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2015 Federal Budget Projection: A Mathematical Perspective

Written By Michael Reign on Thursday, February 26, 2015 | 5:52 PM

Federal budget allotments relative to fiscal expenditure projections exist as deficit indicators pursuant to government subsidized stimulus allocation. The most recent budget forecasts ascribed to the Obama Administration rest at an estimated $3.9 trillion (Budget projections exist as mathematical estimates calculated on an annual basis signifying proposed deficit spending).
Obama 2015 Budget: $3.9 Trillion
Obama Plans $3.9 Trillion Budget For 2015

Utilizing mathematical precepts governing the fundamental aspects of rudimentary calculative processes, one can ascertain the following with reference to the above figure:

$3.9T/ 365 (Signifies the statistical approximation applicable to the Earth’s orbital path of circumnavigation around the Sun. The 365 numeric is recognized as an approximation due to the fact that the exact mathematical parameters governing such motion have been quantified as 365.256363004 solar days - a terminological appellation synonymous with the sidereal year)

NOTE - Use 3900 for $3.9T, as the trillion dollar designation is substantively larger than its 365 numerical counterpart. Thus 3900/ 365 serves as an accurate reflection of the necessary mathematical operation yet to be completed.

Performing this simple calculation yields yet another statistical approximation, with the final 8 numeric digits exhibiting a repetitive tendency on an infinite scale of quantification. 10.68493150684931506849315068493150... then becomes 10.684932 which can then be listed as 10.69. The aforementioned metric identified as a mathematical approximation governing the monetary dissemination of $10.69 billion on a daily basis relative to the 2015 Fiscal Year.

Dividing 10.684932 by 24 yields yet another statistical equivalency, for the denominator within the aforementioned fractional expression represents the mathematical approximation of a sidereal day (Its actual numeric equivalency recognized as 23.93447 hours or 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds, 0.99726957 mean solar days). A sidereal day representing times elapse relative to the Earth’s rotation and in conjunction with the vernal equinox.

NOTE - Use 10684.932 for 10.684932 to facilitate a greater degree of accuracy relevant to the above figures cumulative determination. Thus 10684.932/ 24 serves as an accurate reflection of the necessary mathematical operation yet to be completed.

The resultant numerical equivalent, 445.2055 representing a $445.2 million statistical approximation concerning government expenditure on an hourly basis relative to the 2015 Fiscal Year.

In summation, the Obama Administration, in conjunction with a seemingly innumerable host of political representatives occupying positions of authority within the Federal Government, intends to utilize an estimated $445.2 million per hour to fund programs they deem to be necessary to the economic vitality of the nation as a whole.

Feel free to insert the appropriate pejorative into the following written statement at your leisure:

The Obama Administration intends to _________ nearly $445.2 million per hour from future generations to fund a wide variance of programs deemed essential to the national infrastructure.

A. borrow

B. confiscate

C. misappropriate

You can use one of your own choosing, of course; these are the first three that came to mind when formulating this brief narrative.
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