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Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 8:36 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to the subject of conspiracy. {Updated on a Regular Basis}



4.29.2013 Global Elite Hoarding an Estimated $32 Trillion in Offshore Bank Accounts

9.28.2014 Smoking Gun Evidence That the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve Serves the Interests of Goldman Sachs Financiers

10.14.2005 Bank for International Settlements (BIS) | History and Significance

10.14.2005 Ruling the World of Money | Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

12.13.2012 How Central Banking Institutions Control Global Finance

10.21.2014 Financial Markets Require $200 Billion Each Quarter From Central Banking Institutions as a Means of Staving Off Possible Contraction

10.22.2014 How the Federal Reserve is Purposely Sabotaging the Concept of Saving and Investment at the Expense of the Middle Class Through Negative Interest Rate Policy

3.25.2015 The Rigging of U.S. Financial Markets is No Longer Considered ‘Conspiracy Theory’


12.25.2010 Psychopathy’s Unacknowledged Association With the Global Financial Industry

2.28.2012 Shocking Statistic Uncovers the True Depth of Psychosocial Depravity in Corporate Finance, With 1 in 10 Individuals Exhibiting Psychopathic Tendencies

8.21.2014 Additional Three Dollar Gas Tax to Take Effect January 1st of 2015 - Bringing the National Average Cost to $6.80 Per Gallon



10.23.2013 Sheldon Adelson, a Multi-Billionaire American Business Magnate Who Extensively Funded a Multitude of Republican National Committee Political Campaigns in the Amount of $98 Million During the 2012 Electoral Cycle, Encourages the Obama Administration to Fire an Atomic Weapon Into the Deserts of Iran to Send a Strong Message to the Country’s Ruling Class Regarding Their Development of Nuclear Weapons Technology


10.6.2015 Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former National Security Advisor to U.S. President Jimmy Carter From 1977-1981, Tells Representatives Within the Obama Administration to Consider Military Retaliation Against the Russian Federation in Lieu of the Country’s Acts of Aggression Toward U.S. Interests in the Middle East and Its Surrounding Regions


2.11.2017 Tim Cook, the Acting CEO of Apple, One of the World’s Leading Technology Innovation and Design Corporations, Denounces the Spread of ‘Fake News,’ Claiming That the Distribution of Falsified Information is ‘Killing People’s Minds’ - Emphasizes the Necessity of State-Run Multimedia Anti-Propaganda Agencies to Combat the Scourge of Politically and Morally Divisive Rhetoric


2.29.2012 Bill Gates, Monsanto, and the Eugenics Philosophy: How One of the World’s Wealthiest Men is Actively Promoting a Corporate Takeover of the Agricultural Industry on a Global Scale

1.28.2015 Bill Gates Calls for ‘Global Governance’ to Address the Challenges of Climate Change

11.2.2015 Bill Gates, Arguably the World’s Wealthiest Man With an Estimated Fortune Approaching $80 Billion, Emphasizes the Necessity of Massive Government Intervention by Preeminent Geopolitical Luminaries Across the Globe - in Effect, the Institution of a Socialist Transnational Dynamic - to Combat the Prospect of Climate Change and the Threat of Environmental Catastrophe


1.23.2015 Former Vice President Al Gore and One-Time Mexican President Felipe Calderon Emphasize the Necessity of a $90 Trillion Spending Plan Designed to Mitigate the Effects of Global Warming Through the Prohibition of Personal Vehicles From Every Major City in the Industrialized World - Report Authored by the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate (GCEC) Stresses the Importance of Compact Cities, With Civilian Populations Becoming Wholly Reliant on Public Transit


12.3.2012 Henry Kissinger’s Questionable Alliance With a Transnational Network of Espionage Inclusive of Nazi Proponents and Various Members of the German Aristocracy ‘Who Actively Plotted to Overthrow the West German Government’


4.23.2013 Austrian Business Magnate, Former CEO, and Acting Chairman of Nestlé - Widely Regarded as the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Various Foods and Beverages, Proffers the Suggestion That Access to Water Should Be Privatized by Corporate Interest Groups in the Interest of Insuring Its Purity


7.25.2014 George Soros’ Kenema Bioweapons Lab in Sierra Leone and His Connection to Glenn Thomas, WHO (World Health Organization) Spokesperson and a Casualty of Ukraine Flight MH17

1.17.2015 George Soros, 84, International Business Magnate and Multibillionaire Financial Investor, Donated in Excess of $33 Million to Various Social Justice Groups and Organizations in a Bid to Exacerbate Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri Following the Shooting Death of Michael Brown - Monetary Contributions Were Used as a Means of Magnifying the Racial Component of the Incident to Facilitate Ethnocentric Militancy at the Domestic Level


6.21.2012 Peter Sutherland, Non-Executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, Former Chair of BP (British Petroleum), and the Current Head of the United Nations’ Global Forum on Migration and Development, Stresses the Importance of a Concerted Effort by the European Union to ‘Undermine National Homogeneity’ - Equates the Future Prosperity of Many EU States is Contingent on Their Willingness to Accept Multiculturalist Ideology


5.14.2010 Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder and Acting CEO of Facebook, During the Course of a Contemptuous Written Exchange With a Colleague, Refers to Registered Users Frequenting the Social Media Communications Platform as ‘Dumb F_cks’ for Trusting Him With the Security of Their Personal Information

2.9.2017 Mark Zuckerberg, the Multi-Billionaire Founder of the Facebook Social Networking Services Utility, Together With His Wife, Priscilla Chan, to Fund the Development of Mind-Reading Neural Implants Under the Pretense of Disease Prevention - The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Specifically Its Biotechnology Firm Affiliate, Actively Funding Research Into “New Wireless Microsystems That Directly Interface With the Brain for Long-Term, Minimally Invasive Neurological Recording Sessions”


3.11.2014 With the Unexplained Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370, Jacob Rothschild Inherits the Freescale Semiconductor Patent - Becoming Its Sole Proprietor


3.20.2013 Chinese Eugenics Facilities Stockpiling “Genius” DNA Samples in an Effort to Breed Intellectually “Enhanced” Population


11.30.2012 Disturbing Testimony From British Physician Regarding NHS (National Health Service) Compliant Medical Facilities’ Practice of Sending Sick or Severely Disabled Newborns Home or to Hospice Organizations to Die of Starvation or Dehydration Reveals the Inherent Problems Associated With the Institution of Socialized Medicine


8.1.2002 A Model for Medical Tyranny | The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

8.28.2014 Illicit Liaisons | Documenting the CDC’s Sordid Association With the CIA

10.23.2014 Doctor: Health Authorities Actively Concealing the Spread of the Ebola Contagion in the United States - Patients Being Strategically Relocated to Preclude the Incidence of Panic

11.6.2014 Obama Administration Caught Ordering Mainstream Media Outlets Throughout the United States to Conceal the Spread of Ebola From the General Public - Pharmacologist Reveals the Scope and Magnitude of This Development

1.25.2015 In an Effort to Collect Outstanding Debts, Nursing/ Convalescent Homes and SNF’s (Skilled Nursing Facilities) Are Seizing Jurisdictional Authority Over Patients Through a Process of Legal Guardianship

8.15.2002 Depopulation/ Population Control | Definition and Significance

11.9.2014 Cures for Cancer and Other Life Threatening Illnesses Being Actively Suppressed by the Rockefeller Foundation and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

3.24.2015 The Sordid Legacy of Mass Inoculation and its Unacknowledged Connection to Cancer


11.10.2014 Mass Sterilization Campaign: UN (United Nations) Laces Tetanus Vaccine With Chemical Agents to Cause Miscarriages


1.17.2013 Protein Sciences Corporation (PSC) Produces a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approved Influenza Vaccine Containing Genetically Modified Insect Protein Cell Lines


4.6.2009 The Financial New World Order: Identifying the Impetus Toward the Acceptance of a Globally Centralized Currency and the Establishment of World Governance

6.24.2010 52-Page ‘National Security Strategy’ Document Outlines the Context of Obama’s New World Order Manifesto

12.3.2010 British Monarchy’s 10 Point Plan Initiative Designed to Hasten the Emergence of a Geopolitical New World Order

4.2.2012 Proof of a Conspiracy: Globalists Speak Openly About Their Agenda Involving the Establishment of a New World Order

1.29.2013 Who Runs the World? Conclusive Evidence Substantiating the Existence of an Aristocratic Patriarchy Capable of Influencing Events on a Global Scale

8.29.2014 Henry Kissinger’s Thought Process Concerning the Assembly of a New World Order

9.5.2014 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Citing the West’s Waning Influence in the Geopolitical Arena, Urges Iran to Prepare for ‘New World Order’

9.20.2014 Chinese Government Officials Attempting the Construction of a New World Order Through the Actualization of an SCO (Shanghai Co-operation Organization) Involving the Nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and the Russian Federation

10.29.2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin Petitions the International Community to Aid in the Establishment of a New World Order

9.26.2012 Cashless Society | Definition and Significance

5.1.2012 EVOLUTION OF THE CASHLESS DYNAMIC | Written Analysis - Urban Intelligence II-A Cashless Society is Coming Soon - Matt Cole, V.P. (Vice President) of Strategy and Development - Cubic Corporation

11.29.2012 The Sinister Implications Surrounding the Emergence of a Cashless Society

7.2.2014 Political Establishment Promoting the Emergence of a Cashless Dynamic to Control Humanity

1.22.2015 Bill Gates Paving the Way for the Institution of a Cashless Society With the Use of “Digital Currency” in Third-World Countries

12.2.2007 North American Union | History and Significance

8.26.2014 Mexican President Enrique Peٌa Nieto Declares United States ‘The Other Mexico’

12.15.2002 | Illegal Immigration | Definition and History

7.31.2012 Damning Report Cites Repeated Failures of the Obama Administration to Actively Enforce Immigration Policy as a Contributing Factor in the Escalation of Violent Crime in Certain Areas of the United States - 16 Percent of an Estimated 47,000 Undocumented Immigrants That the Obama Administration Was Notified of Prior to Their Commission of Criminal Acts Were Never Deported Between 2008 and 2011 - Illegal Immigrants Released Under the President’s Secure Communities Program Went On to Commit 19 Murders, 3 Attempted Murders, and 142 Sex Crimes

12.19.2012 WelcomeToUSA.gov, a Website Authored Into Existence by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Promises Illegal Immigrants Access to Financial Amenities and Welfare-Related Assistance at the Expense of Taxpayers

4.26.2013 Bilingual U.S. Department of Agriculture Instructional Pamphlet Provided to the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. Assures Mexican Immigrants of Their Eligibility to Receive Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamp Benefits Without Having to Acknowledge Their Status to Immigration or Customs Enforcement Officials

8.9.2013 19 Very Disturbing Facts Concerning the Subject of Illegal Immigration That Every American Should Know

5.22.2014 Obama Administration Designates 498,815 Acres of Land in the Southern Periphery of the State of New Mexico as a National Monument - Area Surrounding the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument Acknowledged as a Haven for Central American Drug Trafficking Organizations and Illegal Immigrants Prior to the President’s Declaration

6.9.2014 Illegal Immigration as the Realization of the Cloward-Piven Strategy at the Southern Border of the United States

6.11.2014 Vice President Joe Biden: “U.S. Needs ‘Constant, Unrelenting Stream’ of Immigrants”

6.14.2014 Known Gang Members Among Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Children Inundating the American Southwest - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials Being Actively Silenced by Constituents Within the Federal Government in Their Communication With the Telecommunications Industry

6.14.2014 Flood of Illegals Into the U.S. Continues: 35,000 a Month to the State of Texas - 30-40% of the Student Audience at a Recent Public Speaking Engagement Attended by Acting President Barack Obama Found to Have Entered the Country Illegally - Gang Members Being Allowed Entry Into the United States

6.14.2014 Border Patrol Agencies Openly Critical of the Obama Administration’s Immigration Policy That Allows for the Mass Exodus of Gang Members From Mexico Into the American Southwest

6.17.2014 Deadly Diseases Crossing Border With Illegals

6.19.2014 Border Crisis | What You Are Not Being Told About the Invasion of America

6.22.2014 Obama Administration Refuses to Acknowledge the Crisis of Illegal Immigration, Characterizes the Massive Influx of Undocumented Immigrants as a Form of ‘Unlawful Migration’

6.27.2014 Michael C. Burgess, Republican Party Affiliate of the U.S. House of Representatives in the State of Texas, Accuses Obama of Being a ‘Co-Conspirator’ in the Threats of Intimidation and Torture of Undocumented Children by Central American Criminal Organizations Operating at the Mexican Border - Lax Enforcement of Immigration Policy by the Current Political Administration Recognized as a Contributing Factor in the Exploitation of Youth - ‘Boys and Girls Being Forced to Remove the Ears and Fingers of Other Children’ as a Means of Extortion

6.28.2014 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) Calls the Humanitarian Crisis at the Southern Border of the United States an ‘Opportunity’ - Encourages Americans to Demonstrate Compassion for Illegal Immigrants

7.3.2014 San Diego Border Patrol Sector Chief Paul Beeson Informs Residents at a Local Townhall in Murrieta That One Airplane of Illegal Immigrants From Texas Will Arrive Every 72 Hours

7.3.2014 MAP: Geographical Locations in the United States Being Used by the Federal Government in the Relocation of Illegal Immigrants

7.5.2014 Obama Administration Authorizes the Transportation, Relocation, and Housing of 290,000 Illegal Immigrants to the United States at the Expense of American Taxpayers

7.8.2014 White House Requests $3.7 Billion in Emergency Funds in an Effort to Mitigate Border Crisis

7.8.2014 Expert: Large Groups of Individuals From the Middle East Paying Criminal Human Trafficking and Smuggling Organizations $50,000 to Gain Entry Into the United States Illegally

7.8.2014 REPORT: More Than Half of Legal and Illegal Immigrant Households From El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras Are on at Least One Form of Public Assistance

7.14.2014 Accredited Members of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Convene as Part of a 10-Nation Delegation in Nicaragua - Inclusive of Ministers of the Interior From the United States, Mexico, and Several Central and South American Nations With Representatives of SICA, the El Salvador-Headquartered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Also Known as the Central American Integration System, Also in Attendance - to Openly Debate the Possibility of Extending UN Protection to Thousands of Foreign Nationals Entering the U.S. Border With Mexico Illegally by Classifying Them as ‘Refugees’ Seeking Asylum From Political Repression, Religious Persecution, and Scenes of Domestic Violence in Their Countries of Birth

7.22.2014 The Number of Illegal Immigrants Entering Texas is Now Greater Than the Number of Infants Born in the State During the Same Time Span

7.22.2014 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Into Law a Measure Authorizing the Use of Taxpayer Funded Allotments to Facilitate the Creation of Municipal Identification Cards That Can Be Used by Illegal Immigrants as a Means of Obtaining Access to Government Programs and Amenities, Assistance With Living Accommodations/ Apartment Rental, and the Establishment of Banking Accounts - Legislative Mandate to Benefit in Excess of 500,000

7.24.2014 Obama Administration Prepared to Grant Refugee Status to Unaccompanied Minors PRIOR to Their Arrival in the United States - Pilot Program Devised by the Federal Government Would Primarily Be Used to Benefit Honduran Youth at the Expense of the American Taxpayer

7.25.2014 Texas to Spend in Excess of $1.3 Million Per Week Deploying 1,000 National Guard Service Personnel to Patrol the Border Separating the State From Mexico Amid Ongoing Immigration Crisis

7.25.2014 Luis Vicente Gutiérrez, U.S. Representative for the State of Illinois’s 4th Congressional District: ‘I Think We Can Get 3 or 4, Maybe Even 5 Million People’ Amnesty Through Executive Order

7.27.2014 Violent Transnational Gangs Actively ‘Recruiting Unaccompanied Minors on the Premises of Border Security Facilities’

7.27.2014 A 13-Year Border Patrol Veteran, During the Course of an Exclusive Interview With Texas State RNC (Republican National Committee) Affiliated Congressional Representative Steve Stockman, Echoes the Sentiments of Many Americans Regarding the Surge of Illegal Immigrants Into Southwestern Portions of the Continental United States - Revealing Exposé Details the Preparedness of Unaccompanied Minors to Actively Game the U.S. Immigration System, Many Repeating the All Too Familiar Mantra: “Obama Will Take Care of Us”

8.20.2014 Unaccompanied Minors From Portions of Central and South America to Receive Free Legal Counsel at the Expense of American Taxpayers - U.S. Federal Government Purportedly Allocating 4.2 Million in Public Funds to Facilitate Expediency

8.26.2014 California State Governor Jerry Brown Extends an Open Invitation to Mexican Nationals Entering the United States Illegally

8.27.2014 Judith Flanagan Kennedy, the Mayor of Lynn, Massachusetts, Publicly Affirms Contentions Regarding the Enrollment of Illegal Aliens of Adult Age That Have Been Furloughed Into Her District From the Country of Guatemala by Agencies Within the Federal Government, Many of Which Are Considerably Older in Chronological Age Than a Vast Majority of the Students Attending Classes in the State’s Public School System - Kennedy Also Contends That the Federal Government is Actively Obstructing Investigations by School Officials in the District to Verify the Ages of Foreign Nationals That Have Since Been Enrolled Into the Educational System

9.3.2014 According to Recent Studies, Nearly 1 in 10 of Those Actively Employed in the State of California Entered the U.S. Illegally

9.4.2014 Revealed: Where 37,477 Illegal Immigrant Children Have Been Released to ‘Guardians’ Across America, and Where the U.S. Federal Government is Actively Concealing Tens of Thousands More

9.16.2014 Recent Report Released by the Congressional Research Service Intimates the Rise of Foreign-Born Populations Within the Continental United States to a Figure of 60 Million in Ten Years Time - The More Than 40.8 Million Foreign Nationals Documented to Have Resided in the United States in 2012 Representing a 321 Percent Increase Since 1970

9.25.2014 Undocumented Immigrants Will Be Eligible for Military Service in the United States Under New Department of Defense Policy

9.25.2014 70% of Illegal Immigrant Families Released Into the United States Fail to Attend Scheduled Follow-Up Appointments With Federal Immigration Officials

10.10.2014 Mexican Government Officials Actively Assisting in the Monetary Funding of Illegal Immigrants Through President Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Initiative - Necessary Stipends Purportedly Being Supplied to the U.S. Federal Government Via the Mexican Government’s 50 Consulates Located Throughout the Continental United States as a Means of Preventing Possible Deportation of Undocumented Individuals

10.20.2014 Draft Solicitation Issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Mandates the Creation of an Estimated 34 Million Blank ‘Green Cards’ and Work Permits for Undocumented Immigrants Prior to President Barack Obama’s Issuance of an Executive Order Regarding the Concept of Immigration Reform - Government Agency Actively Soliciting the Services of a Company or Firm Capable of Producing a Minimum of 4 Million Work Authorization Permits Annually for a Period of Five Years, With 9 Million to Be Manufactured in the Initial Stages of Production, All at the Expense of Taxpayers

11.10.2014 Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a Division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is Actively Soliciting the Services of Clothing Manufacturers to Effectively Purchase Nearly 100,000 Pairs of Underwear, Including Sports Bras, for Illegals Entering the United States, All at the Expense of American Taxpayers - Request for Service Follows the Federal Government’s Confiscation of Rifles From Border Patrol Agents Across the American Southwest

11.26.2014 State of Connecticut Issuing Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants at the Expense of Taxpayers

12.3.2014 U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner Enlists the Aid of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in the Adoption of the Obama Administration’s Immigration Reform Proposal - a Legislative Provision Obstructing the Enforcement of Immigration Law for 12 Million Undocumented Non-Citizens, Allowing for the Genesis of Work-Permits and Employee Benefits Programs for 5 Million, and the Dissemination of Government Entitlements to Millions More - All at the Expense of Taxpayers

12.29.2014 Federal Government Agencies Unable to Locate 96% of Illegal Immigrant Families Slated for Deportation

1.2.2015 Illegal Immigrants Form Long Lines Outside Dozens of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Locations as the State Begins Issuing Them Driver’s Licenses at the Expense of Its Taxpayers - Procession Follows the States Hiring of 900 DMV Employees to Effectively Meet Demands

1.12.2015 Illegal Immigrants Will Be Allowed to Apply for Concealed Weapons Permits and Unemployment Benefits Under President Obama’s Executive Amnesty Directive

2.3.2015 IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Commissioner John Koskinen Confirms Assumptions Pertaining to the Eligibility of Illegal Immigrants Granted Amnesty From Deportation Under President Obama’s New Policies to Receive Additional Tax Refunds From the Federal Government During the Course of Their Employment in the United States

2.10.2015 The United States Has Accepted Two New Foreign Nationals for Each Additional Employment Opportunity Created Since 2000 - Data From the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) Illustrates That 18 Million Legal and Illegal Immigrants Settled in the United States From 2000 to 2015, While Only 9.3 Million Jobs Were Created During That Same Time Span

3.7.2015 U.S. Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch: “Illegal Immigrants Have a Fundamental Right and Obligation to Work in the United States”

3.19.2015 According to a Series of Recently Published Weekly Detention and Departure Reports Conducted by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, 167,527 Illegal Immigrants Having Been Formally Convicted of Various Criminal Offenses in Their Native Countries Now Reside in the United States

4.19.2015 One International Immigrant Enters the Continental United States Every 32 Seconds

4.22.2015 Census: Record 51 Million Immigrants in 8 Years, Will Account for 82% of all Population Growth in the United States

4.23.2015 Wages of America’s Middle Class Drop Below 1970s Levels as Immigration Increases 325 Percent

4.23.2015 Jeff Sessions, Republican Party Affiliated Senatorial Representative From the State of Alabama: Obama Program ‘Establishes a New System of Immigration’ - Declaration Comes Following Joseph Langlois’s - the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) Associate Director for Refugee, Asylum and International Operations - Confirmation of Illegal Immigrants Granted Executive Amnesty Being Eligible to Apply for the Transportation and Eventual Relocation of Relatives From El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala Under the Current Political Administration’s Central American Minors Refugee/ Parole Program

4.23.2015 Official Memo Issued by the Congressional Research Service (CRS): 353,000 Refugees on Food Stamps, 55,000 Receiving Supplemental Security Income


8.28.2015 REPORT: EU (European Union) Engineering the Economic and Societal Collapse of European Nations Through Mass Migration - The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, a Method of Operation Devised in the 1970s as a Means of Mitigating the Influence of Individuals Possessing Anglo-Saxon Ancestral Lineage, Acknowledged as a Possible Impetus for the Current Influx

9.4.2015 The Islamic Hijrah Into Europe

9.8.2015 Muslim ‘Refugees’ Chant “Allahu Akbar,” Repeatedly Shout “F**k You” and Engage in Violent Skirmishes With Hungarian Citizens in Budapest - Streams of Migrants Physically Assault an Elderly Woman in Italy, While Others Hurl Feces and Excrement at Bystanders in Germany as German Chancellor Angela Merkel Issues Formal Proclamation Regarding Her Intention to Accept in Excess of 500,000 Asylum Seekers From the War Torn Peripheries of Syria and Iraq on an Annual Basis

9.19.2015 Péter Szijjártó, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Since September 23, 2014, Revises Preliminary Estimates Regarding Ongoing Immigration Crisis Impacting the European Union - Dire Proclamation Emphasizes the Resettlement of 30-35 Million People From ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) Ravaged Areas of the Middle East

9.28.2015 George Soros, 84, International Business Magnate and Multibillionaire Financial Investor, Offers His Perspective Regarding Europe's Ongoing Immigration Crisis as the Author of a Written Column for Project Syndicate, Suggesting That the EU is Obligated to Service the Needs of a Million Muslims Annually, Spending in Excess of $16,800 Per Individual - an Amount Consistent With $17 Billion on a Yearly Basis

10.25.2015 On the March to Western Europe: Shocking Pictures Showing Thousands of Determined Men, Women, and Children Journeying Across the Balkans as Politicians Warn of the EU’s (European Union’s) Impending Collapse


10.17.2015 Nickelsdorf - a Small Village Town of 1,600 in Austria - Drowning in Garbage and Human Excrement Following the Extended Furlough of Migrants Traveling Through the Countryside on Their Way to Eastern Portions of Germany


10.28.2015 Female Anesthetist Employed With the German Health Service Reiterates Her Concerns Over Widespread Incidences of Disease Reaching Great Britain as Medical Staff Are Seemingly Overwhelmed by Migrants - Muslim ‘Refugees’ Purportedly Refusing Treatment by Female Physicians

10.29.2015 Protestant Church in Oberhausen, Germany Removing Christian Crosses, Altars, and Pulpits in Order to Accommodate 50 Muslim Migrants That Were Invited to Stay in the Building While Germans Living in Government Housing Receive Eviction Notices

11.5.2015 Muslim Migrants Residing in Sindelfingen, Germany: “Your Children Will Pray to Allah or Die”

11.9.2015 German Town of Ellwangen Besieged by the Arrival of Thousands - Migrants Defecating on People’s Gardens, Staging Riots in Churches, and Stealing From Local Stores and Businesses


10.17.2015 Sweden Perilously Close to Societal Collapse

10.26.2015 Muslim Migrants Turn Sweden Into the Rape Capitol of Europe

4.16.2003 Military-Industrial Complex | Origins and Significance

3.24.2015 Blood Money: These Corporations and Individuals Rake in Billions of Dollars in Profit From War and Military Conflict

1.9.2014 False Flag Operations and the Historical Significance of Government-Sponsored Terrorism


12.20.2001 Assassination/ Targeted Killings | Definition and Historical Significance


2.27.2015 Shot From Behind Beneath the Shadow of the Kremlin: Russian Federation Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov Assassinated One Day Prior to Major Anti-Putin Demonstration



7.8.2014 Extensive U.K. Political Pedophile Ring Exposed - Numerous High Ranking British Politicians, 40 at Present, Being Actively Investigated for Their Roles in an Exploitative Enterprise Operating Out of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)


8.13.2012 Conspiracy of Silence: Franklin Cover Up of Republicans and Pedophiles *VIDEO*

1.12.2015 The George H. W. Bush Pedophile/ Sex Trafficking Ring and the Legacy of Congressional Blackmail

1.10.2002 Mind Control | Definition and Historical Significance

3.30.2010 Scientific Study Conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Provides Conclusive Evidence of Moral Judgment Alteration Through the Disruption of Synaptic Impulses in the Brain

1.10.2014 Operation Monarch: The CIA’s Clandestine Campaign of Psychological Warfare

3.6.2014 The Obama Administration, Through a Series of Consultations With Various Global Think Tanks and Organizations, Allocates in Excess of $100 Million to Neuroscience Collectives Across the Continental United States as Part of the Human Brain Project - Initiative Rumored to Have Significant Implications on Military Enlistees as Government Attempts to Harness Synaptic Impulse Patterns


9.3.2008 Predictive Programming | Definition and Significance


10.20.2014 U.S. Federal Government Stockpiling Protective Gear in Expectation of “Emergency” Event

10.30.2014 EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Federal Government Soliciting the Purchase of 250,000 Hazmat Suits to Be Transported to Dallas

12.10.2014 U.S. Department of the Treasury Soliciting the Purchase of Survival Kits for Individuals Employed at the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), Federal Banking and Financial Institutions

1.1.2015 Federal Reserve Board Actively Seeking the Services of an “Emergency Preparedness Specialist Familiar With DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Directives” in Anticipation of Economic Calamity

1.26.2015 As the Middle Class Evaporates, Globalist Oligarchs Plan Their Escape From the Impoverished Plebeian Masses in Advance of Civil Unrest

11.4.2016 Bizarre WikiLeaks Revelation Details John David Podesta's, the Acting 2016 Presidential Campaign Chairman for Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Acceptance of an Invitation to Attend a Thelemic Ceremony Popularized by the Late Aleister Crowley Incorporating the Use of Menstrual Blood, Breast Milk, Urine, and Semen as Mediums of Expression in the Creation of Abstract Forms of Art

Marina Abramović, Characterized as a Performance Artist by the Corporate Telecommunications Industry, Regularly Entertains Members of the Political Establishment, Entertainment, and High Society During the Course of “Spirit Cooking” Rituals Where Emphasis is Placed on the Symbolic Nature of the Union Between the Microcosm: Man; and the Macrocosm: the Divine; in Harmony With One of the Principal Axioms of Hermetic Doctrine: “As Above, So Below”

11.7.2016 Expansive Documentation Into the PizzaGate Scandal Where Members of the Hacktivist Collective, ‘Anonymous,’ Have Exposed the Existence of a Human Trafficking Network/ Pedophile Ring Through Various Electronically-Generated Communications That Were Obtained by WikiLeaks From the Online Services Account of John Podesta, the One-Time Chairman for Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton - *UPDATED FREQUENTLY*

11.15.2016 The “PizzaGate” Scandal: How Users Frequenting the 4Chan Image Hosting and Communications Platform Revealed the Truth Surrounding the Existence of a Clandestine Human Trafficking Operation Being Conducted at the Behest of Individuals With Close Ties to Elitist Institutions and Agencies Within the U.S. Federal Government

11.28.2016 Twitter-Based Communication Released by Andrew Breitbart Prior to His Death Fueling an Atmosphere of Speculation Regarding the Presupposed Existence of a Sex-Trafficking Ring Within the Nation’s Capital

10.14.2010 Scientists at the University of Manchester Suggest That Cancer is a Modern, Man-Made Disease Caused by Environmental Factors Such as Pollution and Diet

1.11.2014 American and British Intelligence Agencies Have INTENTIONALLY Weakened Security for Many Decades as a Pretext of Surveillance on Citizens

9.9.2014 Ebola, AIDS Created by Western Pharmaceutical Companies, the United States DoD (Department of Defense)? Scientists in Liberia Allege the Existence of Clandestine Government Initiatives Within the United States Designed to Foster the Manufacture and Distribution of Biological Weapons Across the African Continent

10.22.2014 America 2025 | The Collapse of an Empire: 247 Million Less People, an Irreversibly Fractured Economy, and the Decimation of Infrastructure

11.24.2014 Guccifer, the Renowned Romanian Hacktivist Currently Serving a Four-Year Prison Sentence in Bucharest for His Role in the Public Release of Email Correspondences by Various Military, Political, and Intelligence Operatives, Purportedly Told the New York Times That a City in the State of Pennsylvania is the Designated Target of a Nuclear Weapons Offensive in 2015 - Hacker Has an Archive of Unreleased Emails From Military, Intelligence, and Political Figures

3.18.2015 Mevlüt اavusoglu, the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Informed the Daily Sabah, a Written News Publication in Istanbul, That Canadian Intelligence Agencies Aided Three British Schoolgirls in Joining ISIS

12.1.2016 Family Secrets Revealed: The Possibility of Michelle Obama Having Been Born as a Male Lending Credence to Suspicions Regarding the Adoption of Sasha and Malia Obama From Martin H. Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard, Both of Whom Are Close Friends and Confidants of the First Family *VIDEO*

1.7.2002 Sabotage | Classification and Significance

12.22.2014 Second Senior Airline Industry Source, Marc Dugain, the Former CEO of Proteus Airlines, Endorses Claims of U.S. Military Involvement in the Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Offers Postulations Referencing the Aircraft’s Path of Descent in Close Proximity to the British Island Territory of Diego Garcia - A Noted Staging and Refueling Area for the United States’ Airborne and Naval Contingents Since the 1970s

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