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Texas Senatorial Representative Ted Cruz: Pawn of the Political Establishment

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, February 6, 2015 | 7:50 PM

Proponents for the 2016 Presidential candidacy of Texas Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz may or may not be surprised to learn of his association with Henry Alfred Kissinger, as they, like a vast majority of the general public, have made the conscious decision to ignore these types of politically-motivated alliances and instead focus on the character traits of an individual who they have been led to believe represents their best interests. Kissinger’s reputation as a war criminal is well documented, as the following articles of reference allude to in greater detail:


CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: War Atrocities Committed by the U.S. Federal Government During Henry Kissinger’s Political Tenure as Both a National Security Advisor, and Later as Secretary of State, During the Presidential Administrations of Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon
The Case Against Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens
The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens
A Thorough Examination Into the Glaring Omissions Present in Hitchens’s Indictment of Henry Kissinger

Armed with this knowledge the question then becomes: Is the zealous enthusiasm and commitment of the general public regarding the electoral ambitions of the Texas Senator warranted in light of his admiration for an individual responsible for the death and suffering of countless generations of people?
Yet, this is not the only shadow being cast over the political aspirations of Ted Cruz as his wife, Heidi Cruz’s ties to the Bush Administration as a legal and economic advisory committee representative, as well as her record of employment with Goldman Sachs as a Vice President in the Private Wealth Management Group in Houston, should provide potential supporters with a reasonable degree of suspicion - facts that are detailed in the following:


Cruz: My Wife is Part of a ‘Pernicious Nest of Snakes Working to Undermine Our Sovereignty’ *VIDEO*
Ted Cruz: CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Plant - Wife, Heidi Cruz, is the Co-Author of a Journalistic Publication Emphasizing the Integration of Canada, the United States, and Mexico Into a North American Community (NAU - North American Union)
Ted Cruz: “Assault Weapons Bans in Certain States are Reasonable Regulations”

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, especially in consideration of the current president’s question of eligibility, is Cruz’s place of birth, which according to numerous sources is listed as Canada, a country for which he has purportedly renounced citizenship in the last year. Of course the constitutionality of one’s qualification to acquire executive privilege is a moot point, given the fact that the Constitution itself has been rendered null and void since March 9th, 1933, with the treasonous passage of the Emergency Banking Relief Act - a legislative measure that redefined the United States in terms of its system of governance (Amendments present within the aforementioned provision allowed for its reclassification as a democratic form of government from its original designation as a Constitutional Republic), as well as its economic status.

CONCLUSION: Prospective participants in the electoral process shouldn’t be deceived as to the loyalties of those occupying positions of authority within the political establishment, as more often than not, those swearing an oath of an allegiance to the United States are, in fact, the servants of organizations and assemblies for whom the notion of accountability is conspicuously absent.
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