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Satirical Contrivance | Social Engineering

Written By Michael Reign on Monday, May 12, 2014 | 8:53 PM

What may appear to be little more than yet another attempt by the progenitors of this illustrative composite to elicit a predicted response, is, in reality, the portrayal of an inherent societal stratification proffered by the Globalist Patriarchy as the idyllic cultural exemplar.

WRITTEN ADDENDUM: Progenitors of the Elitist philosophy have relentlessly pursued the fulfillment of one fundamental tenet in their objective to create an atmosphere of instability within the prevailing sociopolitical archetype. In other words, they have fomented discord amongst the masses using cultural diversity as an instrument of division - this is accomplished through their deliberate injection of stereotypes/ prejudicial beliefs into the very communities whose interests they claim to represent. They market ignorance and self indulgence at every opportunity through the Entertainment Industry as well as through their usage of various artistic mediums. They have taken away the opportunities of generations of people through gentrification, through the diminishment of opportunity through an endless campaign of outsourcing, through a deliberately laissez faire approach to border security in an effort to ensure profit from various illegal narcotics trafficking ventures coordinated by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) operatives, through the deliberately orchestrated collapse of various financial institutions via price manipulation and engineered insolvency, etcetera. It’s why they have created the gang lifestyle as a way to influence the impoverished, luring future generations into a life of crime through empty promises of wealth and luxury - all for a piece of colored fabric, and still we haven’t realized this was all done by design.
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