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Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 8:41 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to the subject of tyrannical imposition. {Updated on a Regular Basis}

4.5.2001 Censorship | Definition and Historical Significance


2.27.2015 Government-Coordinated Censorship Sweep in China Facilitates the Deletion of More Than 60,000 Internet-Based Accounts

10.11.2015 Wang Qun, Director General of the Arms Control Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Requests UN (United Nations) Intervention in the Establishment of an International Code of Conduct on Internet-Based Lines of Communication


6.16.2015 Monumental Loss of Free Speech Throughout the European Union as European Court of Human Rights, Through Its Adjudication of the Trial Proceedings Delfi AS v. Estonia, Can Now Criminally Indict Site Administrators Based on the Commenting Procedures Ascribed to Prospective Viewing Audiences - Proprietary Owners of Online-Based Content Deemed Liable for the Content of User-Generated Dialogue


6.3.2015 Atena Farghadani, 28, an Artist and Civil Rights Activist Specializing in the Creation of Politically-Inspired Caricatures, Given a 12 Year, 9 Month Prison Sentence by Tehran’s Revolutionary Court Tribunal for ‘Insulting Members of Parliament Through Paintings’ in Relation to an Illustration Depicting Government Officials as Animals


9.30.2014 Tories Pledge the Establishment of an Anti-Terrorist Database Designed to Curtail the Speech of Political Dissidents - Encourages the Use of ‘Extremist’ and ‘Potential Terrorist’ Label in the British Authority’s Determination of What Constitutes Acceptable Conduct Online


1.15.2005 NET NEUTRALITY | Legislative Implications and Significance

1.20.2014 When Net Neutrality Becomes Programmed Censorship

2.19.2015 Obama Petitioning FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chairman Tom Wheeler to Reclassify the Internet From Its Initial Designation as a Portal of Information to That of a Public Telecommunications Service Utility as a Means of Regulation, Control, and Censorship

2.25.2015 Why ‘Net Neutrality’ is a Trojan Horse for Obama’s Web Takeover - Secret 332 Page Document Paves the Way for Government Censorship and Increased Operating Costs for Website Owners

2.25.2015 FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Chairman Tom Wheeler Refuses to Testify Before Congressional Representatives in Advance of the Obama Administration’s Promotion of Network Neutrality Legislative Regulation - Agency Also Refuses to Publicly Disclose Information Pertinent to the Law’s Regulatory Significance

3.9.2015 10 Important Facts Regarding the FCC’s (Federal Communication Commission’s) Net Neutrality Mandate

3.3.2015 Facebook Removes the Personal Account of C.J. Pearson, a 12-Year-Old Middle School Student in Georgia, on the Grounds of Suspicion After Youth Voiced His Opinion in Support of Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani Who Questioned President Obama’s Devotion and Commitment to America During a Fundraiser the Previous Month

5.6.2004 Indoctrination | Thesis and Significance


9.26.2014 Refusal to Engage in Sexual Activity With One’s Significant Other Deemed an Act of Violence by the University of Michigan in Recently Published Manual Documenting the Psychosocial Significance of Certain Relationship Patterns and Behaviors

7.2.2015 The University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point Actively Disseminating a Controversial Pamphlet to Campus Faculty Members Highlighting Examples of Racially-Motivated Microaggressive Behaviors and Tendencies - Some of the More Preposterous Statements Found Within the Contents of the Manuals Elaborate on the Offensive Nature of Complimenting Individuals of Different Cultural Backgrounds on Their Physical Appearance or Academic Proficiency, Inquiring as to the Original Place of Birth or Ancestral Lineage of One’s Peers, and Proffering the Suggestion That Humanity is All Inclusive With Regard to Ethnic or Cultural Disambiguation

7.20.2015 Prominent Feminist and Father-of-Two Michael Sonmore: Refusing to Allow One’s Spouse to Pursue Sexual Relationships Beyond the Confines of Matrimonial Covenant is the Equivalent of ‘Patriarchal Oppression’ - Where the Insistence of Monogamy is Deemed as a Deleterious Impediment to a Women’s Personal Freedom of Expression

8.27.2015 First-Year Students Attending Orientation Seminars at American University - a Privately Funded Educational Institution in Washington, D.C. - Instructed to Introduce Themselves by Name, Hometown, and “Gender Pronoun” - University’s Adoption of Institutionally Progressive Policies Designed to Discourage ‘Assumptions’ Related to the Concept of Anatomical or Physiological Gender Identity

9.1.2015 The Coddling of the American Mind in College Universities Throughout the United States as a Mechanism of Social Engineering

9.3.2015 Miraloma Elementary School - a Publicly Funded Educational Institution in San Francisco, California - Replacing the Traditional Triangle and Circle Labels of Male and Female-Specific Restroom Facilities With an All Inclusive Logo - Kindergarten and First-Grade Students Attending the School Will No Longer Be Required to Identify Themselves in Accordance With Their Gender - Amendment to Policy Designed to Accommodate the Needs of 8 First Graders Whose Assigned Sexual Identities Conflict With Traditional Classification

10.5.2015 Students Cautioned Against the Desire for Increased Musculature During Vanderbilt University’s “Healthy Masculinities Week” Seminar Organized by the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center - Optional Studies Group Emphasizes the Role of an Out-of-Control Subculture of Masculine-Dominated Institutions in the Degradation of Moral Boundaries

10.28.2015 Sociology Professors Seek to Characterize the Sleep Patterns of White Americans and Their African American Counterparts as Evidence of Racial Disparity in the United States - Controversial Study Entitled, “The Black-White Sleep Gap: An Unexpected Challenge in the Quest for Racial Justice,” Attempts to Identify the Sleep Patterns of Individuals as a By-Product of Institutionalized Prejudice and Discrimination Based Solely on the Premise of Cultural Experience

11.3.2015 Recent Study Publication From Professor Karl Spracklen of Leeds Beckett University in England Proffers the Suggestion That Individual Interests Pertaining to Heavy Metal Music and Mythological Figures Bearing a Stereotypically White or European Ancestral Connotation, as Well as Costume Enthusiasts of Viking or Medieval Parentage, are All Instruments of Ethnocentrically-Inspired Oppression

11.3.2015 School Officials at Vassar College - a Liberal Arts University in the State of New York - Destroy Pocket Manuals of the U.S. Constitution After an Undercover Reporter Posing as a Student Proffered the Suggestion That the Distribution of Such Information on Campus May Be Construed as a Disruptive Element in the Learning Process for Individuals That May Be Offended by Its ‘Oppressive’ Connotation - *VIDEO*

11.9.2015 Melissa Click, a Mass Media Professor Employed at the University of Missouri, Threatens to Incite Mob Violence Against Investigative Journalist Mark Shierbecker During the Course of His Documentation of an Anti-Free Speech Rally Being Conducted on Campus - *VIDEO*

11.21.2015 Ninth Grade Educational Instructor in the State of Utah Assigns Students the Task of Creating an ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) Recruitment Poster as Part of Academic Curriculum

10.31.2001 Political Correctness | Definition and Historical Significance


8.28.2015 Faculty Employed, as Well as Students Actively Enrolled, at the University of Tennessee Instructed to Avoid the Use of Gender Descriptive Pronouns as a Means of Identification in Favor of More Politically Correct Terminology - Plan Devised by Donna Braquet, the Lead Coordinator for the University’s Pride Center, as a Means of Insuring a Measure of Inclusivity on College Campuses for Members of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) Community - School Representatives Have Since Denied Claims That the Use of Gender-Neutral Pronouns by Prospective Employees and Students is a Compulsory Requirement

8.29.2015 Students Attending Washington State University Threatened With Failing Grades for Using ‘Unapproved’ Terminology Considered Oppressive or Hateful to Certain Segments of the Population - Course Syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women and Popular Culture” Class Mandates the Elimination of Common Descriptors Such as “Illegal Alien,” “Male,” and “Female” on the Basis That Such Terms May Be Construed as Derogatory by Isolated Groups on Campus

10.15.2015 CNN Published Opinion Piece by Columbia University’s John McWhorter Emphasizes the Necessity of Publicly Shaming Individuals That Frequently Use the Gender-Specific Pronouns “He” and “She” as Descriptors - Linguistics Professor Equates the Use of Traditionally Accepted Pronouns as “Insults” to People Who Are Gender-Confused

10.21.2015 Use of the Term “Politically Incorrect” as a Form of Pejorative Assessment Deemed Contradictory to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Standard Code of Ethics - War on Language in the United States Escalating Substantially With the Characterization of Words and Phrases as a Type of ‘Microaggression’ That Adversely Impacts Certain Segments of the Population

10.23.2015 Feminist Activists and Silicon Valley Experts Endorse the Creation of a Internet-Oriented Content Specific Warning Apparatus as a Deterrent for Online-Based Criticism and Harassment - Anti-Abusive Tools in the Form of Pop-Up Advertisements Would Be Used to “Shame” the Authors of Posted Content Deemed Racially Insensitive to Certain Audiences

10.26.2015 VIDEO - MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry: When Republicans Use the Phrase ‘Hard Worker’ They’re Being Racist - Controversial Statements Made With Regard to the Efficacy of Paul Ryan as U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives in Which Perry Implied That the Use of the Phrase Was Somehow Demeaning to African Americans Whose Ancestors Where Forced to Work on Plantations

10.28.2015 Cameron Shaeffer, Self Described ‘Devout Feminist’ and Syndicated Author of Written Columns Appearing on the Huffington Post, Wants to Censor the Word “Too” on the Basis That Its Use Constitutes an Example of Masculine-Driven Oppressionism - Author Asserts That the Scale of This Particular Issue is Comparable to the Incidence of Sexual Assault, Wage Inequality, and the Defunding of Planned Parenthood

11.22.2015 Students at the University of Minnesota Protest Against a Proposed Moment of Silence for Victims of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Citing Concerns That the Event’s Observance Would Somehow Offend Muslim Practitioners on Campus

12.4.2015 War on Christmas: Proposed City Ordinance in Winter Park, Florida Would Effectively Prohibit the Practice of Christmas Caroling on Public Sidewalks and Walkways - Violators of the Legislative Proposal Regulating Street Performers and Creating ‘Designated Performance Areas’ Around the Town’s Central Business District Would Be Subject to Fines or Incarceration

12.4.2015 Universities Across America Publish Advisories Warning Students and Faculty Planning Christmas Celebrations Not to Include Secret Santa, Mistletoe, or Red and Green Themed Holiday Decorations as Part of Their Festivities for Fear That the Use of Such Mediums of Expression Could Be Construed as Being Detrimental to Fostering a Sense of Inclusivity Among Those Whose Religious Beliefs or Cultural Traditions Fail to Be Acknowledged

12.8.2015 The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) - Operating Under an Umbrella of Cultural Inclusivity - Renames Its Annual Christmas Celebration Due to Concerns That the Use of Such Themes ‘Connoted Too Much Christianity’ on Campus - The Event, Once Titled, “A Grand Ole Christmas,” Has Since Been Rebranded as the “Hotty Toddy Holiday”

9.27.2001 Human Rights Violations | Definition and Significance


10.27.2014 Iranian Political Regime Authorizing the Amputation of Limbs, Burning of Dissidents - National Power Structure Executed 411 Citizens in the First Half of 2014, With a Total of 852 People in the Last 15 Months


5.21.2015 Sex Camps Operating in Portions of Zambia and Mozambique Forcing Girls as Young as Eight to Capitulate to the Demands of Adult Men in Preparation for Marriage - Parents Refusing to Take Their Young Children to These Initiation Practices Are Subject to Steep Fines as Instituted by Their Community Leaders


1.19.2015 Oppression Remains Unchallenged in Saudi Kingdom With 1 Beheading Occurring Every 4 Days


5.24.2001 Sexism/ Gender Discrimination | Definition and Sociological Significance


11.18.2014 Female Police Recruits Forced to Disrobe and Submit to Internal Examinations in Compliance With Indonesian Legislation Mandating ‘Virginity Testing’ Among Prospective Applicants

5.11.2002 Legislation | Legal Classification and Terminological Significance


4.8.2009 RAND CORPORATION | A Stability Police Force for the United States - Justification and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities

1.23.2013 H.R. 390 (House Resolution 390) | National Emergency Centers Establishment Act

8.25.2013 The Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 and the Militarization of Law Enforcement

1.7.2014 The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2014 Grants Various Constituencies Within the U.S. Federal Government a Limitless Scope of Authority Regarding the Prospect of Cyber Warfare and Surveillance Against American Citizens

4.16.2014 Newly Released Report From Princeton and Northwestern Collegiate Universities Provides Conclusive Evidence Regarding the Precipitous Descent of the U.S. Governing Process Into Oligarchy

10.5.2014 DoD (Department of Defense) 1033 Program | The Unacknowledged Successor to the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984

11.21.2014 FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) | Legal Interpretation and Significance

12.28.2014 TRIAL PRECEDENTS | Heien V. State of North Carolina: U.S. Supreme Court Rules 8-1 That Citizens Have No Protection Against Fourth Amendment Violations by Police Officers Ignorant of the Law

12.31.2014 Recently Published Report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute Details the Creation of 21,000 New Regulations During Obama’s Presidential Tenure, With 2,375 Set to Take Effect in 2015 - an Astounding 468,500 Pages of Legislative Policy Have Been Added to the Federal Register Since 2008

10.15.2013 The International Monetary Fund Lays the Foundation for Global Wealth Confiscation

2.3.2014 Bail In Proposition | Definition and Significance

12.20.2014 New Laws That Allow Government to Seize Savings Deposits During a Financial Crisis


3.29.2015 Australia Begins Taxing Bank Deposits


6.5.2014 U.S. Foreign Wealth Confiscation Being Orchestrated Through the Implementation of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act) and FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) Legislative Policy Into the Current System of Taxation With the Actualization of the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) Bureau Used as the Pretext for Ensuring Economic Stability


4.26.2002 Martial Law | Definition and Historical Chronology


5.19.2014 Military Junta in Thailand Declares Martial Law in Response to Anti-Government Demonstrations

11.21.2014 Thailand Martial Law Declaration to Remain in Effect ‘Indefinitely’

9.19.2002 Police State | Definition and Significance


11.11.2014 Law Enforcement Agencies in Brazil Have Killed in Excess of 11,000 Between 2009 and 2013, a Rate Consistent With Six Daily, According to Recent Studies


12.15.2014 Spain Criminalizes Protest Against EU Central Banking Authority and the Imposition of Austerity Measures Through Legislative Decree


12.6.2011 EXCLUSIVE: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across the United States

2.7.2013 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Purchases an Additional 21.6 Million Rounds of Ammunition Following its 1.6 Billion Round Acquisition Less Than One Year Prior to the Disclosure of These Solicitations

2.19.2013 Law Enforcement Training Agency Supplying the Department of Homeland Security With Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners in Accordance With $2 Million Contractual Agreement

3.11.2013 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammunition Purchased by the Department of Homeland Security According to the Most Recent Estimates

3.25.2013 Department of Homeland Security Soliciting the Purchase of 360,000 Rounds of CTLA (Commercial Leaded Training Ammunition) Pistol .40 Caliber 165 Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point Bullets

10.24.2013 Widely Acknowledged Reports Confirm the Department of Education’s Acquisition of a Massive Arsenal of Weapons Through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

12.11.2013 FEMA | Pretext for Martial Law

2.5.2014 U.S. Postal Service Soliciting the Purchase of Ammunition Stores in an Effort to Arm Privately Contracted Law Enforcement Divisions

5.20.2014 Gun Owner’s of America: U.S. Department of Agriculture Purchasing Guns and Armor in Preparation for Confrontation With American Citizens

6.9.2014 Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing for War

10.2.2014 Dave Anthony, Former Author and Director for the Call of Duty Videogame Franchise, Says the U.S. Government Should Explore the Possibility of Stationing Soldiers in Schools

10.3.2014 The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) No Longer Needs Written Court Authorization to Monitor Other Agencies’ Networks for Potential Vulnerabilities

11.24.2014 The Second Most Prolific Killers in the State of Utah? The Police: Law Enforcement Officials Directly Responsible for 15 Percent of Homicides Since 2010, Exceeding Casualty Estimates Related to Street Gang Proliferation and Narcotics Trafficking, According to Reports

12.14.2014 Washington State Sheriff’s Deputy: Armored Military Vehicles a Necessary Deterrent for ‘Constitutionalists’ Possessing Firearms


2.26.2015 By the Legislative Mandate of Venezuela’s Ministry of Defense, Military Constituents in the Economically Beleaguered Nation Have Been Given Authorization to Use Firearms Against Demonstrators


10.22.2002 Death Squads | Classification and Historical Significance


3.24.2014 Death Squads Reign With Impunity Throughout Colombia


3.30.2014 Mainstream Media Outlets Consistently Ignore the Prevalence of Death Squads in Venezuela, Human Rights Abuses by the Nicolas Maduro Political Regime

1.6.2003 Police Brutality | Definition and Sociological Significance


4.24.2015 Veronica Bolina, 25, a Transgender Woman Arrested in Connection With a Domestic Disturbance Involving Her 73-Year-Old Neighbor, Brutalized by Officers on Three Separate Occasions in San Paulo, Brazil - Photographic Stills Show Defendant in Various Stages of Undress, Lying Prone Next to a Group of Prisoners, Her Head Shaved With Noticeable Injuries to Her Face and Lower Extremities


3.29.2015 Shocking Video Emerges of a Canadian Police Sergeant Smashing Car Window and Forcibly Extricating Driver From the Vehicle During a Traffic Stop


7.5.2014 Israeli Police Forcibly Detain and Brutally Beat Tariq Khdeir, 15, Following His Attendance of a Public Demonstration Decrying the Murder of His Palestinian Cousin at the Hands of Jewish Extremists - Victim in the Case is a High School Student in the State of Florida


12.3.2014 TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: Following a Grand Jury’s Refusal to Indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for His Role in the Death of Eric Garner Comes the Realization That the Illegal Chokehold Placed on the Victim in the Case Was in Response to a State Legislated Cigarette Tax - a City Ordinance Imposed by State Government Representatives in Lieu of Concerns Referencing the Prospect of Tax Evasion Through the Genesis of an Underground Economy in the Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products

12.5.2014 Recently Conducted Survey Assessments by the U.S. Justice Department Uncover an Absurd Level of Police Brutality in Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments Throughout Cleveland

12.11.2014 VIDEO: Law Enforcement Officer Repeatedly Stomps Man’s Head Into the Concrete Following a Verbal Altercation

1.14.2015 Michigan State Police Officials Actively Investigating Submitted Video Evidence of Two Law Enforcement Officers Brutalizing Handcuffed Black Suspect - Close of the Video Shows Cops Giving One Another a Celebratory FIST BUMP at the Altercation’s Conclusion

2.12.2015 Sureshbhai Patel, a 57-Year-Old Farmer From a Small Town in India Visiting Family in Alabama, Paralyzed After a Physical Altercation With Police

2.13.2015 Video Publicly Released of Law Enforcement Officials Brutal and Senseless Physical Assault of a 57-Year-Old Grandfather - Officer Involved in the Altercation Fired - Later Arrested - Facing Charges of Third-Degree Felony Assault

2.23.2015 VIDEO FOOTAGE: Homeless Man Struck Repeatedly by Law Enforcement Officer in Broward County, Florida - Victim Was Assaulted by Officer for Sleeping on a Bench at a Local Bus Station/ Terminal

2.24.2015 Mary Poole, 78, Hospitalized With Several Bone Fractures and a Dislocated Shoulder Following a Physical Altercation With Law Enforcement - Victim Was Attempting to Give Her Grandchildren Cupcakes While They Were in Attendance at Kastner Intermediate School in Fresno, California When She Was Pepper-Sprayed and Brutally Assaulted by a Local Police Officer

2.24.2015 *VIDEO* Broward County, Florida Deputy Christopher Johnson Under Internal Affairs Investigation Following the Release of a Video Involving the Aforementioned’s Forceful Removal of Dasyl Jeanette Rios, 28, From the Premises of Public Courthouse - Prior to the Incident, a Shackled Rios Was Declared Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial in Connection With the Prosecution of a Felony Trespassing Citation

2.26.2015 San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Guy Remains Unrepentant Concerning His Role in the Kidnapping, 5 Hour Detainment, and Assault of Antonio Martinez, 22 - Victim in the Internal Investigation Was Born With Down Syndrome, Possessing the Mental Capacity of a 7-Year-Old

3.26.2015 Dash Cam Video Shows Michigan Resident, Floyd Dent, 57, Being Brutally Assaulted and Tasered Repeatedly With Stun Guns by Law Enforcement Officers Following a Traffic Citation


6.14.2014 POLICE INDEMNIFICATION | Legal Analysis Regarding the Financial Liability of Law Enforcement Officers in Instances of Civil Misconduct - 89 N.Y.U.L. (New York Law Review) 885 - Joanna C. Schwartz, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - School of Law


1.22.2015 Law Enforcement Officer Who Choked Eric Garner to Death Won’t Be Responsible for Any Monetary Damages Resulting From the Filing of Civil Complaints by the Affected Family - NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo is Protected From Financial Liability Despite Being the Subject of Three Separate Civil Rights Lawsuits Before the Death of Eric Garner

4.12.2010 Predictive Profiling | Definition and Legal Significance


3.27.2015 EXCLUSIVE: The TSA’s (Transportation and Security Administration’s) Behavioral Assessment Pamphlet Used to Spot Potential Terrorists

3.14.2002 Gun Control | Definition and Historical Significance


9.30.2014 California, Through the Enactment of Legislation by Acting Governor Jerry Brown, Becomes the First State in America Allowing for the Confiscation of Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials, Private Citizens, and Concerned Family Members of Individuals Deemed to Possess Violent Inclination - Law Allows for the Execution of a Written Order by Judicial Authorities - Through the Petition of the Aforementioned Parties - in the State to Seize Firearms From Individuals Believed to Exhibit Violent Tendency - Such Persons Would Also Be Placed on a County-by-County Listing of People Prohibited From Owning or Purchasing Weapons

2.27.2015 Obama Imposing Executive Sanctions Against Ammunition Manufacturers of the AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle - Restrictive Measures are in Compliance With a Written Proposal Crafted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in February 2015


4.9.2002 Surveillance | Definition and Significance

10.23.2014 The Canadian Patriot Act Arrives: Ottawa to Give Security Agencies More “Detention and Surveillance” Powers

10.23.2014 Canada’s ‘End of Innocence’ Heralds the Emergence of an Authoritarian Police State


1.7.2015 Scientists From China’s Harbin Institute of Technology Actively Developing a Device Capable of Mapping an Entire Room Through the Use of Lasers Being Directed Into a Keyhole - System to Be Used in Battlefield Surveillance and Disaster Recovery


4.3.2014 The NSA (National Security Agency) Spying Machine | An Interactive Graphic

5.1.2014 Computer Technology Engineers, Formerly Employed by Apple, Create a Device Capable of Recording Footage at a 360° Arc of Visibility - Handheld Monitors, Known Under the ‘Centr Camera’ Industrial Nomenclature, Now Being Utilized by All of the U.S. Military Service Branches

1.27.2015 Florida State Senator and Republican National Committee Affiliate Marco Rubio Seeks the Permanent Extension of NSA Mass Surveillance Programs and Initiatives

4.21.2015 Jeb Bush, a Republican Party Affiliated Presidential Candidate for the 2016 Electoral Cycle, Praises the Obama Administration’s Commitment to National Security - Cites the Necessity of Spying and Surveillance Activity by the NSA (National Security Agency) as a Preventative Measure in the Incidence of Terrorism in the United States

8.28.2013 MAIN CORE | A Federal Registry Designed to Target Political Dissidents in the New Millennium

12.28.2012 Memex (Memory + Index) | Origin and Significance

2.9.2014 DARPA’s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Memex Program | Redefining the Concept of Domain-Specific Queries of Public Information

2.16.2015 The Demise of the Dark Web? DARPA’s Memex Initiative to Usher in a New Era of Transparency in the Excavation and Surveillance of Internet-Based Activities Executed on Tor (The Onion Router) and I2P (Invisible Internet Project)-Oriented Networks

1.26.2015 Revealed: How the U.S. Justice Department Conducts Surveillance on MILLIONS of Motorists in an Effort to Seize Cars, Money, and Narcotics - The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Launched the National License Plate Initiative in 2008 to Formulate the Construction of a Continental Database Capable of Monitoring the Movements and Travel Patterns of Vehicles Across the United States

12.4.2015 Mainstream Media Telecommunications Outlets Fail to Report That the Federal Government Has Actively Compiled - and is Currently Maintaining - an Indexed Registry of Firearm Owners Throughout the United States - NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System)- Directed Aggregation of Information Deemed to Be in Violation of Federal Statutes Prohibiting the Collection of Data Pertaining to Legally Registered Gun Owners


8.6.2003 Biometrics | History and Implementation

5.6.2008 Next Generation Identification (NGI) Systems | History and Implementation

9.18.2014 Military Defense Contracting Agent Subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Technologies Assists the FBI in its Implementation of the Next Generation Identification System


11.10.2011 Illuminating Concepts | Intellistreets: Wireless Solutions Emphasizing Energy Independence and Communication

10.26.2011 New Street Lights to Be Equipped With a Veritable Litany of “Homeland Security Applications”

4.17.2015 ‘Intelligent’ Streetlights to ‘Watch’ Florida Residents - Data-Collecting LED (Light Emitting Diode) Streetlights Part of General Electric’s “Intelligent City Initiative” - Pilot Program Recognized as a Facet of the Federal Government’s Promotion of SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) Grid Technologies at State Level


3.28.2015 Festo, a German Robotics Company Based in Hanover, Unveils eMotionButterfly Drones, Lifelike Arthropodal Automatons Capable of Mirroring the Behavioral Characteristics and Flight Patterns of Butterflies


3.10.2015 WB Electronics, a Technologies Firm Based in Poland Responsible for the Manufacture and Development of Surveillance and Target Acquisition Systems for Polish Military Contingents, Pioneers the Creation of Miniature Weaponized Drones


2.7.2012 Congress Formally Approves the Passage of the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act, Paving the Way for Drone Surveillance in America

2.8.2012 Recent Legislative Measure Enacted By Congressional Representatives Allowing for the Continued Presence of 30,000 Drones Over the United States By 2020

8.28.2013 Cybernetic Insect Battalions | The Future of Drone Technologies

7.25.2014 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Developing ‘Pocket-Sized’ Drones for Reconnaissance in Advance of Future Military Operations


3.4.2009 Indefinite Detention | Definition and Historical Chronology


8.1.2014 Obama Amends Executive Order 13295 With the Passage of the Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, a Legislative Provision Allowing for the Detention of American Citizens With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’

3.6.2015 Kevin McGill, a Sanitation Worker Employed in Suburban Atlanta, Sentenced to 30 Days Incarceration for Violating a Sandy Springs City Ordinance Concerning the Removal of Trash/ Waste Material Between the Hours of 7AM and 7PM - Suspect Received the Maximum Sentencing Penalty Courtesy of Georgia State Prosecutor Bill Riley, Simply Because He Began His Shift Two Hours Before the Designated Schedule

8.14.2003 Prison-Industrial Complex (PIC) | Definition and Significance


1.4.2015 The U.S. Criminal Justice System Has Created Debtors Prisons and Slave Labor Camps

1.5.2015 Children Increasingly Comprising a Burgeoning Prison Slave Labor Force

1.9.2015 The Prison States of America: More Jails Than Colleges

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