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Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 8:11 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to the subject of scientific authoritarianism. {Updated on a Regular Basis}

9.21.2012 Technocracy and the Looming Specter of Scientific Totalitarianism

3.26.2015 Technological Imperative | The Elitist Rationale for Global Imperium

5.9.2013 Transgenesis | Definition and Classification

9.12.2014 MAD SCIENCE: ‘Genetically Modified Micro Humans’ to be ‘Farmed’ in Compliance With the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Request for Expediency in the Realm of Experimental Drug Testing

10.27.2001 Biotechnology | Definition and Classification

10.25.2013 Biotechnology’s Dark Promise and Its Role in the Fulfillment of the Technological Imperative | Embryonic Cloning and the Scientific Community’s Harvesting of Aborted Fetus Cell Lines for Purposes of Mass Inoculation

7.4.2004 Xenotransplantation | Definition and Scientific Significance

3.3.2015 Ganogen Inc., a Biotechnology Company Based in Redwood City, California; Actively Harvesting the Internal Organs of Aborted Infants, Transplanting Them in Animals, and Monitoring Their Growth and Development for Purposes of Human Transplantation

8.6.2015 Human-Animal Hybrids | Theory and Speculation


7.22.2011 155 Human-Animal Hybrid Embryos, Cellular Lines Housing Human and Animal Genetic Material, Actively Cultivated in British Laboratories Following the Introduction of the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embrology Act


2.14.2005 University of Stanford Biological Science Specialist Irving Weissman Granted Permission by the Center of Law and the Biosciences to Harvest the DNA Sequences of Humans and Small Rodents for Purposes of Stem Cell Research - Studies Purportedly Aimed at the Creation of Human-Mouse Hybrid Lab Animals to be Used in Experiments Ascertaining the Causes and Development of Certain Types of Diseases in Humans

2.26.2014 Transhumanism | Engineering the Obsolescence of Humanity

5.20.2010 Technological Agalmatophilia | Classifications and Interpretations

7.14.2012 Robot Fetishism and the Subculture of Technosexuality

6.15.2015 Matt Mullen, the Inventor of Realbotix, Intends to Integrate Artificial Intelligence Capability With Robotic Automatons - Scientifically-Based Methodology Designed to Facilitate a Heightened Degree of Personal Interaction Between Prospective Consumers and Their Adult Themed Toy Simulacrums

8.10.2015 If the Supreme Court’s Recent 5-4 Decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges Case is Any Indication, It Won’t Be Long Before Humans Will Be Permitted to Marry Robotic Automatons

9.29.2015 Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson Publishes a Series of Findings Indicating That By 2050, Sexual-Based Interactions Between Humans and Robots Will Become More Common Than That of Person-to-Person

4.16.2016 Tenga, a Japanese Technology and Marketing Development Agency, Actively Manufacturing ‘Point of Illusion’ Virtual Reality, Anatomically Tailored, Sexual Simulation Bodysuits to Allow Men to Experience the Act of Intercourse Without the Need of a Female Companion

6.30.2016 Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson Asserts the Claim That Women Will Be More Receptive to Engaging in Sexual Relationships With Mechanized Automatons Than Their Male Counterparts by 2025 as ‘Robophilia’ (Robot Fetishism, Technosexuality, ASFR - Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots) Supplants Traditional Standards of Romance and Courtship

6.23.2009 Virtual Immortality | Definition and Scientific Significance

4.3.2015 GOOGLE: We Possess the Capability of Downloading the Deceased’s Memories and Personality Into Robotic Simulacrums Operating From a Cloud-Based System That Exhibits the Capacity for Internet Connectivity

5.19.2015 LIFENAUT: Multimedia Interactive Technology | Life Extension Incorporating the Use of Robotic Clones? New Service Creates Digital Avatars Using Personality Tests and Information Extracted From Social Media User Accounts and Profiles - System Allows for the Implantation of Personality Traits Into a Robotic Simulacrum

4.13.2004 Cyberware | Proto-Technological Systems Integration Through a Process of Cybernetic Enhancement


10.22.2013 TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) PROJECT | U.S. Army Commissioned Weapons and Defense Exoskeleton

12.4.2014 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Warrior Web Program Now a Step Closer to Finalizing the Development of a Low-Power Yield Exosuit Capable of Augmenting the Physical Capabilities of Military Service Personnel in Combat Situations

11.20.2009 Intel Corporation Petitioning the Inclusion of Implant Technologies in the Cranial Regions of Prospective Clientele to Direct the Operation of Computers, TVs, and Cellular Communication Devices Through Brainwave Modulation by 2020

9.21.2012 VeriChip | The Prophesied Mark of the Beast?

4.24.2014 The Mark: Assertions Made by the Scientific Community Regarding the Concept of Microchip Implantation Reference the Imposition of Federal Mandate - Where One’s Consent Is No Longer Required

1.13.2015 Montreal-Based Intellitix Pioneering the Development of Implantable and Wearable Platform Innovation in Advance of Smart Systems Technologies

9.21.2012 Superintelligence

9.21.2012 Technological Singularity


3.27.2015 Terminator-Style Transformable Machine Incorporating the Use of Liquid Metal Alloys Capable of Movement Being Developed in China


10.4.2004 U.S. Air Force Pursuing the Use of Antimatter Weaponry - Program Officially Touted Publicly, Later Retracted Through Judicial Decree

3.1.2005 Widespread Military Applications Enlisting the Use of Invisibility Technologies

5.1.2013 Three Mind-Blowing Cloaking Technologies That Currently Exist

4.10.2014 The Advent of Advanced Weapons Systems Technologies in the United States Heralds the Emergence of a Totalitarian System of Governance as the Window to Resist Tyranny Begins to Close

3.5.2015 30-Kilowatt Fibre Optic Laser Projection Device Known as Athena, Modeled After the Area Defense Anti-Munitions Laser Weapons System, Will Soon Be Mounted on Military Aircraft and Helicopters According to Lockheed Martin Defense Contracting Agencies - Laser Capable of Impacting Designated Targets From Distances in Excess of One Mile

3.23.2015 Boeing Patents ‘Star Wars’-Style Force Fields - Aircraft, Defense, and Security Company Incorporating the Use of Shockwave Attenuation/ Electromagnetic Scalar Arc Propagation Technologies

5.26.2015 U.S. Air Force Intelligence Operatives, in Collaboration With Lockheed Martin’s Aerospace Technologies Division, Succeed in Developing an Extended Range Air-to-Surface Missile Battery Capable of Generating Microwave-Spectrum Pulses Designed to Destroy the Electronic Systems of Selected Targets

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