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Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 8:46 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to the subject of bacterial and/ or viral pandemic. {Updated on a Regular Basis}

10.1.2001 Pandemic | Definition and Historical Significance

3.12.2014 The Deadly Implications Surrounding the Excavation of an Ancient Virus in the Mountains of Siberia - Scientific Discovery Heralds the Reemergence of an Ominous Contagion


11.30.2012 Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) | History and Epidemiology

7.16.2014 Five-Fold Increase in CRE Infections in Southeastern U.S. Hospitals Has Researchers Warning of Possible Epidemic

7.31.2014 CRE, Also Known as the ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Due to its Inherent Scope of Virulency, is Spreading Uncontrollably Across the Southeastern Periphery of the United States

12.19.2008 Shigella Sonnei | History and Epidemiology

5.12.2014 Shigellosis | Disease Classification and Significance

4.2.2015 Multi-Drug Resistant Strains of the Shigella Sonnei Bacteria Spreading Across the United States

5.20.2007 Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) | History and Epidemiology

3.25.2015 Drug-Resistant Strains of Tuberculosis Possess the Potential to Kill in Excess of 75 Million by the Year 2050 According to Leading Experts - Lethal Mycobacterial Strain Could Also Cost a Cumulative $16.7 Trillion Globally - the Equivalent of the Entire European Union’s Annual Output


6.20.2014 Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Moving Across U.S. Southern Border, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency) Whistleblower Confirms

8.22.2014 Law Enforcement Agencies in Southern California Actively Pursuing Individual Infected With Drug Resistant Tuberculosis



3.19.2008 Bubonic Plague | History and Epidemiology


11.24.2014 UN Health Agency Warns of Rapid Spread of Plague in Antananarivo, the Capital City of Madagascar

11.25.2014 Outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Madagascar Has Claimed 47 Victims - Spreading to the Island’s Capital

8.13.2002 Pneumonic Plague | History and Epidemiology


7.14.2014 Colorado Man Contracts the Deadliest, Rarest Strain of Pneumonic Plague

7.19.2014 Four Cases of Life-Threatening Pneumonic Plague Documented in Colorado

7.20.2014 Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Officials Trace Three Instances of Rare Airborne Form of Pneumonic Plague Back to Prairie Dogs


4.10.2005 Viral Hemorrhagic Fever | History and Epidemiology


12.12.2003 Ebola | History and Epidemiology


11.15.2012 Ebola Transmitted From Pigs to Monkeys Without Direct Contact, Pointing to Pig Farms as a Possible Contributor to Outbreaks

8.6.2014 CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Refuses to Identify Where Previous Ebola Tests Originated

8.28.2014 Deadly Ebola Outbreak Could Affect an Estimated 20,000 as World Health Officials Reveal There May Already Be 12,000 Victims of Life-Threatening Contagion - Four Times the Current Projection

9.1.2014 Medical Facilities Throughout the United States Preparing for Spread of Ebola Contagion: Cases of Infection to Surpass the 100,000 Threshold at the Close of 2014 Based on the Latest Numerical Projections

9.9.2014 Newly Publicized Oxford University Study Predicts 15 More Countries Are at Risk of Ebola Exposure

9.11.2014 Numerical Projections Concerning Recent Studies Conducted by Oxford University Scientists Heralds the Exposure of 22 Million to the Ravages of Ebola Through the Spread of the Contagion

9.11.2014 German Virologist Warns That the Spread of Ebola Contagion Will Extend to the Populations of All African Countries, Affecting an Estimated 5 Million People

9.12.2014 Econometrics Simulation Model Authored by Research Assistant Francis Smart of Michigan State University Portends the Death of 1.2 Million in 6 Months Based on the Assumption That the World Health Organization (WHO) and Others Would Be Unable to Control the Spread of Ebola Contagion Beyond the Geographic Periphery of West Africa

9.12.2014 Michael Osterholm, an Accredited Physician From the University of Minnesota, Warns of the Possibility of Mutation in the Ebola Virus Allowing for the Genesis of an Airborne Transmissible Variant

10.2.2014 Threat From the Uncontrolled Spread of the Ebola Contagion Should Be Treated the Same Way as a Threat Posed By Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, Security Officials Warn

10.18.2014 Prominent Member of the Scientific Community in the United States Warns of the Manifestation of a Mutagenic Variant of the Ebola Contagion

10.18.2014 Initial Findings Proffered by the Scientific Community Referencing a 21 Day Window of Communicability With Regard to the Spread of the Ebola Contagion Disputed in Recent Studies Conducted by Charles Haas, a Professor of Environmental Engineering from Drexel University

10.21.2014 Scientists: Ebola Can Spread by Air in Cold Weather - Ebola Contagion Can Go Airborne But Hasn’t in West Africa Because of Its Temperate Climate, Researchers Conclude


4.16.2014 Ebola Contagion Could Potentially Spread Beyond the Geographical Periphery of Africa

4.17.2014 West African Ebola Outbreak That Claimed 135 Caused by Unrecognized Pathogenic Strain

6.24.2014 Ebola Virus Outbreak is ‘Out of Control’ in West Africa

7.14.2014 Ebola Virus Outbreak in Ghana, Specifically in the City of Techiman, an Imminent Threat to its Inhabitants

7.14.2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Widely Acknowledged as the Largest on Record in Terms of Number

7.14.2014 Ebola Crisis in West Africa Widens Considerably With 539 Confirmed Fatalities

7.28.2014 Ebola Contagion Just a Plane Ride Away From the Continental United States as the West African Crisis Intensifies, Claiming 672

7.30.2014 Government Officials in Sierra Leone Declare a Public State of Emergency Concerning the Rapid Spread of the Ebola Contagion, Order Military Service Personnel to Quarantine Affected Areas

7.31.2014 Up to 30,000 Believed to Have Been Exposed to the Ebola Contagion in Nigeria, Officials Uncertain of Their Identities

8.1.2014 Liberian Foreign National Dies in Morocco of Ebola - Internal Affairs Minister Discloses

8.6.2014 Ebola Victims Being Left to Rot in the City Streets of Liberia as Terrified Relatives Begin Dumping Bodies Outside for Fear of Contracting the Deadly Virus

8.26.2014 Ebola Outbreak Sweeping West Africa Believed to Have Originated From a Two-Year-Old Boy Who Contracted the Infection From Contact With Fruit Bats

8.28.2014 Gene Studies of Ebola Infected Patients Conducted in Sierra Leone Indicate Rapid Viral Mutation

9.16.2014 Number of Ebola Cases Could Potentially Double Every 20 Days in West Africa, World Health Organization Officials Warn

9.23.2014 CDC: Ebola Could Affect 1.4 Million in West Africa By the Close of January Should Current Trends Governing the Contagion’s Spread of Infection Proceed Unabated

10.15.2014 Liberia Needs 79,940 Body Bags According to Recent Inventories From the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

11.29.2014 Number of Ebola Infections in West Africa Eclipses 16,000, With Death Tolls From the Spread of the Contagion Approaching 7,000


7.6.2014 Lethal Ebola Virus Could Affect Great Britain


8.2.2014 Philippines Health Officials Report the Possibility of Ebola Contagion Within the Country’s Geographical Periphery With the Return of Seven Medical Workers From Sierra Leone


10.7.2014 Teresa Romero Ramos, 44, Spanish Nurse From Galicia Who Contracted Ebola From Repatriated Priest Manuel Garcia Viejo During Missionary Work in Africa Has Been Formally Identified


4.7.2014 Ebola Cases Suspected in the United States and Canada, Airports in Guinea Begin Implementing Numerous Security Checkpoints to Stave Off Spread of Disease

7.31.2014 Two Americans Who Contracted the Ebola Virus in West Africa to Be Flown Back to the United States

8.8.2014 CDC: Ebola’s Spread to the U.S. is Inevitable

9.4.2014 18 Percent Probability That the Spread of Ebola Will Reach U.S. Mainland by the Close of September

9.15.2014 U.S. State Department Officials Solicit the Purchase of 5,000 Cadaver Bags and 160,000 Hazmat Suits for African Ebola Outbreak; $100 Million Being Allocated in Resources to Combat the Spread of the Contagion With 100 CDC Experts En Route to the Most Affected Regions

9.16.2014 The Obama Administration Commits 3,000 Military Service Personnel to Ebola Ravaged Periphery of West Africa in an Effort to Ward Off the Spread of Infection

9.30.2014 FIRST CONFIRMED CASE OF EBOLA IN THE UNITED STATES | Dallas, Texas is Ground Zero - CDC Officials Confirm Diagnosis of Patient in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Who Traveled From Liberia to Visit Relatives in the United States - Unknown Number of People Exposed as Infected Individual Was Discharged by Health Officials Within the Facility Prior to His Illness Assessment

10.1.2014 Patient Admitted Into Texas’ Health Presbyterian Hospital Has Been Identified as Thomas Eric Duncan, Was Originally Sent Home by Staff in the Facility Following the Administration of Antibiotics Without the Benefit of Diagnosis Despite Him Having Informed Them of His Recent Sojourn to Liberia

10.1.2014 Texas Governor Rick Perry Reveals Children From as Many as Four Different Schools in the Surrounding Area Have Been Exposed to Ebola Contagion, an Estimated Total of 18 Suspected Instances of Contact With the Infected Individual

10.8.2014 Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, a Liberian Foreign National and the First Individual Diagnosed With Ebola in the United States, Succumbs to the Ravages of the Disease at 7:51AM on Wednesday in Dallas’ Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

10.9.2014 Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell: There May Be Other Cases of Ebola in the U.S.

10.9.2014 CDC Representative: 150 People Enter the United States Each Day From Ebola-Ravaged Nations--4,500 Per Month

10.12.2014 Nina Pham, 26, a Nurse Practitioner at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Becomes the Second Person in the United States to Contract Ebola Following Treatment Administered to Patient Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian Foreign National Visiting Family in the Area

10.15.2014 Amber Joy Vinson, 29, Originally From Akron, Ohio; Becomes the Third Person in the United States to Test Positive for Ebola as It’s Revealed She Was Given Permission by CDC Officials to Board a Commercial Flight From Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas, Texas Despite Having an Elevated Body Temperature, Exposing 132 Passengers on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 to the Virulent Contagion

10.24.2014 Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, Who Returned to the United States From Guinea, is the Fourth Person Diagnosed With the Ebola Contagion - Doctor’s Fiancée and Two Friends Placed in Quarantine Amid Fears He Transmitted the Deadly Virus to Them: Potential Victims in Isolation - Countless Number of Individuals Believed to be Exposed to the Disease After Medic Spent SEVEN Days Using the Subway as Transportation, Bowling, and Traveling in Uber Taxis in New York City

12.1.2014 CDC: More Than 1,400 People in 44 States in the U.S. are Being Actively Monitored for Ebola

9.19.2011 Marburg Virus | History and Epidemiology

10.6.2014 Government Health Officials in Uganda Confirm the Death of a Man From Complications Associated With the Onset of Marburg Virus


12.17.2005 Respiratory Tract Infection | History and Epidemiology

11.20.2004 Enterovirus | History and Epidemiology

9.2.2014 Enterovirus Infection Prompts Second Tri-States Medical Facility to Restrict Inpatient Access and Visitation

9.6.2014 Rapid Onset of the Enterovirus Contagion Suspected in the Kansas City, Missouri Area as More Than 900 Children Have Been Affected

9.7.2014 Spate of Enteroviral Respiratory Infections Ravaging the Midwest Could Potentially Spread Beyond the Central Periphery of the Continental United States Into Other Regions Warn CDC Officials

2.25.2014 Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) | History and Epidemiology

9.18.2014 Severe Respiratory Illness Spawned by Enteroviral Variant D-68 Confirmed in 12 States

9.29.2014 Number of Confirmed Cases of Respiratory Illness Caused by Acute Strain of Enteroviral Pathogen Has Increased to 277 in 40 States and the District of Columbia, According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Officials

10.1.2014 10-Year Old Emily Otrando of Rhode Island Hospitalized With Symptoms From Enterovirus D68 Dies From Complications Arising From a Staphylococcal Bacterial Infection Associated With the Disease’s Progression

10.6.2014 Death of 4-Year Old Eli Waller of New Jersey Linked to Enterovirus D68 in Most Recent Analysis by State Health Officials

9.27.2012 MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) Corona Virus | History and Epidemiology

7.23.2014 MERS Virus May Be Airborne, Scientists Warn


3.19.2014 Zoonotic Diseases | History and Epidemiology


11.5.2001 Chagas Disease | History and Epidemiology


11.8.2014 Chagas Disease, Heralded by Medical Health Professionals as ‘the New AIDS’ Due to an Asymptomatic Period of Incubation, Has Infected an Estimated 300,000 Individuals in the United States as a Direct Result of the Obama Administration’s Immigration Policies - The Illness, Which is Endemic to the Geographical Regions of Central and South America is Currently Plaguing Various Portions of the American Southwest

12.31.2003 Hantavirus | History and Epidemiology

7.8.2014 New Hantavirus Cases in Texas; Triggers Precautionary Reminders From State Health Officials

8.5.2014 Colorado Health Officials Issue Warning After Eagle County Man Dies From Hantavirus


11.14.2003 Chikungunya Virus | History and Epidemiology

7.17.2014 Puerto Rico Declares Chikungunya Epidemic

7.20.2014 Possible Epidemic? Chikungunya Virus Spreading Rapidly Across the Continental United States

7.25.2014 497 Documented Instances of Chikungunya Infection So Far in 2014, What Everyone Needs to Know About This Debilitating Illness

1.28.2016 Zika Virus | History and Epidemiology

1.28.2016 WHO (World Health Organization) Warns of Pandemic Potential of Zika Virus Infection Amid Claims of a Possible 4 Million People Being Susceptible to the Onset of the Disease

1.28.2016 Three Confirmed Cases of Zika Virus Infection in New York City as the Number of Infections Across the United States Increases to 31

1.28.2016 Epicenter in the Outbreak of Zika Viral Infection Coincides With the Geographical Location of the 2015 Genetically Modified Mosquito Harvesting Operation and Release


10.28.2004 Tick-Borne Illness | History and Epidemiology

12.24.2014 New Tick-Borne ‘Bourbon Virus’ is Extremely Deadly, Unlike Anything Previously Witnessed in the United States

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