Student of Columbia University and Active Chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict, Purportedly Solicited an Undercover FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Agent in the Procurement of Sexually Explicit Videos of Minors

During the Course of Several Weeks the Defendant Allegedly Informed the Agents of His Pedophilic Fascination With Children of All Age Demographics, Sending Private Investigators a Cache of Pornographic Material Involving Infants and Toddlers, With Many of the Photographs Depicting Children Engaged in a Host of Sex Acts With Adults

Davis Also Sought to Arrange Two Separate Encounters With Underage Juveniles Through Conversations With an Undercover Investigator, One of Which Involved a Nine-Year-Old Girl, With the Other Instance Pertaining to the Two-Year-Old Daughter of the Officer’s Girlfriend – Both of Which Were Illustrated in Text-Generated Correspondence in Which the Suspect Went Into Detail About What Sexual Activities He Intended to Engage in With the Children

Following His Arrest, Davis Openly Admitted to Officers of Having Sexually Abused a 13-Year-Old Male Juvenile in the Past and That He Often Kept Images of Child Pornography on His Cellular Communications Device

4.12.2018 Fifth Woman Photographed With Tristan Thompson Believed to Have Spent Months With the Professional Basketball Player in the Confines of His New York City Hotel Suite While His Girlfriend, Khloé Kardashian, Struggled Through Her Pregnancy

Thompson Has Been Photographed Multiple Times Over the Past Five Months Spending Time With a Previously Unnamed Woman (Her First Name Now Revealed as ‘Tania’) – In Addition to the Four Women (One of Whom Was Jordan Craig, the Mother of His First Child) He Has Already Been Seen Getting Intimate With in Several Videos

4.11.2018 Tristan Thompson, 27, Professional Athlete, Currently Under Contract With the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association, Photographed With Three Different Women – One of Whom Has Since Released a Sex Tape and Has Made Claims of Pregnancy – in Various Nightclubs Behind Pregnant Girlfriend Khloé Kardashian’s Back

Thompson, Who Has Yet to Formally Deny Having Participated in the Production of a Sexually Explicit Film, Also Had Portions of a Text-Generated Series of Conversational Exchanges Recorded, One of Which Appears Below:

“If I was there I would grab u while u try to walk away from me than I would pull ya hair and kiss you than rip ya clothes off and lay u down while I suck ya p***y and say sorry. Than I’ll stick this long d**k in you slow but deep.”

3.22.2018 ‘Sex on the First Date, a Multitude of Unprotected Sexual Encounters, and Treated as Little More Than a Prostitute’: 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal, Now 46, Offers Her Perspective on the Ten-Month Extramarital Affair She Had With Married TV Personality and Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump During the Course of a Nationally Televised Exclusive With CNN’s Anderson Cooper

3.19.2018 Rumors of Infidelity Envelop the Eldest Son of Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump in the Preliminary Stages of a Contentious Divorce From Vanessa Haydon, His Wife of 13 Years

Mounting Speculation of an Extramarital Affair During the Latter Vestiges of 2011 and Well Into March of 2012 That Involved Aubrey O’Day, a Contestant Appearing on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ as Well as Allegations of Abandonment With the Young Entrepreneur Planning to Separate From His Pregnant Spouse to Pursue a Romance With the Singer, Impacting the State of the Couple’s Marriage

2.16.2018 Mounting Speculation Regarding the Acting U.S. President’s Penchant for Entertaining Women of Questionable Character in Latest Revelation Regarding a Rumored Extramarital Dalliance With a One-Time Model Who Alleges That She Received $150,000 as Part of a Legally Binding Non-Disclosure Agreement

Karen McDougal, the 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Claims That Donald J. Trump Approached Her During a Chance Encounter at One of Hugh Hefner’s Many Soirees on the Grounds of His Playboy Mansion in 2006, Insisting That Their Nine-Month Affair Began Just Three Months Removed From the Birth of His Youngest Son, Barron

2.10.2018 Jesse Watters, 39, Syndicated Host of ‘Watters’ World,’ a Nationally Televised Broadcast Occupying a Weekend Time Slot, Embroiled in a Contentious Divorce With His Wife of Nine Years Following Revelations of an Extramarital Affair With an Associate Producer

Noelle Inguagiato Watters, 41, the News Anchor’s Spouse and the Mother of His Two Daughters, Filed for Divorce in Lieu of Her Husband’s Infidelity With Emma DiGiovine, a 25-Year-Old Staffer Who Has Since Been Placed Under the Employ of Laura Ingraham, the Principal Moderator of ‘The Ingraham Angle’

2.9.2018 Utah State Legislator Who Actively Campaigned for Harsher Penalties Against Prostitution Formally Tenders His Resignation Following Allegations of Sexual Impropriety With an Escort Who Openly Advertised Her Services for Prospective Clients on Various Multimedia Platforms

Jon E. Stanard, 43, is Alleged to Have Contracted the Services of Brie Taylor, 39, Through the Misappropriation of Public Funds During the Course of at Least Two Business-Related Excursions in Salt Lake City, Utah; in 2017

Text-Generated Communications Between Taylor and Republican National Committee Member Stanard Confirm Suspicions of an Extramarital Affair

In a Series of Written Statements Submitted to Investigators, Taylor Described How She Performed Oral Sex on Stanard, With the Pair Later Engaing in Multiple Positions of Vaginal and Anal Intercourse

The Disgraced Politician Was Sworn Into Public Office in the Utah State House of Representatives in 2012 and Has Three Children With Leeanne Stanard, His Wife of an Undisclosed Number of Years

1.12.2018 Michael Cohen, the Attorney Representing Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump, Purportedly Paid $130,508.33 in Monetary Funds Diverted From the Financial Holdings of Trump Tower Commercial LLC to Ex-Porn Star a Month Prior to the 2016 Electoral Cycle in a Bid to Ensure Her Silence Regarding Claims of a Sexual Encounter With the Republican Nominee

Published Reports by the Wall Street Journal Assert That Trump’s Personal Lawyer Arranged for Stephanie Clifford, Whose Stage Name Was Stormy Daniels, to Be Paid the Aforementioned Sum in October of 2016 to Conceal Evidence of an Extramarital Affair

The Report Goes on to State That Trump, 71, and Clifford, 38, Became Acquainted With One Another at a Celebrity Golf Tournament Held at Lake Tahoe in July of 2016 Where Sex Acts Between the Two Parties Are Alleged to Have Occurred

11.29.2017 Matt Lauer, 59, the Longest Tenured Morning Show Anchor on Network Television and the Highest Paid, Receiving an Annual Salary of an Estimated $25 Million, Formally Terminated From His Position by Acting NBC (National Broadcasting Company) News Chairman Andy Lack Following Accusations of Sexual Impropriety by Multiple Women at His Place of Employment

According to Several Documents Submitted by One of the Disgraced Former Media Personality’s Accusers, Lauer is Alleged to Have Given the Unidentified Female Colleague a Sexual Device as a Present, the Gift Being Included With a Graphic Written Communication Referencing a Desire to Use It on Her, as Well as Techniques He Sought to Incorporate Into Various Extramarital Forays With His Co-Worker Involving the Toy

Lauer Also Purportedly Propositioned Another Female Staff Member After Summoning Her to His Office Under False Pretense, the Incident in Question Involving the Host Dropping His Pants and Exposing His Erect Penis. The Unidentified Women, Visibly Shaken by the Encounter, Was Later Reprimanded by Lauer for Refusing to Engage in a Sexual Act

The Recently Fired Host of ‘Today’ is Also Alleged to Have Quizzed Several Female Producers About Who They’d Slept With, Offering to Trade Names. Another Crass Indulgence by Lauer Concerned His Penchant for Questioning Both Male and Female Co-Workers About Who They’d “F__k, Marry, or Kill,” in Which He Would Identify Various Women That He’d Most Like to Initiate Extramarital Affairs With

11.29.2017 ‘Kelly, You Are Soft and Curvy, I Like That’: Explicit Text-Generated Communications From Texas State Congressional Representative Joe Barton Made Public Just One Week After His Issuance of a Public Apology to Another Woman for Sending Her Nude Photographs of Himself

Barton is Facing Renewed Scrutiny After a Woman Shared a Series of Sexually Suggestive Messages She Received From the Texas Lawmaker, Who Was Married at the Time of Their Correspondence

Barton, Who Was Forced to Apologize the Prior Week for Texting an Explicit Photograph of Himself to Another, as Yet Unidentified, Woman, Confirmed on Wednesday to the Star-Telegram, That the Scandalous Exchange to One Kelly Canon, Had Indeed Taken Place

The Congressman, Who First Initiated Conversations With Canon on Facebook’s Social Media Platform in 2012 and 2013 While Still Married to His Second Wife, Terri Barton, Asked Her a Series of Questions About Her Personal Attire, With One Statement Reading:

“so..that means u r wearing a tank top only..and no panties?”

11.22.2017 Texas Congressman Joe Linus Barton, 68, Issues a Public Apology Following the Online Circulation of a Nude Photograph and Numerous Sexually Explicit Communications Between Himself and Several Women During a Series of Extramarital Affairs

Despite the Controversy Associated With the Release of Such Information, the Beleaguered Politician Has Steadfastly Refused to Tender His Resignation

2.25.2002 Infanticide | Clinical Definition and Classification

5.4.2017 Australian Keepsake Company Offering Prospective Parents Across the Globe the Opportunity to Transform Their Unwanted Embryos Into Jewelry

Founded by Amy McGlade, Baby Bee Hummingbirds Affords Parents a ‘Sentimental Option’ in the Engineered Disposal of Frozen Embryos by Reconstituting Their Remains Into Fashion Accessories

In a Syndicated Press Release Through Facebook’s Social Media Platform on April 30th, the Company Openly Announced, “We Are Absolute Experts & True Original Leaders in Embryo Ashes • DNA Jewelry”

The Company Offering Their Services in the Creation of Jewelry Keepsakes From Breastmilk, Hair From a Baby’s First Cut, First Tooth Extraction, Umbilical Cord Stump, and Placenta

The Jewelry Featured in Advertisements and Promotionals by Baby Bee Hummingbirds is Typically Manufactured Through the Cremated Remains of a Family’s Discarded Embryos

2.29.2012 Panel of Accredited Bioethicists From Oxford University Argue That Parents Should Be Afforded the Right to Terminate the Life of a Newborn Infant Because They Are “Morally Irrelevant”

The Written Publication, Initially Released in the Journal of Moral Ethics, Claims That Newborn Babies Aren’t “Actual Persons” and Don’t Necessarily Have a “Moral Right to Life”

The Academics Questioned in the Survey Also Endorse the Practice of Exterminating Potentially Disabled Infants Following Their Birth as a Merciful Alternative to What Could Otherwise Be Construed as an Emotional and Financial Burden for Prospective Couples

Professor Julian Savulescu, Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Claims That Individuals Advocating Violence Against the Authors of the Study Are “Fanatics Opposed to the Very Values of a Liberal Society”

The Article, “After-Birth Abortion: Why Should the Baby Live?”, Was Authored by Two of Professor Julian Savulescu’s Contemporaries, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva



8.15.2017 Icelandic Government and Healthcare Officials Herald Abortion as a Preventative Tool in the Elimination of Down Syndrome

Disconcerting Television Segment Airing on CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) News’s ‘On Assignment,’ Applauds Iceland for “Eliminating” the Scourge of Down Syndrome Through Its Controversial Legislative Policy Emphasizing Abortion as a Viable Solution to the Incidence of Genetic Malapropism

Since Prenatal Screening Tests Were First Introduced in Iceland in the Early 2000’s, the Vast Majority of Women — Close to 100 Percent — Who Received a Positive Test for Down Syndrome Have Chosen to Terminate Their Pregnancy

Helga Sol Olafsdottir, a Social Worker and Professor at the University of Iceland, When Questioned About the Ethics of the Icelandic Government’s Abortion Policy Was Quoted With the Following Statement:

“We Don’t Look at Abortion as a Murder. We Look at It as a Thing That We Ended. We Ended a Possible Life That May Have Had a Huge Complication… Preventing Suffering for the Child and for the Family. And I Think That is More Right Than Seeing It as a Murder — That’s So Black and White. Life Isn’t Black and White. Life is Grey.”



2.16.2018 Israeli-Born TV Presenter, Model, and Actress, Rebecca “Becky” Griffin, Exploits the Tragic Sequence of Events Surrounding the Mass Shooting That Occurred on February 14th of 2018 on the Campus Grounds of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida; to Promote Abortion as a Means of Mitigation in the Incidence of Casualty

2.6.2018 Tasteless Commentary Made by Stand-Up Comedian and Part-Time Actress Sarah Silverman During the Course of a Telethon Designed to Raise Money for Planned Parenthood, References the Consumption of Aborted Fetuses as Justifiable Recourse in the Protest of Concept of Conscience Clause Regulations That Actively Prohibit the Use of Fetal Remnants as Ingredients in the Manufacture of Food Products, and Mandate the Cremation or Burial of Deceased Infants

The Televised Fundraiser, Hosted by Lizz Winstead, the Founder of the Lady Parts Justice League – a Feminist Organization – and Entitled “Life is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It,” Was Expressly Utilized as a Politically Motivated Platform to Cast Aspersions on the Opponents of Pro-Choice Policy Under the Guise of Reproductive Autonomy



12.21.2017 Disturbing Video Footage Obtained by Animal Rights Organization L214 Highlights High Society’s Absence of Morality in the Senseless Torture and Slaughter of Rabbits to Satisfy the Desires of Some of the World’s Most Affluent

The Fur Farms Are Purportedly Being Utilized by High-End Fashion Clothing and Apparel Lines With Ties to Dior, Dolce & Gabbana (D&G), and L’Oréal


3.30.2016 Disturbing Video Footage of Siblings Andrew and Daniel Frankish of Redcar, a Seaside Resort Town in North Yorkshire, England; Brutalizing Defenseless Pet Canine Made Public After the Memory Card From One of the Suspect’s Mobile Devices Was Retrieved From the Floor of a Local Supermarket Chain

Andrew Frankish, 22, Was Filmed by His Younger Brother, Daniel, 19; Headbutting His Pet Bulldog, Jumping On Its Back Repeatedly, and Throwing It Down a Flight of Stairs, a Sickening Chorus of Raucous, Unrestrained Laughter Clearly Audible Throughout the Length of the Recording

The Small Animal, Named ‘Baby,’ Eventually Lost Use of Its Hind Legs and Lower Extremities, Succumbing to Its Injuries Three Months Later



2.20.2018 Disturbing Video Footage of an Unidentified Youth of East Asian Descent Hurling a Defenseless Puppy Into a Crocodile-Infested Body of Water in Australia Released on Several Social Media Platforms, as Viewers Attempt to Identify the Perpetrator

12.3.2007 Deviance (Sociological Discourse) | Definition and Classification



5.17.2018 Disturbing Surveillance Footage in Langley, British Columbia; Captures the Moment a Visibly Distraught Patron Proceeds to Remove Her Pants and Undergarments to Defecate on the Floor – Later Hurling Excrement at Employees – of a Local Eatery Following a Heated Verbal Altercation

The Dispute, According to Several Eyewitness Accounts, Arose as a Direct Result of the Staff’s Refusal to Grant the Woman Access to One of the Facility’s Restrooms on the Basis of Past Behavior on the Grounds of the Establishment

The Woman, Whose Identity Remains Withheld, Was Purportedly Detained by Authorities Soon After the Incident


5.21.2018 Federal Charges Loom for a Colorado State Resident Photographed Urinating on the Passenger Seat in Front of Him During the Course of a Domestic Flight From Denver to Charleston, South Carolina

Michael Allen Haag, 45, Later Detained by Authorities on Allegations of Indecent Exposure and Unruly Behavior



8.14.2017 Unidentified Man Slams His Girlfriend to the Ground Before Launching Into a Vicious Assault Where He Mercilessly Pummels Her in the Head and Face With a Dark-Colored Shoulder Bag Accessory Before Stomping Her Into Unconsciousness

Disturbing CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) Video Footage Captured at a Ticket Hall in Xiongyue Train Station in Northeastern China’s Liaoning Province

4.24.2017 Several Employees at a Speech Therapy Centre in Jiangxi Province Filmed by Undercover Investigators Physically Assaulting Deaf and Mute Toddlers and Threatening to Make Them Ingest Fecal Waste - Staff Members at the Centre, When Confronted With the Disturbing Video Footage, Insisted That the Beatings Were Intended to Help the Toddlers Learn to Speak



6.5.2018 Verbal Altercation Between Passengers on a New York State Public Transit System Escalates Into a Racially-Motivated Tirade Captured on Video Where One of the Parties is Filmed Shoving an Unidentified Woman of East Asian Descent to the Floor, Later Spitting in Her Direction

The Argument Born of Accusations Against the Eventual Victim of the Vicious Assault Who is Alleged to Have Stolen the Seat of the Assailant’s Young Daughter

The Tense Moments of the Incident Outlined in the Defensive Mother’s Diatribe, the Gist of Which Appears Below:

MOTHER: “F_ck! (Unintelligible) He didn’t get up for me! He didn’t get up for me cuz my daughter black, cuz my daughter black he didn’t get up for me to sit with my daughter!”
MOTHER: “What am I sayin’ wrong?”
MOTHER: “What’s calm? You play with my kid and I’m supposed to be okay with it?”
MOTHER: “So f_ck you!”
MOTHER: “Mind your ass and move it! ‘Fore I kick you! Bitch I will move you off that seat, try me.”

It is at this moment that the confrontational mother prompts her young daughter to push the woman off the seat, the tone of her voice becoming menacing in both its intensity and pitch.

MOTHER: “Push her! Push her! Push her! Go head an hit my daughter back. Push her off the seat. Go ahead bitch! Move! Move your ass!”

At this point the irate woman forcibly removes the victim from her place by throwing her to the floor, as a vast majority of the train’s passengers – content to watch the incident unfold – fail to come to her defense.

MOTHER: “Don’t play with my f_ckin’ daughter bitch! Don’t play with my daughter bitch! I got a child! Give me my bag! Give me my bag!”
MOTHER: “That’s my child!”
MOTHER: “F_ck your language!”
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN OF EAST ASIAN DESCENT: “I’m calling… I’m going to the police.”
MOTHER: “F_ck the police bitch!”

The defensive woman, in a misguided attempt to somehow justify her course of actions against the victim in the incident, petitions the crowd to come to a consensus with regard to her plight.

MOTHER: “Y’all speak English? Tell her what she did wrong. She moved my child outta her seat.”

With the climax of the event approaching its conclusion, the combative woman’s tirade becomes racially motivated, possessing a xenophobic connotation.

MOTHER: “This ain’t your country! Welcome to America!”

Video Shows the Woman Calmly Standing as the Mother Continues Shouting Profanities, Later Spitting in Her Direction

Law Enforcement Officials Have Yet to Comment on the Nature of the Footage, or Offer Any Indication as to When It Was Filmed

3.14.2018 Disturbing Video Emerges of One-Time Houston Astros Professional Baseball Prospect Violently Attacking a Female Companion in the Confines of a Stairwell

The Incident in Question Occurring in August of 2016 Involving Danry Vasquez, 24, a Contributing Member of the Corpus Christi Hooks, a Houston Astros Double-A Minor League Baseball Team Affiliate, Who Brutalized Then Girlfriend, Fabiana Pérez Wadskier, During the Course of a Physical Altercation

The Graphic Footage, Obtained by Local Corpus Christi Telecommunications Affiliate KRIS-TV, Shows Vasquez Punching Wadskier Repeatedly in the Face and Head Area, the Force of the Impact Causing the Young Woman’s Glasses to Fall to the Floor on Two Separate Occasions

Perhaps Even More Disconcerting is the Cavalier Attitude Displayed by the Acting Prosecutorial Assembly Initially Tasked With the Criminal Litigation of the Court Proceeding in Choosing to Dismiss Charges Against the Defendant Provided He Pay a Fine and Enroll in Anger Management Classes

11.18.2017 Couple Who Voluntarily Surrendered to Georgia State Law Enforcement Officials Following the Public Release of Video Footage Showing Them Viciously Pummel a Local Restaurant Owner and Later Punch Her Teenage Daughter in the Face on June 22 for Serving Them Cold Fried Chicken, Enter a Guilty Plea on Charges of Aggravated Assault, as Well as Cruelty to Children

Nathaniel Eric Smith, 45, and Latasha Smith, 28, Complained That the Food They Received Was Cold Before the Physical Altercation, an Incident Captured by Surveillance Cameras on the Restaurant’s Premises

Jeanette Norris, the Owner of Qwik Chick Eatery, Suffered a Broken Nose, While Her 15-Year-Old Daughter Sustained a Concussion

10.27.2017 Disturbing Video Captured by Surveillance Cameras in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Shows Bystanders Taking Photographs of an Unconscious Woman as She Lay Prone on a Sidewalk - With One of the Individuals at the Scene of the Incident Later Stealing Her Communications Device - Following a Brutal Assault

10.13.2017 Video Footage of a Physical Altercation During the Course of an Athletic Contest Between the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles Showing Kyle Adam Maraghy, 26, Physically Assault an Older Gentleman Who Had Voiced His Displeasure at the Youth and His Erstwhile Female Companion for Obstructing His View of the Game, Released to the Public

7.21.2017 Legal Experts Insist That While the Absence of Concern by an Unidentified Group of Teens Who Mercilessly Taunted a Developmentally Disabled Man, Since Identified as Jamel Dunn, 32; While Filming His Death in Florida is Morally Reprehensible, That They Were Under No Legal Obligation to Render Him Aid in His Moment of Distress

Disturbing Video Footage of the Incident Was Later Obtained by the Local Authorities Who Had Temporarily Confiscated the Cellular Communication Devices of the Ensemble in a Bid to Garner Evidence

According to Yvonne Martinez, the Spokesperson for the Cocoa Police Department, “The Kids Were at the Park That Day Smoking Marijuana and Apparently Saw Him Walk Into the Water. They Were Watching Him. The Teens Were Telling Him They Weren’t Going in After Him and That ‘You Shouldn’t Have Gone in There.’”

Even When It Became Apparent That Dunn Was Having Difficulty Keeping His Head Above Water, Not One Member of the Teenage Entourage Bothered to Call 911

The Teens Can Be Heard Laughing Uncontrollably Off Camera, With One of the Youth Shouting, “Get Out the Water, You Gonna Die,” and Another Exclaiming, “Ain’t Nobody Fixing to Help You, You Dumb Motherf**ker.”

As the Scene Nears Its Conclusion, With Dunn Eventually Losing His Struggle to Remain Afloat, Another Teen Can Be Heard Saying: “Oh, He Just Died.”

7.20.2017 Unidentified Youth Ranging in Age From 14 to 16 Years Ignore a Developmentally Disabled Man’s Pleas for Help – Choosing Instead to Mock, Curse, and Laugh; All the While Filming His Drowning Death in a Nearby Retention Pond – The Deceased Man, Whose Badly Decomposed Remains Were Exhumed From the Depths of the Reservoir, Was Later Identified by His Immediate Family as 32-Year-Old Jamel Dunn

6.30.2017 CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) Captures the Moment Jamar Bernard Woody, 35, Viciously Pummels Shatory Irving, 26, Who at the Time of the Incident Was Three Months Pregnant With His Child, Exposing Part of Her Skull While Canvassing a Local Convenience Store in Roanoke, Virginia - Woody Was Later Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison Despite Numerous Attempts by His Erstwhile Girlfriend to Dissuade the Jury From Recommending Confinement

6.20.2017 Shaquan Taylor, 18, a Resident of Brooklyn, New York; Taken Into Custody by Authorities Following Allegations of Felony Assault Against His Sixteen-Month-Old Daughter, as Well as Tammy Lewis, 17, the Mother of His Child Who Was Beaten Unconscious During the Course of a Physical Altercation - Taylor is Alleged to Have Beat the Infant Within an Inch of Her Life, His Vicious Onslaught Resulting in a Fractured Skull and Brain Hemorrhaging

Incriminating Evidence in the Form of Several Online Communications Through Facebook’s Social Media Platform Have Since Been Made Available to the Public Where the Defendant Was Quoted With the Following Statements:

“- Feel Mad Disrespected. Still, Told That Little B*tch to Get Abortion & She Tells Me She Is But Still Keep It. Exactly Why I Hate That Little B*tch.”

4.19.2017 Disturbing Video Footage of a Physical Altercation Between Students Attending T.W. Browne Middle School in the West Oak Cliff Subdivision of Dallas, Texas; Shows an Unidentified Male Juvenile Being Repeatedly Punched and Slapped Before Being Kicked and Jumped on by Several Assailants in a Bathroom as Onlookers Laughed and Celebrated in the Background



7.10.2017 Three-Year-Old Boy Beaten to Death by Two Women in a Fit of Rage After the Toddler Drank Milk From an Open Container

Xavier Mokarzel-Satchel, 3, Found Unresponsive at an Orange County Apartment Complex by Ambulatory Staff in the Suburb of Pine Hills, Florida; Following a Vicious Unprovoked Assault by a Mother and Daughter Tandem Who Beat the Child Into Submission With a Plastic Wand Tilt Until the Rod Itself Broke in Half Over the Body of the Prone Boy

Lakesha Lewis, 28, and 58-Year-Old Callene Barton, Who Also Reportedly Grabbed the 3-Year-Old by His Arms and Legs and Threw Him Down One of the Building’s Hallway Enclosures, Each Face Charges of First-Degree Felony Murder, as Well as Aggravated Child Abuse

Brandi Mokarzel, 23, the Toddler’s Mother, Who Was Romantically Involved With Lewis at the Time of the Incident, Was Taken Into Custody and Formally Charged With Child Neglect

7.7.2017 Isabel Martinez, 33, the Mother Who Brutally Stabbed Her Husband, as Well as Four of Her Five Children to Death in the Mobile Home Community of Loganville; Smiles, Nonchalantly Gesturing Toward Photographers While Parading a Bizarre Sequence of Hand Signs in Their General Direction During the Course of Her First Scheduled Court Appearance

7.6.2017 Isabel Cartuno Martinez, 33, Stabs Her Husband, as Well as Four of Her Five Children, all Under the Age of 10 Years, to Death in Loganville, Georgia – Officers From the Gwinnett County Police Department Responded to a Call at 4:47AM, Believed to Have Been Placed by Martinez, and Later Arrived at the Address of 509 Emory Lane in Loganville, Discovering Five Prone Bodies, Each the Victim of Multiple Stab Wounds

1.8.2017 Mother and Boyfriend Facing Charges of Capital Murder Following the Death of Her 14-Year-Old Adopted Daughter Who Was Physically and Sexually Assaulted, and Later Dismembered, as Part of a ‘Sick Rape-Murder Fantasy They Plotted for More Than a Year’

Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan, of Abington, Pennsylvania; Conspired to Murder Grace Parker, 14, Packer’s Adoptive Daughter, for More Than a Year as Part of a Dark Sexual Fantasy

According to Documents Pertaining to the Criminal Investigation, Packer is Believed to Have Witnessed Sullivan Rape the Adolescent Youth While Pleasuring Herself Sexually

Following the Brutal Assault, Packer’s Adopted Daughter Was Purportedly Drugged and Left to Suffocate in an Upstairs Attic by Sullivan, Who Would Subsequently Strangle Grace Packer the Next Morning in a Fit of Rage

Her Lifeless Body Buried in Cat Food

Returning to the Confines of the Quakertown Rental Property’s Upstairs Attic in Mid-October of 2016, Packer and Sullivan Are Believed to Have Dismembered the Corpse of the Teen, Eventually Scattering Her Remains on a Road in Luzerne County, Two Miles North of Philadelphia

Sara Packer Also Reportedly Profited Off the Murder of Her Adoptive Daughter, Failing to Disclose Her Death to Authorities in Order to Continue Receiving a $712 Monthly Stipend From the Social Security Administration



5.18.2018 Tragedy in Texas as Gunman Wielding a Shotgun Bursts Into Art Class Instruction on the Grounds of Santa Fe High School, Killing 10 and Injuring Another Ten Between the Hours of 7:30 and 7:45 AM on Friday, May 18th

The Suspect, Since Identified by Law Enforcement Officials as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, Shouted “Surprise Mother F--kers!” as He Systematically Targeted Individuals in the Confines of the Facility With Whom He Had Grievance

Investigators Canvassing the Scene in the Wake of the Juvenile’s Rampage Later Surmised That the Actions of the Suspect Were Born of Humiliation at the Hands of a Love Interest Who Purportedly Spurned His Romantic Overtures on Numerous Occasions — Later Embarrassing the Youth Publicly in Front of an Audience of His Peers — One Week Prior to the Incident in Question

A Host of Issues Possessing Relevance to What Would Become the 22nd Mass Shooting in Educational Institutions Across the United States Less Than Six Months Into 2018 Have Yet to Be Addressed by the Corporate Telecommunications Industry, Most Notably, the Killer’s Noted Interest in the Occult and His Affinity for Historically Oppressive Political Ideologies

Another Even More Disconcerting Development That a Vast Majority of Mainstream Media Outlets and Their Journalistic Contemporaries Willfully Disregard Pertaining to This Case Rests With the Fact That the Deaths of the Suspect’s Classmates, Specifically the Date of Their Demise, Coincides With the Ancient Greco-Roman Feast, or Festival of Pan¹

Pan, as Evidenced in the Illustration Accompanying This Entry, Possesses a Marked Degree of Similarity in Terms of Appearance With the Androgynous Visage of Baphomet, a Figure Revered by Satanic Ensembles as the Quintessential Embodiment of the Truth of the Unknown, Where Repressed Impulse and the Basic Instinct of Self Preservation Encompass the Foundation of the Divine Light of Forbidden Knowledge²

¹ Pan is a deity of ancient Greco-Roman mythology whose physical appearance mirrors that of the satyr, a creature of anthropomorphic distinction possessing bipedal attribution. Identified as the god of the wild, the overt manifestation of unbridled masculinity and aggression whose sexual proclivities existed beyond what was traditionally acknowledged to encompass a lecherous fascination with the profane; Pan oftentimes entertained a number of potential suitors. It is from this entity that the term pansexuality arose, a parapsychological anomaly where the fundamental laws of physical attraction are manipulated to such a degree that the notion of anatomical variance (binary gender, physiological nonconformity) is supplanted by pseudoscientifically inspired ambiguity in relation to one’s biological preset.

² The term ‘forbidden knowledge’ referring to the mystic arcanum, disciplines occupying relevance in Thelemic Law, Kemetic Orthodoxy, Kabbalism, and other forms of esoteric instruction.

2.14.2018 Gunman Wearing a Gas Mask and Brandishing an AR-15-Style Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle Opens Fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida; Claiming 17 Lives and Inflicting Injury to Countless Others in a Coordinated Attack That Employed the Use of Smoke Grenades to Trigger the Use of the Facility’s Fire Alarms (A Vast Majority of Mainstream Media News Outlets Now Circulating a Slightly Different Account of the Afternoon’s Events, Insisting That Cruz May Have Pulled the Fire Alarms Himself, Without the Benefit of an Incendiary Device) to ‘Draw Students Into Halls for Maximum Devastation’

Nikolas Jacob Cruz, 19, the Suspected Shooter and a One-Time Student at the School, Was Formally Expelled From Campus the Previous Year for Undisclosed Disciplinary Infractions

Following a Brief Pursuit by Members of Several Law Enforcement Agencies, Cruz Would Surrender Without Further Incident

Isaiah Chapter 5, Verse 20 | “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.”



5.24.2017 Constitutional Court in Taiwan Grants Matrimonial Privilege to Same-Sex Couples, the First Such Ruling in Asia

The Judicial Yuan Based Its Revision of the Preexistent Legal Standard on the Premise That Current Laws Governing Conventional Union Were “in Violation of Both the People’s Freedom of Marriage… and the People’s Right to Equality”



4.27.2017 Kamilla Werneck, 25, an Adult Film Actress From Rio de Janeiro, Who Divorced Her Husband of Three Years to Pursue a Relationship With Another Woman and Who Oftentimes Describes Herself as Having ‘Evangelical Faith,’ Insists God Doesn’t Judge Her Lifestyle Choices as He Sees Her ‘Good Heart’ - Speaking to Host Nicole Puzzi on the Adult TV Show, ‘Pornoladina,’ Werneck Was Quoted With the Following Statements:

“I Think God Sees Inside Our Hearts. He Judges the Good and the Bad Things You Do, and I Do Good Things for People. I’m a Good Person at Heart and That’s What Matters.”



6.19.2017 U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina State Provision That Prohibited Registered Sex Offenders From Accessing Commercial Social Networking Sites, Including Facebook and Twitter

6.16.2017 Recently Enacted Policy by the U.S. Army Includes a List of Guidelines Detailing the Code of Conduct for Prospective Enlistees, as Well as Tenured Servicemen and Women, Regarding the Subject of Transgender Male Pregnancies

Stipulations Part of a Broader Series of Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training Initiatives Being Instituted by the U.S. Department of Defense

1.22.2017 Examining the Morbid Legacy of Roe v. Wade Forty Four Years After Its Passage in 1973 and the Callous Acceptance of Casualty as a Rite of Passage in America

6.26.2015 Same-Sex Marriage Declared Legal Across the United States in Monumental U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

Historic U.S. Supreme Court Declaration Affords Homosexual Couples Matrimonial Privilege Following the Court’s 5-4 Decision Regarding the Obergefell v. Hodges Case

The Court’s Re-Interpretation of Preexisting Law Put Forth the Contention That the Fundamental Right to Marry is Also Guaranteed to Same-Sex Couples by Virtue of the Due Process Clause, as Well as the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

A Lawsuit Filed Against the State of Ohio by Plaintiff James “Jim” Obergefell Designed to Insure Said State’s Legal Recognition of His Marriage to Long-Term Partner John Arthur in Maryland on July 11th of 2013 Ultimately Became the Foundation Upon Which the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision Was Based

Both Obergefell and the Terminally Ill Arthur, a Longstanding Sufferer of ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis, Also Known as Motor Neuron Disease or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a Medical Condition Characterized by an Increased Difficulty in Upward Mobility, Involuntary Twitching, and Anatomical/ Physiological Strength Deterioration Through Muscular Atrophy), Sought to Obtain Legal Recognition of Their Matrimonial Covenant Through the Ohio Registrar, a Decision That Would Allow for Obergefell’s Documentation as a Surviving Spouse Upon the Issuance of a Death Certificate in the Event of Arthur’s Demise

8.15.2014 How the Removal of Biblical Instruction and Religious Prayer From Educational Institutions in the United States by Way of Judicial Decree Has Coincided With a Marked Increase in Moral Turpitude, a Precipitous Decline in Academic Achievement, Promiscuity, Illicit Drug Use, and the Destruction of the Familial Dynamic in Future Generations

Engel v. Vitale, 370 U.S. 421
Argued April 3, 1962
Decided June 25, 1962

A case brought forth by a number of families of students attending classroom instruction in New Hyde Park, New York, who openly objected to the institution of prayerful reflection as dictated by the State Board of Regents on the basis that the veneration of the “Almighty God” contradicted their religious beliefs. Steven Engel, a Jewish man whose surname was later included in the complaint, organized a coalition of obstructionists who sought to challenge the constitutionality of including theological discourse – specifically prayer – as a component of academic curricula. This loose knit coterie marshalling the support of a host rabbinical organizations, the Society for Ethnic Culture (a significant faction of which later evolved into a large-scale, predominantly non-congregational, secular humanist movement), and a plethora of Jewish faith-based collectives (Many of these groups professing an unspoken obeisance to the fundamental tenets encompassing Talmudic doctrine, a philosophy that openly calls into question the divine nature of Jesus Christ). The prayer that elicited this reaction mentioned in the following:

Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our country. Amen.

The plaintiffs responsible for the motion’s initial filing argued that any form of prayerful invocation as dictated by an arbitrary committee or assembly evincing ties to the nation’s prevailing system of education violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (as it applies to the states by ratification of the document’s Fourteenth proclamation), the justification for their opposition to the school’s policy born primarily from the following transliteration:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

In an attempt to dispute the protestations of a dissenting minority, the governments of twenty-two states signed on to an amicus curiae (literal translation identified as, “friend of the court,” one of many Latin phrases oftentimes utilized by judiciaries as legal terminology and/ or axioms) brief petitioning the United States Supreme Court’s affirmation of a decision rendered by the New York Court of Appeals that effectively upheld the constitutionality of prayer. In contrast, the American Jewish Committee, the Synagogue Council of America, and the American Ethical Union implored the acting members of the judiciary to rule in favor of declaring the act of prayer as being unconstitutional, as it invariably contributed to the promotion of religious fundamentalism.

Opinion of the Court

In a ruling delivered by Justice Hugo Black in which he cited the importance of the separation of church and state, the Court concluded by a margin of 6-1 that the act of prayer, specifically that which is appended as a form of administrative policy at the national scholastic level, violated the U.S. Constitution, as well as the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

School District of Abington Township v. Schempp, 374 U.S. 203
Argued February 27-28, 1963
Decided June 17, 1963

A motion filed against the Abington School District by Edward Schempp, a Unitarian Universalist (Oftentimes abbreviated using the letters ‘UU,’ this particular system of beliefs adheres to no distinct religious creed or mantra, and typically incorporates the use of philosophy and intellectualism born from a host of disparate cultural and ethnic traditions under a banner of inclusivity as a means of spiritual progression), that sought to prohibit the enforcement of a Pennsylvania statute that included theological instruction, specifically that which included the recitation of Scriptural passage, at the scholastic level. That law (24 Pa. Stat. 15-1516, as amended, Pub. Law 1928) required that “[a]t least ten verses from the Holy Bible [be] read, without comment, at the opening of each public school on each school day.” Schempp contended that the edict in question violated his and his family's rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

District Court Ruling

Following a series of testimonials during the course of the first scheduled trial at the Federal District Court level by Schempp, as well as several of his children who attended class in the Abington School District, representatives in a second trial-based proceeding ruled in favor of the petitioners, striking down the Pennsylvania statute, the basis for their decision released in the written context of the following statements:

The reading of the verses, even without comment, possesses a devotional and religious character and constitutes in effect a religious observance. The devotional and religious nature of the morning exercises is made all the more apparent by the fact that the Bible reading is followed immediately by a recital in unison by the pupils of the Lord’s Prayer. The fact that some pupils, or theoretically all pupils, might be excused from attendance at the exercises does not mitigate the obligatory nature of the ceremony for... Section 1516... unequivocally requires the exercises to be held every school day in every school in the Commonwealth. The exercises are held in the school buildings and perforce are conducted by and under the authority of the local school authorities and during school sessions. Since the statute requires the reading of the ‘Holy Bible,’ a Christian document, the practice... prefers the Christian religion. The record demonstrates that it was the intention of... the Commonwealth... to introduce a religious ceremony into the public schools of the Commonwealth. (201 F. Supp., at 819; quoted in 374 U.S. 203)

The contentions of the District Court were later upheld by the Supreme Court who, citing a prior ruling as detailed in the Engel v. Vitale decision, found that the imposition of similar measures at state level were in violation of the Establishment Clause as elucidated in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

12.1.2011 Senatorial Representatives in the United States Overwhelmingly Approve Legislation in a 93-7 Vote That Legalizes the Act of Sodomy and Bestiality in Military Service

12.8.2010 How a Prior Supreme Court Ruling Referencing an Inherent Right to Privacy Established the Legal Precedent for the Roe v. Wade Decision, or Jurisprudence as a Mechanism of Constitutional Interpretation Paired in Conjunction With the Concept of Personal Autonomy as the Rationale for Legalized Infanticide



12.7.2017 Australia’s Parliament Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Following the Results of a Nationally Organized Referendum Designed to Gauge Public Opinion

Following the Measure’s Adoption, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a Long-Standing Proponent of Homosexual Matrimony, Was Credited With This Statement:

“This Belongs to Us All… This is Australia: Fair, Diverse, Loving and Filled With Respect. For Every One of Us This is a Great Day.”

Matthew Chapter 6, Verse 24 | “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

1.16.2017 The Eight Wealthiest Individuals on Earth Now Possess More Wealth Than 3.6 Billion of the World’s Inhabitants Combined

5.30.2015 The 10 Wealthiest Individuals and Families in the History of the World

2 Timothy Chapter 3: Verses 1-5 | “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, from such turn away.”

7.24.2014 In Excess of 1 Million “Selfies” Taken Daily as Narcissist Mentality, Haughty Obsession, and a Preoccupation With Celebrity Captivates Generations of People



5.21.2016 Daughters of Beijing’s Wealthiest Elite Brag of Their Expensive Vacations Aboard Private Jets, £5,000 ($6,486.09) Bottles of Champagne, and £16,000 ($20,754.70) Jewelry on Social Media


9.21.2016 Wealthy Progeny of Some of Asia’s Most Affluent Members of High Society Openly Boast of Their Inherited Luxuries in Singapore


7.19.2017 Opulent Youth Flaunt Their Outrageously Lavish Lifestyles, Showcasing Some of the Most Expensive Designer Clothing Apparel, Brandishing Stacks of Money, Ingesting Copious Amounts of Champagne, and Reveling in Decadence in Vietnam

Deuteronomy Chapter 18: Verses 10-12 | “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter of spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD.”



5.1.2018 The Beltane Fire Festival of 2018: A Celebration of 30 Years of Pagan Tradition Marking the Astrological Transition From the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice

Widely Observed throughout Ireland, Scotland, as Well as the Isle of Man, Beltane is the Anglicised Equivalent of the Gaelic May Day Event

Beltane is One of Four Gaelic Seasonal Festivals – the Others Being Samhain, Imbolc, and Lughnasadh – celebrated in the Northwestern Extremities of Europe With Modern Incarnations of the Festival Originating in 1988 as a Small Gathering of Occult Enthusiasts in Edinburgh, Scotland

In Recent Years, These Pagan Practices Have Established a Presence Throughout the Continental United States – Most Notably in Louisiana With the Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt, Held Annually in New Orleans, as Well as Salem, Massachusetts; the Principal Base of Operations for the Satanic Temple Organization, and in Portland, Oregon; With the SisterSpirit Beltane Celebration for Women Commemorating the “Marriage of the Sun and Moon” – as Wiccan Adherents and Their Occultist Contemporaries Have Attracted the Interest of Younger Generations Bereft of Spiritual Compass



11.4.2016 Bizarre WikiLeaks Revelation Details John David Podesta’s, the Acting 2016 Presidential Campaign Chairman for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Acceptance of an Invitation to Attend a Thelemic Ceremony Popularized by the Late Aleister Crowley Incorporating the Use of Menstrual Blood, Breast Milk, Urine, and Semen as Mediums of Expression in the Creation of Abstract Forms of Art

Marina Abramović, Characterized as a Performance Artist by the Corporate Telecommunications Industry, Regularly Entertains Members of the Political Establishment, Entertainment, and High Society During the Course of “Spirit Cooking” Rituals Where Emphasis is Placed on the Symbolic Nature of the Union Between the Microcosm: Man; and the Macrocosm: the Divine; in Harmony With One of the Principal Axioms of Hermetic Doctrine: “As Above, So Below”

9.20.2016 Exposing the Ideological Precepts of Modern Satanist Doctrine



5.7.2018 SACRIFICED TO SATAN | Gloria Liceth Izaguirre Torres, 42, Systematically Butchered During the Course of a Satanically-Inspired Ceremony by Devil Worshippers Who Carved Inverted Pentagrams Into the Palms of Her Hands, Leaving Her Prone and Lifeless Body Beneath the Framework of a Ritual Circle



1.5.2018 Bizarre Series of Communications Between Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, 37, and Representatives From the Church of Satan Prompt Concern, as Segments of the Population Begin Questioning the Scope of Her Allegiance to the Organization

The Brief Exchange of Pleasantries Between the Two Parties in Question – That Unsurprisingly – Generated Little Fanfare From Members of the Political Establishment or Their Erstwhile Contemporaries in the Corporate Telecommunications Industry, Having Occurred Shortly After the New Year’s Commencement

1.4.2018 Chelsea Clinton, 37, the Erstwhile Progeny of Former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton and His Spouse, Former New York State Senator and One-Time Democratic National Committee Presidential Nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Says Satanism is a Religious Belief System Worthy of Respect

Clinton, in the Wake of Mass Public Scrutiny, Was Forced to Deny Any Connection to the Church of Satan After Accusations of Fidelity to Satanic Doctrine Were Levied Against Her by a Host of News Outlets Unaffiliated With the Corporate Telecommunications Industry

These Allegations, Characterized as Little More Than ‘Unsubstantiated Rumor’ by Members of the Political Establishment, as Well as a Vast Majority of Multimedia Pundits, Gain a Measure of Credence, and Therefore Are Less Likely to Be Refuted, Given the Former First Daughter’s Penchant for Donning Necklaces Showcasing What Appears to Be an Inverted Cross on Multiple Occasions

8.4.2016 Nine Separate School Districts Being Actively Petitioned by Representatives From the Satanic Temple, an Organization Based in Salem, Massachusetts; to Allow for the Funding of After-School Programs Dedicated to the Prince of Darkness

The After-School ‘Satan Club’ Designed to Counter Christian Fundamentalist Organizations Holding Prayer Vigils Across the Nation

1.24.2015 Controversy Embroils School District Officials in Cordova, Tennessee; Following the Publication of Several Images Providing Evidence of School Buses – the Vast Majority of Which Are Sanctioned to Schools Across the United States by Durham Transportation Services – Having Been Retrofitted With Brake Lights Resembling an Inverted Pentagram

The Pictures, All of Which Were Photographed by Robyn Wilkins, a Resident of the City, Have Raised a Heightened Level of Concern in the Community With Skeptics – Citing Information Gleaned From Various Online Sources – Attempting to Dismiss Her Claims as the Product of an Overactive Imagination

12.8.2001 Witchcraft | Concept and History



9.27.2017 Occult Laden Merchandising Venue Opens in an Eastern Section of Lawrence, Kansas; to Accommodate a Burgeoning Population of Paganist Adherents

7.3.2017 Based in the City of Chicago, the Newberry Library is Actively Enlisting the Aid of Occult Practitioners in Deciphering a Series of 17th Century Manuscripts Pertaining to the Subject of Witchcraft and Mysticism





U.S. Financial Markets Register Steep Declines Amid Growing Concerns of a Trade War With China

The 572.46 Point Decline on Friday, April 6th of 2018; Occupying the 14th Position in the Catalogued Assessment of Decreases in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)/ Futures Index’s Storied History

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)/ Futures Index Relinquishes 724.42 Points Amid Concerns of a Looming Trade War With China Following the President’s Decision to Institute Tens of Billions of Dollars in Monetary Tariffs on the Import of Chinese Goods and Services Into the United States

The 724.42 Point Decline on Thursday, March 22nd of 2018; Representing the 5th Largest Decrease in the History of the Average’s Calculation

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)/ Futures Index Sheds 1,032.89 Points as Financial Markets Enter Correction Phase

The 1,032.89 Point Decline on Thursday, February 8th of 2018; Representing the Second Most Significant Decrease in the Storied History of the Average’s Measure

MARKET CORRECTION LOOMING? Volatile Day of Trading Culminates With the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)/ Futures Index Plummeting a Record 1,175.21 Points on Monday, February 5th of 2018; Shattering the Previous Mark of 777.68 Points That Was Established on Monday, September 29th of 2008; During the Height of the Great Recession

For the First Time in Recorded U.S. History, the Dow Jones Industrial Average Falls More Than 650 Points in Succession – One Day Record 1,175.21 Point Decline on Monday, February 5, 2018; Follows 665.75 Point Market Descent on Friday, February 2, 2018; the 1,840.96 Two-Day Numeric Loss Eclipsing the Former Two-Day Benchmark of 1,119.34, Erasing the Entirety of the New Year’s Financial Gains

Officially, the Futures Index Fell 1,597.79 Points From Its Opening Figure of 25,337.87 to 23,740.08, the Hemorrhaging of the Prevailing System’s Dynamic Having Been Mitigated by a Slight Increase in the Indices of 30 of the United States’ Largest Corporate Institutions at the Close of the Market’s Session

Initial Assessments Proffered by Leading Market Analysts Point to the Levying of Monetary Sanctions Against Wells Fargo – a San Francisco-Based Multinational Banking and Financial Services Holding Company – by the Federal Reserve, Which Implemented an Asset Cap Restriction Designed to Curb Unconstrained Increases in the Investment Potential of the Institution’s Share Valuation in the Wake of the Bank’s Accounting Scandal That Allowed It to Effectively Manipulate Its Balance Sheets

U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)/ Futures Index Experiences Its Most Precipitous Decline Since June of 2016 Following Speculation Regarding the Possibility of the Acting Federal Reserve Chairman’s Institution of a Rate of Interest Increase

The Financial Market’s 665.75 Point Decline Represents the 9th Most Significant Loss in the Recorded History of the Average’s Measure






American Citizens Now Have the Highest Credit Card Debt in the History of the United States

Recent Reports Published by the U.S. Federal Reserve System Indicate a Figure of $1.021 Trillion in Outstanding Revolving Debt, Surpassing the April 2008 Record of a Collective $1.02 Trillion



Stock Trading Activity Across the Globe Exhibits Bear Market Tendency as One-Fifth of All Financial Market-Driven Wealth Assets Evaporate in Lieu of 20% Decline in the MCSI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) ACWI (All-Country World Index)

Baltic Dry Index (BDI) Plunges to Lowest Level on Record on Wednesday, February 10th of 2016, Registering in at a Dismal 290 Points, the Twelfth Straight Market Session of the Measures Decline

Compiled by the London-Based Baltic Exchange and Encompassing Cost and Price Metric Expenditures for the Transport of Commodities (Coal, Grain, Iron Ore, etc.), the Index is Calculated as a Statistical Composite of 23 Shipping Routes Measured on a Timecharter Basis and Includes Handysize, Supramax, Panamax, and Capesize Dry Bulk Vessels Carrying a Wide Array of Materials



Marked Decline in the Market Value of the Canadian Loonie Elicits Panic From Citizens as the Price of Food Soars in the Wake of Crude Oil's Prolonged Descent


New Information Released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Affirms Absence of Sustained 3% Annual Growth in Real Gross Domestic Product in the United States From 2006 to 2015

10-Year Drought in 3% Annually Forecast Growth Rate Analytic Represents the First Time in BEA's 85 Year Recorded History That the Measure Has Failed to Yield a Consistent Level of Increase Above the 2.7 Percent Threshold Experienced in 2006

BEA Has Been Responsible for the Calculation of Inflation-Adjusted Annual Fluctuations in GDP Since 1930

For the First Time in Recorded U.S. History, the Dow Jones Industrial Average Plummets More Than 500 Points in Succession – 588.40 Point Decline on Monday, August 24, 2015 Follows 530.94 Point Market Descent on Friday, August 21, 2015

U.S. Financial Market Tumult – Dow Jones Industrial Average Plunges 1,089 Points During the Opening Minutes of Trading

U.S. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)/ Futures Index Plummets 610.32 Points in Lieu of Landmark Referendum Whose Outcome Resulted in Great Britain’s Departure From the European Union (EU)

The 610.32 Point Decline Represents the 12th Most Significant Loss in the Recorded History of the Average's Measure



IMF (International Monetary Fund) Western Hemisphere Director Alejandro Werner Warns of Insurmountable 720% Inflationary Increase in the Costs Associated With the Purchase of Goods and Services in Venezuela as Nation is on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Revised Numerical Estimate Exceeds Previous Forecast of a 700% Increase by Nomura Securities



German 10-Year Sovereign Bond Yields Plummet Into Negative Territory for the First Time Ever Amid Global Economic Growth Concerns and Fears of the United Kingdom's Impending Rescission of Membership From the European Union



7 Percent Market Decline Triggers an Emergency Shutdown of Stock Trading Activities in China for the Second Time in Four Days

Shanghai Composite Index Down Close to 40 Percent From the Peak of the Chinese Financial Market

The 8.492% Decline Recognized as the Largest One-Day Percentage Decline Since February 27, 2007




Chinese Government Representatives Expand on Earlier Proclamation Emphasizing the Necessity of Corporate and Economic Restructuralization by Yin Weimin, the Nation’s Acting Minister for Human Resources and Social Security, With the Elimination of 5 to 6 Million State Worker Positions Over a Two to Three Year Period in a Concerted Effort to Mitigate Industrial Overcapacity and Environmental Pollution

Yin Weimin, China’s Minister for Human Resources and Social Security, Formally Announces Plan to Lay Off 1.8 Million Employees in the Coal and Steel Industries as Part of a Comprehensive Strategy of Economic Restructuralization by Acting President Xi Jinping



Doomsday Clock for Global Market Collapse Strikes One Minute to Midnight as Central Banking Institutions Lose Control

Currency Devaluation of the Chinese Yuan Believed by Many to Be a Harbinger of Steep Equity Market Declines




Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Authorizes the Use of Military Force as a Means of Mitigating the Incidence of Looting with Regard to Articles of Basic Necessity

Legislative Regulations Instituted by the Government Following Its Adoption of Rationing Policies in the Wake of Regional Inflation, Rigged Foreign-Exchange Rates/ Currency Market Speculation, and Price Controls

Famine Takes Hold in Venezuela as Food Crisis is Exacerbated by the Legislative Policies of the Maduro Regime – Price Controls, Currency Devaluation, and Production Quotas Negatively Impacting the Fragile State of the Nation's Economy - VIDEO





Japan Spending an Estimated 43% of Its Central Tax Revenue to Satisfy Preexisting Debt Obligations

Massive Fiscal Deficit of One Quadrillion Yen Heralding the Possibility of Economic Catastrophe




U.S. Congressional Representatives Formally Approve 2,232 Page, $1.3 Trillion Monetary Appropriations Bill as a Means of Staving Off the Possibility of a Prolonged Government Shutdown, the Passage of the Measure Achieved by a Margin of 256-167, With 145 Republicans and 111 Democrats Voicing Their Support, and 90 Republicans and 77 Democrats Having Voted Against the Provision

Congressional Representatives Procrastinated for Six Months Before Adopting the Policy, the Contents of Which Lawmakers Had Less Than 1,000 Minutes to Canvass

The 2018 House Appropriations Committee Resolution – Commonly Referred to as an Omnibus Spending Package – Allocates an Additional $48.8 Million to the Budgetary Coffers of the House and Senate (Fiscal Comparisons Validate This Assertion With $871.1 Million Having Been Reserved for Members of the Legislative Branch of Government in 2017, as Opposed to $919.9 Million Having Been Allocated to the Aforementioned Entities in 2018), Allowing for a Taxpayer Funded Increase in the Salaries of Federal Officials and Employees by $12.58 Million

Some of the Other More Egregious Examples Outlined in the Confines of the Legislative Memorandum That Illustrate the U.S. Federal Government’s Preoccupation With Baseless Expenditure Are as Follows (Many of These Having Been Made Public by Kentucky State Senator Rand Paul in a Series of Posts Via Twitter):

$6 billion reserved for the purposes of funding the National Science Foundation, a 501c3 tax exempt organization that, prior to 2018, spent $350,000 to determine if species of quail indigenous to the island nation of Japan exhibited promiscuous tendency when exposed to certain controlled substances, in this instance, ‘cocaine’

Increased retirement funding provisions and benefits packages for Central Intelligence Agency operatives

$1 million for the purpose of funding the Cultural Antiquities Task Force (Born into existence on January 23, 2004, through the enactment of Public Law 108-199, the CATF is part of the U.S. Department of State and includes partnerships with the Department of Justice, INTERPOL-US National Central Bureau, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security. Its principal objective is to assume a mantle of leadership in the preservation of various internationally-based culturally exclusive landmarks)

$6.25 million dedicated to the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (One of many programs run by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs as part of its mission of public diplomacy through educational and cultural programming and exchange. The term, ‘cultural programming,’ refers to various state-sponsored measures instituted at an academic level, that are designed to benefit certain segments of the civilian population based solely on the premise of one’s ancestral lineage)

$20 million utilized as a means of Countering Foreign State Propaganda with an additional $12 million having been reserved for Countering State Disinformation and Pressure

$5 million for Vietnam Education Foundation Grants

$2.579 million for the Commission on Security and Co-operation in Europe

$15 million to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for the purpose of promoting international higher education standards between universities

$2.696 billion for International Disaster Assistance

$1.371 billion for Contributions to International Organizations (The United States, by way of public funding, is a member of more than 40 international organizations pursuant to treaties, conventions, or Acts of Congress. Examples include: United Nations, World Health Organization, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

$51 million to promote International Family Planning and Reproductive Health

$7 million promoting International Conservation

$10 million to fund UN-based (United Nations-based) Environmental Programs

$1 million to the World Meteorological Organization (Tasked with climatological study and the comprehensive analysis of weather patterns pertinent to the prospect of global warming)

$218 million designed to promote Democracy Development in Europe

$25 million expressly packaged as a means of ensuring religious autonomy on a transnational scale (International Religious Freedom)

$10 million for disadvantaged Egyptian students

$12 million in educational scholarships designed to benefit students in Lebanon

$20 million dedicated to the Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program

$12 million in monetary funding designed to benefit Vietnamese military regiments (The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a Communist nation occupying the eastern periphery of the Indochina Peninsula that routinely incarcerates political dissidents and suppresses free speech and the exchange of information deemed seditionist by its ruling class)

$3.5 million in nutritional assistance to the residents of Laos

$15 million in developmental assistance to the People’s Republic of China (A nation oftentimes described by acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump as a geopolitical rival)

$10 million to bolster the salaries of female Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) in Afghanistan

$500 million in monetary funding to Planned Parenthood (A broken campaign pledge by then Republican National Committee presidential nominee Donald J. Trump who swore to defund the organization that receives an annual stipend of approximately $500 million in taxpayer subsidies through Medicaid and Title X federal grants)

The Measure – Which Does Next to Nothing to Address the 21.2 Trillion National Deficit – Later Signed Into Law on March 23, 2018 by Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump




California Becomes the First State in the Nation to Enact Comprehensive Water-Efficiency Standards, Effectively Limiting Indoor Residential Consumption to 55 Gallons Per Day Under Penalty of Law

Assembly Bill 1668 (AB 1668), Hailed by Its Progenitors as a Means of Preparation “for Future Droughts and Climate Change,” is an Agenda 2030 Compliant Mandate Patented Under the Guise of Environmentalist Conservationism That Prohibits Residents From Exceeding the State Legislature’s Recently Adopted Policy of a 55 Gallon Daily Allowance

This Usage Constraint, When Taken in Context, Making It Illegal for Any of the State’s Estimated 39.78 Million Inhabitants to Use Basic Amenities or Wash Clothing Apparel, Fabrics, or Linens on the Same Day as Evidenced in the Following:


8-Minute Shower: 17 Gallons
Typical Load of Laundry: 40 Gallons
Dishwasher: 6 Gallons
Bathtub (Full Capacity): 80 to 100 Gallons

The Controversial Measure Providing for Further Restrictions Over a Period of 12 Years as Outlined in a Written Portion of the Stipulation Below:

”The bill, until January 1, 2025, would establish 55 gallons per capita daily as the standard for indoor residential water use, beginning January 1, 2025, would establish the greater of 52.5 gallons per capita daily or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use, and beginning January 1, 2030, would establish the greater of 50 gallons per capita daily or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use. The bill would impose civil liability for a violation of an order or regulation issued pursuant to these provisions, as specified.”

Senate Bill 606 (SB 606), Which Was Passed in Conjunction With AB 1668, Authorizes the Establishment of an Independent California State Government Sanctioned Committee to Monitor Utility Companies, Specifically Domestic Water Supply Chains, for Possible Infractions Related to the Directive’s Imposition

Recently Enacted Legislative Policy Provides for the Expulsion of Unvaccinated Youth From the Utah State Public Education System

House Bill 308 (HB 308), Signed Into Law in 2017 by Acting RNC-Affiliated (Republican National Committee-Affiliated) Governor Gary Richard Herbert, Allows for the Removal of Students Deemed to Be Non-Compliant With the Aforementioned Stipulation’s Vaccination Mandate

Beginning July 1, 2018, Prospective Enrollees in Any of Utah’s School Districts Who Have Yet to Participate in the Statewide Mandatory Inoculation Program Will Only Be Permitted to Attend Class for 21 Days Under a Predefined Set of Conditions With the Understanding That At the Conclusion of This Three Week Period That Unvaccinated Students Face the Possibility of Expulsion Unless a Valid Statement of Exemption is Presented

Parents or Guardians Refusing to Adhere to This Directive Will Be Required to Complete an Online Education Module Outlining the Benefits of Vaccination in a Classroom Setting, Should This Recommendation Be Met With Resistance by Said Parties, They Could Then Be Subject to Appear Before a Public Health Official for Purposes of an “In-Person Consultation”


Senatorial Representatives Within the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Actively Formulating Authoritarian Legislative Provisions Expressly Designed to Facilitate the Regulation of Information on Digital Platforms

The Restrictive Mandate, Entitled, “Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms,” Authored Into Existence by Virginia State Senator Mark Robert Warner, Acting Vice Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus, as Well as the Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee; Emphasizes the Necessity of Government Interventionist Policy as a Means of Preserving the Public Trust in American “Institutions, Democracy, Free Press, and Markets”

Warner’s Draft Policy Revision Also Endorses the Enactment of Measures Similar in Context to the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), a Parliamentary Decree Allowing for the Establishment of an Unelected Data and Information Regulatory Appendage – a “Supervisory Authority” Position – Unique to Each Member Nation Comprising the EU

In Keeping With the EU Model, the “Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms” Memoranda Proffers the Following Solutions as a Means of Mitigating the “Cancerous” Spread of Disinformation and Waning Patterns of Credibility Currently Plaguing the Corporate Telecommunications Industry:

Mandatory Location Verification Protocol – A government-coordinated process of coercion whereby social media platforms would be obligated to participate in the authentication process of user-specific accounts through the online disclosure of geographic origin of posted entries and contact information

Compulsory Identity Verification – Legislated data excision at the Federal level on the basis of verifiable identity, where anonymity guaranteed through the use of VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) designed to obfuscate what would otherwise serve as publicly-shared information (IP or Internet Protocol signatures – octet specific identifiers – example, which is acknowledged as Google’s proprietary DNS, or Domain Name System – utilized by marketing agencies, data mining companies, and clandestine surveillance networks affiliated with the international intelligence community to effectively track prospective users of a particular service whose pathway of digitally transcribed communication is dependent on web-based connectivity) is systematically eliminated on the basis of “ensuring the continuity of the electoral process, as well as the integrity of digital markets”

”Failure to appropriately address the threat of inauthentic account activity” would be deemed a “violation of both the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) rules and/ or Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act

Bot Labeling – Under penalty of law, companies would be required to identify bots (autonomously-rendered service applications acting independently of host programs to facilitate the execution of certain tasks or operations) on the basis of national security

Classifying Popular Technology as “Essential Facilities” – Deliberately vague in its scope of regency, this section of Warner’s proposal allowing for the terms and conditions of service typically ascribed to large-scale corporate entities (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google being utilized as examples) to be dictated by the Federal Government

Other noteworthy suggestions emphasize the necessity of establishing clauses of informational disclosure pertaining to political speech as it appears on online-specific forums, as well as the requirement that companies or businesses in industrialized technology would be subject to periodical audits by government intermediaries (this data then actively distributed to various universities and institutions of higher learning) whereby the “interoperability between dominant platforms” could be maintained

Warner’s Provision Would Also Authorize the Establishment of a Federal Mandate That Technological Firms – on the Basis of Economic Status and Influence – Be Required to Submit a Detailed Inventory of Internal Data and Processing Metrics to “Independent Public Interest Researchers” as a Means of Identifying Potential “Public Health/ Addiction Effects, Anticompetitive Behavior, Radicalization,” Scams, “User Propagated Misinformation,” and Harassment, This Information Then Being Used as a Means of Determining Regulatory Policy Through Congressional Oversight

Revisions to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Recently Amended by Congress to Exclude Protections for Prostitution-Related Content, Allowing Certain Segments of the Population to Restrict the Visibility of Certain Content on the Basis of Perception. Failure to Remove Information Deemed to Be Absent of Credibility by These Multimedia Platforms Resulting in Their Financial Liability for Aiding and Abetting the “Spread of Disinformation”

Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms

InfoWars, an Alternative Media Organization Co-Founded by Alexander Emric Jones in March of 1999, Expunged From Apple, Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify, Vimeo, and YouTube’s System Directories Following a Relentless Campaign of Demonization by Various Elements of the Corporate Telecommunications Industry

The Aforementioned Agencies, Citing Repeated Violations of Their Platform’s Community Guidelines/ Standards, as Well as Breaches of Their Terms of Service Agreements Prohibiting the Promotion of Hate Speech and Content Deemed Offensive to Protected Segments of the Population, Terminated a Vast Majority of the Austin, Texas-Based News Outlet’s Registered Accounts on Monday, August 6th of 2018

This Coordinated Purge of Content Identified as Contrarian to Accredited Academic Institutions and Their Erstwhile Contemporaries in Journalistic and Politically Motivated Intelligentsia Follows the Removal of Several High Profile Independent Sources of Information From Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Communications Utility, Most Notably the Following (Alphabetized Listing of Pages With Documented Numerical Estimate of Subscribers Emphasized in Parentheses):

1) Alternative Health Universe (420K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
2) Amazing World (872K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 6th of 2018
3) Area 51 (1.5M Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
4) Awareness Act (1.1M Subscribers) – Account Terminated in Mid-2017
5) Brighten Your Soul (100K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
6) Check These Things (80K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
7) Chocolate Socrates (608K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
8) Collectively Conscious (915K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
9) Conscious Life News (1.1M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
10) Daily Health Keeper (190K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
11) Deeper Perspectives (32K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
12) Diabetes Health Page (180K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
13) Earth We Are One (1.7M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
14) Essence of Spirit (12K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
15) EWAO (30K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
16) Exposing the Truth (800K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
17) Floral Photobook (160K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
18) Flower of Life (670K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
19) Global Freedom Movement (27K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 19th of 2018
20) Global Health Care (130K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
21) Great Remedies – Great Health (650K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
22) Guardian of Health (160K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
23) Health & Alternative Medicine (550K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
24) Health & Love Page (720K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
25) Healthy Alternative Medicine (140k Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
26) Health and Healthy Living (450K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
27) Health Awareness (2.5M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
28) Health Care Above All (90K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
29) Healthy Food House (3.4M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
30) Healthy Life And Food (350K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on May 23rd of 2018
31) Healthy Life Box (1.8M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
32) Healthy Lifestyle (1.4M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
33) Healthy Living (1.8M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
34) Healthy Living Motivation (644K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
35) Healthy Organic Life (25K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
36) Heart Centered Rebalancing (3.9M Subscribers) – Account Terminated in 2016
37) Interesting Stories (1.5M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
38) I Want to Be 100% Organic (700K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
39) Jesse Ventura Fan Page (750K Subscribers) – Account Terminated in 2016
40) Just Natural Medicine (1M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
41) Latruth (7M Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
42) Learning the Truth (1M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
43) Living Traditionally (570K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
44) Love, Health, and Happiness (10K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
45) Meditation Masters (2.3M Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
46) Mesmerizing Nature (912K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 3rd of 2018
47) My Own Little World (1.5M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
48) Natural Cures From Food (120K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
49) Natural Cures Not Medicine (2.3M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 11th of 2018
50) Natural Health Warriors (140K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
51) Natural Healthy Team (190K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
52) Natural Medicine Corner (411K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
53) Nature Gallery (654K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 3rd of 2018
54) Nature is Beautiful (1.1M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 3rd of 2018
55) Nature Magic (33K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
56) Nature’s Majesty (191K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
57) Nature’s Touch (150K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 3rd of 2018
58) Nikola Tesla (1.7M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
59) Nikola Tesla Fans (140K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 18th of 2018
60) Nutrition Facts and Analysis (170K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
61) Organic Food Medicine (30K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
62) Organic Health (230K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
63) Organic Health Team (490K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
64) Organic Planner (1.5M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
65) Organic Wellness (600K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
66) People’s Awakening (3.6M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 5th of 2018
67) Photography World (1.4M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
68) Positive Reminders (781K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 28th of 2018
69) Pure Nature (1.7M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 3rd of 2018
70) Sarcasm (40M Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 7th of 2018
71) Spiritualer. Com (80K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
72) Tech Explorers (270K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
73) The Beauty of Power (170K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
74) The Global Meditation (70K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
75) The Warrior (1.7M Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
76) Universe Explorers (1.5M Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
77) Video Explorers (780K Subscribers) – Retroactively Unpublished on June 5th of 2018
78) Viral Alternative News (500K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 13th of 2018
79) Wake The Fuck Up (550K Subscribers) – Account Terminated in 2017
80) We Really Like Animals (544K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018
81) World Magazine (845K Subscribers) – Account Terminated on June 20th of 2018

EXCLUSIVE UNDERCOVER VIDEO INVESTIGATION: Software Engineers and Account Service Providers Employed With Twitter’s Social Media Platform Surreptitiously Restricting the Visibility of Content by Way of Digitally Transcribed Algorithms Designed to Censor Political Opinion

According to Steven Pierre, a Software Engineer at Twitter, Automated Censorship and the Unspoken Interdiction of Uploaded Material Deemed Contrary to the Progressive Ideological Preset is Being Actively Explored as a Means of Influencing the Viewability of Certain User-Generated Communications:

"Every single conversation is going to be rated by a machine and the machine is going to say whether or not it’s a positive thing or a negative thing. And whether it’s positive or negative doesn’t (inaudible), it’s more like if somebody’s being aggressive or not. Right? Somebody’s just cursing at somebody, whatever, whatever. They may have a point, but it will just vanish… It’s not going to ban the mindset, it’s going to ban, like, a way of talking.”

Olinda Hassan, a Policy Manager for Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team Explains on December 15th of 2017, During the Course of One of the Company’s Many Holiday Gatherings, That the Development of a System of “Down Ranking,” Account Holders She Describes as “Shitty People,” is Being Openly Considered:

”Yeah. That’s something we’re working on. It’s something we’re working on. We’re trying to get the shitty people to not show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on right now.”



Malaysia Effectively Outlaws 'Fake News' Under Penalty of Law With Violators of the Government's Recently Instituted Legislative Accord Subject to Six Year Terms of Incarceration and Monetary Fines of Up to 500,000 Ringgit (The Equivalent of $123,000 USD)

The Restrictive Measures Instituted as an Anti-Fake News 2018 Bill by the Country's Acting Prime Minister, Najib Razak, Were Ratified Into Law by Malaysia's Parliamentary Appendage as a Means of Countering Political Dissent



*VIDEO* EXCLUSIVE: Village of Deerfield, Illinois, a Residential Community Situated in Lake County, Approximately 25 Miles North of the City of Chicago, Effectively Prohibits the Possession, Sale, and Manufacture of Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines Under Penalty of Law

Violation of the Proposed Ordinance by any of the Community’s 18,000 Residents Resulting in Fines Ranging Anywhere From $200 to $1,000 Per Day, as Determined by the Village’s Municipal Board

The Measure, Which Takes Effect on June 13th of 2018, Mandates the Forfeiture of All Firearms Meriting Semiautomatic Weapons Distinction

The Policy, Similar in Context to a Legislative Statute Passed by the City of Highland Park, Was Ratified Into Law by a Vote of 6-0 by a Panel Whose Members Consist of the Following:

Robert “Bob” Benton
Tom Jester
Mary Oppenheim
William “Bill” Seiden
Dan Shapiro
Barbara Struthers


EXCLUSIVE UNDERCOVER VIDEO INVESTIGATION: Twitter Employees Paid to View the Content Users Upload to Their Social Media Account, Including “Sexually Suggestive Communications”

According to Clay Haynes, a Software Engineer at Twitter, Admitted That Twitter Has Hired Hundreds of Employees Whose Sole Purpose is to Examine Sexually Explicit Images, Primarily Pictures of Men’s Exposed Genitalia:

”There’s teams dedicated to it. I mean, we’re talking three to four… at least, three to four hundred people… Yes they’re paid to look at d*ck pics.”

Pranay Singh, a Direct Messaging Engineer for Twitter Corroborated Haynes’s Assertions During the Course of Conversation:

”Everything you send is stored on my server… So all your sex messages and your, like, d*ck pics are on my server now…”

”All your illegitimate wives and, like, all the girls you’ve been f*cking around with, they’re on my server now… I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s going to use it in your divorce.”

So, what happens is like, you like, write something or post pictures online, they never go away… Because even after you send them, people are like analyzing them, to see what you are interested in, to see what you are talking about. And they sell that data.”




EXCLUSIVE: Federal Court Litigation Proceedings Provide Conclusive Evidence That the Obama Administration, Acting in Collusion With the Federal National Mortgage Association, Commonly Referred to as "Fannie Mae," and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Also Known as "Freddie Mac," Illegally Diverted Taxpayer Funds That Had Yet to Be Appropriated by Congressional Representatives to Prevent the Legislative Implosion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

Dennis Montgomery, a Member of the U.S. Intelligence Community With Close Ties to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), as Well as the NSA (National Security Agency), Provides Freedom Watch, a Non-Profit Organization Founded in 2002 by Larry Klayman to Promote a System of Ethics in Government, With 47 Computer Hard Drives Containing an Estimated 600 Million Pages of Information - the Scope of Which Being the Geographical Equivalent of 31,000 Miles - Proving the Culpability of the Obama Administration in Waging a Warrantless Campaign of Surveillance Against Prominent American Citizens



Stunning Leaked Audio File Transmission of Acting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Implicating President Barack Hussein Obama in the Coordinated Rise of ISIS Across the Middle East Made Available to the General Public




First in the Nation: California Attempts 'Fake News' Ban - Legislative Proposal Filed on Wednesday, March 29th of 2017, in the California Assembly's Committee on Privacy and Consumer Affairs to Criminally Implicate Anyone Responsible for Authoring, Publishing, or Sharing Information From 'Questionable' News Media Organizations on Social Media Platforms - The Written Context of the Bill Appearing as Follows:

18320.5 It is Unlawful for a Person to Knowingly and Willingly Make, Publish or Circulate on an Internet Web Site, or Cause to Be Made, Published, or Circulated in Any Writing Posted on an Internet Web Site, a False or Deceptive Statement Designed to Influence the Vote in Either of the Following:

(a) Any Issue Submitted to Voters at an Election

(b) Any Candidate for Election to Public Office



Children and Adolescent Youth Residing in the Town of Gardendale, Alabama; Facing Monetary Fines, as Well as the Possibility of Incarceration, if They Fail to Obtain the Necessary Documentation Relevant to the Issuance of a Valid State Government-Issued Business License - an Out-of-Pocket Expense of $110 Necessitated by the Decision of Gardendale Officials to Enforce the Restrictive Mandate Presented With the Passage of a City Ordinance Requiring Residents, Regardless of Their Chronological Age, to Acquire a Work Permit to Mow Grass



San Diego Becomes the First City in the United States to Authorize the Passage of a Legally Binding Climate Action Initiative

Written Memorandum Emphasizes the Obligation of Local Government Officials and Council Representatives to Comply With the Environmental Restrictions Outlined Within the Written Contents of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

The Recently Enacted Provision Mandates the Abandonment of Conventional Methods of Transportation by 50 Percent of California State Residents Inhabiting Core Transit Hubs in Favor of Taxpayer Funded Ecologically-Compliant Bike Shares, Foot Travel, or Use of a Public Conveyance - The Formulated Strategy, Actively Endorsed by Nicole Garetz, the Executive Director of the Nonprofit Climate Action Campaign in San Diego, Obligates Residents of the City to Participate in a Compulsory Plan Designed to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint Through the Elimination of Greenhouse Gas Emissions



Lurid Accusations of Sexual Impropriety Involving Priests Stationed at Several Religious Parishes Throughout Italy Shake the Institutional Foundations of the Catholic Church to Its Core

Allegations of Organized Sex Orgies, Prostitution, and the Dissemination of Pornographic Material on the Grounds of Many of the Facilities Further Damaging the Reputation of Catholicism

Two Separate Incidents Garnering National Media Attention in the Last Several Weeks With Reverend Mario D'Orlando of the Parish of Santa Maria Degli Angeli, Under a Heightened Degree of Suspicion for Coordinating Homosexual Orgies on Church Property and Canvassing Various Adult-Themed Websites as a Means of Enlisting the Services of Potential Partners Who Were Later Paid for Sex Using the Monetary Contributions of Parishioners Who Regularly Attended the Church; and Reverend Andrea Contin, a 48-Year-Old Priest at the Parish of San Lazzaro, Who Stands Accused of Entertaining as Many as 30 Separate Love Interests, Many of Whom Accompanied Him During the Course of His Travels to a Known Swinger's Resort in France


Pope Francis, in His Application of a Vision of a 'Merciful Church,' Preaches Leniency for Pedophile Clergies - Commutes Sentences of Excommunication to a Lifetime of Prayer and Penance

The Controversial Decision Instituted by the Acting Pontiff Contradictory of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's Ruling to Uphold Harsh Sentencing Guidelines for Priests Convicted of Child Sex Abuse




The McCain Institute Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization With Ties to Acting Arizona State Senator John McCain, in Direct Violation of the Title of Nobility Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Accepted a $1.5 Million Financial Donation From the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

The Title of Nobility Clause is a Provision in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution That Prohibits the Federal Government From Granting Titles of Nobility, and Restricts Its Members From Receiving Monetary Gifts, Emoluments, Offices or Titles From Foreign States Without the Consent of the U.S. Congress



EXCLUSIVE REPORT: According to Information Provided to Investigative Journalists by Several Members of the Defense Intelligence Agency Familiar With the Prospect of ISIS's Burgeoning Scope of Influence in Libya, Specifically the City of Sirte Which Has Since Become the Terrorist Organization's Regional Epicenter in the African Continent, High Ranking Officials Within the Obama Administration - Acting Under the Authority of the President - Openly Refuse to Engage Islamic Extremist Paramilitary Groups Conducting Their Operations There Despite the Insistence of Special Operations Command Units in the U.S. Military



Legislative Proposal Authored Into Existence by Acting South Carolina State Senator Lindsey Graham - a Directive Later Proffered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - Utilizing a Prior Established Policy of Procedure Known as Rule 14 to Formally Introduce the Law and Effectively Bypass the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Would Grant the Acting, as Well as Any Future Presidents, an Unfettered Degree of Authority to Wage War Anywhere in the World Without the Necessity of Congressional Approval or Oversight

Christopher Scott "Chris" Murphy, Democratic National Committee-Affiliated Acting Connecticut State US Senator, Issued the Following Statements Regarding the Significance of Graham's Provision:

"This resolution is a total rewrite of the War Powers Clause in the United States Constitution. It is essentially a Declaration of International Martial Law, a sweeping transfer of military power to the President that will allow him or her to send U.S. troops almost anywhere in the world, for almost any reason, with absolutely no limitations."

Senate Joint Resolution 29 (S.J. Res 29), Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) Against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Its Associated Forces, Also Known as the "ISIS Resolution" - Context and Information



In a Collaborative Effort With Various E-Commerce Online Service Platforms, Charitable Organizations, Partisan Political Assemblies, Technological Firms, and Social Media Networks - Primarily Google, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy, as Well as Both eBay and Facebook, Whose Founders, Pierre Omidyar and Mark Zuckerberg Have Expressed Concern Regarding the Infiltration of the Nationally Syndicated Telecommunications Industry by 'Alt-Right' Propagandists and Conspiratorial Adherents - George Soros, 86, Hungarian-Born International Business Magnate, Multibillionaire Financial Investor, and Key Political Contributor to the 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton Presidential Campaign; by Way of His Open Society Foundations (OSF) Collective, Actively Funding Global Fact-Checking Initiative Through the IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network - Established in September of 2015, Described as a Transcontinental Fact-Checking Forum Hosted by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies) That Will Pilot the Development of a 3rd Party Run News Monitoring System on Facebook

Published Articles or Reports From Outside the Conventional Mainstream Media Conglomerate Will Be Reviewed by Representatives of ABC News, Politico, Snopes, and the Washington Post as a Means of Insuring Journalistic Integrity

Information That Has Been Disputed by These 3rd Party Intermediaries Will Be Flagged Prior to Its Publication by Users Attempting to Post It to the News Feeds of Subscribers, Thereby Prohibiting the Promotion of Sensationalist Material


Senate Earmarks the Passage of the Major Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Bill, Also Known as the "Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act," Into the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report as Part of Coordinated Strategy to Defend America, as Well as Its Allies, Against Propaganda From Russia, China, and Others

The Bipartisan Provision, Which Was First Introduced by U.S. Senators Rob Portman (Republican National Committee Representative From Ohio) and Chris Murphy (Democratic National Committee Representative From Connecticut) in March of 2016, Establishes a State Department Run Interagency Collective, Together With the Participation and Assistance of Active Senior Level Representatives From the Department of Defense, USAID (United States Agency for International Development), the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the Intelligence Community (National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Etc.), and Other Organizations, That Will Be Tasked With the Responsibility of Coordinating and Synchronizing Counter-Propaganda Efforts at the Federal Level

The Directive Also Expands the Authority, Resource Capabilities, and Scope of Regency of the Global Engagement Center to Include State Actors Like Russia and China, in Addition to Radical Extremist Organizations, as Viable Threats in the Dissemination of Material Deemed Contradictory to Fact-Based Oratory

The Prior Stated Legislative Mandate Also Facilitates the Creation of a Specialized Grant Program for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Think Tanks, Civil Society Groups, Private Sector Companies, Multimedia Conglomerates, and Other Experts Outside Government Purview to Effectively Engage the Threat of Foreign-Generated News Disinformation by Analyzing Trends Pertaining to Various Techniques of Journalistic Manipulation Being Conducted by Foreign Governments and Institutional Agencies


Sadiq Aman Khan, a British Politician and the Mayor of London Since May of 2016, Establishing a Taxpayer-Funded Online Hate Crime Bureau in Collaboration With Various Social Media Firms to Police the Internet

The London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to Spend in Excess of £1,730,726 of Britain's Tax Base Funds to Finance the Enforcement of Regulations Pertaining to Section 127 of the Communications Act of 2003 Following a Monetary Grant Solicitation to the Home Office Police Innovation Fund (PIF)



Environmental Mandate - California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - Statute and Guidelines

Environmental Mandate - Climate Action Plan - San Diego - 2016 Annual Report

Environmental Mandate - Climate Action Plan - San Diego - Appendices

Environmental Mandate - Bicycle Strategic Implementation Plan - San Diego



The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations (UN) Affiliate, at the Insistence of a Coalition of More Than 200 U.S. Civil Rights Groups and Organizations, to Send 500 Internationally Accredited Observers to Monitor the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, a Tenfold Increase From the Number They Deployed in 2012

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Pondering the Use of Formal Declaration as a Means of Manipulating the Electoral Process

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Considering Several Options Pertaining to the Upcoming Election's Reclassification as a "Critical Infrastructure," Granting the U.S. Federal Government a Similar Degree of Authority Over Security Provisions During the 2016 Presidential Election as Those That Are Routinely Employed as Safeguards Over Wall Street and the Electrical Power Grid

REPORT: Three Million Votes in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Were Cast by Illegal Aliens

Greg Phillips, Founder and Spokesman for, Affirms Suspicions of Electoral Misconduct Following Lengthy Informational Analysis of Voter Registration Database Containing 180 Million Individual Entries



Studies Published in December of 2015 by the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) Corporation - Utilized in Conjunction With a Computer Generated Simulation Entitled 'Food Chain Reaction' That Was Initially Developed by Experts From the U.S. State Department, the World Bank, Agribusiness Conglomerate Cargill, as Well as Several Key Independent Specialists - Herald the Possibility of a Protracted Global Food Crisis From 2020 to 2030 Caused by a 395% Price Increase

Cost Expenditures Pertaining to the Manufacture, Cultivation, and Distribution of Adequate Food Supplies Calculated in Advance of Market Value Fluctuation and Economic Instability, Population Growth, Significant Increases in the Price of Petroleum, Urbanization, Catastrophic Weather Anomalies, Prolonged Crop Yield Deficiencies, and Civil Unrest

The Desktop Gaming Exercise Involved the Participation of 65 Officials From the United States, Europe, Africa, India, Brazil, and Various Multilateral and Intergovernmental Institutions



U.S. Marshals Service in Houston, Texas; Detaining Individuals Deemed to Be Delinquent in the Repayment of Federally-Subsidized Student Loans - Arrests in Compliance With Government Mandate

Gene Green, U.S. Representative and DNC-Affiliate for Texas's 29th Congressional District, Warns of Collusion Between the Federal Government and Private Debt Collection Agencies, as Attorneys Acting as Legal Representation for the Department of Education Petition the Court System to Utilize the U.S. Marshals Service as an Instrument of Law Enforcement


Recently Published Annual Global Wealth Prospectus by Credit Suisse Highlights an Unprecedented Concentration of Wealth Among the World's Most Affluent With 0.7% of the Adult Population, a Figure Equating to 33 Million, Possessing an Estimated $116.6 Trillion



Proponents of a Globally Centralized Authority, as Well as Constituents Within the UN (United Nations), Attempting to Implement a Compulsory Transnational Biometric Identity Verification System - The Actualization of Which Would Be in Compliance With the 16.9 Targeted Subsection of the 2030 Agenda, a Stipulative Measure Promoting the Establishment of Legal Identity and Birth Registration for the Entirety of the World's Population Under Extrajudicial Mandate

The Obama Administration, in Collaboration With the UN, to Effect the Establishment of a Globally Centralized Law Enforcement Directorate

Formal Proclamation Believed to Coincide With the U.S. Federal Government's Recent Legislative Passage of the Strong Cities Initiative

Dictators and Billionaires Across the Globe Demand the Creation of a UN (United Nations) Tax Authority

Coalition Designed to Facilitate the Establishment of a UN-Coordinated Monetary Directorate is Inclusive of More Than 130 Internationally Recognized Governments and Dictatorships Comprising the G77 Alliance

China Actively Pursuing an Increased Role in the Establishment of a New World Order

Communist Regime Seeks to Redefine the Concept of Global Economic Governance

Pope Francis Concludes First Portion of a Lengthy Three-Nation South American Pilgrimage With an Impassioned Plea for the Creation of a New Economic and Ecological World Order


Harold Warren Lewis, a Highly Acclaimed Physicist Who Had Previously Advised Representatives of Both the U.S. Federal Government and the Pentagon on a Wide Array of Subjects - Including Missile Defense System Guidelines and the After-Effects of Thermonuclear Conflagration - Formally Tenders His Resignation From the American Physical Society, Citing the Fact That the Entire Premise Behind the Concept of Man-Made Global Warming is a Pseudoscientific Scheme Designed to Misappropriate Trillions of Dollars in Monetary Resources From People Across the World

Lawrence Wilkerson, Formerly Employed as the Chief of Staff to One-Time U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Between 2002 and 2005, Offers His Assertions Regarding the Concentrated Nature of Political Power and Influence in the Current System of Governance During a Syndicated Interview With Radio Baltkom

Statements Made to the Latvian Radio Station Echoing the Concerns of Many With Claims of Intergovernmental Collusion Where the U.S. Political Process, as Well as the Establishment of Legislative Policy, is Being Dictated by 400 Individuals (0.001% of the American Population) With a Combined Wealth of Trillions


EXCLUSIVE: Jeb Bush's Connection to Central and South American Narcotics Trafficking Organizations and Fraudulent Real Estate Enterprises/ Money Laundering Schemes in South Florida



Controversial Policy Drafted in 2011 by High Ranking Officials Within the Obama Administration, Acting Under the Direction of the President, Emphasizes the Financial Support of Muslim Brotherhood Organizational Affiliates in Portions of the Middle East and Geographical Areas Comprising the Northern Periphery of the African Continent Under the Guise of Political Reformation

This Measure, Known as Presidential Study Directive-11 (PSD-11), Remains Classified Despite Efforts Made by Independent Investigative Research Analysts to Have the Entirety, or Portions of, the Legislative Provision Released to the General Public Under the Freedom of Information Act



OFFICIAL RELEASE - Declassified 7-Page U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Document Obtained by Members of Judicial Watch That Details the Desire of Western-Based Intelligence Agencies to Facilitate the Rise of Islamic State as a Means of Isolating the Influence and Power Base of Assad's Syrian Regime

Declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Document Reveals U.S. Government Complicity in the Creation of a Sectarian al-Qaeda-Driven Rebellion in Syria

Representatives of the Western Political and Intelligence Communities Envisioned ISIS as a Strategic Asset in the Destabilization of the Region, a Sequence of Events That Was Designed to Culminate in the Ouster of the Assad Regime and Effect a Marked Decrease in What the Administration Saw as an Uncontrolled 'Shia Expansion'

Former DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) Director: “U.S. Federal Government Made Willful Decision to Support ISIS in Syria”

Declassified Defense Intelligence Agency Documents From 2012 That Were Originally Released in May of 2015 Revealed That the United States, as Well as Collaborating Agencies Present Within the Gulf States (Primarily Saudi Arabia, the UAE - United Arab Emirates, and Qatar) and Turkey, Provided Monetary Aid and Support to Islamic State Militancy Groups to Foster the Establishment of a Salafist Principality in Syria





Citing National Security Concerns, the Chinese Government Institutes Additional Restrictions on Internet Accessibility



European Parliament's Adoption of Bail-In Propositions as the Fundamental Standard to Maintaining the Economic Solvency of Financial Institutions Across the Continent to Take Effect on January 1st of 2016


Economist Martin Armstrong: "The U.S. Federal Government, Through a Supreme Court Ruling in the Case of Tibble v. Edison, Plans to Seize 401(K) Pension Funds Using the Arbitrary Justification of 'Consumer Protectionism'" - Nationalization of the Retirement System to Usher in a New Era of Economic Totalitarianism



China, G77 Alliance Representatives, and United Nations Director Ban Ki-moon Use the 50th Anniversary of the Group of 77 Global Summit as an Internationalist Venue to Actively Promote the Institution of a 'New World Order for Living Well'





Spain's Lower House of Parliament's Passage of the Ley Mordaza, Also Known as the Citizen Safety Law or Gag Rule Edict, Effectively Criminalizes Public Demonstration Through Threats of Incarceration and the Levying of Punitive Damages in the Form of Government Sanctioned Fines and Penalties


The Fukushima Legacy: The Entire Population of North America Deemed Susceptible to the Development of Cancer




Obama Administration Plans to Nationalize 401(K) Retirement Accounts

Proposed Government Regulations Mandate the Creation of Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRAs) Under Federal Jurisdiction That Would Grant Agencies Authority Over the Disbursement of Monetary Funds and Benefits Packages to Prospective Retirees



China’s Military Leadership Openly Pledges to Support Russia as Tensions Between Moscow and the West – Specifically the United States – Escalate in the Wake of the Syrian Conflict


Unconfirmed Reports of Casualties Resulting From a Coordinated Tactical Military Offensive That Claimed 14 Foreign Nationals, With Four of That Number Having Been Identified as Highly Decorated Members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Attributed to the Nation State of Israel, Prompting Outrage From Representatives Within the Iranian Foreign Ministry Who Promised Swift Retaliation

The Names of the Servicemen Believed to Have Perished as a Direct Result of Airstrikes by Two Israeli Air Force F-15 Fighter Jets on the T4 Air Base Installation in Syria’s Homs Province as Follows:

Colonel Mehdi Dehghan
Seyyed Ammar Mousavi
Akbar Javar-Jannati
Mehdi Lotfi-Niasar


Russian Federation Corporate Media and Telecommunications Agencies Accuse Israel of Launching a Total of Eight Missiles, Five of Which Were Purportedly Intercepted by the Syrian Military Defense, Into the T4 Air Base Installation in Syria’s Homs Province, a Series of Attacks That Claimed the Lives of 14 Foreign Nationals, Many of Whom Are Believed to Be of Iranian Descent

The London-Based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) Stated That the Attacks, First Thought to Have Been Carried Out by the United States, Were Instead the By-Product of a Coordinated Tactical Military Offensive Born From the Weapons Armament of Two Israeli Air Force F-15 Fighter Jets That Entered Syrian Air Space From an Undisclosed Location in Lebanon

A Military Spokesman for the Nation State of Israel Offered No Indication of Involvement When Questioned by Journalists


In Response to Accusations of Complicity Levied Against It by Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump in the Wake of a Chemical Weapons Attack in the Metropolitan District of Douma, Russian Federation Foreign Ministry Officials Openly Warn the U.S. of the ‘Most Serious Consequences’ Should It Entertain the Notion of ‘Military Intervention’ That Would Otherwise Endanger the Lives of Russian Servicemen Conducting Military Operations in the Region


Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Warns of Substantive Repercussions Following Unconfirmed Reports of a Chemical Weapons Offensive Being Initiated by the Assad Regime in the City of Douma – a Major Metropolitan District Located in Eastern Ghouta – That Claimed the Lives of 70 Civilians, Many of Whom Are Believed to Have Been Women and Children



REPORT: Chinese PLA (People's Liberation Army) Actively "Making Preparations" for War With the United States

The Global Times News Publication, Widely Acknowledged as the Journalistic Echo Chamber of the Communist Chinese Political Regime, Issued the Stern Warning to the Trump Administration in Response to the U.S. Federal Government's Decision to Deploy the Nuclear-Powered USS Carl Vinson Nimitz-Class Naval Supercarrier as a Patrol Vessel in the South China Sea

"U.S. Must Pay the Price"

Military Officials Within the Chinese Government Actively Considering the Revocation of Restrictive Legislative Mandates Prohibiting Preemptive Nuclear Weapons Offensives Against South Korea in the Wake of the U.S. Federal Government's Decision to Deploy the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System and Ancillary B-1 and B-52 Bomber Squadrons to the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), a Course of Action Openly Denounced by the Eastern Power as a 'Clear, Present, and Substantive Threat to China's Security Interests'

U.S. Military Contingents Stationed in the Region Insist the Move Was Necessitated by North Korea's Repeated Defiance of the International Community With the Development of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Weapons Technologies That Were Deemed as an Act of Provocation by Neighboring Countries Seeking to Insure Their Own Security

Feng Shih-Kuan, a Military Defence Minister in China's PLA (People's Liberation Army), Authorizes the Repositioning of an Estimated 1,500 Missile Weapons Systems Toward U.S. Military Installations Operating in Both Taiwan and Japan in Lieu of Escalating Tensions Between the Nations Regarding the Eastern Power's Territorial Claimancy of Various Island Chains in the South China Sea

U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa Are Rumored to Be One of Several Targets With China's DF-16 Ballistic Missile Arsenal Capable of Impacting a Set Line of Coordinates at Distances of 1,500 Kilometers (932.1 miles)

China Deploys an Estimated 150,000 Military Service Personnel, Including Medical and Ancillary Units From Various Branches of the People's Liberation Army, to the Yalu River (Also Known as the Anmok River, Recognized as a Body of Water Separating the Territorial Boundaries of China and North Korea) in an Effort to Stem the Tide of a Refugee Influx Arriving From the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the Wake of a Possible Preemptive Tactical Weapons Offensive by the United States


British Parliament Authorizes the Deployment of 800 Assault Troops to Europe's Border With the Russian Federation in Its Largest Military Procession Against Moscow Since the Height of the Cold War

An Advance Spearhead of More Than 120 Soldiers Arrived in Estonia to Bolster the Nation's Defenses Against the Military Capabilities of the Putin Regime


Japan's National Security Council Places the Island Nation Under the Highest Military Alert Following the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) Simultaneous Release of Four Ballistic Missiles, Three of Which Penetrated Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone, With One Impacting an Area 350 Kilometers West of the Northern Akita Prefecture on March 5, 2017

Alert Was Also Issued in Response to Repeated Threats by the Stalinist Regime to Strike U.S. Military Service Stations Operating Within the Country

Visibly Concerned by Technological Advancements in the Long-Range Offensive Potential of North Korea's Military Weapons Arsenal, Influential Japanese Lawmakers Stress the Importance of Improving the Island Nation's Preemptive Nuclear First Strike Capabilities

Japanese Government Officials Planning to Dispatch the Izumo Helicopter Carrier, a Naval Operations Vessel That Was Commissioned Into Service in 2015, on a Three-Month Tour of the South China Sea Beginning in May - A Sequence of Events Prompted by China's Territorial Claimancy and Heightened Military Presence in the Area

Residents of the Northern City of Oga, Akita Prefecture in Japan, a Town Within Strike Range of North Korea's ICBM Weapons Arsenal, Participate in a Series of Civil Defense Exercises in the Event of a Thermonuclear Holocaust


North Korea Actively 'Training for an Attack on U.S. Bases in Japan,' as Kim Jong-Un, the Acting Chairman of the Workers' Party of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is Pictured Celebrating the Launch of Four Ballistic Missiles Into the Pacific Ocean, With Three of That Number Impacting Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone

North Korea Warns of 'Actual War'

North Korean Government Officials Vow to Pursue the Development of Nuclear Deterrent and Weapons Program in Response to U.S.-South Korean Joint Military Exercises Being Conducted Along the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), Training Regimens That the Dictatorial Administration Insists Are Being Used to Simulate a Preemptive Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensive Against Pyongyang

Kim Jong-Un Vows to Reduce the Continental United States 'to Ashes' With a Series of Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensives Should Military Contingents Operating Under the Direction of the Trump Administration Fire 'Even a Single Bullet' at North Korea

The Rogue Nation Threatening to Use Its Arsenal of 'Invincible Hwasong Rockets' to Rain Down Nuclear Destruction on Its Enemies

When Questioned by Journalists, Choe Myong Nam, the Deputy Ambassador at the North Korean Mission to the United Nations at Geneva, Suggested That Pyongyang's Despotic Regime Remains Undaunted in Accelerating the Development of Its Preemptive First Strike Capability, Nuclear Weapons Technologies, and ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Measures Despite the Threat of More Stringent Economic Sanctions by the International Community

A Spokesman for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Foreign Ministry Warns That the Pyongyang Regime is 'Ready for War' Following the Trump Administration's Decision to Deploy an Armada of Warships Off the Korean Peninsula


Russian Nuclear Submarines Ramp Up Combat Patrols to Cold War Levels Amid Escalating Tensions With the West

Russian Federation Military Officials Warn of 'Nuclear War' Following the Trump Administration's Decision to Erect an Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) System Along the Territorial Boundary the Country Shares With Portions of Eastern Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin Dispatches the Admiral Grigorovich Frigate - Armed With an Arsenal of Cruise Missiles and an Automated Weapons Defense System - From the Black Sea to the Syrian Coastline to Be Positioned Between U.S. Naval Armada and the Al-Shayat Military Airfield in Response to the U.S.'s 'Illegal Act of Aggression'

Putin Also Dissolved a Written Agreement With the United States Designed to Mitigate the Possibility of Mid-Air Confrontations Between the Two Nations

Kremlin Warns the U.S. That It's 'One Step From All-Out War' as Trump Hints at the Possibility of Striking Syria Again After His Attack Against the Assad Regime Renews Fears of a Regional Conflict Between the Nation States

Political Contingents Within the Russian Federation, as Well as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Vow Retaliation Against the United States in the Wake of Any Additional Military Strikes Carried Out on Syria


PREPARING FOR WAR | Heavily Armed Military Contingents of the U.S. Army's 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, an Estimated 2,500 Tanks, Trucks, and Service Vehicles, as Well as 3,500 Soldiers; to Be Stationed in Poland in Response to What Members of the Obama Administration Have Deemed, "Unwarranted Aggression by Russian Provocateurs Tied to the Annexation of Crimean Territory in 2014"

Government Officials Within the Pentagon Reaffirm Their Commitment to Extend the Deployment of Military Service Personnel Into Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, and Across the Baltic States - Operation Atlantic Resolve Represents the Single Largest Transfer of Military Regiments Into the European Continent Since the Height of the Cold War

U.S. Military Contingents Begin Deploying Weaponized Gray Eagle Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Attack Drones to South Korea Just Days After the Army Positioned an Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Battery Along the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Amid Escalating Tensions With North Korea

Rex Tillerson, the Acting U.S. Secretary of State, Openly Emphasizing the Need for a Wider Unilateral Alliance in Countering the Nuclear Threats Posed by Kim Jong-Un's Political Regime and Their Steadfast Refusal to Refrain From Developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Weapons Technologies

Tillerson, When Prompted by the News Media, Proffered the Suggestion That the Option of a Preemptive Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensive Against the Rogue Nation is Being Actively Considered by the Trump Administration as a Means of Mitigating Further Progress in Its Advancement and Proliferation of ICBM Capabilities

Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Vows to 'Solve North Korea' Problem, With or Without China's Involvement, as White House National Security Adviser KT McFarland Warns "That There is a Real Possibility That Kim Jong-Un Will Be Able to Impact the Pacific Region of the U.S. Mainland With a Nuclear-Armed Missile by 2020"

The 45th President Would Later Issue an Ultimatum to China Hinting at the Possibility of a Preemptive Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensive Being Aimed at Pyongyang's Militaristic Regime Should They Fail to Intervene

Trump Administration Hints at the Possibility of Military Action in Syria After Branding the Suspected Release of Sarin Nerve Gas by the Assad Regime Into the Civilian Population an 'Affront to Humanity'

U.S. Military Contingents Launch a Barrage of 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles From the USS Ross (DDG-71) Arleigh Burke-Class Guided-Missile Destroyer and USS Porter (DDG-78) Arleigh Burke-Class Naval Destroyer, Both of Which Are Stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, Toward the Al-Shayrat Military Airfield in Response to Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack in Khan Sheikhoun That Claimed the Lives of 70 People

Each Tomahawk Cruise Missile, Manufactured by Raytheon Co., Costing Approximately $1.4 Million

U.S. Naval Carrier Strike Group (CSG) Dispatched to the Western Pacific Ocean to Establish a Physical Presence Near the Korean Peninsula Amid Concerns of Possible Advancements to North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program

Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Orders Military Advisers to Prepare a Coordinated Strategy Against North Korea in Advance of Possible Tactical Weapons Offensives

Options Being Actively Considered Include Combined Special Forces Raids and Preemptive Missile Strikes

High Ranking Officials Within the U.S. Intelligence Community Accuse the Russian Federation of Possessing Foreknowledge of the Assad Regime's Intent to Disperse Sarin Nerve Gas on the Civilian Population of Khan Sheikhoun

Incendiary Claims Also Implicate Russian Military Aircraft in the Shelling of a Medical Facility That Was Actively Administering Treatment to Victims of the Chemical Weapons Attack in an Attempt to Conceal Evidence Pertaining to the Atrocity


Geopolitical Experts Warn of Impending Third World War as the Threat of a Cataclysmic Thermonuclear Exchange is Closer to Reality Than at Any Point During the Last Sixty Years

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Claims to Possess the Necessary Legal Authority to Attack the Russian Federation

NATO, Citing Article V's "Collective Defense" Provision, Equates the Prospect of Coordinated Cyber-Attack Offensives Against NATO Members by Nations Not Aligned to the Fundamental Tenets of the Organization as an Act of War

The June 14th, 2016 Declaration Made in Response to Purported Cyber Systems Security Breach by Russian Hackers Attempting to Access U.S. State Department Communications of Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton


Britain Actively Incorporating the Use of High Precision Long Range Missile Defense Technologies Along the Russian Border for the First Time Since the Cold War

The Deployment of Rocket Batteries Set to Be Relocated to the Nation State of Estonia as Part of a Huge Military Build-Up by NATO-Enlisted Countries in an Effort to Bolster the Defense Capabilities of the Baltic States

An Expeditionary Regiment of an Estimated 800 Military Service Personnel to Be Deployed to Estonia in 2017 as Part of a 15-Nation Coalition Including Soldiers From the United States, France, and Denmark


Kim Jong-Un, Together With North Korea's National Defence Commission, Warns of 'Preemptive Nuclear Strikes of Justice' Against Both the United States and South Korea in Response to Military Training Exercises Involving 17,000 American and 300,000 South Korean Service Personnel Being Conducted Along Various Portions of the Korean Peninsula, Preparatory Drills Nationally Decried by Some of Pyonyang's Highest Ranking Government Officials as a Dress Rehearsal for Invasion

Representatives for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) Foreign Ministry Characterize the Economic Sanctions Levied Against Acting Commander Kim Jong-Un as a 'Declaration of War'

Verbal Proclamation Comes One Day After Political Representatives in the U.S. Government Announced the Institution of Sanctions Against the North Korean Leader Following Reports of 'Notorious Abuses of Human Rights'


Rotating Force of Approximately 330 Active Servicemen From the United States Marine Corp to Be Stationed at an Airfield in the City of Vaernes, Just Beyond the Territorial Boundaries Encompassing Trondheim, a Municipality of Sør-Trøndelag County, Norway

Norway's Acceptance of a Recent Proposal by the Pentagon Allows for the Continued Presence of Military Service Personnel Along a 122-Mile Stretch of Land Separating Portions of the Norwegian Peninsula From the Russian Federation

The Bilateral Agreement Believed to Have Been Initiated in Response to the Russian Federation's Deployment of Nuclear-Capable Vessels to Kaliningrad


Acting Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Warns of the Possibility of a Protracted World War Resulting From the Military Interventionist Policies of Foreign Interests Operating in Syria Should Such Parties Fail to Come to a Consensus on Drafting a Resolution Designed to Mitigate the Incidence of Conflict in the Region - Openly Condemns the Establishment of a Sunni Arab Coalition of 150,000 to 300,000 Soldiers Having Been Marshaled Into Service by the Political Representatives of 12 Nations Under the Direction of Saudi Arabia With the Intent to Invade Syria as a Provocation of War

Intelligence Source Close to Vladimir Putin Informs Robert Parry, an Investigative Journalist Who Rose to a Position of Prominence in American Media for His Coverage of the Iran-Contra Affair in 1984, of the Russian Federation's Intent to Employ the Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons as a Method of Deterrence Regarding the Prospect of a Joint-Executed Armed Services Invasion of Syria by Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Written Proclamation Issued by the Russian Federation's Foreign Ministry Warns of Possible Invasion Into North Korea Following Threats of Preemptive Nuclear Weapons Offensives Against Both the United States and South Korea by Pyongyang's Political Establishment

THREAT OF WAR | Fears of All-Out Conflict in the Nation of Ukraine as Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin Authorizes the Deployment of as Many as 40,000 Military Service Personnel, Including Armored Vehicles, Tanks, and Fighter Jets, Along the Nation's Border

Representatives From the Pentagon Claim to Have Identified Eight Staging Areas Near the Administrative Boundary Between Crimea and the Territorial Remainder of the Ukraine, Proffering the Suggestion That Putin is Preparing to Invade the Neighboring Country

Military Contingents in the Russian Federation Warn of Collusion Between ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) Loyalists, Acting Representatives Within the Saudi Arabian Government, and High Ranking Cabinet Officials in the Obama Administration in the Execution of a Planned Strategy That Would Utilize Special Operations Forces, as Well as the U.S. Air Command, to Engineer the Safe Passage of an Estimated 9,000 Terrorist Nationals From the City of Mosul, Iraq; Into the Eastern Periphery of Syria for the Purpose of Expanding the Extremist Organization's Region of Confluence Into the Neighboring Cities of Dier ez-Zour and Palmyra

Clandestine Agreement by the U.S. Federal Government and Saudi Arabia's Royal Family to Give Safe Haven to Islamic Fundamentalist Groups Waging War With Various Armed Services Brigades Loyal to the Assad Regime, as Well as the Russian Military

Vladimir Putin, the Acting President of the Russian Federation, Orders the Relatives of Any Government Officials Stationed Abroad to Return Home to the 'Motherland,' as Tensions Mount Over the Prospect of a Global War


Saudi Arabia Mobilizing in Excess of 150,000 Military Service Personnel - a Massive Brigade of Armed Forces Rumored to Include an Estimated 20,000 Tanks, 2,450 Warplanes, and 460 Attack Helicopters - From Portions of Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, Oman, the Maldives, Kuwait, Pakistan, Chad, Tunisia, Comoro Islands, Djibouti, Mauritania, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mauritius, Qatar, and Turkey as Part of a Sunni Arab Coalition in Advance of Syrian Invasion - Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei Also Rumored to Be Participating in the Operation Which is Scheduled to Take Place at Some Point in March

Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Head of the Russian Federation's State Duma Committee, Warns Factions in Riyadh That Any Institution of Ground-Level Operations in Syria Could Be Construed as a Declaration of War


High Ranking Military Contingents in South Korea Vow to Reduce Pyongyang, the Capital City of North Korea, to Ashes Following a Series of Threats Involving the Use of Nuclear Weapons by Kim Jong-Un, the Acting Chairman of the Workers' Party of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)

South Korean Defense Ministry Contingency Plan Entitled, "Korea Massive Punishment & Retaliation" (KMPR), to Be Employed as a Strategy of Preemptive Tactical Weapons Offensives Against Pyongyang's Political Base as Detailed in the Following Statements: "Every Pyongyang District, Particularly Where the North Korean Leadership is Possibly Hidden, Will Be Completely Destroyed by Ballistic Missiles and High-Explosive Shells as Soon as the North Shows Any Sign of Using a Nuclear Weapon. In Other Words, the North's Capital City Will Be Reduced to Ashes and Removed From the Map"


The Prospect of Military Conflict in Syria Escalates as Both the Russian Federation and the United States Establish Air Bases Along the Turkish Border

Omran al-Zoubi, Syria's Information Minister, Proffers Assertions Regarding the Possible Motive Behind Turkey's Unprovoked Attack Against the Russian Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer Bomber - Cites the Existence of a Clandestine Oil Smuggling Operation Between Necmettin Bilal Erdoğan - the Turkish President's Son - and ISIS Militant Factions; a Business That Was Being Compromised by the Targeted Destruction of Semi-Truck Fuel Delivery Tankers by Russian Military Airstrikes


The USS Squall, a U.S. Naval Operations Vessel Stationed in the Persian Gulf, Forced to Fire Three Warning Shots Toward Several Iranian Patrol Boats That Were Canvassing the Area Less Than 24 Hours After Footage of a Confrontation Between the U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Nitze - Which Had Purportedly Violated International Law in Entering the Strait of Hormuz - and Four of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Vessels Was Made Public



Iraq's Foreign Ministry Summons Turkish Ambassador to Demand the Withdrawal of Military Occupation Forces in the Northern Periphery of the Country

Government Officials Refute Claims Proffered by Turkey's Political Establishment Emphasizing the Iraqi Central Government of Baghdad's Prior Knowledge of Deployment in the Area as a Rotation of Training Personnel

Government Officials in Iraq Contemplating the Enlistment of 'Direct Military Intervention From Russia' Following the Expiration of a Recently Issued Ultimatum to Turkey's Ankara Province Regarding Their Unannounced Occupation of the Bashiqa Region


Konstantin Sivkov, a Russian Geopolitical Analyst, Encourages Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensives Aimed at the United States, Cites the Incidence of a Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas Fault Line as Opportunities to Engineer the ‘Disappearance’ of the United States as a Country

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Founder and Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, as Well as a Former Colonel of the Russian Army, Emphasizes the Necessity of Nuclear Weapons Retaliation Against Turkey for the Unprovoked Targeting of a Russian Military Reconnaissance Aircraft

Explosive Detonation Sequence Focused on Areas of the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul Would Result in the Death of 9 Million

Putin: "U.S. Government Officials Were Aware of the Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer Bomber's Flight Path and Trajectory Prior to Its Being Destroyed by Turkish Military Contingents"


Russian Military Aircraft Shot Down by Turkish Military in Response to Its Purported Refusal to Acknowledge Repeated Warnings by the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Alliance Member to Refrain From Entering Its Airspace Through the Syrian Border

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Tells CNN International That His Country Will Equate the Downing of Any Turkish Aircraft Violating Syrian Airspace by Russian S-400 Air Defense Missile Batteries as a 'Declaration of War'

Turkish Military Contingents Actively Invading Portions of Iraq Under the Pretext of a Training Mission Involving Kurdish Peshmerga Forces in the Autonomous Area of Iraqi Kurdistan

1,200 Soldiers Dispatched From Ankara Enter the Bashiqa Region, an Area Close in Proximity to the Iraqi City of Mosul That Was Commandeered by ISIS Militant Organizations to Serve as One of Their Principal Bases of Operation in the War Torn Country

Turkey Threatens to Attack Russian Naval Fleet in Response to What Its President Claims is an 'Act of Aggression' Against Its National Sovereignty

Threats Issued Following the Turkish Government's Insistence That Military Service Personnel Stationed Aboard One of the Russian Vessels Were Observed Brandishing Portable Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers

Turkish Republican People's Party (CHP) Opposition Member Eren Erdem, During the Course of a December 10 Parliamentary Address Pertaining to Criminal Case Number 2013/120, Proffers the Suggestion That Officials Occupying High Ranking Positions in Ankara's Government of the Grand National Assembly Were Actively Engineering the Transport and Delivery of Sarin Gas Canisters - as Well as Several Other Chemical Weapons Agents - Into Portions of Syria Through Iraqi-Based Al Qaeda Affiliates Operating Along the Syrian Border


U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, Citing Events Pertaining to the Destabilization of Ukraine by Russian Military Incursion, Informs Attendees at the Defense One Summit in Washington, DC of the Existential Threat of Russia's Nuclear Weapons Capability - Calls Russia "Aggressive" and "Adversarial to the Interests of the United States"

Robert H. Scales, Retired U.S. Army Major General, Endorses the Slaughter of Russian Military Contingents in Eastern Ukraine as a Necessary Response to Escalating Tensions Between the United States and the Russian Federation in the Disputed Region

U.S. Led NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Coalition Initiates a Series of Bombing Campaigns Targeting Syrian Military Installations - A Course of Action Vehemently Denied by High Ranking Contingents in the U.S. Army That Would Later Claim to Be Attributed to Simple 'Human Error'




65% of Students at the 8th Grade Level of Academic Instruction Who Are Otherwise Enrolled in the Public Education System Deemed Incapable of Meeting National Literacy Standards With 67% of Attendees Possessing a Substandard Degree of Proficiency in Mathematical Disciplines

Published 2017 Documents by the U.S. Department of Education Pertaining to the National Assessment of Education Progress Test Results Indicate a More Pronounced Disparity in Scholastic Achievement in the Nation’s Largest 27 Urban Districts With Only 5 Percent of Eight Grade Students in Detroit (Michigan) Exhibiting a Standard Measure of Competency in Mathematical Pursuits and a Dismal 7 Percent of That Number Being Capable of Satisfying National Literacy Standards

Public Education-Based Districts in Cleveland (Ohio), Baltimore (Maryland), and Fresno (California), Were Found to Possess a Similar Measure of Scholastic Ineptitude With Eighth Grade Attendees Averaging an Underwhelming 11 Percent Level of Competency in Literary Acumen and Arithmetical Aptitude




75% of Black Youth Enrolled in the California State Public Education System Deemed Incapable of Meeting National Literacy Standards


Bowel Cancer Crisis: Millennial Generation, Those Born Between 1980 and 1995, Four Times More Likely to Develop Rectal Tumors Stemming From Abnormal Cell Growth in the Large Intestinal Tract Compared to Individuals Born During the 1950's

Susceptibility to the Condition Attributed to Poor Nutrition and Sedentary Proclivity

Recent Medical Studies Proffer the Suggestion That Two Thirds of Cancer Diagnoses Are Statistically Unavoidable, a Finding Whose Validation Exists Independently of Dietary Lifestyle

Investigative Report Challenges the Scientific Consensus That Cancerous Mutations at the Cellular Level Occur Primarily as a Result of Hereditary Predisposition, Nutritional Deficiency, Genetic Malapropism, or Environment


Cancer Diagnoses Now More Prevalent Than Matrimonial Covenant or the Birth of a First Child

Analysis by Macmillan Cancer Support Indicated a Diagnosis of 361,216 Cancer-Born Illnesses in the UK, as Opposed to 289,841 Documented Instances of Marriage




Alcohol Dependency Gains a Foothold in America as More Than 1 in 8 in the United States Identified as Habitual Consumers of Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol Addiction Has Risen 49% in the United States in 11 Years Time, a Diagnosis Representing an Estimated 12.7% of the U.S. Population

Cocaine Resurgence in America: Number of Drug Abusers Soars Across the Country With Nearly 1 Million First-Time Users of the Deadly Narcotic

The Number of Newly Documented Users Rose From 601,000 in 2013 to 968,000 in 2015, With One Out of Every 10 Residents in the State of New Hampshire Having Experimented With the Drug



Legislative Provision Introduced by Joseph Souki, the House Speaker of Hawaii, Set to Decriminalize Prostitution in the Aloha State

The Proposals Ratification Would Also Nullify the Imposition of Preexistent Legal Caveats Prohibiting Law Enforcement Officers From Having Sexual Intercourse With Prostitutes in the Course of a Criminal Investigation

Political Representatives in the State of California Seeking the Annulment of Legislative Policy Criminalizing the Transmission of, or Active Exposure to, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) During the Commission of a Sexual Act

Stipulative Revisions Proposed by Acting California State Senator Scott Wiener Would Relegate the Nondisclosure of Infection, or Intentional Exposure of the Communicable Disease, to Prospective Sex Partners From a Felony to a Misdemeanor

Wiener, the Acting DNC (Democratic National Committee) Senatorial Representative for the City of San Francisco Emphasized the Necessity of Changing the Law in the Following Statements:

"These laws were passed at the height of the HIV/ AIDS epidemic when there was enormous fear and ignorance and misinformation around HIV. It's time for California to lead and to repeal these laws to send a clear signal that we are going to take a science-based approach to HIV, not a fear-based approach."



Recently Conducted Studies Published in the International Journal of Pediatric Obesity and Subsequently Released by the World Health Organization (WHO), Highlight a Burgeoning Global Obesity Epidemic Impacting Children and Young Adolescents Comprising the Age Demographic of 5 to 17 Years With an Estimated 268 Million to Be Afflicted With Early-Onset Hypertension, Diabetes, and Liver Disease

An Estimated 90 Million of Those Will Be Registered as Obese, the Aforementioned Numerical Composite Representing a Significant Increase in the Revision of an Earlier Figure of 75 Million Proffered by the WHO During the Previous Fiscal Year

Research Information Contained in the Study Predicts That Children and Young Adolescents Ranging in Age From 5 to 17 Years Will Experience a Pronounced Increase in the Incidence of Chronic Weight-Related Diseases, With 12 Million Suffering From Impaired Glucose Tolerance, Four Million New Diagnoses of Type 2 Diabetes, 27 Million Exhibiting Symptoms Associated With Early-Onset Hypertension, and 38 Million Having Hepatic Steatosis (Excess Accumulation of Adipose Tissue or Fatty Deposits in the Liver)



Documented Instances of Diabetes Increase by a Staggering 75 Percent With the Number of Adults Diagnosed With the Disease Surpassing 1.5 Million Over the Past Decade Alone in the United Kingdom

On a Daily Basis 65 People Die Prematurely as a Result of Complications Related to the Onset of the Illness, With 203 Diabetics Experiencing Heart Failure, 78 Having Strokes, 39 Undergoing Dialysis or Kidney Transplants and 20 of That Number Forced to Have Their Limbs Amputated as a Direct Result of Insulin-Specific Abnormalities


America's Epidemic of Obesity Revealed: Newly Published Statistics From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Indicate That 20%, or 1-in-5 Adults 18 Years-of-Age and Older, is Morbidly Obese in Each of the 50 States With 21 of the States Mentioned in the Survey Possessing a Rate Between 30 and 35 Percent

Studies Gauging the Level of Aerobic Fitness in 50 of the World's More Industrialized Nations That Were Conducted by Research Teams From the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the University of North Dakota, Indicate That American Youth Ranging in Age From 9 to 17 Years Comprise One of the Lowest Tiers in Terms of Cardiovascular Conditioning

Documentation From These Institutions, Subsequently Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Shows That Children Residing in the United States Ranked 47 Out of 50 Countries Where Similar Observations Were Recorded




One in Three Adults Residing in the United States Actively Smoke Marijuana, With Households Accruing Less Than $20,000 Annually Accounting For 29% of the Nation’s Usage of the Controlled Substance

The City of Seattle, Washington; Led by Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine’s Heroin Task Force, to Authorize the Construction of Safe-Consumption Sites For the Drug Addicted

The Facilities, Which Would Be the First of Their Kind in the United States, Would Cater to the Needs of the Drug Addled Homeless Populations Throughout the City, Allowing Residents to Use Heroin and Other Controlled Substances While on the Grounds of the Establishment Under the Supervision of Trained Health Professionals

Denver, the Capital and Most Populous Municipality in the State of Colorado, Becomes the First City in the United States to Allow for the Recreational Use of Marijuana in Bars, Restaurants, and Other Public Venues

The Federal Ruling Was Made in Compliance With the Ratification of Proposition 300



Legislators in Colorado Overwhelmingly Approve of the State's Decision to Allow for the Legalization of Assisted Suicide

The Colorado End of Life Options Act, Proposition 106, Passed by a Margin of 65 Percent to 35 Percent


Organized Sexual Roulette Soirees, Where Participants Have Unprotected Sex and Knowingly Risk Contracting HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) From an Infected Person Whose Anonymity is Guaranteed, Are Steadily Increasing in Frequency Throughout the World - Parties Becoming Commonplace in Barcelona, as Well as Other European Destinations, With the Greatest Degree of Prevalence Found in Adolescent Gatherings and in the Gay Community


Orgies and Group Sex Encounters as Prerequisites of the Age of Sexual Positivism in the Modern Era

The Normalization of Pedophilia: Criminal Psychologist Claims Physical Attraction to Children Should Be Characterized as a Type of 'Sexual Orientation,' Proffering the Assertion That Individuals Possessing Heterosexual or Homosexual Proclivity Are No Different

Feminists and Women's Right Advocacy Groups Celebrate Their Exposure to Sexually Transmitted Diseases as a Form of Empowerment - Ella Dawson, Self Described Feminist and Organizer of the '#Shout Your Status' Twitter-Based Social Media Campaign, Openly Encouraging Other Women to Embrace Promiscuity as a Rite of Passage and the Possibility of Infection as Privilege

A Vast Majority of Millennials, Individuals Born Between the Early Vestiges of the 1980s and the Latter Years of the 1990s, No Longer Using Protection While Engaging in the Act of Sexual Intercourse

California Decriminalizes Prostitution for Minors Following the Passage of Senate Bill 1322 (SB 1322)

The Legislative Provision, Ratified Into Law by Acting State Governor Jerry Brown, Prohibits Law Enforcement Officers From Actively Detaining Adolescent Juveniles Engaged in the Solicitation of Monetary Payment for Sexual Acts




The Average Collegiate Freshman Found to Be Reading at a 7th Grade Level

1/5th, or 20% of Americans, Are Incapable of Finding the United States on a Map

Taxpayer-Funded Cotati-Rohnert Park School District in California Reinvents Grading System/ Academic Performance Evaluation Metric to Accommodate 'At-Risk' Students

Equal Interval Grade Assessment Deviates From Traditionally Established A-Through-F Scale by Distributing Grades in 20-Percent Increments From 0 to 100 Percent With Individuals Receiving Scores From 80 to 100 Given 'A' or 'A-' Distinction

Students Will Acquire Passing Grades With Scores of 20 Percent as Prospective Enrollees Guaranteed 'C' Grade Assessment for Attending Class Instruction



Obese Americans Outnumber Those Classified as 'Overweight' in Recently Conducted Study

An Estimated 67.6 Million People 25 Years of Age or Older Now Characterized as Obese as Opposed to 65.2 Million Being Overweight With 75 Percent of Men and 67 Percent of Women in the United States Meriting One of These Distinctions

Recent Studies Published by the American Medical Association Pertaining to U.S. Government Health Surveys Examining the Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes in Individuals 18 Years of Age or Older Indicate That Half of All Adults in the United States Exhibit Signs of the Disease




Toronto Hosting Massive Sex Orgy for Disabled People

Disability Awareness Consultant and Event Organizer, Stella Palikarova, Claims That Opponents of the Evening’s Festivities Subconsciously Resent the Fact That Wheelchair Bound Individuals Have Better Sex Than They Do


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Epidemic Sweeps Europe With Record Number of Cases Being Reported

142,000 Documented Instances in the Last Year Represents the Highest Number Since Record Keeping Began in the 1980s


STD Epidemic Ravaging the United States With Documented Instances of Chlamydia Reaching an Unprecedented Level

The 1.4 Million Reported Cases of Chlamydia Being the Highest Annual Number of Incidences of Any Condition Ever Documented by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)




Only 36 Percent of Americans Can Accurately Name the Three Branches of Government
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