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Written By Michael Reign on Thursday, November 7, 2013 | 11:37 PM

The All-Seeing Eye, an appellation synonymous with the Eye of Providence, the Udjat present in Paganistic Rites and ceremonial traditions, the Eye of Horus within the annals of Egyptian mythology, the Eye of the World, the Third Eye of Clairvoyance in Hindu religious belief systems, the Eye of Phoebus or Apollo (Apollo, the Greco-Roman deity representative of prophecy, artistic pursuits and endeavors, healing, and later the sun itself, exists as an abbreviated/ abridged version of the Apollyon rubric. Apollyon or Abaddon, a cognitive appellate synonymous with the Devil in numerous Christian-based belief systems, for it is within this religious doctrine that each of these terms of reference exist as a symbolic depiction of one of the Trinitarian aspects of Satan so often mentioned as the ‘Beast’ throughout Biblical scripture ascribed to Revelation in the Last Days) the Eye of Baal in antediluvian Sumeria; and an innumerable host of others, exists as an illustrative depiction reminiscent of carvings and written documentation dating back to ancient Babylon.


Worshipped for centuries as the Solar Eye, it later became an emblematic euphemism within the annals of Roman mythological doctrine that served as a formative type of visual; referencing the omniscient nature of Jove/ Jupiter throughout their astrologically inspired pantheon.
The Illuminati, a clandestine symposium founded on May 1st, 1776 by Johann Adam Weishaupt, adopted the All-Seeing Eye as its principal symbol in an attempt to convey an aura of divine omnipresence. It was this illustrative composite that attained precedence in the United States in 1913, not long after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act which granted an unfettered autonomy to fiscal conglomerates and financial consortiums.

This Illuminist visage appeared on the reverse side of the One Dollar Federal Reserve Note, depicted as an incomplete 13-layered pyramidal artifice with the capstone conspicuously absent from the original design. Above this structure rests a triangle, bathed in a luminary resplendence indicative of Central American (Contrary to numerous written accounts and documentary research relevant to both geographical and archeological studies within such regions of North America, the Mayan cultural demographic was not the principal author of the fabled sunstone which has so often been referred to as a formative type of evidential proof substantiating humanity’s denouement in the latter stages of the 2012 calendar year. Aztec civilization was later recognized as the progenitor of this philosophical system of beliefs, a wide variance of scientific research and methodology affirming their creation of the sunstone, which exists as a type of cyclical based menological composite emphasizing the collapse of centuries into four disparate eras, with the fifth representative of events yet to occur) traditions ascribed to the worship of the Sun.

Aztec Sunstone

In mystery religions, the triangle serves as a symbolic representation indicative of the emergence of a higher power, such as a throne or kingdom, and in certain instances appears visually similar in composition to a horn. It also exists as a connotative motif representative of the dwelling place of a vast paganistic concentration of power, visually consistent in illustrative composition to the apex of a mountain in a slightly elevated region or territory, pyramidal constructs within the territorial boundaries ascribed to the nation of Egypt, or a ziggurat in the former principality of Mesopotamia (A region of the Middle East whose principal boundaries are synonymous with the nation of Iraq in modern cartographical depictions). The ancients came to christen the architectural design ascribed to the genesis of this ziggurat as the “Hill of Heaven”, or “Mountain of God”.
Weishaupt later placed a man’s eye in the geographical center of this hovering triangle, an illustrative composite replacing the original conceptual design that depicted a crude version of the Udjat as the central theme. The eye representative of the Illuminati’s vast scope of influence in geopolitical affairs. It is also symbolic of the Priory of Sion (A fraternal organization founded and eventually dissolved in France in 1956 by Pierre Plantard [It is interesting to note that the Plantard surname is of correspondent similarity to the planchard, which is a functional triangular-shaped component of the Ouija Board]), who also adopted the symbol from the Egyptians (The Egyptians altered the formative composition of the Udjat as a means to deify one of their foremost figures in the metaphysical realm: Horus, a being synonymous with the Heavens, War and Conflict, and Good Fortune and Protection of the eternally faithful), with the triangle representing both the power of the Merovingian Dynasty (An intergenerational familial hierarchal order encompassing a significant portion of the past and present day European Empire, a region of the world where the Man of Lawlessness shall achieve dominion and reign over the Earth entire through the pyramid of influence encompassing the following city-states - Vatican City, London, and the District of Columbia/ Washington D.C.

Figure 1. It is important to note that these city-states exist autonomously from any administered legislative body/ branch of governance and therefore are not subject to taxation, laws, or traditions ascribed to such territories).
Jahbulon, the Masonic God

In recent years, there has been a significant resurgence in the manifestation of these types of images in a contemporary setting, specifically within the Entertainment Industry, as the following images and illustrations attest to:


Lebron Raymone James, a professional athlete widely considered by many affiliated with the NBA (National Basketball Association) to be the premier player at his position, actively promoting the Android Homme line of apparel, notice also the hand gesture being used in the photographic still to the immediate left of the shirt’s principal design - the issuance of an unspoken acknowledgement between various Satanic assemblies endorsing the emergence of the Mark of the Beast system of identity verification.

Madonna Louise Ciccone, considered by many in the Entertainment Industry as one of the most prominent cultural icons for more than three decades, promoting the Illuminist ideology through her popularization of the Eye of Providence.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name The Game or simply Game, is a syndicated performance artist and actor, who in this particular still, is wearing a crimson colored long sleeve jacket with the Eye of Providence conspicuously emblazoned left of center - an article of clothing from the New Era line of apparel.

Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American Hip Hop recording artist, entrepreneur, investor, and actor from New York City, New York - he too, is pictured endorsing the New Era line of apparel, wearing a retrofitted cap emblazoned with the All-Seeing Eye.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American singer-songwriter, LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) rights activist, record producer, businesswoman, fashion designer, philanthropist, and actress. Photographed during the course of one of many live concerts, the Eye of Providence is conspicuously situated to the right of the illustrious artist, her right hand displaying an all too common gesture emblematic of Beast System’s emergence.

Jordin Brianna Sparks, an American singer-songwriter and actress, who in 2007 came to prominence after winning the sixth season of American Idol at age 17, becoming the youngest winner in the series’ history, paying tribute to the Illuminist methodology. In her left hand rests a diamond encrusted pyramidal construct, notice how this particular article of jewelry is situated over her left eye, a symbolic gesture also representative of the All Seeing Eye.

Kanye Omari West, a syndicated performance artist, songwriter, record producer, film director, entrepreneur, and fashion designer from Chicago, Illinois, pictured wearing the Illuminist sigil on his right hand.

Kimberly Noel “Kim” Kardashian, an American television and social media personality, fashion designer, model, and actress of Armenian descent, actively promotes the Illuminist philosophy in this visual from her twitter account, a picture that may have since been removed from the contents of that particular site.

A photographic still featuring Kendall and Kylie Jenner, note the turquoise colored Illuminist visage placed conspicuously behind the sisters as this particular image is a sectioned composite of a much larger montage - the Kardashian Family Christmas Card of 2013.

Kendall Nicole Jenner modeling occult-laden apparel showcasing the Eye of Providence during the grand opening of New York City’s Sugar Factory American Brasserie on June 20, 2013 in New York City.

Zachary David Alexander “Zac” Efron, an American actor and performance artist, wearing a shirt featuring the 12 Angels: The Unholy Trinity logotype; notice the pyramidal capstone design situated in the central portion of this article of clothing, an obvious example of Illuminist patronage.

Best known for his portrayal of David Silver on the Beverly Hills 90210 episodic series, actor and recording artist Brian Austin Green walks arm in arm with then fiancée Megan Fox - his endorsement of the Illuminist ideology apparent in the above visual.

Julia Fiona Roberts, American actress and film producer, wearing a long sleeve shirt emblazoned with various occult themed motifs, most notably the All Seeing Eye.

Original Documentation and Research © 1995 John Daniel.

Paraphrased Documentation and Additional Research © 2011 Michael Reign - All Rights Reserved.

The cinematic presentation following the contents of above composition elaborate on the esoteric nature of this symbol:

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