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NATO-Sponsored Interventionism at the Expense of the American Taxpayer

Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 | 10:53 PM

People in America are oftentimes wont to complain of the indifference of the Federal Government, specifically the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), in their confiscation - what in essence amounts to misappropriation - of portions of their earned income. They cringe at the thought of the latest in a long line of tax increases, but choose to remain ignorant of exactly how many taxes they actually pay during the course of their lifetime.

1) Air Transportation Taxes (Factored into the overall cost expenditure associated with air travel)
2) Biodiesel Fuel Taxes
3) Building Permit Taxes
4) Business Registration Fees
5) Capital Gains Taxes
6) Cigarette Taxes
7) Court Fines (Indirect taxes)
8) Disposal Fees
9) Dog License Taxes
10) Drivers License Fees (Another form of taxation)
11) Employer Health Insurance Mandate Tax
12) Employer Medicare Taxes
13) Employer Social Security Taxes
14) Environmental Fees
15) Estate Taxes
16) Excise Taxes on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
17) Federal Corporate Taxes
18) Federal Income Taxes
19) Federal Unemployment Taxes
20) Fishing License Taxes
21) Flush Taxes (This fee for the use of one’s toilet as a means of sanitation does exist in some areas of the United States, as this particular fee is factored into water usage and sewage containment and disposal)
22) Food And Beverage License Fees
23) Franchise Business Taxes
24) Garbage Taxes
25) Gasoline Taxes
26) Gift Taxes
27) Gun Ownership Permits
28) Hazardous Material Disposal Fees
29) Highway Access Fees
30) Hotel Taxes (These are becoming quite large in some areas)
31) Hunting License Taxes
32) Import Taxes
33) Individual Health Insurance Mandate Taxes
34) Inheritance Taxes
35) Insect Control Hazardous Materials Licenses
36) Inspection Fees
37) Insurance Premium Taxes
38) Interstate User Diesel Fuel Taxes
39) Inventory Taxes
40) IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Early Withdrawal Taxes
41) IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Interest Charges (Tax on top of tax)
42) IRS Penalties (Tax on top of tax)
43) Library Taxes
44) License Plate Fees
45) Liquor Taxes
46) Local Corporate Taxes
47) Local Income Taxes
48) Local School Taxes
49) Local Unemployment Taxes
50) Luxury Taxes
51) Marriage License Taxes
52) Medicare Taxes
53) Medicare Tax Surcharge on High Earning Americans Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, also known as “Obamacare”)
54) Obamacare Individual Mandate Excise Tax (If you fail to purchase “qualifying” health insurance under Obamacare you will have to pay an additional tax)
55) Obamacare Surtax On Investment Income (A new 3.8% surtax on investment income)
56) Parking Meters
57) Passport Fees
58) Professional Licenses And Fees (Another form of taxation)
59) Property Taxes
60) Real Estate Taxes
61) Recreational Vehicle Taxes
62) Registration Fees for New Businesses
63) Toll Booth Taxes
64) Sales Taxes
65) Self-Employment Taxes
66) Sewer & Water Taxes
67) School Taxes
68) Septic Permit Taxes
69) Service Charge Taxes
70) Social Security Taxes
71) Special Assessments for Road Repairs or Construction
72) Sports Stadium Taxes
73) State Corporate Taxes
74) State Income Taxes
75) State Park Entrance Fees
76) State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA)
77) Tanning Taxes (Newly established regulations incorporated into the PPACA mandate on the owners of tanning salons - and eventually consumers in the form of higher fees as a means of paying the increased financial burden - as a form of health care and disease prevention)
78) Telephone 911 Service Taxes
79) Telephone Federal Excise Taxes
80) Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Taxes
81) Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Taxes
82) Telephone State and Local Taxes
83) Telephone Universal Access Taxes
84) The Alternative Minimum Tax
85) Tire Recycling Fees
86) Tire Taxes
87) Tolls (Another form of taxation)
88) Traffic Fines (Indirect taxation)
89) Use Taxes (Out of state purchases, etc.)
90) Utility Taxes
91) Vehicle Registration Taxes
92) Waste Management Taxes
93) Water Rights Fees
94) Watercraft Registration and Licensing Fees
95) Well Permit Fees
96) Workers Compensation Taxes
97) Zoning Permit Fees

Would that this level of tyranny had been visited upon the countless millions who have come to call portions of Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen home, perhaps the wholesale annihilation of their living standard could have been averted. The pictures that follow serve as illustrative proof of what money can buy - what the American people have essentially been forced to pay for through the Federal Government's current system of involuntary income redistribution.

The question then becomes, who should be held accountable for these transgressions? The unmitigated devastation of civilizations?

Should the American people - who, by and large, have made a conscious decision to stand on the sidelines of moral objectivity - be liable for the actions of a political establishment that openly endorses the slaughter of indigenous populations as a point of emphasis in the fulfillment of foreign policy objectives?

That is something each one of us will have to decide for ourselves.
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