Normalcy/ Normality Bias

Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | 8:14 PM

A psychosocial condition characterized by the inherent inability of the populace at a communal level to adequately prepare for the possibility of natural disaster. The concept of normalcy bias in its most substantive incarnation, references the legislative inadequacies of the prevailing sociopolitical exemplar on a national level. In its most recent interpretation, associative tenets governing this aspect of development have achieved a sense of synchronicity with Illuminist doctrine; predominantly, with precepts exhibiting commonality with the subject of psychological conditioning. In the context of analytical discourse pertinent to such material, the concept of normality bias operates as the mechanism of a propagandized apparatus. In this instance, agencies of disinformation popularized by transnational corporatist entities can exert their influence over public opinion through the perpetuation of falsehood - causing the citizenry of affected nations to underestimate the consequences of their perceived sense of invulnerability to circumstances beyond their control.
Normalcy bias in the United States is intrinsically bound to the concept of American Exceptionalism, in that the adage of 'it can’t happen here' attains precedence based solely on a perceived sense of invincibility.

Further clarification relevant to the concept of normality bias can be obtained through the perusal of the following registry link:

* LAYMAN’S SYNOPSIS - by Michael Reign - The concept of normalcy bias refers to the psychologically conditioned state of ignorance being placed upon the national citizenry. This ignorance is cultivated through the use of disinformation hubs, or what is commonly referred to as the mainstream media. These multimedia outlets, under the direction of unseen malefactors, lull the general public into a state of complacency. This concept acts as a mechanism of dependency on the prevailing political system, in that the citizenry is acclimated to a belief that the leaders of a particular system of governance act on their behalf, representing their best interests. Normalcy bias precludes the possibility of an alternate outcome, encouraging a blind sense of loyalty and trust in authority figures.
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