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Statistical Analysis | The Conceptualization of Wage Disparity in the Government Sector

Written By Michael Reign on Monday, May 12, 2014 | 10:35 PM

The correspondent demographic to this brief addendum illustrates the hypocrisy of the American political system, where incompetence is the accepted currency of exchange. In an atmosphere of moral repugnancy the subconsciously reprobate wade in fetid streams of self gratification, bartering any conceivable shred of human decency for the allure of luxuries bathed in a tapestry of ephemerality. The senescence of integrity a foregone conclusion within the prevailing political landscape, where corruption is celebrated as yet another opportunity for advancement.
The brief poetic discourse above functions as an instrument of reference, illustrating the gullibility of generations of people who have willingly embraced a system catering to the whims of affluent corporatist sycophants. Imagine that your chosen profession entails the representation of millions, where poor work performance goes unpunished and oftentimes is rewarded under the context of a justifiable compensation, limitless monetary perpetuity where taxpayers are obligated to honor commitments that have never formally been established or agreed upon, where the adoration and ebullience of the voiceless masses beckons unceasingly - an unwanted distraction from a contrived sense of reality, et cetera; written metaphor so ostensibly transparent that its intrinsic meaning eludes millions beneath a painfully obvious veil of propaganda.
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