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Multimedia Conglomerates/ Industrial Extortionists

Written By Michael Reign on Sunday, May 17, 2015 | 11:35 PM

A term of reference emphasizing the existence of companies or telecommunications agencies that routinely engage in activities meriting hegemonistic attribution - in that employees of such industries experience a pronounced incidence of wage suppression in the form of sporadic, and oftentimes, meager or paltry work-based performance increases as a means of engendering corporate sustainability. In such instances, personnel ascribed to rudimentary/ menial task management at basic company level are recognized as expendable commodities/ resources within the predominant schema. Corporatist liaisons who work in concert with the Federal Government, as well as foreign workers rights advocacy groups, function as an interdepartmental complement of large-scale businesses to exploit preexisting labor regulation/ policy in the employment of undocumented immigrants - this practice fostering an environment of earned income depreciation, whereby the monetary wage compensation of prospective hires possessing a legal right to work experiences a marked degree of stagnation under the false pretense of ensuring income equality.

Industrial extortion exists as a terminological designation referencing a wide array of tactics that are oftentimes inclusive of the following: corporate level intimidation through the bribery and exploitation of the judicial system, product copyright infringement ˡ, blackmail, deliberate acts of malfeasance focused primarily on the financial holdings of certain companies and shareholder investiture through computer network data compromise, etc. This particular methodology recognized as an essential component in the transfer of wealth as a mechanism of collusion - in that the parties responsible for such acts often possess a foreknowledge of events that are conspicuously hidden from a vast majority of investors (This point of contention proven accurate following the market collapse of 2008 and the debilitating economic recession that soon followed).

WRITTEN ADDENDUM: The aforementioned classification of industry serves as a descriptive metaphor for legally accredited institutions that prey on the ignorance of their public constituents, these associations or partnerships - especially in the retail or services sector of the economy, in petroleum or natural gas (British Petroleum with the engineered collapse of the Deepwater Horizon oil excavation platform and the resultant environmental catastrophe - a sequence of events bolstering the profit margins of executive officers whose scope of significance transcends international boundary, a fact evident in the links accompanying this stanza), 


Disaster Capitalists: Halliburton Turns a Substantial Profit in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Environmental Catastrophe
BP Corporate Shares Dumped Weeks Prior to the Deepwater Horizon Platform’s Destruction by Goldman Sachs, Oil Industry CEO Tony Hayward, and the Vanguard Commodities and Investment Firm
‘Spillionaires’: Profiteering and Mismanagement in the Wake of the BP Oil Spill

in automotive manufacturing and distribution centers, in financial markets and their correspondent enterprises (HSBC’s sordid legacy of money laundering and its connection to organized narcotics trafficking operations),


Money Laundering and the Drug Trade: Assessing the Role of Global Financial Institutions
HSBC Financial Arbitration Judge Approves $1.9 Billion Drug Money Laundering Accord Thereby Absolving the Banking Conglomerate of Charges That It Willfully Obliged Latin American Narcotics Organizations Safe Haven for the Transport of Illicit Monetary Gains
HSBC to Pay $2 Billion in Fines and Restitution, or the Monetary Equivalent of 5 Weeks of its Profit, to Avoid Criminal Prosecution Stemming From Charges Related to the Illegal Laundering of Monetary Funds From Various Latin American Narcotics Organizations

etc. There are a veritable litany of instances similar in context to those mentioned in the above paragraphs - moments in time where casualties in the civilian population, the decimation of tangible assets (pension plans/ retirement), ecological destruction, etc. are exploited by alliances whose oaths of allegiance coincide with their authors’ pursuit of luxury.

ˡ The legal ramifications associated with the incidence of copyright infringement by corporate empire are oftentimes mitigated by the monetary influence such entities possess, thereby ensuring the organizations unfettered access to the most competent and accomplished legal counsel well in advance of any possible criminal indictment. 
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