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100 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, January 23, 2015 | 7:42 PM

100 Orlando, FL
99 Pueblo, CO
98 Sumter, SC
97 Norristown, PA
96 Schenectady, NY
95 Council Bluffs, IA
94 Cincinnati, OH
93 Baton Rouge, LA
92 St. Petersburg, FL
91 Worcester, MA
90 Canton, OH
89 Bridgeport, CT
88 Chattanooga, TN
87 Lawton, OK
86 Poughkeepsie, NY
85 Lauderdale Lakes, FL
84 Desert Hot Springs, CA
83 Lima, OH
82 Carbondale, IL
81 Albany, GA
80 Lawrence, MA
79 Minneapolis, MN
78 Texarkana, AR
77 Miami Beach, FL
76 Rochester, NY
75 San Bernadino, CA
74 Anderson, SC
73 Riviera Beach, FL
72 Holvoke, MA
71 Springfield, IL
70 Nashville, TN
69 Houston, TX
68 Richmond, CA
67 Oklahoma City, OK
66 Lansing, MI
65 Jackson, MS
64 Fall River, MA
63 Beaumont, TX
62 Weslaco, TX
61 Paterson, NJ
60 Monroe, LA
59 Odessa, TX
58 Springfield, MA
57 New London, CT
56 New Bedford, MA
55 Philadelphia, PA
54 Rocky Mount, NC
53 Fort Myers, FL
52 Salisbury, MD
51 Jackson, MI
50 Gary, IN

49 Springfield, MO
48 Gadsden, AL
47 Miami, FL
46 Hartford, CT
45 Niagara Falls, NY
44 East Palo Alton, CA
43 East Point, GA
42 Brockton, MA
41 Stockton, CA
40 Indianapolis, IN
39 Chelsea, MA
38 Kansas City, MO
37 New Haven, CT
36 Tulsa, OK
35 Lake Worth, FL
34 Daytona Beach, FL
33 Compton, CA
32 Buffalo, NY
31 Newark, NJ
30 Washington, DC
29 Atlanta, GA
28 Atascadero, CA
27 Trenton, NJ
26 Birmingham, AL
25 Bridgeton, NJ
24 Jackson, TN
23 Milwaukee, WI
22 Fort Pierce, FL
21 Spartanburg, SC
20 Rockford, IL
19 Little Rock, AR
18 Baltimore, MD
17 Homestead, FL
16 Cleveland, OH
15 Newburgh, NY
14 St. Louis, MO
13 Harvey, IL
12 Myrtle Beach, SC
11 Alexandria, LA
10 Memphis, TN
9 Wilmington, DE
8 Atlantic City, NJ
7 Flint, MI
6 Bessemer, AL
5 Oakland, CA
4 Saginaw, MI
3 Detroit, MI
2 Chester, PA
1 Camden, NJ

100 Most Dangerous Cities Indexed by State

Colorado 1
Delaware 1
Iowa 1
Minnesota 1

Mississippi 1
North Carolina 1
Wisconsin 1
Arkansas 2

Indiana 2
Alabama 3
Georgia 3
Louisiana 3
Maryland 3
Missouri 3
Oklahoma 3
Pennsylvania 3
South Carolina 3
Connecticut 4
Illinois 4
Ohio 4
Tennessee 4
Texas 4
Michigan 5
New Jersey 6
New York 6
California 7
Massachusetts 8
Florida 11

Statistical data compiled by NeighborhoodScout.

Research information pertinent to the aforementioned category references cities whose populations exceed 25,000, with rank assignation contingent on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Criminal offenses qualifying for violent designation are inclusive of the following: murder, forcible rape/ sexual battery, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. Narcotics trafficking/ distribution and the possession of drug paraphernalia were not taken into account in the proffered assessment.


100 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States
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  1. i wonder why these cities are listed as most dangerous cities if their system work perfectly then it will not be in that list

    1. Thank you for your input. As this particular listing pertains to the year of 2015, some of the cities appearing here have since been removed from these rankings. Your notion of a legal system that functions in accordance with the law somehow being a contributing factor to any one particular locality not having been included in the above survey has merit, but not in how you may have been led to believe.
      Many reach a similar conclusion, positing the belief that cities plagued by a heightened incidence of crime and illegal activity are somehow the by-product of the system's failure to address the root causes of communal degradation. Rather, what can be construed as a more accurate assessment of criminality's proliferation, is the engineered collapse of civilization by Elitist assemblies within that city's representative constituencies who exploit poverty, as well as diminished employment opportunities for their own personal gain (the conscious commitment to deceive residents of their districts of confluence into accepting a prescribed set of 'solutions' that were never formulated with the intent to provide relief). This is a systemic issue at the federal level where the corrupt reign with impunity, passing legislation that is diametrically opposed to the viability of the nation's economy, thereby insuring what can only be described as the modern-day incarnation of indentured servitude for future generations. Put simply, crime is oftentimes the result of the absence of opportunity to advance economically that is, more often than not, deliberately orchestrated by those given the authority to establish legal precedent. Individuals whose actions contradict the best interests of those they claim to represent.


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