Magic Lantern

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, September 6, 2013 | 5:55 PM

A software program devised by specialized intelligence divisions within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) utilizing the presence of encryption-keystroke logger-enabled Trojan Horses (Keystroke loggers or keyloggers exist as software, specifically memory applications, that covertly record/ log various sequences of operation relevant to the act of typing via the incorporation of various computer hardware devices. Utilized in conjunction with the application of a Trojan Horse [Known also as Trojans, they exist as a type of non-self-replicating malware that allows for the unauthorized accessibility of affected computer systems through a process of remote installation - this is oftentimes accomplished through the act of opening unrecognized email attachments or through the download of files from unknown or unspecified domain registry links], the incorporation of such a device would allow for the transmission of sensitive information - specifically computer generated passwords, social security numbers and records listings, and credit card numbers - over a wide variance of internet connections and channels, all of these unbeknownst to the targeted individual) as a means to effectively track suspected terrorists within the continental United States as well as its outlying principalities.
Its existence first chronicled by Bob Sullivan of MSNBC (Microsoft National Broadcasting Company) through various news publications originating on November 20th of 2001 as well as Ted Bridis of the Associated Press, Magic Lantern is recognized as an enhanced version of what was once known as the Carnivore System. Further information relevant to its subsequent implementation as well as its principal origin can be found at the following domain registry:
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