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Written By Michael Reign on Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 11:02 PM

The incidence of such phenomena is oftentimes synonymous with unspeakable tragedy, as the spiritual essences of those passing over into the next plane of existence linger in the space between realms seeking resolution. In some instances the manifestation of apparitions attains precedence in lieu of occult activity in or around the affected environment, as paranormal investigators will oftentimes attest to. The scientific community, by and large, dismisses the existentiality of such manifestations, equating their incidence to the ingestion of hallucinatory substances, the onset of mental infirmity, or traumatic life experience memory recall.
Physicists and experts in the field of applied science attribute the incidence of such phenomena to deviations within the visible light spectrum, citing such occurrences as part of a larger sequence of natural progression. Theologians and religious scholars claim these occurrences prove the existence of spiritual realms beyond one’s natural scope of perception, indeed many have come to a consensus that the space between one’s eternal destination rests solely upon the Earth - a temporary interdimensional furlough, oftentimes referred to as Limbo, and in various religious circles as Purgatory.
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