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Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 | 7:45 PM

The pictographic depiction above illustrating Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild cloaked in beige raiment with conspicuously present gold emblazoned occultist regalia adorning the upper fringes of the fabric near its collared portion, is indicative of a demonic entity of Middle Eastern origin (Encompassing numerous regions in close geographical proximity to ancient Persia and India), more specifically known under the Jinni (Genie being the denominational English equivalent) nomenclature. It is believed that the Jinn attain nascence from the infernal regions and can assume the likeness of any animal or human in a natural setting. In Arabian folklore there are five separate incarnations, each possessing an inherent hostility towards anything beyond their scope of influence. These five classifications relevant to their principal existentiality are listed as follows: 
1) Jann - The least imposing of the five disparate incarnations.

2) Djinn - The most commonly portrayed of the five, appearing in numerous cinematic animation sequences and full length feature presentations; these entities oftentimes exhibit a conspicuous non-malfeasant proclivity throughout the entirety of such films and maintain an outward guise of childlike innocence.

3) Shaytans - Also known as Shaitans; it is a term synonymous with devils, in Arabian mythology they represent the upper echelon of malevolence within the spiritual pantheon.

4) Ifrits/ Efreets - Exist as powerful evil spirits or demonic entities of gargantuan proportion in Arabic mythological text.

5) Marids - Demonic entities utilizing oceanic environments and the open waters of the sea as their principal sanctuary; Marids are mentioned primarily in pre-Islamic Arabian folklore and throughout areas of Southeast Asia as well as in numerous scriptural passages throughout the Qur’an.
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