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Exposing the Ideological Precepts of Modern Satanist Doctrine

Written By Michael Reign on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 | 10:06 PM

In the darkest recesses of theological discourse, an unfathomable distance from that which could be construed as the archetypal template of scriptural philosophy, rests the tendency of mass exploitation, where self aggrandizement and the accumulation of undue influence and authority outweigh the basic necessities of human interaction. Organizations of intertwined assemblies, eclectic arrays of people from every conceivable station in life, from every social institution imaginable, congregating at the altar of avarice. These are the devotees of the modern incarnation of Satanist doctrine (sometimes associated with LaVeyan Satanism with a multitude of less publicized ensembles, most notably the Satanic Temple and the Church of Ahriman, adopting a similar line of reasoning), their infiltration into a multitude of socioeconomic spheres and disciplines, most notably finance and commerce, politics, the legal profession, military and law enforcement, entertainment, technology, medicine, and education well documented. The preconceived notion of their isolation from one another long since dispelled, as in each instance of the movement’s propagation into the global arena, a common goal soon emerged emphasizing an exponential increase in the collective power base of the Elitist Patriarchy at the expense of civilization’s most fundamental rights and freedoms. Where in the past, obeisance to spiritual personages, as well as the renunciation of Christian faith and belief systems, was openly encouraged as a prerequisite rite of initiation, the current embodiment of occultist permutation operates under the banner of four distinct tenets or principles:

1) Self Preservation - Acknowledged as the most paramount of concerns or aspirations within the hierarchal order, where the collocation of power and dominion at the expense of the plebeian class is celebrated as an unspoken aspect of virtue. The preservationist abstraction is intrinsically bound to the veneration of self, also termed as ‘autolatry,’ where pride becomes synonymous with integrity.

2) Moral Relativism - A sociologically derived predisposition that stresses the importance of redefining the objective standards of what is considered to be ethically acceptable or unacceptable patterns of behavior. In modern Satanist convention the concept of moral relativism refers to a reinterpretation of values based on the notion of individualism, where the very basis of right and wrong is governed solely by one’s own understanding of its characterization and is not thereby bound by any legally agreed upon axiom or definition.

3) Social Darwinism - An ideational construct predicated on the prominence of certain societal segments whose ruthless ambition and determination engineers their separation from the so-called underclass. It is the merger of absolutist dictate with the evolutionary process of natural selection, where those deemed to possess a certain degree of genetic superiority - oftentimes determined by their hereditary predisposition and/ or ancestral lineage - are predestined to rule.

4) Eugenicism - Oftentimes integrated with Darwinist Theory whereby the engineered obsolescence - and eventual extinction - of certain populational factions is deemed necessary to hasten the evolution of humanity. It is a practice - ethnocentric in origin - operating under a system of predestination where the ruling authority, by virtue of their heritage, decide which elements of society will thrive and which will cease to exist.

Notice how these pillars of conviction mirror the governing principles of the transnational aristocracy, and let any doubts festering within your subconscious fade as to who these masters of corruption pay homage to.
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