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Spontaneous Human Combustion

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, August 30, 2013 | 12:11 AM

An as yet unexplained phenomena referencing the incidence of anatomical/ physiological combustion (Specifically, the physical burning and eventual cremation of individuals who have yet to succumb to death, oftentimes excluding the lower extremities which remain conspicuously unscathed) bereft of an apparent or discernible external catalyst. To date, there have been approximately 200 confirmed instances worldwide over the course of 300 years time. Several hypotheses formulated by experts in the fields of applied, conventional, and paranormal sciences have been considered as a possible explanation for the occurrence of these types of events, they are listed as follows:
Smoldering ash, oftentimes from previously ignited cigarettes, is recognized as a possible cause for the death of those found to have succumbed to the effects of this phenomena - as the crematory aspect pertinent to the physical anatomical structure of these individuals is a resultant by-product of their garment attire's inherent flammability.

The Wick Effect - A theoretical contrivance referencing the partial destruction of the human anatomy, through flame, via the presence of an external catalyst. In accordance with such hypothetical discourse, the victim’s clothing acts as a vector of transmission, while the subsequent exposure of subcutaneous tissue (The subcutaneous terminological designation acts as an inference to the presence of adipose tissue within the confines of the hypodermis [Recognized as the furthest anatomical component of the integumentary system, houses the largest reservoir of adipose tissue in association with human physiology]) through the charring of the skin serves as an accelerant, effectively concentrating the spread of flame to a centrally defined locus (This is confirmed through photographic evidence that further corroborates the incineration of the human anatomical structure, while preserving the physical integrity of the surrounding features within the victim’s environment). In layman’s terms, this fat, once heated by the burning clothing, wicks into the fabric, much as candle wax (composed in large part of animal fats and lard) wicks into a lit candle wick, to provide the fuel needed to maintain a constant source of energy.

Brian J. Ford (born in 1939 in Corsham, Wiltshire, England) is an independent research biologist, author, and lecturer who regularly publishes articles concerning various scientific points of interest, making such reference material available to the general public. Ford has conclusively proven the existence of a possible link between ketosis (The state at which an elevated presence of ketone bodies arises - occurs when liver glycogen stores present within the body have been considerably depleted. Ketone bodies release acetone as a chemical by-product during their formation, thereby lending credence to theories referencing ketonic condition as the necessary precursor to human combustibility) and the documented instance of spontaneous human combustion.

Though the aforementioned theories regarding the incidence of such phenomena provide researchers further insight as to possible cause, there are still questions that remain left unanswered, thereby relegating these types of occurrences to the files of the unexplained.

WRITTEN ADDENDUM: In a vast majority of the documented instances pertaining to the incidence of such phenomena, individuals found to have been the victims of such events shared several distinctive characteristics, most notably:

Physical infirmities impairing mobility resulting from the onset of diminished mental acuity/ faculty (oftentimes through the onset of Dementia or Alzheimer’s), natural age progression, drug abuse, obesity, the advanced stages of Diabetes, etcetera. Victims evince a high degree of likelihood of having perished in slumber, thus precluding their ability to actively prevent their demise.
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