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Written By Michael Reign on Monday, May 12, 2014 | 7:38 PM

A symbolic motif evincing commonality with a wide variance of astrological philosophies, Greek spiritual pantheons - specifically the astral circle housing Asclepius (deity of healing and rejuvenation), and with medicinal occupation. A figure representative of a serpentine personage viscerally entwined around the circumference of a staff; the Rod of Asclepius, also known under the Asklepios or Aesculapius colloquializations, is similar in aesthetic appearance to the Nehushtan 
(Alternatively christened under the Nehustan appellate, whose Hebrew equivalent: נחושתן or נחש הנחושת, is recognized as a sacred relic constructed in the form of a brass covered serpent resting conspicuously at the apex of a shaft).
The figure referenced in the initial portrait possesses an esoteric connotation emblematic of an ancient malevolence revered by the most influential of Masonic Orders. Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes, a demonic entity housing androgynous predisposition, overtly parades the Rod of Asclepius in a display of ostentatious vulgarity from beneath the shroud of cloth resting furtively upon its waist region in nearly every conceivable artistic rendition ascribed to its visage. The Rod of Asclepius also possesses a significant degree of homogeneity with Hindu and Buddhist belief systems espousing a Chakra based wheel of enlightenment as a means to further ones evolution of consciousness.
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