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Black Eyed Children

Written By Michael Reign on Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 11:55 PM

A relatively recent phenomenon gaining notoriety since its initial occurrence, an incident involving journalist Brian Bethel on January 16th of 1998. In a stated deposition Bethel claims he was approached by two youths of dark skin complexion seeking transportation to a local movie theater, his steadfast refusal in acknowledging their presence the catalyst for an escalation of activity. Possessing a dour countenance laced with the strychnine of menace, the youths motion towards the interior of Bethel’s vehicle, attempting to gain entry. It is in this instant that the journalist makes a startling discovery with regard to the physical appearance of the youths in question, apart from a conspicuously dark skin tone, the noticeable absence of discernible coloration in the iris - eyes of obsidian. Bethel hastily departs the scene of this encounter, the trepidation of the unknown now his constant companion.
Bethel's is one of many eye witness accounts referencing the incidence of such phenomena, with speculation rampant regarding the accuracy of these claims, many within the paranormal science community have arrived at a variance of conclusions with regard to the possible origins of these menacing specters.
Demonic entities possessing physical form? Human/ alien hybrid life forms? Lost souls suspended in time? These are the three most often mentioned possibilities referencing the incidence of such phenomena. Perhaps the most intriguing possibility being that of an empty spiritual husk, devoid of essence, and condemned to wander the Earth for eternity as punishment for some unnamable offense committed in their former life.
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