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Written By Michael Reign on Thursday, July 17, 2014 | 8:55 PM

The original date of this particular organization’s fundamental development is widely acknowledged by various constituencies within the geopolitical establishment to be 1982, following the recommendations of the General Assembly’s second special session on disarmament (SSOD II). In 1992, its name was revised, becoming the Centre for Disarmament Affairs, an extrajudicial appendage acting under the direction of the United Nations’ Department of Political Affairs.
In January of 1998 it became the Department for Disarmament Affairs, the UNODA’s evolution recognized as an integral part of the Secretary-General’s program for reform in compliance with a written affidavit that was submitted to the General Assembly, a document registered under the A/51/950 article designation - in 2007 the organization was christened as the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. According to the written contents presented on the layout of the site’s homepage the UNODA promotes the following:

Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation

Strengthening of the disarmament regimes in respect to other weapons of mass destruction, and chemical and biological weapons

Disarmament efforts in the area of conventional weapons, especially landmines and small arms, which are the weapons of choice in contemporary conflicts

In August of 2013 the illustrative composite above the contents of this written stanza was being actively circulated on the Internet, with both snopes.com and the Tampa Bay Times’ Politifact®.com, two noted bastions of skepticism devoted to subject of political discourse, casting doubt with regard to its authenticity. Their attempts to refute the document’s viability are based primarily on the following visual:

The aforementioned image disputes the existence of the A/CN.11/L.72 document based primarily on the UN’s record keeping abilities, as well as their credibility in the eyes of the international community to effectively account for any and all discrepancies related to the public disclosure of this type of information. In layman’s terms, the sole reason for snopes.com’s open dismissal of the prior stated document’s authenticity rests with the fact that the document itself can’t be located on the UN’s server. Tampa Bay Time’s Politifact®.com also enlists the aid of Farhan Haq, associate spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General, who openly declares the release of such material to be fraudulent in nature, as evidenced in the following statements:

“I checked the document number on our internal document system, and the reply I got back now was simply, ‘There is no document matching your request.’ The document number (A/CN.11/L.72) doesn’t conform to our standard system, in any case.”

“There is no such body as a ‘Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group.’ Nor does the United Nations involve itself in confiscating weapons from member states.”

“The use of blue ink, some of the type font and the scanner icon in the bottom right-hand corner are not found in real U.N. documents. So, in several different ways, this document is fake.”

The issue at hand concerns the existence of the CWCSG (Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group), an extrajudicial extension of the United Nations operating in several member nation constituencies charged with the enactment of legislation designed to effect the disarmament of civilian populations within each of their respective borders through the following graduated process:

1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession.

- The Obama Administration, on numerous occasions, has exploited the tragic sequences of events associated with the Boston Marathon bombing, the Aurora, Colorado massacre during the Batman screening, and the incident which took place at Sandy Hook Elementary. The aforementioned political assembly has sought the institution of stricter guidelines relevant to the sale, manufacture/ distribution, and identification of “military grade weaponry” as a means of limiting the access of prospective consumers throughout the continental United States to these types of articles. The following images belie the current administration’s intent with regard to the availability of assault weapons to the civilian population, as events precipitating the Fast and Furious debacle - a taxpayer funded strategy designed to ferret certain elements of the Mexican narcotics industry out into the open - as well as the First Family’s unfettered use of armed security personnel at the citizen’s expense:


2. Creation of programs to provide reasonable compensation for voluntary surrender of said arms.

- The creation of several taxpayer funded initiatives encouraging the voluntary surrender of one’s firearms to various intergovernmental agencies is well documented, as evidenced in the following visual and throughout the written context of the appended articles of reference:

Figure 1. Flyer circulation endorsed by acting Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti pursuant to the claims of gang reduction and youth development in the surrounding area, promises active participants in the program a $100 to $200 gift card for use at Ralph’s Market (A grocery franchise based in Southern California) in compliance with their voluntary surrender of the stipulated items mentioned in contents of the release


CBS2/ KCAL9 CBS Affiliates Sponsoring Los Angele’s Annual Gun Buyback Event in an Effort to Stem the Tide of Gang Violence in the City
Hartford Connecticut’s Three Trauma Centers, Law Enforcement Agency Representatives, as Well as the Connecticut State Trial Lawyer’s Association Urge Residents to Participate in the Gun Buyback Initiative
The Guns for Groceries Program in Los Angeles

3. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of concealable firearms.

4. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of hunting grade firearms.

5. Codification of laws to restrict the sale of, and possession of ammunition and components to manufacture ammunition.

6. Finally, codification of laws to completely makes any and all firearms illegal to own, possess or use outside of military and law enforcement usage.

7. Creation of a United Nations Police Taskforce with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the collection of weaponry from civilian hands.

CONCLUSION: Even if claims disputing the authenticity of the A/CN.11/L.72 document proffered by snopes.com and the steadfast refusal of the Tampa Bay Times’ Politifact®.com to formally acknowledge the existence of the CWCSG prove to be substantiated, the UN’s advertisement of enlistment for the position of Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Officer ˡ can’t be called into question, nor can the documented existence of Public Law 87-297, a legislative measure enacted on September 26th of 1961 also known as the Arms Control and Disarmament Act allowing for the creation of a domestic Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, or State Department Memorandum 7277, a written stipulation emphasizing weapons disarmament at the national level as the standard prerequisite for ensuring geopolitical stability.

ˡ Posting Title: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer, P4


Department/Office: Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Duty Station: New York

Job Description: A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration or related area. Experience working within peacekeeping, peace-building or development programmes operations is desirable. Experience with small arms control, conflict/post-conflict crisis management, economic recovery is desirable. Experience coordinating multiple partner agencies, funds or programmes is desirable.


The UN’s Plot Designed to Confiscate America’s Firearms by Dave Hodges
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