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Gematria, also known as Gimatria (Its Hebrew linguistic equivalency recognized as גימטריה/גימטריא‎ gēmaṭriyā), is a mathematical representation of the numerical equivalency of letters, words, or phrases issued in sequence that are paired in conjunction with the interrelation of varying conceptual constructs. It exists as a Hebrew system of numerology (Assyro-Babylonian in origin) predicated on the assignment of numerical value to a particular word or phrase based solely on the belief that such quantities possess an inherent degree of significance. In time this particular method of classification was modified to include both Greek and English dialectal interpretations.

LAYMAN’S SYNOPSIS - Gematria or Gimatria is the Hebrew system of numerology, based in large part on the concept of numerical interpretation, where letters, words, and phrases each possess their own distinct value and therefore their own degree of significance.
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