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Written By Michael Reign on Friday, November 8, 2013 | 1:25 AM

The Cross of Nero, known through an expanded variance of denominational appellates as the Peace Symbol, the Peace Sign, the Druid’s Foot, Druxtenfuss, the Neronic Cross, Raven’s Foot, Sign of the “Broken Jew”, Symbol of the Antichrist, Crow’s Foot, the Teutonic Cross (The Cross of Nero is purported to be emblematic of a primitive rendition of this figure, an iconic symbol from which its formative structure initially attained precedence), the Broken Cross, and Witch’s Foot. This symbol, also known under ‘The Dead Man’s Rune’ (In Germany this figure is recognized under the Toten-Rune/ Todesrune cognitive designate) pejorative; is clearly discernible on the base of numerous tombstones objectifying a vast contingent of Adolf Hitler’s ϟϟ Army. The Toten-Rune/ Todesrune is also present on numerous album covers and it serves as the central component of the Oldsmobile corporate emblem so prominent in advertisements. In the modern era, the aforementioned illustrative composite became synonymous with world peace, yet beneath this veil of beneficence lies a sinister esoteric connotation with regard to its principle theme. The Cross of Nero exists as an allegorical representation; symbolic of an inverted cross, fractured at its anchor and enclosed within a circle - signifying Nero’s vision of a world markedly absentia of Christianity. The Roman Emperor from 54 to 68 AD, Nero exhibited a visceral abhorrence of Christians, the Apostle Peter in particular, crucifying him at the zenith of an inverted cross (the event itself becoming synonymous with the advent of numerous pagan philosophies exemplifying a dichotomous relationship between the evident disparities of fundamental precepts of Christian belief systems, and those endemic to occultist doctrine/ dogma). This symbolic motif, christened as the Neronic Cross in honor of the Emperor and his vicious campaign of persecution of Christians throughout the region, came to represent a long standing/ existential angst embodied by those within Nero’s inner circle.
The origin of this illustrative composite coincides with the visual mystic characterization indicative of the Aum or Om (a figure similar in construction to the split central portion of the letter Y within the most predominant forms of written narrative). The word itself sacred to adherents of Hindu philosophy, the Aum or Om was believed to serve as an instrument in the awakening of ‘the serpentine influence of Brahma’ at the base of the human spine. Occultist Albert Pike, purportedly the author of precepts governing the inception of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, identifies this formative composite as being mystical in nature - housing magical properties oftentimes associated with ritualistic practice endemic to witchcraft and the levying of curses through incantations. The Cross of Nero also signifies the “gesture of despair”, and the “death of man” (The inference of humanity’s demise alludes to the cumulative degeneration of the spiritual essence into a more primitive base through demonic influence).
With the arms of the cross raised in an upright position, it is recognized as a Pythagorean emblem representative of the cyclical patterns most often ascribed to the course of life - its primary semblance indicative of the risen path to enlightenment with divergent paths leading to unadulterated Good or Evil. In more recent times. the Cross of Nero, absentia of its circular enclosure, has come to be synonymous with numerous organizations purported to foment racial apartheid and encourage cultural separatism through overt acts of intimidation and preemptive violence, the most recognized being Volksfront (Germanic terminological equivalency is recognized as “Popular Front”) - a neo-Nazi front for the White supremacist movement based primarily in areas of the Pacific Northwest. Variations of this symbol are also utilized by various Air Traffic Control Agencies as a means to facilitate the landing of passenger planes, airliners, cargo/ freight planes, military aircraft, etc.  
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