Predatory Lending

Written By Michael Reign on Monday, January 27, 2014 | 8:46 PM

Predatory lending practices exist as unscrupulous fiscally motivated endeavors orchestrated by lenders and their correspondent agencies of influence to entice, induce, and/ or provide assistance to prospective borrowers during the loan origination process. These monetary advancements, recognized as formative contingencies during the institution of any preliminary mortgage contractual proceeding, are synonymous with exorbitant surcharges and extraneous fees, exponentially high interest rates in conjunction with adjustable proportionalities (Similar to variable-rate or tracker mortgage contractual agreements; exists as a loan bearing a variable rate of interest in accordance with the formulation of a written appendage - a legal document known as a promissory note that serves as a negotiable instrument guaranteeing payment of a specific sum of money through open decree or as a preordained incremental measure of time - that is, in turn, subject to a periodical adjustment based on indices that reflect the financial burden imposed on prospective borrowers within a particular credit market), a mandated revocation of equitable assets, and/ or penalties jeopardizing the credit standing of an individual which, in turn, benefits those parties responsible for the enactment of these detrimental policies. 
Individual lending agencies in conjunction with the corporatist aggregate engage in a campaign of exploitation that systematically and deliberately targets the most vulnerable segments of society - oftentimes ethnic minorities devoid of any substantive financial resources as well as the elderly or physically infirm.
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