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Written By Michael Reign on Monday, April 24, 2017 | 10:04 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to eschatological discourse. {Updated on a Regular Basis}

Many are those who would seek to characterize the written verses and passages ascribed to Biblical scripture as ancient fable, with still others dismissing the notion of theological discourse altogether. The fundamental tenets of Judeo-Christian philosophy oftentimes the target of secularist assemblies, multimedia organizations, the political establishment, the Entertainment Industry, religious abolitionists, etc., with the reality of end times prophecy viewed by the vast majority of the world’s population as hypothetical conjecture. For individuals whose faith, whose adherence to a monotheistic system of belief that rightfully exalts the Heavenly Father as the author of creation, remains steadfast, the concept of a Biblically-inspired predestination exists as a guide for future events.

7.27.2001 Eschatology | Theological Discourse and Scriptural Interpretation



5.11.2017 Government Officials in the Republic of India Implementing a Compulsory Biometric Identification Verification Database to Catalog and Collect Information on All of Its Estimated 1.35 Billion Inhabitants - The Aadhaar Program, Hailed by Its Progenitors as a Necessary Plan of Contingency Designed to Mitigate the Incidence of Lost or Stolen Identification, Tax Evasion, as Well as Facilitating a Marked Reduction in the Monetary Expenditures Allotted for Social Subsistence or Welfare-Related Provisions - Citizens of the Republic of India Will Be Required to Enroll in the Program, With Each Individual Being Assigned a Unique 12-Digit Numeric Serving as a Digitally-Transcribed Record of Identity Capable of Being Verified Through Fingerprint and Iris Scans, or Risk Being Unable to Pay Taxes, Participate in the Electoral Process, Collect Monetary Pensions, and/ or Obtain Benefits From Welfare-Oriented/ Income Redistribution Government Service Plans - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at One Point in Time an Outspoken Vocal Critic of the Aadhaar Proposition, Has Embraced the Prospect of an All-Encompassing Digital Identity Verification System - Modi’s Political Constituents Within the Indian Parliament for Varanasi Passing a Legislative Provision That Would Effectively Precipitate a Dramatic Expansion of the Aadhaar Initiative, Allowing for a Marked Increase in the Latitude of Accessibility Afforded to Government Entities and Private Businesses Attempting to Procure Records From the System’s Database - A Mainframe Which Documents the Following:

Date of Birth
Place of Residence
Financial Holdings and Account Information
Telephonic Registries
Email Addresses and Correspondence Histories

The Advent of the Aadhaar System’s Utilization as a Portal of Information by Corporate Institutions and Agencies Heralding the Possibility of Non-Participants Being Unable to Open a Bank Account, Obtain New Cellphone Numbers, or Purchase Plane Tickets - Lawyers Opposing the Implementation of a Compulsory System of Identity Verification Argued Before the Supreme Court That Citizens Could Not Be Forced by Government Representatives to Forfeit the Privacy of Their Biometric Data to Private Companies as It Would Be in Violation of Preexistent Privacy Protections Guaranteed to Residents Within the Contents of the Indian Constitution - This Argument Countered by Statements From Mukul Rohatgi, the Acting Attorney General, Who, During the Course of a Preliminary Hearing, Attempted to Illustrate That Citizens Could Not Be Afforded a Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to Privacy as Indian Nationals Did Not Possess the Authority to Claim an “Absolute Right” Over Their Bodies



4.26.2017 Paramilitary Brigades Within North Korea’s Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League Actively Preparing to ‘Wipe Out’ the U.S. and South Korea With Five Million Nuclear Bombs

4.26.2017 Kim Jong-Un, 33, the Acting Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Commemorates the 85-Year Military Anniversary of the North Korean Army’s Establishment With the Country’s ‘Largest Ever’ Live-Fire Artillery Drills Along the Wonsan Coast as the Looming Threat of Nuclear Conflagration in the Region Weighs Heavily on the International Community

4.23.2017 North Korea Promises the Dawn of a ‘Great War’ as U.S. Aircraft Carrier-Led Strike Force Approaches the Korean Peninsula

4.23.2017 North Korea Accuses Australia of ‘Blindly and Zealously Toeing the U.S. Line,’ Threatens Long Range Nuclear Strike - Statements From the North Korean Foreign Ministry Hinting at the Possibility of a Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensive Against the Island Continent Follow Earlier Proclamations by Julie Bishop, Australia’s Acting Foreign Minister, Who Was Quoted as Saying That ‘Pyongyang Poses a “Serious Threat” to Peace and Stability in the Region’ - The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Released the Following Series of Statements Regarding Bishop’s Assertions:

“If Australia Persists in Following the U.S. Moves to Isolate and Stifle the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and Remains a Shock Brigade of the U.S. Master, This Will Be a Suicidal Act of Coming Within the Range of a Nuclear Strike by the Strategic Force of the DPRK. The Australian Foreign Minister Had Better Think Twice About the Consequences Entailed by Her Reckless Tongue-Lashing Before Flattering the U.S.”


6.19.2017 High Ranking Contingents Within the Russian Federation’s Defense Ministry Sever All Lines of Communication With the United States Following the Pentagon’s Decision to Down One of the Assad Regime’s Warplanes Over the Raqqa Province

Military Aircraft From Various Branches of the U.S.-Led Coalition Conducting Combat-Related Operations Over Syrian Government-Controlled Areas West of the Euphrates River Viewed as Potential Targets

4.20.2017 High Ranking Military Contingents Within the Russian Federation Authorize the Deployment of Armed Services Brigades, Helicopters, and Armored Vehicles to Its Territorial Boundary With North Korea as Acting President Vladimir Putin Braces for War

9.28.2016 “I Could Destroy America in Half an Hour or Less” - Vladimir Putin, Then the Acting Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Quoted With the Aforementioned Utterance During the Course of a Lavish Banquet in Moscow, a Statement Which Was Subsequently Published in the Pages of a Book Co-Authored by Douglas E. Schoen and Melik Kaylan Entitled, ‘The Russia-China Axis: The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership’


6.19.2017 South Korea Threatening Military Action Against Its Northern Counterpart Following Pyonyang’s Decision to Employ the Use of an Automated Aerial Reconnaissance Drone Designed to Gather Intelligence Information Pertaining to the South’s Missile Defense Program

5.17.2017 Moon Jae-In, the Acting President of South Korea, Warns of the ‘High Possibility’ of Military Conflict With Its Northern Counterpart Following an Intense Series of Dialogues With Pyongyang’s Political Establishment



8.24.2016 REPORT: Government Officials in the Czech Republic Urging Citizens to ‘Prepare for the Worst’ - Warning Follows a Similar Advisory Issued by Members of Germany’s Parliament Requiring Citizens to Stockpile a 10-Day Supply of Food and Water


8.31.2016 German Government Officials Preparing for Regional Conflict in Europe as Orders of Military Conscription (Draft) Are Sent to Doctors and Physicians Across the Country, Urging Them to Report to Active Duty

8.22.2016 German Citizens Instructed to Begin Stockpiling Food, Water and Available Cash, Reinforce Their Structural Dwellings and Learn to Defend Themselves From Attack as Government Officials Warn of “Existence-Threatening Developments in the Future”


4.25.2017 Theresa May, the United Kingdom’s Acting Prime Minister Since 2016, Emphasizes the Readiness of Great Britain to Employ the Use of Nuclear Weapons Technology as a Preemptive Military Strategy Against Perceived Threats to the Stability of the British Empire



6.19.2017 U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet Naval Warplane Downs Syrian Army SU-22 Jet Near the Village of Rasafah, South of Raqqa; in Response to What Pentagon Officials Deemed Was an Unprovoked Attack Against U.S. Coalition-Sponsored Rebel Contingents Operating in the Area

4.27.2017 Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump, During the Course of an Oval Office Interview Ahead of His 100th Day in Office on Saturday, Spoke Frankly of the Possibility of Engaging North Korea Militarily in a Conflict That Has the Potential to Become Regional in Scope But Insisted That His Intentions Were to Seek a Diplomatic Resolution to the Ongoing Dispute Between the Two Countries Over the DPRK’s Active Development of Its Nuclear Weapons Arsenal and ICBM (InterContinental Ballistic Missile) Capabilities - The 45th President Was Quoted With the Following Statement by Reporters From the Reuters News Agency:

“There is a Chance That We Could End Up Having a Major, Major Conflict With North Korea. Absolutely.”

4.26.2017 Senators in Attendance at a Closed Door Whitehouse Briefing Informed by Senior Officials Within the Trump Administration’s Cabinet of the “Urgent National Security Threat” Posed by North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Missile Development Programs

4.24.2017 Entire U.S. Senatorial Committee Invited to the White House for Classified Briefing on North Korea From Acting Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and General Joe Dunford, America’s Highest Ranking Active Duty Military Official and Current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff



4.29.2017 ‘Catastrophic’ Deaths of Populations of Deer Fawn and Female Deer Documented in Wyoming

4.21.2017 Dozens of Dead or Dying Sea Birds, Seals and Sea Lions, Dolphins, and Other Marine Mammals Washing Up Along the Pacific Coastal Regions of Southern California - State Wildlife Conservation Officials From the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute (CIMIWI) and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) Assert That the Presence of Neurotoxins - Specifically Domoic Acid - in Algal Blooms is the Most Likely Cause

4.17.2007 Fish Kill | Theoretical Causes and Terminology



4.23.2017 Fisheries and Livestock Secretary Maksudul Hasan Khan Documents in Excess of 1,200 Tons of Dead Fish in Several Haors (Bodies of Water) Surrounding the Netrakona, Sunamganj, Habiganj and Kishoreganj Districts


5.1.2017 In Excess of 100 Tons of Dead and Decaying Fish Surface Across Vast Swaths of Lake Kunashak in the Federal Subject of Chelyabinsk Oblast, an Administrative Center Situated in the Ural Mountains Region, Along the Border of Europe and Asia


5.1.2017 Mass Die Off of Fish Extending Outward 3 Kilometers (1.864 Miles) From a River in Quang Nam



4.22.2017 Miches Municipality - Thousands of Tilapia and Catfish Have Died of Unknown Causes in the Laguna Redonda scientific Reserve in the Coastal Miches Municipality Prompting a Series of Investigations by Technicians From the National Directorate of Protected Areas of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources



4.24.2017 Nadadores, Coahuila - Thousands of Dead Fish Procured From the “Los Pocitos” Ejido El Aguila Pond by Mexico’s Civil Protection Agency and Humberto Rodríguez García, Its Acting Director of Public Safety



5.1.2017 Thousands of Dead Fish Found in the Waters of Dunkerque


4.24.2017 Thousands of Dead Fish Found in a Dam Between Puglia and Basilicata



4.29.2017 Tons of Dead Fish Littering Kuwait’s Beaches and Bay With Representatives From the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) Urging the Environmental Public Authority (EPA) to Prevent the Release of Sewage Into the Nation’s Waterways



4.23.2017 Thousands of Dead Fish Procured From Cartersville Park Lake in the State of Georgia - Gary Anderson, the Acting Parks Director, Working in Conjunction With the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Attribute the Loss of Animal Life to Oxygen Depletion Precipitated by an Overabundance of Wildlife

5.4.2017 Australian Keepsake Company Offering Prospective Parents Across the Globe the Opportunity to Transform Their Unwanted Embryos Into Jewelry

Founded by Amy McGlade, Baby Bee Hummingbirds Affords Parents a ‘Sentimental Option’ in the Engineered Disposal of Frozen Embryos by Reconstituting Their Remains Into Fashion Accessories

In a Syndicated Press Release Through Facebook’s Social Media Platform on April 30th, the Company Openly Announced, “We Are Absolute Experts & True Original Leaders in Embryo Ashes • DNA Jewelry”

The Company Offering Their Services in the Creation of Jewelry Keepsakes From Breastmilk, Hair From a Baby’s First Cut, First Tooth Extraction, Umbilical Cord Stump, and Placenta

The Jewelry Featured in Advertisements and Promotionals by Baby Bee Hummingbirds is Typically Manufactured Through the Cremated Remains of a Family’s Discarded Embryos

2.29.2012 Panel of Accredited Bioethicists From Oxford University Argue That Parents Should Be Afforded the Right to Terminate the Life of a Newborn Infant Because They Are “Morally Irrelevant”

The Written Publication, Initially Released in the Journal of Moral Ethics, Claims That Newborn Babies Aren’t “Actual Persons” and Don’t Necessarily Have a “Moral Right to Life”

The Academics Questioned in the Survey Also Endorse the Practice of Exterminating Potentially Disabled Infants Following Their Birth as a Merciful Alternative to What Could Otherwise Be Construed as an Emotional and Financial Burden for Prospective Couples

Professor Julian Savulescu, Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Claims That Individuals Advocating Violence Against the Authors of the Study Are “Fanatics Opposed to the Very Values of a Liberal Society”

The Article, “After-Birth Abortion: Why Should the Baby Live?”, Was Authored by Two of Professor Julian Savulescu’s Contemporaries, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva



4.24.2017 Several Employees at a Speech Therapy Centre in Jiangxi Province Filmed by Undercover Investigators Physically Assaulting Deaf and Mute Toddlers and Threatening to Make Them Ingest Fecal Waste - Staff Members at the Centre, When Confronted With the Disturbing Video Footage, Insisted That the Beatings Were Intended to Help the Toddlers Learn to Speak



7.21.2017 Legal Experts Insist That While the Absence of Concern by an Unidentified Group of Teens Who Mercilessly Taunted a Developmentally Disabled Man, Since Identified as Jamel Dunn, 32; While Filming His Death in Florida is Morally Reprehensible, That They Were Under No Legal Obligation to Render Him Aid in His Moment of Distress

Disturbing Video Footage of the Incident Was Later Obtained by the Local Authorities Who Had Temporarily Confiscated the Cellular Communication Devices of the Ensemble in a Bid to Garner Evidence

According to Yvonne Martinez, the Spokesperson for the Cocoa Police Department, “The Kids Were at the Park That Day Smoking Marijuana and Apparently Saw Him Walk Into the Water. They Were Watching Him. The Teens Were Telling Him They Weren’t Going in After Him and That ‘You Shouldn’t Have Gone in There.’”

Even When It Became Apparent That Dunn Was Having Difficulty Keeping His Head Above Water, Not One Member of the Teenage Entourage Bothered to Call 911

The Teens Can Be Heard Laughing Uncontrollably Off Camera, With One of the Youth Shouting, “Get Out the Water, You Gonna Die,” and Another Exclaiming, “Ain’t Nobody Fixing to Help You, You Dumb Motherf**ker”

As the Scene Nears Its Conclusion, With Dunn Eventually Losing His Struggle to Remain Afloat, Another Teen Can Be Heard Saying: “Oh, He Just Died”

7.20.2017 Unidentified Youth Ranging in Age From 14 to 16 Years Ignore a Developmentally Disabled Man’s Pleas for Help, Choosing Instead to Mock, Curse, and Laugh All the While Filming His Drowning Death in a Nearby Retention Pond – The Deceased Man, Whose Badly Decomposed Remains Were Exhumed From the Depths of the Pond, Was Later Identified by His Immediate Family as 32-Year-Old Jamel Dunn

7.7.2017 Isabel Martinez, 33, the Mother Who Brutally Stabbed Her Husband, as Well as Four of Her Five Children to Death in the Mobile Home Community of Loganville; Smiles, Nonchalantly Gesturing Toward Photographers While Parading a Bizarre Sequence of Hand Signs in Their General Direction During the Course of Her First Scheduled Court Appearance

7.6.2017 Isabel Cartuno Martinez, 33, Stabs Her Husband, as Well as Four of Her Five Children, all Under the Age of 10 Years, to Death in Loganville, Georgia – Officers From the Gwinnett County Police Department Responded to a Call at 4:47AM, Believed to Have Been Placed by Martinez, and Later Arrived at the Address of 509 Emory Lane in Loganville, Discovering Five Prone Bodies, Each the Victim of Multiple Stab Wounds

6.30.2017 CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) Captures the Moment Jamar Bernard Woody, 35, Viciously Pummels Shatory Irving, 26, Who at the Time of the Incident Was Three Months Pregnant With His Child, Exposing Part of Her Skull While Canvassing a Local Convenience Store in Roanoke, Virginia - Woody Was Later Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison Despite Numerous Attempts by His Erstwhile Girlfriend to Dissuade the Jury From Recommending Confinement

6.20.2017 Shaquan Taylor, 18, a Resident of Brooklyn, New York; Taken Into Custody by Authorities Following Allegations of Felony Assault Against His Sixteen-Month-Old Daughter, as Well as Tammy Lewis, 17, the Mother of His Child Who Was Beaten Unconscious During the Course of a Physical Altercation - Taylor is Alleged to Have Beat the Infant Within an Inch of Her Life, His Vicious Onslaught Resulting in a Fractured Skull and Brain Hemorrhaging

Incriminating Evidence in the Form of Several Online Communications Through Facebook’s Social Media Platform Have Since Been Made Available to the Public Where the Defendant Was Quoted With the Following Statements:

“- Feel Mad Disrespected. Still, Told That Little B*tch to Get Abortion & She Tells Me She Is But Still Keep It. Exactly Why I Hate That Little B*tch.”

4.19.2017 Disturbing Video Footage of a Physical Altercation Between Students Attending T.W. Browne Middle School in the West Oak Cliff Subdivision of Dallas, Texas; Shows an Unidentified Male Juvenile Being Repeatedly Punched and Slapped Before Being Kicked and Jumped on by Several Assailants in a Bathroom as Onlookers Laughed and Celebrated in the Background

1.8.2017 Mother and Boyfriend Facing Charges of Capital Murder Following the Death of Her 14-Year-Old Adopted Daughter Who Was Physically and Sexually Assaulted, and Later Dismembered, as Part of a ‘Sick Rape-Murder Fantasy They Plotted for More Than a Year’

Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan, of Abington, Pennsylvania; Conspired to Murder Grace Parker, 14, Packer’s Adoptive Daughter, for More Than a Year as Part of a Dark Sexual Fantasy

According to Documents Pertaining to the Criminal Investigation, Packer is Believed to Have Witnessed Sullivan Rape the Adolescent Youth While Pleasuring Herself Sexually

Following the Brutal Assault, Packer’s Adopted Daughter Was Purportedly Drugged and Left to Suffocate in an Upstairs Attic by Sullivan, Who Would Subsequently Strangle Grace Packer the Next Morning in a Fit of Rage
Her Lifeless Body Buried in Cat Food

Returning to the Confines of the Quakertown Rental Property’s Upstairs Attic in Mid-October of 2016, Packer and Sullivan Are Believed to Have Dismembered the Corpse of the Teen, Eventually Scattering Her Remains on a Road in Luzerne County, Two Miles North of Philadelphia

Sara Packer Also Reportedly Profited Off the Murder of Her Adoptive Daughter, Failing to Disclose Her Death to Authorities in Order to Continue Receiving a $712 Monthly Stipend From the Social Security Administration



5.24.2017 Constitutional Court in Taiwan Grants Matrimonial Privilege to Same-Sex Couples, the First Such Ruling in Asia

The Judicial Yuan Based Its Revision of the Preexistent Legal Standard on the Premise That Current Laws Governing Conventional Union Were “in Violation of Both the People’s Freedom of Marriage… and the People’s Right to Equality”



4.27.2017 Kamilla Werneck, 25, an Adult Film Actress From Rio de Janeiro, Who Divorced Her Husband of Three Years to Pursue a Relationship With Another Woman and Who Oftentimes Describes Herself as Having ‘Evangelical Faith,’ Insists God Doesn’t Judge Her Lifestyle Choices as He Sees Her ‘Good Heart’ - Speaking to Host Nicole Puzzi on the Adult TV Show, ‘Pornoladina,’ Werneck Was Quoted With the Following Statements:

“I Think God Sees Inside Our Hearts. He Judges the Good and the Bad Things You Do, and I Do Good Things for People. I’m a Good Person at Heart and That’s What Matters.”



6.19.2017 U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina State Provision That Prohibited Registered Sex Offenders From Accessing Commercial Social Networking Sites, Including Facebook and Twitter

6.16.2017 Recently Enacted Policy by the U.S. Army Includes a List of Guidelines Detailing the Code of Conduct for Prospective Enlistees, as Well as Tenured Servicemen and Women, Regarding the Subject of Transgender Male Pregnancies

Stipulations Part of a Broader Series of Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training Initiatives Being Instituted by the U.S. Department of Defense

12.1.2011 Senatorial Representatives in the United States Overwhelmingly Approve Legislation in a 93-7 Vote That Legalizes the Act of Sodomy and Bestiality in Military Service

7.24.2014 In Excess of 1 Million “Selfies” Taken Daily as Narcissist Mentality, Haughty Obsession, and a Preoccupation With Celebrity Captivates Generations of People



5.21.2016 Daughters of Beijing’s Wealthiest Elite Brag of Their Expensive Vacations Aboard Private Jets, £5,000 ($6,486.09) Bottles of Champagne, and £16,000 ($20,754.70) Jewelry on Social Media


9.21.2016 Wealthy Progeny of Some of Asia’s Most Affluent Members of High Society Openly Boast of Their Inherited Luxuries in Singapore


7.19.2017 Opulent Youth Flaunt Their Outrageously Lavish Lifestyles, Showcasing Some of the Most Expensive Designer Clothing Apparel, Brandishing Stacks of Money, Ingesting Copious Amounts of Champagne, and Reveling in Decadence in Vietnam



7.3.2017 Based in the City of Chicago, the Newberry Library is Actively Enlisting the Aid of Occult Practitioners in Deciphering a Series of 17th Century Manuscripts Pertaining to the Subject of Witchcraft and Mysticism

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