Racial Animus

Written By Michael Reign on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 | 8:03 PM

A sociological condition possessing multigenerational attribution that is identified as a conscious, inherent hostility or resentment toward a particular assembly based collectively on several characteristic tenets, most notably the following:

Physical appearance - Mentioned as a statistical prerequisite in the assignation of racial animus due, in large part, to perceived differences that are oftentimes magnified by various intergovernmental luminaries, telecommunications firms and agencies, public figures and celebrities, etc. in order to promote the civilian population’s acceptance of certain ideologies or agendas by the political establishment.

Cultural heritage - Similar in context to the concept of aesthetic variance functioning as a catalyst in the propagation of intercultural animosities on the basis of perception - characterized as a social construct whose precedence in the public arena is determined by the historical significance of past transgressions levied against a certain group or association whereby the commission of such acts are deemed consistent with an individual’s ancestral lineage. This is a fundamental component of Critical Race Theory where the incidence of trespass against ethnic minorities becomes endemic to one’s societal classification, a statement that embraces a pattern of mistrust, suspicion, and contempt for persons based solely on the premise of ancestry. It is a subject that is routinely exploited by those claiming a vested interest in the pursuit of equality, improved civil liberties and standing, and the elimination of wage disparity based on gender, race, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

Economic standing - A term synonymous with the prospect of familial distinction (This refers to the emergence of dynastic enclaves, a feature that is emblematic of the 0.01%, as evidenced in the following: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer, Windsor, etc. - this also encompasses geopolitical diadems such as the House of Saud and the Royal Family, as well as less conspicuous assemblies such as the Bush and Clinton hierarchies), as indifference toward the concerns of impoverished segments of the population is exacerbated by the onset of opportunistic deficiency. This is an agent of causality in the smoldering tumult of unmet expectation, reneged promise, and the inability of elected officials to honor obligation associated with their position.

Educational predisposition - Inline with the opportunity for advancement in career or business profession and thereby associated with the marked absence of such based on the premise of intercultural exclusivity.

* LAYMAN'S SYNOPSIS - Racial animus is a multigenerational hostility toward a group of people based on ancestral distinction, physical appearance, economic standing, and educational opportunity. The actions of past generations become intertwined with those of the present, and, in turn, become the identity by which individuals are judged in a court of public opinion. These perceived differences are routinely exploited by the political establishment, the telecommunications industry, public figures and celebrities, etc. to promote the public’s acceptance of a particular course of action deemed noteworthy by the political establishment. It is an instrument of manipulation devised to foster an atmosphere of suspicion amongst those who would question the credibility of those occupying a position of authority, thereby diverting their attentions away from the ominous specter of corruption and moral turpitude being actively cultivated throughout the hallowed halls of government - DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
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