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Owned and operated as a subsidiary of LexisNexis information services as early as February 2008, ChoicePoint, whose principal headquarters is situated in Alpharetta, Georgia; exists as a data and information systems intermediary specializing in the sale and distribution of the following:

Claims History Data

Motor Vehicle Registration/ Records Compendium

Police Records

Credit Application Histories

Credit Headers - recognized as an itemized listing of identifying information appearing at the beginning of a credit report statement. These identifiers are inclusive of the following: spouse’s name, residential address histories, complete phone listings/ number directories, Social Security Number, work and employer histories.

Credit Status/ Score Reports

Credit Verification Histories

Employment Background Screenings

Uniform Commercial Code Listings and Correspondent Inquiries

DNA Identification Service Records

Identity Authentication Service Records

Vital Records Indices/ Medical Histories

Shareholder Locator Record Searches


ChoicePoint has established a vast corporate monopoly of the Commercial Data Broker (CDB) market through the purchase and coordinated investiture of other businesses within said spectra. Since its dissolution from the Equifax Credit Reporting Agency in 1997, ChoicePoint has acquired numerous data collection and processing companies. These include:

National Data Retrieval Inc. - a large-scale provider of public records information

List Source Inc. - a privately owned company, its principal headquarters is recognized as Cherry Hill, New Jersey. List Source Inc. functions as a service provider for management consultation firms that act in collaboration with direct marketing cataloguers, magazine subscription registrars, and fundraiser coordination specialists.

d/b/a Kramer Lead Marketing Group - a marketing company specializing in life and health insurance as well as the financial services industry

Mortgage Asset Research Institute, Inc. - serves as a mortgage fraud monitoring agency

Identico Systems, LLC - serves as a consumer based identity verification company

Templar Corporation - founded in 2000, its principal base of operations is recognized as Alexandria, Virginia. Templar Corporation serves as an interagency coordinating firm, offering software solutions that facilitate a greater degree of integration within law enforcement, public safety, and criminal justice agencies thereby enhancing their ability to share information. Products marketed by Templar Corporation include the following: Informant, Privilege Manager, Secure Data Replicator (SDR), and Transport Manager software programs. IBM, the National Institute of Justice, SCRA, and Sun Microsystems act in strategic alliance with the company’s principal shareholders.

InsuranceDecisions Inc. - recognized as an insurance industry claims administrative company

Bridger Systems Inc. - recognized as a USA PATRIOT Act compliance firm


d/b/a Applicant Screening and Processing - serves as a prospective tenant screening agency

TML Information Services Inc. - recognized as a provider of motor vehicle reports and histories

Drug Free Inc. - a drug testing company

National Drug Testing Inc. - company specializing in comprehensive testing and examination pursuant to the presence of illegal substances on a national level

Application Profiles Inc. - company specializing in criminal background screenings

Informus Corporation - Online service provider specializing in the advertisement of ChoicePoint products and brochures

Tyler-McLennon Inc - company specializing in criminal background screenings

Customer Development Corporation - a database marketing firm, later christened with the ChoicePoint Direct Inc. appellate soon after its appropriation

EquiSearch Services Inc. - marketing agency specializing in the relocation of unclaimed financial holdings and property assets

DATEQ Information Network Inc. - an insurance underwriting services company

Washington Document Service Inc. - a court record retrieval services firm

DataTracks Technology Inc. - a public records information firm

DataMart Inc. - a database software company

Statewide Data Services Inc.

NSA Resources Inc. - a drug screening services firm

DBT Online Inc. - a public record services provider

RRS Police Records Management Inc. - service provider specializing in the dissemination of police reports an interagency coordination

Apogee Enterprises Inc. - company operating in two disparate business segments: the Architectural Products and Services Division which designs, engineers, fabricates, installs, maintains, and renovates glass structural edifices comprising large-scale commercial and institutional facilities; the Large-Scale Optical Technologies (LSO) Firm which manufactures value-added glass and acrylic products primarily for the custom picture framing market base

VIS’N Service Corporation - operates as a subsidiary of Apogee Enterprises Inc.

Cat Data Group, LLC

Drug Free Consortium - company operating as a drug screening/ testing firm

Bti Employee Screening Services Inc. - an employee pre-screening services company

ABI Consulting Inc. - a drug screening company

Insurity Solutions Inc. - operates as an insurance agency rating organization

National Medical Review Offices, Inc.

Bode Technology Group Inc. - company specializing in identity verification through DNA testing procedures/ collaborative analysis

Marketing Information & Technology, Inc. - a direct marketing firm

Pinkerton’s, Inc. - company specializing in prospective employment screenings

Total eData Corporation - an electronic mail registry/ tracking firm

L & S Report Service Inc. - police records registrar

Resident Data, Inc. - a residential screening services provider

VitalChek Network Inc. - company specializing in the dissemination of vital records

Accident Report Services Inc. - a provider of police records

Programming Resources Company - insurance software agency

Professional Test Administrators Inc. - a drug testing company

CDB Infotek - a seller/ active distributor of public information

Medical Information Network, LLC - an online physician verification service - an online provider of criminal histories/ background information

On April 13, 2001, less than 5 months prior to 9/11, the Wall Street Journal published an article documenting 35 instances of blatant abuses of confidentiality perpetrated by the proprietors of the ChoicePoint data and information systems agency. EPIC, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, has obtained documented evidence revealing ChoicePoint’s association with numerous law enforcement agencies as well as multi-million dollar contractual agreements stipulating monetary compensation for the dissemination of personal records.

ChoicePoint distributes a wide array of information to intergovernmental agencies through the utilization of various software programs - operating system applications designed to foster an enhanced level of continuity between each of the respective Federal constituencies. These bundles are then grouped in accordance with their corresponding degrees of functionality relevant to an artificially generated increase in the processing speeds of prospective queries/ search histories. They are listed as follows:

Workplace Solutions Pre-Employment Screening - software programs inclusive of individual financial reports/ statements, educational verification by institutional denomination, reference histories, felony records listings, motor vehicle registration histories/ records, Social Security Number (SSN) directories, and professional accreditations (occupational histories/ employment records listings).

Asset Location Services (ALS) - operating system applications that provide law enforcement agencies with the ability to engage in “wildcard searches” (Computer generated inquisitions dictated by the generation of a comprehensive personal profile through forename directories or partial address listings). ALS also incorporates “Soundex” queries (Computer generated searches predicated on the utilization of phonetic algorithms for the purpose of denominational indexing via tonal differentials) in criminal profiling investigations for numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the continental United States.

AutoTrackXP - software program utilized by law enforcement agencies as well as legal, professional, and insurance industry investigators as a means to facilitate the generation of customized records listings housing data gleaned from billions of public registries. AutoTrackXP incorporates a vast array of sophisticated mathematical algorithms emphasizing an analogous relationship in terms of word sequence. These algorithms in turn, facilitate the enhancement of cross referencing capabilities as a measure of probability relative to a consociation between individuals, property assets, and businesses/ occupational endeavors. AutoTrackXP’s resources include a Securities Trading Database (a systems application enhancing user accessibility to “open-market” equity records listings/ histories as well as stock option conversions) that acts as an interface for additional information directories, including:

Linkage services - computer systems application utilized as instrumentation in the genesis of geographical profiles exhibiting commonality with criminal suspect correspondences. Utilized as a cartographical tool in the ascertainment of specific localities referencing a high incidence of gang-related activity.

Public records listings - vast compendiums of information including Social Security Death Master Filings, bookings and arrest histories, property liens, court judgments, and bankruptcy filings.

License registries - motor vehicle, pilot, and professional credentials are emphasized as prerequisite queries.

State Residency Informational Directories - utilized by law enforcement agencies as a tool in the apprehension of criminal suspects.

National real-time phone directories - system application possessing the capability of reverse indexing of numerical phone listings grouped in accordance with their combination.

Business/ company information - compiled records index maintained on a national level by various constituencies within the Federal Government.

Military Service Records

Boat Application Records/ Filings

Original Documentation and Research © 2005 EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) - All Rights Reserved.

The above visual illustrates ChoicePoint’s vast scope of influence over the perceived trivialities of even the most mundane of existences.
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