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A totalitarian system of governance by which absolute political authority is concentrated within small committees of elitist dignitaries exhibiting psychopathic tendency. A pathocratic command structure can manifest a degree of actuality through a seemingly endless array of previously acknowledged or formally agreed upon political systems, cultural philosophies, or ideologies; and, as such, it oftentimes masquerades under a guise of democratic or theocratic beneficence, or as an open ended extension of oppressive regimes within an authoritarian substrate. The following principles apply to the characterization of such a politically oriented system of governance, and are listed as follows:

1. Suppression of individualism and creativity through force or coercion.

2. Deliberately state sponsored artistic impoverishment/ stagnation.

3. The proliferation of moral degradation through the engineered actualization of a societal construct whose central focus lies with self gratification at the expense of altruistic/ philanthropic endeavors.

4. Fanatical ideologies; oftentimes the corrupted semblance of a constitutionally viable ‘trojan’ philosophy which is surreptitiously perverted into a pathological system of governance absentia of its principal socio-political essence.

5. Intolerance and suspicion of anyone perceived to openly or privately exhibit views contrary to the political establishment.

6. Centralized control through political mandate.

7. Widespread incidences of corruption throughout the predominant socio-political spectra.

8. Clandestine operations within government primarily centered on the actualization of an artificially intelligence-based and coordinated surveillance apparatus.

9. Patterns of paranoia through the manifestation of a reactionary government.

10. The proliferation of excessive, arbitrary, or otherwise inflexible legislation through a concerted political mandate whereby the inherent rights and responsibilities ascribed to the citizenry of a nation are surreptitiously eviscerated.

11. An attitude of hypocrisy and contempt exemplified through the actions of the ruling class, towards the ideals they claim adherence to, and towards those they claim to represent.

12. Corporate controlled media, oftentimes acting as an agency of disinformation through the dissemination of propagandized oratory/ narrative.

13. Extreme instances of inequality between the societal classes based solely on monetary assets relevant to the current fiscal standard.

14. Endemic utilization of corrupted psychological/ cognitive reasoning via paramoralisms (A pseudo-moral characterization designed to alter socio-political or economic consensus and effectively undermine prior held systems of belief or values), conversive thought processes, and an increased incidence of linguistic duality.

15. Rule by forcible coercion and/ or the fear of reprisal through threats or intimidation.

16. Humanity, in essence, ceases to exhibit any semblance of intrinsic value in the sense that individuals become a marketable resource or commodity utilized for the express purpose of corporate-level profiteering through processes of wage induced discrimination and abject exploitation.

17. Spiritual constraints relative to religious liberties through vocational study and philosophical doctrine. Individuals perceived to be circumnavigating such government regulations become the targets of unwarranted scrutiny and are subsequently identified as heretics or labeled as criminally insane.

18. Arbitrary divisions present within the populace (social standing/ class, ethnicity/ cultural background, creed/ religious beliefs), whether preexistent or latently inherent, are exacerbated through the unspoken endorsement of conflict between each of the respective parties.

19. Suppression of free speech through the restriction of public debate, demonstration, or protest.

20. Blatant violation of basic human rights and civil liberties such as the restriction or denial of basic life necessities, prolonged detainment or incarceration without formal charge, torture and abuse, slave labor, etc.
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