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Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 8:32 PM

The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to the subject of corruption. {Updated on a Regular Basis}



12.19.2012 HSBC’s (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation’s) Sordid Legacy of Money Laundering

2.28.2014 26 of the Most Well Established Corporations in the United States Paid No Federal Income Tax From 2008 to 2012 - Boeing, General Electric, and Verizon Identified in a Scathing Written Assessment Conducted by Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ), a Public Advocacy Group Based in America

11.5.2014 Leaked Documentation Exposes Corporate America’s Secret Alliance With Luxembourg in Evading Tax Obligations Imposed by Various Legislative Constituencies Within the Federal Government - Pepsi, IKEA, FedEx, and 340 Other Companies Named as Co-Conspirators in an Elaborate Scheme Transcending International Boundary

11.17.2014 Between 2007 and 2012, 200 of America’s Most Politically Active Corporations and Firms Spent a Combined $5.8 Billion on Federal Lobbying and Campaign Contributions; These Same Corporate Interest Groups and Organizations, in Turn, Receiving $4.4 Trillion in Federal Business Grants and Support

3.10.2015 Tax Breaks for Oligarchs: The $100 Million New York Apartment With a Property Tax Rate of 0.017%

3.30.2015 These U.S. Companies Hoard the Largest Amounts of Money Abroad in an Effort to Circumvent Tax Code Regulations - A Combined Total in Excess of $2 Trillion

11.28.2003 Electoral Fraud | Definition and Significance


10.20.2014 Surveillance Video Footage Implicates Individual Casting Hundreds of Votes at the Ballot Box, Leaving Republican Political Affiliates in Maricopa County, Arizona at a Loss for Words

10.22.2014 ‘Calibration Error’ Alters Electoral Outcome in Cook County, Illinois as Ballots Cast for Republican Political Candidates Are Registered as Votes for the Democratic Party

10.24.2014 DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Search of Records Reveals Ineligible Voters in North Carolina District

10.24.2014 Jaw-Dropping Study Released by the CCES (Cooperative Congressional Election Study) Asserts Contention That a Significant Amount of Non-Citizens Participate in the Electoral Process Throughout the United States

10.24.2014 Could Non-Citizens Decide the November Elections?

1.14.2015 for Sale to the Highest Bidder – How Middle Eastern Governments Are Purchasing a Stake in the U.S. Political Process



4.14.2014 Taxpayers Earning in Excess of $100,000 Annually Pay 71.6% of the Nation’s Share in Individual Federal Income Taxes According to Newly Released Documentation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from 2011

4.14.2014 Taxpayers Actively Funding Overseas Government Programs Designed to Teach Students at the Collegiate Level About the Fundamentals of Islam

4.15.2014 National Science Foundation’s Four-Year $700,000 Project Using Taxpayer Funds Focuses on the Threat of Climatological Change as a Result of Global Warming

4.16.2014 Newly Revealed Documentation From U.S. Census Bureau Indicates 86,429,000 Full-Time Private Sector Employees Shouldered the Financial Benefits Obligations of 151,014,000 Welfare Recipients in 2012

4.16.2014 University to Use Public Funding to Compensate Paul Krugman in the Amount of $25,000 Per Month Pursuant to the Enactment of Income Inequality Initiative

4.17.2014 Increased Out-of-Pocket Expenses for the Purchase of Basic Necessities: Exorbitant Prices at Local Grocery Chains and Food Markets Precipitated by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Farm Subsidies With Trillions of Dollars From Taxpayers Having Been Misappropriated Since the 1930’s - The State of Iowa Accounting for an Estimated $1.2 Trillion Alone

6.2.2014 USDA Constructing Taxpayer Funded $1.9 Million Research Center Devoted to Changing American’s Food Choices

12.10.2014 $404,155,000,000: Tax Collections Set Record in First 2 Months of FY15 (Fiscal Year 2015) – Budgetary Deficit in Excess of $179B

12.29.2002 Extortion | Legal Classification and Significance


11.2.2015 TIMELINE: The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Tanim-Bala (Bullet Planting) Extortion Conspiracy - Documented Instances

11.24.2015 Citing Statistics - With 1,200 Confirmed Incidents of Impropriety Occurring in an Airport Servicing the Needs of 34 Million Annually - Acting President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, Dismisses the Possibility of a Nationally Coordinated Extortion Scheme Involving the Placement of Ammunition Casings in the Luggage of Unsuspecting Air Travelers



9.29.2014 Hospitals and Medical and Patient Care Facilities Increasingly Requesting Monetary Payment in Advance of Surgical Procedures or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Examinations in Lieu of the Obama Administration’s Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

10.29.2014 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or ‘Obamacare’) to Cover Foreign Diplomats - Legal Loophole Allows Political Dignitaries From Other Countries to Receive Healthcare Subsidies - Series of Joint Investigations Initiated by the House Ways and Foreign Affairs Committee Emphasizes the Eligibility of Foreign Diplomats Possessing ‘A’ or ‘G’ Visa Privilege to Actively Participate in a Wide Array of Medical Programs Administered by the U.S. Federal Government, These Provisions Being Inclusive of Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplaces Governed by the PPACA

1.26.2015 President Obama’s Signature Health Care Legislation Program (Obamacare) Costing Taxpayers $50,000 for Every American Who Enrolls in Insurance Exchanges According to Recently Released Report by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) - U.S. Federal Government Will Spend an Estimated $1.993 TRILLION Over the Course of the Next Decade, Accumulating an Additional $643 BILLION in New Taxes, Penalties and Fees



4.16.2014 British Prime Minister David Cameron Offered Support to Muslim Brotherhood Officials in 2013


3.17.2008 Tripartite Agreement Between the Philippines, China, and Vietnam Established During the Presidential Tenure of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Regarding a Supposed Collaborative JMSU (Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking) Venture That Was Initially Intended to Serve as an Opportunity in the Exploration of the Disputed Spratly Island Territories as a Means of Determining Oil and Gas Potential, Now Widely Acknowledged as a Concession of Proprietary Rights and Sovereignty to China in Exchange for Cooperation in Future Endeavors

3.14.2013 Former Department of Foreign Affairs Advisor: Ninoy Aquino Betrayed the Philippines, Sold Sabah to Malaysia as Part of a Ploy to Garner Political Influence - Hermes Dorado, Formerly Employed as the National Territory Division Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Provides Conclusive Evidence of Government Complicity in the Mortgage of the Philippine’s Territorial Claimancy of Sabah, Now Acknowledged as a Malaysian State - Written Amendments Made by Senator Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. to the Island Nation’s 1973 Constitution With the 1987 Revision, Following a Series of Closed Discussions With Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammad Mahathir Referencing the Neighboring Country’s Support in the Ouster of Ferdinand Marcos, Effectively Altered the Preexisting Definition of Philippine Territory and the Reclassification of Proprietary Privilege by Virtue of Historic Right or Legal Title

5.31.2015 The Loss of Scarborough Shoal - Also Known as Scarborough Reef, Democracy Reef, Huangyan Island, Bajo de Masinloc, and Panatag Shoal - to China in 2012 During the Course of Territorial Negotiations by Acting Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, Who Served as President Benigno Aquino III’s Personal Envoy, Attributed to the Incompetence of Aquino’s Political Administration


1.13.2014 Newly Released Study by the Cato Institute Reveals Welfare and Government Entitlement Programs Offer a Greater Degree of Monetary Compensation Than Minimum Wage Employment Opportunities in 35 States

3.18.2014 Chronicling the Obama Administration’s Taxpayer-Funded Investment Legacy in Kenya

4.12.2014 Political Constituents in the Republican National Committee Warn of Federal Legislative Mandate Imposing the Levying of Taxes on Livestock Owners Based on Bovine Flatulence

4.16.2014 Proposed Legislation in California to Grant an Estimated $9.2 Million in Loans to Undocumented Students Attending State Universities

4.16.2014 Obama Administration Negotiating With Michigan State Government Representatives on $100 Million Taxpayer Funded Bailout of Detroit in Lieu of Pension Benefits Cancellations

8.3.2014 $224 Million in Taxpayer Funds Allocated to Chemonics International, a Pharmaceutical Contracting Agency in Kenya, by the Obama Administration

8.4.2014 Americans Received $2,007,358,200,000 in Benefits and Entitlements From the Federal Government in 2013

8.12.2014 Startling Political Science Study Concludes That Corporate Interests and Affluent Third-Party Contributors Control U.S. Policy to Such a Degree That the Preferences of the Average American Have a Miniscule, Near-Zero, Statistically Insignificant Impact

8.28.2014 Obama Named as a Defendant in RICO Lawsuit - Accused of Laundering Funds to Terrorist Organization Hamas

8.28.2014 Recent Investigative Reports Indicate That the California Work Opportunities and Responsibilities to Kids (CalWORKS) Welfare Program Has a Total of $848 Million in Outstanding Overpayments to State Aid Recipients

9.2.2014 How the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), US Federal Reserve, and Treasury Department Utilize the Secret Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) to Conceal Evidence of Illegal Activity From the American People | *Video Series*

9.29.2014 Dereliction of Duty? Newly Released Government Accountability Institute (GAI) Report Reveals That President Barack Obama Has Attended Only 42.1% of His Daily Intelligence Briefings in the 2,079 Days of His Presidency Through September 29, 2014

2.24.2015 17,000 Federal Employees Paid in Excess of $200,000 in 2014


9.26.2012 Taxpayers Spent in Excess of $1.4 BILLION on the Obamas in 2011, While the Residents of Great Britain Spent $57.8 Million on the Royal Family’s Indulgences

3.23.2014 EXCLUSIVE — Study: Obama Most Well-Traveled, Expensive President in the History of the United States Through Five Years

4.4.2014 Disbelief on Capitol Hill as Obama’s One-Night Stay in Brussels, the Capital City of Belgium, Cost Taxpayers an Estimated $2.9 MILLION - Brief Sojourn Required the Use of 387 Rooms and 143 Rental Cars From a Luxury Limousine Services Company

4.8.2014 Revealed: The Obama’s Three-Day Excursion to Ireland Cost Taxpayers $7.6 Million, With the First Lady’s Suite Costing $3,300 Per Night

4.15.2014 Vice President Joe Biden Lauds the Benefits of His Political Stature Concerning the Use of Public Funds on Various Traveling Excursions With Grandchildren

4.29.2014 Michelle Obama’s 2-Day Hotel Stay in China Cost Taxpayers More Than $222,000 - First Lady’s Entourage Used 144 Rooms at Shangri-La Hotel

4.30.2014 Taxpayers Spend More Than $121 Million to Rectify a Multitude of Programmatical Errors Related to the Implementation of the Obamacare Website - Bringing the Total Cost Expenditure to Nearly $800 Million

4.30.2014 Obama-Biden Vacation Expenses Reach $40 Million-$2.9 Million Alone Devoted to Two Obama 2014 Golf Outings

7.17.2014 Biden’s World Cup Vacation: $2.4 Million for Four Hotels

8.2.2014 Joe Biden Spent More Than $1 Million During Recent Excursion to His Home in Wilmington - With $12,406 Allocated to Personal Time With Obama on Various Golf Outings

8.12.2014 Former Attorney General Eric Holder Spent $14,440 in Public Funds to Transport Himself, His Daughters and Their Boyfriends, and Two Security Officials to the Belmont Stakes in June - A Brief Excursion for Which He is Legally Obligated to Pay $955, the Reimbursement Equivalent of a Commercial Air Flight, Leaving Taxpayers Responsible for the Remainder of the Cost

9.23.2014 Single Trip for Obama to Play Pool, Consume Alcoholic Beverages, and Raise Proceeds for Democrats Attending LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) Events Cost Taxpayers Nearly $700,000 - a Significant Amount Comprising the $1,159,823 Required to Fly the President From New York to Denver in Just the Last Month

11.18.2014 Air Force Documentation Reveals President Obama Misappropriated $1,539,402.10 in Public Funds Toward Flight Expenses for Labor Day 2014 Weekend Excursions

12.8.2014 Obama’s Hotel Bill for One Night in Brisbane During the G-20 Summit Cost Taxpayers in Excess of $1.7 Million - Part of a Presidential Delegation Requesting the Use of More Than 4,000 Rooms

12.18.2014 Transportation for Obama to Los Angeles to Attend a Lavish Fundraiser Hosted by Hollywood Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Cost Taxpayers $1,011,051.30

1.2.2015 First Family of the United States Dine Like Royalty at the Expense of American Taxpayers at an Exclusive Hawaiian Restaurant Eatery Boasting Annual Membership Fees in Excess of $500K

1.22.2015 The U.S. Federal Government Spent in Excess of $432,000 Studying the ‘Arousal’ Patterns of Gay Men Who Frequently Use Grindr - A GPS (Global Positioning System)-Enabled Smartphone Application Tailored to the Romantic Interests of Homosexual Males - Columbia University Given $432,000 in Taxpayer Subsidies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to Interview Gay Men About the Use of GPS-Enabled Applications for Purposes of Sexual Gratification

1.26.2015 President Barack Obama’s Scheduled 4-Hour Visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Following the Demise of King Abdullah to Cost Taxpayers $267,787 in Hotel and SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) Rental Fees According to Contracts Issued by the State Department - Rooms Reserved at Three 5 Star Hotels With $25,920 Allocated for Time Spent at the Marriott, $64,320 for Services at the Radisson Blu, and $32,000 for Rooms and Accommodations at the Ritz-Carlton

2.20.2015 Pentagon Spent in Excess of $84.2 Million in Taxpayer Funds on Viagra and Other Erectile Dysfunction Medications in 2014

3.2.2015 Illinois State Republican Congressional Representative Aaron Schock, 33, Used House Office Expense Budget for More Than $10,000 in Private Flights to Various Athletic Spectacles Involving the Chicago Bears NFL Franchise, Bilking Thousands From Taxpayers

3.7.2015 Vacationer in Chief: Tens of Millions of Dollars in Taxpayer Money Spent on 38 Obama Vacations

3.21.2015 American Taxpayers Paid $78,741 in Rental Car Fees for Michelle Obama During Her Trip to Kiyomizu-Dera Buddhist Temple and the Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine in Japan on March 20

10.29.2001 Incompetence | Definition and Significance


9.9.1999 Federal Judge Peter C. Dorsey of the U.S. District Court in New Haven Rules That Police Departments Can Exclude Prospective Hires on the Basis of IQ

9.8.2000 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York Upholds Lower Appellate’s Decision to Permit the Exclusion of Prospective Law Enforcement Applicants on the Basis of IQ, With Those Demonstrating Intellectual Proficiency Being Actively Discriminated Against

8.17.2014 More Than 1,100 Laboratory-Related Incidents Involving the Handling and Transport of Potentially Lethal Strains of Bacteria, Viruses, and Neurotoxins Were Reported to Federal Regulators From 2008 Until 2012 - Information That Was Suppressed in Compliance With Government Instituted Bioterrorism Policy

10.23.2014 Revealing Report Details the Scheduled Release of More Than 2,200 Illegal Aliens - With More Than 600 Being Felons Convicted of Capital Murder, Narcotics Trafficking and Distribution, and Sexual Battery - From Various Detention Centers Throughout the Continental United States - Blanket Assurances Made by the Obama Administration of a Vast Majority of That Number Having a Low Risk of Recidivism as a Means of Misleading Concerned Members of the General Public

3.18.2015 Pentagon Unable to Account for $500 Million in Weaponry, Hardware, and Military Equipment Given to Yemeni Government in 2007

11.30.2001 Controversy | Definition and Classification



9.23.2017 Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Ignites the Fury of Professional Sports Organizations and Athletes Affiliated With the National Football League, as Well as the National Basketball Association, Following His Attendance at a Public Speaking Engagement in the State of Alabama

9.23.2017 Lebron James, 32, Calls Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump a ‘Bum’ Following His Decision to Rescind a White House Invitation to the 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors After Stephen Curry Publicly Refused the Customary Overture

9.25.2017 At Least 200 Active Players in the NFL Kneel or Remain Seated During the National Anthem in Defiance of Trump With Hundreds More Locking Arms in Solidarity Following the Acting U.S. President’s Promotion of a Boycott Against the League

9.25.2017 Sports Fans Across America Burn Thousands of Dollars Worth of Team Merchandise, Season Ticket Reservations, and Collectibles Following a Series of On-Field Protests and Demonstrations by Active Players in the National Football League During the National Anthem

11.12.2002 Scandal | Definition and Significance



8.21.2016 Usain Bolt, 30, Arguably the Island Nation of Jamaica’s Most Celebrated Athlete and Widely Regarded as the Fastest Human Ever Timed, Pictured in Several Intimate and Compromising Photographs With Jady Duarte, 20, a Mother-of-Two and the Widow of Douglas Donato Pereira, a Notorious Brazilian Drug Lord Killed During the Course of an Armed Confrontation With Law Enforcement Officers in March of 2016, Despite Being Romantically Involved in a 2-Year Relationship With Kasi Bennett, a Woman With Whom He Was Rumored to Be Getting Engaged to - Bolt is Also Recognized as an OJ CD (Order of Jamaica CommanDer), an Active Member of the Fifth of Six Orders Present in the Jamaican Honors System That Was Established in 1969 and is Considered the Equivalent of Knighthood in the British Honors System



7.13.2012 TEN Convicted Felons, Sought After Fugitives, and Persons of Interest That Remain Prominent Fixtures in Obama’s Private Life

10.31.2012 Sharon Malone Holder, the Spouse of the Much Maligned Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Recognized as the Co-Owner of an Abortion Clinic Facility Owned and Operated by an Indicted Abortionist

11.2.2012 Multi-Count Indictment by Grand Jury in Ocala, Florida Levied Against the Obama Administration for the Deliberate Release of Classified Intelligence Information

11.23.2012 Obama Administration Provides an Undisclosed Number of Taxpayer Funded ‘Kickbacks’ to Various Campaign Contributors and Corporate Sponsors

3.29.2014 The Obama Administration Redefines the Concept of Latrine Duty as Stipulated in Newly Published Government Documentation, Emphasizing the Use of Naval Engineering Service Personnel as an Integral Component of Sanitation Detail in Kenya

6.27.2014 Obama Regime Settles Criminal Abuse-of-Power Lawsuit Allegations Through the Misappropriation of an Undisclosed Amount of Taxpayer Funds

8.6.2014 The Obama Administration Entertains Some of the African Continent’s Most Brutal Dictators - White House Conveniently Ignores the Human Rights Records of Individuals Directly Responsible for the Oppression of Millions - Red Carpet Reception Held for Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, a Political Despot Who Authorized the Murder or Incarceration of Opposition Leaders Throughout the Country, Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh, an Avowed Segregationist Who Oftentimes Threatened to ‘Cut Off the Head’ of Any Homosexuals Residing in His Nation’s Geographical Periphery, Angolan President Jose Eduardo de Santos, an Authoritarian Ruler Accused of Killing Thousands as Well as Exploiting the Natural Resources of His Homeland for Purposes of Material Gain, and Many Others Whose Attendance at the Lavish Event Was Funded, in Large Part, by American Taxpayers

8.11.2014 U.S. Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen Possesses the Legal Recourse Necessary to Indict President Obama, as Well as the Acting Secretaries of Both DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and HHS (Health and Human Services), on Charges That They Acted in Concert in Violating 8 U.S. Code § 1324 by Trafficking Thousands of Undocumented Immigrants Into the United States - A Penalty That Carries a Sentence of Up to 15 Years in Prison

12.15.2014 Joe Morrissey, 57, Democratic Member of the Virginia State House of Delegates Since 2008, Able to Commute to Place of Employment During 6-Month JAIL Sentence for ‘Contributing to the Delinquency’ of a 17-Year-Old Office Assistant - Juvenile in Question Rumored to be Pregnant With His Child

1.13.2015 Despite Mounting Evidence Substantiating Several Instances of Sexual Impropriety With an Underage Secretary, Since Identified as Myrna Pride - Now an 18-Year-Old Collegiate Freshman; Embattled Virginia House of Delegates Representative Joseph Morrissey is Re-Elected Into Office While Serving Time for His Role in Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor - A Juvenile Whose Nude Photo Was Found on His Cellular Device and Allegedly Shared With a Colleague

1.21.2015 LEGACY OF QUESTIONABLE MORAL ETHICS | Details of Evidence Submitted Against Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey, 57, Including Text Message Correspondence With Myrna Pride, Who Was 17 at the Time

1.21.2015 Incarcerated Virginia Lawmaker Who Had Sex With 17-Year-Old Receptionist Now Facing Felony Charges of Perjury and Use of a Forged Instrument Following Written Testimony Concerning the Specifics of the Affair

12.16.2014 Randolph Blake Farenthold, 53, Republican Party Affiliated U.S. Representative for Texas’s 27th Congressional District Since 2001, a Defendant in a Lawsuit by a Former Communications Assistant Alleging Sexual Harassment and Unwanted Sexual Advances on Multiple Occasions - Congressional Representative Purportedly Encouraged Deviant Practices, Eliciting ‘Threesomes’ and Exhibitionist Forays by Other Staffers During Office Hours - Farenthold Made Headlines Earlier in the Week When it Was Discovered That He Owned the Domain Name ‘blow-me.org’

12.29.2014 Larisa Oringdulph, Now 32, Her Employment Terminated as a South Pueblo High School Educational Instructor in Colorado Following a Criminal Investigation Involving Sexual Improprieties With Several Students and the Dissemination of Pornographic Material to Minors, Recently Hired as the South All-Hazards Regional Homeland Security Coordinator, a Position Commanding an Annual Salary of $48,000

1.5.2015 William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton, 68, the 42nd President of the United States, Formally Identified in Criminal Indictment Against Former Associate and Political Confidante, Multibillionaire Bear Stearns Financier and Democratic National Committee Fundraiser, Jeffrey Epstein, 61 - a Convicted Pedophile Arrested in 2008 for His Role in the Solicitation of Underage Prostitutes - Latest Allegations Levied Against Defendant in the Trial Proceedings Catalog the Former President’s Numerous Excursions to the Latter’s Caribbean Compound Where Young Women Were Kept as Sex Slaves

1.23.2015 Flight Logs Published for the First Time for the ‘Lolita Express,’ Multibillionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Jet, Reveal the Exact Number of Trips Taken by Former President Bill Clinton With New Allegations of Sexual Impropriety With Then 15-Year-Old Virginia Roberts Surfacing Involving Harvard Law Professor and Political Consultant Alan Dershowitz

1.7.2015 60 Minutes CBS News Correspondent Steven Kroft, 69, Exposed as a Philanderer in a Series of Racy Text Generated Messages to Harvard-Educated Lisan Goines, 41 - Tawdry Exchanges Highlighted a Three-Year Extramarital Affair With the News Anchor Purportedly Exclaiming, “I’d Rather Be Eating Your Pudding Than Having to Work Late,” and “Miss You and All That Goes With It, Especially My Favorite Tastes and Colors… Pink and Brown” - Sources Also Revealed the Couple’s Bedroom Escapades, Including Kroft’s Use of Viagra During Their Many Sexual Forays and His Penchant for Pouring Champagne in Goines’s Behind Before Ingesting It

1.31.2015 REVEALED: The Incriminating Self Portraits Sent to 60 Minutes News Correspondent Steve Kroft, 69, by His Married Mistress, Lisan Goines, 41, During the Course of a Torrid Extramarital Affair

1.5.2015 NBC Nightly News Chief Correspondent Brian Williams Forced to Recant Prior Claims of His Having Been Onboard a Helicopter Impacted and Later Shot Down by a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) During the 2003 Iraq Invasion Following the Protestations of Soldiers Directly Involved in the Conflict

2.25.2015 Students in Universities Across America Receive Bonus SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Points Due to Their Cultural and Ethnic Background - African American Students Receive Bonuses of 230 Points, While Hispanics Received Bonuses of 185 Points; Asian American Students Penalized 50 Points

2.28.2015 North Carolina State Government Legislature Legalizes the Solicitation of Prostitutes for Political Constituents at the Expense of Taxpayers

3.2.2015 Government Employees With Ties to the Department of Education Caught Stealing Students’ Personal Information to Apply for Loans and to Establish New Cell Phone Communications Accounts

3.5.2015 Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Brother, Tony Rodham, Receives Exclusive Gold Mining and Excavation Permit From the Haitian Government After the U.S. State Department Sent the Country Billions of Dollars in Taxpayer Funds and Subsidies - The Permits Issuance the First of Its Kind in the Last 50 Years

3.6.2015 While Hillary Clinton Hid Email Correspondences, $6 Billion Went Missing in Her State Department

3.11.2015 Indiana Legislative Representative Justin Moed Issues a Formal Apology to His Public Constituents, His Fiancée, and to Peers in His Political Spectrum Regarding Indiscretions Involving a Series of Sexually Charged Communications Between Himself and One-Time Paramour of Democratic National Committee Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner - Moed Sent Sydney Leathers, a Part-Time Adult Film Actress and Aspiring Socialite, Several Nude Pictures During the Course of Their Conversation, the Indiana Legislator Also Detailed His Sexual Forays With an Unidentified Black Male He Purportedly Met While Canvassing Personal Ads on Adultfriendfinder - Moed is Believed to Have Initiated the Conversations With Leathers Using the Twitter Handle ‘Bitch Boy@bitchboy4u’

3.11.2015 Exclusive: Indiana Legislator Justin Moed, Who is Also Engaged to Rachel Ranz, Admits to Having Participated in a Series of Trysts Involving Men He Met While Canvassing Personal Ads on Adultfriendfinder

3.11.2015 Exclusive: Tawdry Twitter Communications Between Justin Moed and Sydney Leathers Revealed

3.18.2015 Wang Wenliang, Confirmed Member of Communist China’s National People’s Congress and Reclusive Corporate Billionaire, Behind the $2 Million Contribution to the Chinese Construction Company Rilin Enterprises - The Amount Later Given to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation (Also Known as the Clinton Foundation)

3.26.2015 DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Operatives Had ‘Sex Parties’ With Prostitutes Hired by Local Drug Cartels Overseas on Numerous Occasions

5.19.2015 Fox News Syndicated Anchor and Political Consultant Bill O’Reilly Forced to Deny Accusations of Spousal Abuse Pertaining to the Eye Witness Testimony of His Daughter Who, During the Course of Statements Submitted to a Court-Appointed Forensic Examiner, Claimed That Her Father Physically Dragged Her Mother, Now His Ex-Wife, ‘Down a Staircase by the Neck’

6.10.2015 US Marshals Service Employee Photographed Having Sex With an Unidentified Female on the Top of the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Witness to the Incident in Question Claims That the Couple Pictured in the Photographs Regularly Engage in Sexual Activity on the Roof of the Federal Building

6.11.2015 Sabine Raymonvil, 30, a Law Enforcement Officer in Miami, Florida; Under Investigation by Two Different Agencies Following the Public Release of Information Pertaining to a Prior Career in the Adult Film Entertainment Industry - Raymonvil is Believed to Have Performed in a Number of Sexually Explicit Films Under the Direction of Pornographer Emerson Callum, a Convicted Felon Sentenced to Incarceration for Drugging and Raping Women Who Auditioned for Him

8.12.2015 Hillary Clinton Forced to Relinquish Her Computer Server to Federal Authorities Following an Extensive Series of Investigations by the Acting U.S. Government Intelligence Community Inspector General - Reports Issued to Congressional Representatives Highlighted the Presence of Highly Classified Material in Her Personal Email Account - Information Meriting TOP SECRET//SI/TK//NOFORN (TOP SECRET//SPECIAL INTELLIGENCE/TALENT KEYHOLE/NO FOREIGNER ACCESSIBILITY) Assignation Believed to Have Been Actively Stored by the Former Secretary of State

8.14.2015 David DeCamillis, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing Employed at Denver, Colorado-Based Platte River Networks - an Internet-Oriented Networking and Communications Firm - Being Actively Sued for Fraud by Bankruptcy Trustee Following Accusations of Financial Involvement With Lou Pearlman - DeCamillis Received an Estimated $1.5 Million in Proceeds From the $500 Million Ponzi Scheme That Was Being Orchestrated by the Backstreet Boys Impresario

8.19.2015 Shaun King, Author, Syndicated Columnist, and Key Figure of the Black Lives Matter Movement Who Accepted an Oprah Winfrey-Sponsored Academic Scholarship to Morehouse College - Later Revealed to Have Been Received Under False Pretenses - Who Has Openly Claimed to Be Biracial in Terms of His Cultural Ethnicity, Found to Be Born of Caucasian (White) Parents - King, in an Attempt to Skirt Controversy, Has Refused to Answer Questions Pertaining to His Heritage, Openly Claiming That He is the Victim of a ‘White Supremacist Conspiracy’

9.2.2015 An Estimated 900,000 U.S. Military Veterans Have Officially Pending Applications for Health and Medical Care That Have Yet to Be Formally Addressed From the Department of Veterans Affairs According to the Department’s Inspector General

9.21.2015 U.S. Military Service Personnel Instructed by Their Superiors to Ignore the Sexual Abuse of Prepubescent Boys and Girls by Their Afghan Contemporaries Under the Guise of Standard Islamic and Middle Eastern Cultural Tradition - Morally Reprehensible Government Policy Urges ‘Tolerance’ of Pedophilic Practices

9.30.2015 Congressional Report Published by Jason Chaffetz, RNC-Affiliated Representative From the State of Utah, Details the Lavish Spending Practices of Planned Parenthood Executives at the Expense of American Taxpayers - Document Exposes $5.1 Million Expenditure on Travel in 2013 - the Equivalent of $14,000 Per Day - and $622,706 Dedicated to Extravagant Social Gatherings for an Organization Where 40 Corporate Executives Received Salary Compensation in Excess of $200,000 From 2009 to 2013

10.22.2015 Half of DEA Agents Being Federally Investigated for Participating in Prearranged Sex Orgies With Prostitutes Employed by Colombian Narcotics Trafficking Organizations Rewarded With Bonuses in Excess of $32,000

12.8.2015 Married Multi-Millionaire TransGas Energy CEO and Founder Adam Victor Implicated in a Lawsuit Brought by Executive Assistant Eve Khatskevich Alleging Acts of Sexual Harassment and Attempted Coercion Related to a Voice Recording Obtained by Roommate and Co-Complainant Nazym Toktassynova - According to the Tape Received by Members of the New York Post, Victor is Quoted as Saying, “I Just Couldn‘t Do It. I Just Needed to See Her Naked. I Could Not Be With Her Without Being Sexual. It Became Too Difficult” - Other Portions of the Audio Recording Were as Follows: “If There Was, If We Basically Were Sleeping With Each Other, Eve Would Still Be Here, With the Same F**king Job, Running the Same Hours”

8.10.2016 EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Malia Obama, the Eldest Daughter of Acting U.S. President Barack Obama, Filmed by Numerous Eyewitnesses Smoking Marijuana During the Course of a Scheduled Concert at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago

9.28.2016 Alicia Machado, the 1996 Miss Universe Award Recipient Representing the Nation of Venezuela, Filmed Having Sexual Intercourse With a Spanish Actor and Television Host During the Course of a Syndicated Reality TV Broadcast, Purportedly Threatened to Kill a Judge for Sentencing Her Then-Boyfriend to Prison for Attempted Murder, Paid to Participate in a Playboy Photo Shoot, and Whose Young Daughter Was Allegedly Fathered by a Drug Lord With Ties to the Sinaloa Cartel, Now Actively Campaigning for Democratic National Committee (DNC) Presidential Nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton

12.21.2016 EXCLUSIVE: David Mikkelson, Co-Founder and Proprietary Interest Shareholder of Snopes.com, an Independently Owned and Operated ‘Fact Checker’ Contracted by Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg to Arbitrate Over the Authenticity of Various News Sources Submitted by Users Frequenting the Social Media Platform, Embroiled in a Legal Dispute With Ex-Wife Regarding the Embezzlement of an Estimated $98,000 in Monetary Funds to Purchase the Services of Prostitutes - Staff Employed at the Site Include a One-Time Escort/ Porn Star and ‘Vice Vixen Dominatrix,’ Both of Which Are Hailed as ‘Research Authorities’ in the Determination of What Constitutes Legitimate Journalistic Discourse - Elyssa Young, Mikkelson’s New Wife, Employed as a System Administrator and Investigative Journalist, is a Reformed Prostitute and Adult Film Actress - Kimberly LaCapria, Also Under the Employ of Mikkelson, and Whose Blog ‘ViceVixen’ Makes Mention of Her Willingness to Embrace Her ‘Domme Side’ as a Form of Empowerment, is Rumored to Smoke Marijuana and Indulge in Alcoholic Beverages While Posting on the Site

5.25.2017 Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump Filmed by International and Domestic Multimedia Outlets Shoving Duško Marković, the Current Prime Minister of Montenegro, Aside to Assume a More Prominent Position Among the Leaders of 27 Other NATO Member Countries During the Course of a Scheduled Photo Opportunity in Brussels, Belgium

5.30.2017 Kathy Griffin, Attempting to Garner Publicity From the Corporate Media and Entertainment Industry, Participates in an Elaborate Photo Shoot With Famed Photographer Tyler Shields Holding a Severed Head in the Likeness of Acting U.S. President Donald J. Trump



6.6.2014 Sandra Cam, President of the Whistleblowers Association of the Philippines, to Make Public Several Intimate Video Recordings of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and Her Married Bodyguard/ Chauffeur Ronnie Palisok Dayan - De Lima Has Steadfastly Refused to Address Allegations of Sexual Impropriety Involving Dayan, Himself a Former Employee of the Philippine Justice Department Who Concealed Incriminating Information From the General Public in Several Government Institutions, Most Notably the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Throughout the Republic - Cesar Mancao, a Former Police Officer and Another of Her Rumored Paramours, Has Also Been Implicated in Cam’s Investigations

8.17.2016 Rodrigo Duterte, the Acting President of the Philippines, Links Senator Leila de Lima to Various Narcotics Trafficking Operations Being Conducted Throughout the Country, Proffering Claims That She Actively Funded the Construction of Two Separate Properties Belonging to Ronnie Palisok Dayan, Her Driver and Purported Lover, With Money Garnered From Illegal Drug Transactions in the Bilibid Penitentiary - A Series of Illicit Payments Are Believed to Have Been Given to Norly Magallanes, Dayan’s Wife, to Insure Her Silence Regarding Her Husband’s Alleged Extramarital Affair With the Senator

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