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Written By Michael Reign on Monday, August 5, 2013 | 3:56 PM

Bohemian Grove: The Rustic Campgrounds and Recreation Area of the Elitist Patriarchy and Their Constituent Members Within the Bohemian Club
The Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre virgin redwood coppice in Northern California, located 75 miles north of San Francisco. A place where the affluent, the influential, and their vast entourage congregate during the final two weeks of July. This enigmatic and oftentimes secretive group, which has received very little to no press coverage, has a 40-foot owl as its central theme. Each year, approximately 1,500 of America’s most influential CEO’s, government officials, financiers, industrialists, and media moguls gather to hear speeches, network, and share common agendas. They also perform Druid-like ceremonies before a huge stone monolith, complete with robes, fire, incantations, and other arcane rituals.
In keeping with the mention of the above statement, the following registry link functions as an elaborative point of contention referencing the membership status of this exclusive gentleman’s club:

Comprehensive Listing of Bohemian Club Members and Alumni

The visual composites that follow are actual photographic stills of various attendees to these exclusive soirees, these are individuals occupying the highest levels of political office and finance, as well as premier figures in the Entertainment Industry:
Photographic still depicting famous Western actor and Entertainment Industry icon Clint Eastwood, accompanied by Tim Hachman and Bob Ferguson at the Bohemian Club’s 1987 encampment. The visual obtained from ‘THE ANNALS OF THE BOHEMIAN CLUB VOLUME VI: 1973-1987.’
Elmer Edwin Rasmuson, member of the Bohemian Club, stands dressed as a torchbearer during a ceremony performed at the annual encampment at Bohemian Grove in 1992. He’s the older man with the glasses appearing second from the left. Rasmuson, who succumbed to the ravages of congestive heart failure in 1969 - a condition brought about as a result of complications involving a surgical procedure on his gallbladder - was recognized as the patriarch of Alaska’s largest financial institution and served as Anchorage’s mayor from 1964 -1967. It is believed that at the time of his passing Rasmuson had amassed a sizable fortune valued at an estimated $400 million, with a vast majority of that sum supposedly given to various charitable organizations throughout the United States.
Former U.S. Presidents Ronald Wilson Reagan (40th President) and Richard Milhous Nixon (37th President), photographed during the course of the Bohemian Club’s festivities in 1947.
Former U.S. Presidents Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower (34th President) and George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President, who at the time of the black-and-white photograph appears to be in his mid-to-late twenties to early thirties) photographed in close proximity to an artificial lake just beyond the periphery of a small shrine. Pictures included in the montage depict the elder Bush and his son George Walker Bush, who later became the 43rd President of the United States, at one of the gatherings.
The following images are genuine replicas of various forms of memorabilia associated with these gatherings, with the last being an actual photographic still attributed to the 50th Anniversary of the aforementioned assembly’s infamous Cremation of Care ceremony followed by a written transcription of the prior stated gatherings events.

CREMATION OF CARE CEREMONY (Actual Written Transcription)
Priest 1: The owl is in his leafy temple, let within this grove be reverent before him. Lift up your heads oh ye trees and be lifted up ye everlasting spires; for behold! Here is Bohemia's shrine and holy are the pillars of his house.

Weaving spiders come not here!

Priest 2: Hail Bohemians! With the ripple of waters, the song of birds, such music as inspires the sinking soul do we invite you into mid-summer’s joy. The sky above is blue and sown with stars. The forest floor is heaped with fragrant grit. The evenings cool kiss is yours. The campfires slow. The birth of rosy fingered dawn. Shake off your sorrows with the city's dust and cast to the winds the cares of life. But memories bring back the well-loved names of gallant friends who knew and loved this grove. Dear, boon companions of so long ago.

Aye! Let them join us in this ritual and not a place be empty in our midst.

All of his battles to hold in this gray autumn of the world or in the springtime of your heart. Attend our tale. Gather ye forest folk and cast your spell over these mortals. Touch their world-blind eyes with carrion. Open their eyes to fancy.

Follow the memories of yesterday and seal the gates of sorrow.

It is a dream, and, yet, not all a dream. Dull Care and all of his works harbored it. As vanished Babylon and goodly Tyre. So shall they also vanish. But the wilding rose blows in the broken battlement of Tyre and moss rends the stones of Babylon. For beauty is eternal and we bow to beauty everlasting. For lasting happiness, we turn to one alone. As she surrounds you now, great nature, refuge of the weary heart. And only found her breasts that had been bruised. She has cool hands for every fevered brow and dreadless silence for the troubled soul. Her councils are most wise. She healeth well having such ministries as calm and sleep. She is ever faithful. Other friends may fail, but seek ye her in any quiet place smiling, she will rise and give to you her kiss. So must ye come as children. Little children that believe don’t ever doubt her beauty and her faith, nor deem her tenderness can change or die.

Priest 1: Bohemians and priests. The desperate call of heavy hearts is answered. By the power of your fellowship, dull care is slain. His body has been brought yonder to our funeral pyre to the joyous pipings of a funeral march. Our funeral pyre awaits the corpse of care.

Priest 2: Oh thou, thus ferried across the shadowy tide in all the ancient majesty of death. Dull care, ardent enemy of beauty. Not for thee the forgiveness of the restful grave. Fire shall have its way with thee and all the winds make merry with thy dust. Bring Fire!

Spiritual Embodiment of Dull Care: (Raucous laughter) Fools! Fools! Fools! When will you learn that me ye cannot slay? Year after year ye burn me in this grove. Lifting your puny shouts of triumph to the stars. When again ye turn your faces to the marketplace, do ye not find me waiting as of old? Fools! Fools! Fools to dream ye conquer care!

Priest 2: Say thou mocking spirit. It is not all a dream. We know thou waitest for us. When this our sylvan holiday has ended, we shall meet thee and fight thee as of old and some of us prevail against thee and some thou shalt destroy. But, this do we know. Year after year, within this happy grove, our fellowship bans the for a space. Thine malevolence which would pursue us here has lost its power under these friendly trees. So shall we burn thee once again this night and with the flames that eat thine effigy we shall read the sign. Mid-summer sets us free!

Spiritual Embodiment of Dull Care: Ye shall burn me once again? (Laughter) Not with these flames which hither ye have brought from regions where I reign. Ye fools and priests. I spit upon your fire!

Priest 2: Oh Owl! Prince of all mortal wisdom, Owl of Bohemia, we beseech thee, grant us thy council.

Song Lyrics (Owl): No fire! No fire! No fire! Unless it be kindled in the world where care is nourished on the hates of men and drive him from this grove. One flame alone must light this fire. One flame alone must light this fire. A pure eternal flame. A pure eternal flame. At last within the lamp of fellowship upon the altar of Bohemia.

Priest 2: Oh great Owl of Bohemia. We thank thee for thy adoration. Be gone detested care! Be gone! Once more, we banish thee! Be gone Dull Care! Fire shall have its way will of thee. Be gone Dull Care and all the winds make merry with thy dust! Hail fellowship's eternal flame! Once again, mid-summer sets us free!

Spiritual Embodiment of Dull Care: (Agonizing scream signifying its death throes as altar is set ablaze in darkness)

The existence of this esoteric assembly is celebrated in a wide variance of contemporary settings and artistic mediums, with displays of patronage featured on the obverse of American fiat currency (specifically the dollar bill), on numerous landmarks throughout the visible purlieus of Washington D.C., in a wide montage of designs and artistic renditions ascribed to fraternal organizations throughout the continental United States, in collegiate universities, in the marketing of clothing line and apparel designs, in corporate logotypes, and in the Entertainment Industry. The following illustrative composites alluding to the nature of these portrayals:

A cinematic still from the children’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic animated television series, debuting on October 10, 2010 on the Hub (An American digital cable and satellite television channel that supplanted the Discovery Kids station appellate in October of 2010); the visual in question paying homage to the clandestine ensemble frequenting the inner recesses of Sonoma County, California - the Bohemian Club.

The Entertainment Industry, a longtime haven for occult indoctrination and the promotion of paganistic philosophy, has since expanded on its considerable scope of influence to include clothing and apparel brands. In this instance the principal logo of October’s Very Own clothing line, a brand founded and popularized by Canadian recording artist/ actor/ entertainer Drake, pays homage to a secret society whose steadfast devotion to esotericism is whispered legend.



Written Documentation and Cinematic References Affirming the Existence of the Bohemian Club

Extra! November/December 1991

When Dirk Mathison, San Francisco bureau chief for People magazine, infiltrated the exclusive Bohemian Grove retreat this summer, he got a view into the U.S. elite that very few reporters have glimpsed. Unfortunately, that elite includes the management of Time Warner, the owner of People, which prevented Mathison from telling his story.

Bohemian Grove, a secluded campground in California’s Sonoma County, is the site of an annual two-week gathering of a highly select, all-male club, whose members have included every Republican president since Calvin Coolidge. Current participants include George Bush, Henry Kissinger, James Baker and David Rockefeller -- a virtual who’s who of the most powerful men in business and government.

Few journalists have gotten into the Grove and been allowed to tell the tale (one exception is Philip Weiss, whose November 1989 Spy piece provides the most detailed inside account), and members maintain that the goings-on there are not newsworthy events, merely private fun. In fact, official business is conducted there: Policy speeches are regularly made by members and guests, and the club privately boasts that the Manhattan Project was conceived on its grounds.

Given the veil of secrecy that surrounds the Bohemian “encampment,” a reporter needs to enter the grounds covertly in order to get a full portrait. Mathison entered the grounds three times July 1991, aided by activists from the Bohemian Grove Action Network.

He witnessed a speech -- “Smart Weapons” -- by former Navy Secretary John Lehman, who stated that the Pentagon estimates that 200,000 Iraqis were killed by the U.S. and its allies during the Gulf War. Other featured speakers included Defense Secretary Richard Cheney on “Major Defense Problems of the 21st Century,” former Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Joseph Califano on “America's Health Revolution -- Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Pays,” and former Attorney General Elliott Richardson on “Defining the New World Order.”

Mathison’s entree into the secret world of the Grove was cut short on July 20, however, when he was recognized by two of the participants in the festivities -- executives from Time Warner, People's publisher. More loyal to the Grove than to journalistic endeavor, they had the reporter removed from the premises (San Francisco Weekly, 8/7/91).

Mathison already had plenty of material, however, and turned in an article to his editors, which was scheduled to appear in the Aug. 5, 1991 issue. They were pleased with the piece, according to Mathison: “They liked it enough to expand it a bit,” he told Extra!.

But then the story was suddenly killed. Landon Jones, managing editor of People, told Extra! that the decision had nothing to do with the Time Warner executives. “It was cut partially because he hadn't been there long enough to get a complete story. Secondly, we felt very uncertain about reporting what we did have, because, and this is my fault and I take responsibility for this, I simply didn't realize it was technically trespassing.”

For his part, Mathison said he did not know why the story was killed, and implied it would be nearly impossible to find the real reason. “It’s easier to penetrate the Bohemian Grove than the Time-Life Building,” he told Extra!.

But the story raises questions about the ability of a media entity to report critically on an elite when its executives are enthusiastic members of that elite. Indeed, the Time organization was noted for sending a corporate plane to the Bohemian gathering every year, according to long-time Grove-watcher Kerry Richardson.

Time Warner is not the only media corporation with Bohemian connections. The list of Fourth Estate bigwigs who have been members or guests is extensive: Franklin Murphy, the former CEO of the Times Mirror corporation; William Randolph Hearst, Jr.; Jack Howard and Charles Scripps of the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain; Tom Johnson, president of CNN and former publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

When Associated Press president Louis Boccardi spoke at one of the Grove’s “Lakeside Talks” about kidnapped reporter Terry Anderson (Spy, 11/89), he referred to his audience as men of “power and rank” and “gave them more details than he said he was willing to give his readers.”

Walter Cronkite, now on the CBS board, hangs out at the same lodge at Bohemian Grove as George Bush and the former chairs of Procter & Gamble and Bank of America; Cronkite’s voice has served as the voice of the Owl of Bohemia, a fixture in the club’s mock-druidic rituals.

The media figures attending the retreat all agree not to report on what goes on inside. The prohibition seems to apply to reporters who are not guests or members as well: In 1982, NPR (National Public Radio) got a recording of Henry Kissinger’s speech at the Grove -- but declined to air it (Spy, 11/89). Also in 1982, a Time reporter went undercover as a waiter in Bohemian Grove; like Mathison’s People article, his story was retracted.

Richard Nixon, then the 37th President of the United States, openly discusses the overt homosexual proclivity of the occult themed soiree’s attendees in this brief cinematic excerpt.

An ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) syndicated News Report airing on July 23 of 1981 examines the connection of the worlds political elite with the Bohemian Club, an annual all-male gathering that takes place in Sonoma County, California.

Ralph Nader, long recognized as a political independent, offers his perspective regarding the gathering of various luminaries in the Entertainment and financial industry within the wilderness expanse surrounding the Bohemian Grove during the course of a syndicated audiocast on 1350 KSRO (Kaiser Santa Rosa) with Pat Thurston in July of 2005.

Rush Limbaugh, widely acknowledged in various public circles as a purported ‘politically conservative’ broadcast journalist, offers his perspective regarding the existence of this esoteric assembly during the course of a terse exchange with activist and author Mark Dice.

Glenn Beck, a noted broadcast journalist and founder of TheBlaze online site publication and discussion forum, entertains questions from a concerned listener regarding the incidence of various ceremonies and ritualistic practices within the innermost recesses of Sonoma County, California.

Bill O’Reilly, syndicated television host, noted author, and FOX News Correspondent, addresses the existence of the Bohemian Club in a series of questions during the course of various networked audio casts - the utterance of personal attacks against individual listeners paired in conjunction with an odious penchant for engaging in combative repartee long recognized as a predictable response.
Michael Savage, noted author and broadcast journalist, fields questions regarding the occultist permutations surrounding the Bohemian Club, specifically the mention of the Cremation of Care ceremony where various mock human sacrifices have been conducted throughout the forests periphery.
Bill Richardson, formerly recognized as the governor of New Mexico, attempts to deflect numerous lines of questioning by Luke Rudkowski and other members of WeAreChange regarding his attendance within the Grove.
Newt Gingrich, 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate, openly denies the existence of the Bohemian Club, equating assertions referencing the existence of the occult inspired symposium to fantasy during this line of questioning by Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.

During the course of this brief exchange between Gingrich and Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange, the former Speaker of the House actually autographs a picture of himself while in attendance at the Grove.
Moloch, Molech, Molekh, or Molek, representing Semitic מלך m-l-k, (a root which occurs in various Hebrew and Arabic words related to kings or majestic figures) is either the name of a god or the name of a particular kind of sacrifice associated with fire. Moloch was historically affiliated with cultures throughout the Middle East, including but not limited to the Hebrew, Egyptian, Canaanite, Phoenician and related cultures in North Africa and the Levant.


Moloch assumed precedence through a wide array of diverging cognomen including, but not limited to, Ba’al, Moloch, Apis Bull, Golden Calf, Chemosh, as well as many other names, and was widely worshiped in the Middle East and wherever Punic culture extended (including, but not limited to, the Ammonites, Edomites and the Moabites). Baal Moloch was conceived under the form of a calf or an ox or depicted as a man with the head of a bull. In present day America and as far back as 1872, Moloch has appeared in the guise of a 40-foot high stone owl monolith within the darkened forests surrounding Bohemian Grove. Ritual sacrifice and satanic ceremonies stain the Californian landscape with unbroken silence as those assuming the highest mantles of authority within the predominant socio-political construct gather in widow colored regalia to pay homage to a deity as old as time itself. The cinematic presentations below illustrate the rituals ascribed to the Bohemian Grove and elaborate on the Satanic aspects of this clandestine assembly as well as the inherently sinister connotation associated with this secret society’s incorporation of the owl as their principal symbol:

In accordance with the ceremonies ascribed to the massive virgin redwood coppice furtively sequestered in parts of Northern California, the following video documentation serves as visual evidence of the groups existentiality. The individual in question, David Gergen, is portrayed as a devout member of the Bohemian Club, the contents of this video gauging his reaction to a confrontation by Alex Jones, a syndicated author and conspiracy investigative journalist, pursuant to the origins and occurrence of such gatherings:
Long believed to be a haven for the ritualistic sacrifice of children and small animals, the Bohemian Club, a secret society conducting the vast bulk of its sinister operations on the grounds of what is known as the Bohemian Grove, has, within the past several years, been revealed, through the eye witness testimony of Paul Bonacci and Peter Alexander Chernoff concerning the missing persons case of then 10-year old Kevin Andrew Collins, to be just that. The following cinematic reference documenting these accounts:
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