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Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 8:50 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to the subject of global conflagration. {Updated on a Regular Basis}


11.13.2014 Showdown in the Coral Sea Looms Ominously as Australian Naval Contingents Dispatch Several Warships to Intercept Russian Armada

12.10.2014 Australia Prepares for World War III With the Revival of Its Air Warfare Destroyer Programme


11.1.2013 State-Run Telecommunications Agencies in China Publicly Release Cartographical Illustration Referencing the Attack Capabilities of its Nuclear Submarine Fleet on the Western Periphery of the Continental United States

4.14.2014 Xi Jinping, Current President of China, Urges Various Military Contingents Within the Nation’s Periphery to Adopt Integrated Air and Space Defense Capabilities in Response to Operations Being Conducted by the United States and Others in the Global Community

5.18.2014 Sizable Contingent of Chinese Military Service Personnel, Predominantly Members of the People’s Liberation Army, Begin Their Descent on the Vietnamese Border

6.19.2014 China Begins Construction of Several Artificial Island Municipalities in the South China Sea in an Effort to Anchor Claims of Ownership

7.27.2014 People’s Liberation Army Naval Contingents Conducting Combat Operations Exercises in the Disputed South and East China Seas as a Show of Force to Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam

8.1.2014 Chinese Military Officials Confirm the Existence of New Generation Long Range Missile Technologies Capable of Impacting the U.S. Mainland

8.19.2014 Chinese Military Service Personnel Repeatedly Entering Disputed Territory in India

8.28.2014 Chinese Interception of U.S. Military Aircraft to Intensify Following Surveillance Campaigns Initiated Against China’s Nuclear-Armed Ballistic Submarine Fleet in Southern Hainan Island Chain

8.28.2014 China Vows Swift Response to U.S. Reconnaissance Flights

9.19.2014 Chinese Government Officials Authorize the Military Deployment of Nuclear Submarines in Close Proximity to the Pacific Coastal Periphery of the Continental United States

9.21.2014 For the First Time in Recorded History, China Docks a Naval Destroyer in the Southern Iranian Strait of Hormuz Port of Bandar-Abbas, Exacerbating Suspicions Regarding the Emergence of a PetroYuan Alliance


11.23.2014 In Interviews, Finland’s Leaders Envision Perilous Outcome Resulting From Russian Federation’s Economic Standoff With the United States


3.19.2015 American Intelligence Agencies Confirm Validity of Long Held Suspicion Concerning Iranian Military Contingents Endorsement of a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Detonation Capable of Dismantling the U.S. Power Grid


7.27.2014 REPORT: Mexican Military Aircraft Crosses Into the United States, Opening Fire at Border Agents and Customs Officials


7.28.2014 North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strikes Against the White House and Pentagon in Response to What It Deems as ‘American Imperialism’

11.23.2014 North Korea Issues Stern Proclamation Regarding Japan’s Involvement in the Adoption of a U.N. Resolution Regarding the Referral of the Rogue Nation’s Pattern of Human Rights Violations to the International Criminal Court - Threatens to Wipe Japan ‘Off World Map’

12.21.2014 North Korea Warns of Military Confrontation With the United States, Nuclear Strikes on the White House, Pentagon, and the Mainland in Retaliation for Sony Hacking Accusations

3.20.2015 Hyun Hak-bong, North Korea’s Ambassador, Warns of Rogue Nation’s Nuclear Capability, Threatens to Use it in the Event the Political Regime Feels Threatened


2.12.2014 Russian Scientists Actively Developing Stealth Technology for Use in Submarines

4.14.2014 Russian Military Aircraft Made Multiple Documented, Close Range Passes Near American Warship Stationed in the Black Sea for More Than 90 Minutes Amidst Escalating Tensions Within the Region

4.14.2014 Russian Military Conducts Flight Test Simulation of Newly Designed Multi-Warhead Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Amidst Growing Tensions With the United States Over the Crisis in Ukraine

4.25.2014 Russian Intelligence-Gathering Vishnya-Class Vessels Viktor Leonov and Nikolay Chiker Operating Off the East Coast of the United States for the Last Month According to Various Sources in the Pentagon

8.7.2014 Russian Military Aircraft Increase Their Presence Over U.S. Airspace Near Alaska

8.28.2014 Russian Military Contingents, Armored Tank Columns, Heavy Artillery Amass in Southeastern Periphery of Ukraine - Capturing Key Areas and Forcing the Retreat of Government Forces

9.3.2014 Russian Military General Emphasizes the Actualization of a Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against the United States and Its Allies in the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Alliance

9.8.2014 Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Engage in Cruise Missile Strike Simulations on the Continental United States in Several Aerial Reconnaissance Operations

9.28.2014 Russian Military Contingents Threaten Retaliation Against the United States in Lieu of Combat Operations Being Conducted Against IS (Islamic State) Forces in Syria

10.16.2014 Vladimir Putin Responds to the Obama Administration’s Policy of Economic Sanctions Against His Country’s Monetary System With a Warning Portending the Use of Nuclear Weapons Technologies

11.12.2014 Russian Military Vessels Dispatched to Australian Waters Following Tensions Arising From the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Leader’s Summit in Beijing Between Prime Minister Tony Abbott and President Vladimir Putin

11.27.2014 Russian Federation Reinstituting the Use of Nuclear Missile Trains in an Effort to Counteract U.S. Attack Capability

12.1.2014 Russian Federation Preparing for War With the Construction of a Massive Defense and Super Computer Network

12.29.2014 Following the Obama Administration’s Imposition of Economic Sanctions Against the Russian Federation, the Stark Reality of an Unprecedented Level of Animosity Levied Against the U.S. and Its Foreign Interests is Being Ushered Into Existence - the Consequences of Which Have Yet to Be Realized

1.30.2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin Authorizes the Deployment of Nuclear Bombers Over Portions of the English Channel in Response to Economic Sanctions Against His Nation Levied by Western Interests - The Aircraft Invisible to Air Traffic Control Systems Throughout the United Kingdom Because Flight Transponders Were Disconnected

3.18.2015 Hornet’s Nest: Massive Drills Taking Place Across Russia With 20 Vessels Being Stationed in the Baltic Sea, Preparatory Measures Taking Place Concurrently With U.S. and NATO Military Exercises

3.21.2015 Mikhail Vanin, the Russian Federation’s Ambassador to Denmark, Cautions Government Representatives and Military Contingents Against Participating in NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s) Missile Defense Shield, Warns Nation of Its Navy Becoming a Legitimate Target for Nuclear Weapons Exchange

3.31.2015 Konstantin Sivkov, a Russian Geopolitical Analyst, Encourages Tactical Nuclear Weapons Offensives Aimed at the United States, Cites the Incidence of a Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas Fault Line as Opportunities to Engineer the ‘Disappearance’ of the United States as a Country


3.26.2015 Saudi Arabia Launches a Series of Military Airstrikes on Yemen Rebel Installations: Kingdom Deploys 100 Fighter Jets and 150,000 Soldiers Following Yemeni President’s Ouster

3.26.2015 On the Brink of a New Middle Eastern Catastrophe: Saudi Arabia Sends War Planes Into Yemen in a Terrifying Clash With Iranian Military Contingents


9.23.2014 South Korean Intelligence Authorities Inform the JoongAng Ilbo Telecommunications Agency of North Korea’s Development of Missile Technologies Harboring Tactical Nuclear Warheads


8.25.2014 Assad Regime in Syria Condemns the Possibility of Preemptive Airstrikes by U.S. Military Contingents Being Conducted Against the ISIS Terrorist Network, Equating the Pursuit of Such Objectives to an Open Declaration of War


10.9.2013 Taiwanese Government Officials Firmly Believe China Will Possess the Weapons Capability to Defeat the United States, Launch Preemptive Military Offensives, and Invade the Territorial Periphery of Taiwan By 2020


8.29.2014 Ukrainian Leader Says ‘Huge Load of Arms’ Pouring Into the Country From Russian Federation


4.23.2014 Regional Ambitions of the Chinese Government Involving the Territorial Annexation of Several Japanese Island Municipalities Weigh Heavily on the Minds of Many Following President Obama’s Brief Sojourn to the Tsunami Ravaged Nation

8.8.2014 Pentagon Confirms Reports of U.S. Airstrikes Being Conducted in Iraq

8.8.2014 Tens of Thousands of Refugees Pour Into the Kurdish Periphery of Northern Iraq as U.S. Warplanes Bombard Islamic State Militants With Explosives

8.26.2014 U.S. Forces Move Into Syria, Paving the Way for Coordinated Airstrikes Against Islamic State Militant Organizations Within the Region - Despite Warnings Issued Forth By Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Condemning Preemptive Military Operations as an Act of Aggression

8.28.2014 U.S. Government Officials Accuse Russian Federation of Duplicity in Their Handling of Ukraine

9.3.2014 Naval Contingents in the United States Deploy the USS Ross Guided Missile Destroyer to the Black Sea in Response to Escalating Tensions in Ukraine

9.22.2014 Anti-Islamic State Coalition Involving Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and the United States Begin a Campaign of Coordinated Airstrikes Throughout the Syrian Periphery

9.23.2014 Tactical Military Offensives Being Coordinated in Syria by the Obama Administration Conducted Without Congressional Approval

10.6.2014 Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Warns America Faces a ‘30-Year War’ Against ISIS and Other Emerging Terrorist Coalitions Throughout Africa and the Middle East

11.26.2014 U.S. Army Contingents ‘to Send Tanks to Eastern Europe’ Amidst Escalating Tensions Among NATO Participatory Agencies Following Russian Military Provocation Within the Region

3.3.2015 U.S. to Deploy National Guard Personnel by the Close of the Week for a Period of Six Months to Portions of Eastern Ukraine to Train Military Contingents in Lieu of Conflict Between Russian-Backed Separatist Organizations and the Ukrainian Government

3.9.2015 More Than 120 U.S. Armored Vehicle Units, Including M1A2 Abrams Tanks and M2A3 Bradley Armored Personnel Carriers, Delivered to Latvian Ministry of Defense

3.11.2015 U.S. to Send Additional Drones, Humvees, and Armored Personnel Carriers to the Eastern Periphery of Ukraine - Victoria Nuland, the Assistant U.S. Secretary of State, Issues a Statement Affirming the Obama Administration’s Transfer of $118 Million in Security Assistance During the Previous 14 Months


4.3.2015 Chaos in Yemen: Chinese Military Contingents Arrive as U.S.-Armed Rebel Insurgency Sets Sights on Central Bank

10.1.2010 Currency War | History and Socioeconomic Significance

10.17.2014 China and Russia Have Abandoned Using the Dollar in Monetary Transactions, Europe Begins Using the Renminbi as Its Reserve Currency

12.11.2014 IMF (International Monetary Fund) to Acknowledge the Ascent of China’s Yuan, Also Termed as the Renminbi, Through Its Inclusion Into the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) System, Thereby Diminishing the U.S. Dollar’s Global Reserve Currency Status in Various Financial Transactions


11.15.2014 Putin Regime Actively Stockpiling Gold Bullion in Preparation for Economic War With the United States

1.18.2015 “De-Dollarization” Impetus Accelerating Significantly as Russian Federation Purchases Most Gold in Six Months, Continues Selling U.S. Treasuries

12.9.2005 Cyber-Warfare | Definition and Classification

11.18.2013 The Burgeoning Black Market Hacking Economy


10.21.2015 During the Course of a House Subcommittee on Research and Technology Hearing, Randy Weber, an RNC (Republican National Committee) Affiliated Congressional Representative From the State of Texas, Reiterated Statistical Estimates Proffered by the Energy Sector Highlighting the Incidence of Coordinated Attacks on the Nation’s Electric Power Grid - The Frequency of Which Being Once Every Four Days

11.7.2015 Military Defense Contracting Agencies With Ties to the Pentagon Actively Developing Computer Code Capable of Killing Large Segments of a Targeted Population - Legislative Doctrine Present in the June 2015 Release of the Pentagon’s “Law of War Manual” Seeks to Redefine the Application of the Law of War to Cyber Operations in Compliance With Article 2(4) of the Charter of the United Nations and Customary International Mandate - The Engineered Collapse of Nuclear Power Plant Infrastructure Culminating in Meltdown, the Manipulation of Water Dam Operations Systems Above Population Centers to Effect Mass Casualties and the Widespread Destruction of Property, the Sabotaging of Air Traffic Control Services to Induce Panic, and the Crippling of a Nation’s Military Logistics Capability

10.1.2001 Terrorism | Definition and Significance


2.14.2015 Danish-Born Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, 22, Gunned Down by Police Following the Shooting Deaths of Two People in Separate Incidents - Finn Nّrgaard, 55, a Danish Film and Creative Director Was Murdered at a Free Speech Event at Krudttonden Café, and Dan Uzan, 37, a Volunteer Security Guard at the Bat Mitzvah Jewish Synagogue Believed to Be the Only Victims in the Attacks


1.7.2015 Masked Gunmen Brandishing AK-47s Storm the Paris Headquarters of Satirical Newspaper Publishing Company Charlie Hebdo in Retaliation for Cartoonistic Caricature of the Prophet Mohammed - Three Suspects: Said Kouachi, 34, Cherif Kouachi, 32, Both From the City of Paris, and Hamyd Mourad, 18, Who Resided in the French City of Reims, Believed to Be Responsible for the Murder of 12 Individuals, Including a Police Officer Patrolling the Area


4.2.2015 Up to 150 Killed on the Campus Grounds of Garissa University College in Kenya, as Al-Shabaab Terrorist Network Shoot and Decapitate Christian Students in a 13-Hour Siege - Atrocity is the Worst Attack in the Country in 17 Years


1.9.2015 Following the Seizure of 16 Towns and Villages Across the Northeastern Periphery of Nigeria, the Boko Haram Terrorist Organization Murders 2,000 Civilians in Baga, Razing an Entire City and Facilitating the Mass Exodus of Thousands


12.16.2014 Seven Heavily Armed Members of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Terrorist Organization, a Militant Amalgam of Afghan Taliban Loyalists and Al-Qaeda Representatives, Besiege the Army Public School in the North-Western Pakistani City of Peshawar, Indiscriminately Slaughtering 141; 132 of That Number Being Schoolchildren in the Deadliest Terrorist Attack in the Nation’s History


2.6.2015 The Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda Loyalist Faction, Establishes Second Jihadist ‘Mini State’ Across the Idlib Province in Portions of Northern Syria


3.18.2015 ISIS Militants Kill 22 as Armed Gunmen Commandeer the Bardo Museum, Executing Foreign Nationals From Japan, Italy, Poland, and Germany as They Exited Cruise Ship Travelers Buses Parked Outside the Historical Landmark


10.24.2014 Zale Thompson, 32, Formally Identified as the Hatchet-Wielding Assailant Who Attacked Several Police Officers in Queens, New York, Believed to Be Acting Alone - Described by Investigators as a Self-Radicalized Muslim Extremist Having Terrorist Leanings

12.20.2014 Two New York City Police Officers, Wenjian Liu, 32, and Rafael Ramos, 40, Assassinated in a Targeted Attack by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, 28 - Suspect Had a Lengthy Criminal History, Having Been Arrested on 19 Separate Occasions in Georgia and Ohio on a Variety of Charges - Purported Member of the BGF (Black Guerilla Family) Prison Gang With Ties to Radical Islam

12.23.2014 NYPD Cop Killer Actively Employed by Hamas-linked Islamic Society of North America, a Front Organization for the Muslim Brotherhood, Confirming Suspicions of His Involvement With Extremist Groups


3.20.2015 ISIS Militants Kill 142, Wounding an Additional 351, in a Series of Coordinated Suicide Bombing Offensives Targeting the Badr and al-Hashoosh Prayer Mosques in the Capital City of Sanaa

4.10.2002 War Crimes | Definition and Significance


12.20.2014 Attack Dogs Trained by the U.S. Military Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base

1.8.2015 The Obama Administration Has Killed More People With Drones Than Those Who Perished on 9/11

1.14.2015 CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Officials to Stand Trial in Virginia for Their Role in Planting Nuclear Evidence in Iran

2.5.2005 High Treason | Definition and Significance


7.8.2013 Obama and the Rise of Radical Islam in America *VIDEO*

4.22.2014 The Citizens Committee on Benghazi - a Self-Appointed Group of Former Military Officers, CIA Operatives, and Political Consultants - Claims the U.S. Federal Government Allowed $500 Million Worth of Military-Grade Weapons, Explosive Ordnance, and Ammunition to Fall Into the Hands of Al-Qaeda-Linked Insurgency Organizations as a Pretext for the Eventual Removal of Muammar Gaddafi From Power, a Sequence of Events Contributing to the Demise of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens

1.10.2015 ISIS (Islamic State of Iran and Syria): America’s Terrorist Mercenaries *VIDEO*

1.20.2015 Obama Administration Assisting ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in Their Conquest of Syria in an Effort to Oust the Political Regime of Bashar al-Assad From Power?

1.21.2015 Obama Authorized Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Assets to Aid in the Funding of Al-Qaeda During the Libyan Coup Which Culminated in the Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi

11.20.2015 U.S. Military Aircraft Expressly Forbidden From Releasing 75 Percent of Their Weapons Ordnance on Various ISIS-Coordinated Terrorist Installations by the President in Compliance With an Administrative Policy Designed to Mitigate the Incidence of Civilian Casualties

12.2.2015 Russian Military Intelligence Operatives Publicly Release an Extensive Collection of Satellite and Aerial-Generated Images Detailing the Extent of ISIS’s Oil and Petroleum Trafficking Operations Being Conducted in Turkey

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