Written By Michael Reign on Monday, November 25, 2013 | 5:43 PM

Alternatively known as a Corpocracy, Corporatocracies exist as a form of governance where a corporation, industrial conglomerate, or fiscal monopoly, acting under the direction of a multitudinous hierarchal construct, controls the political direction and governance of a nation, principality, or province. Such financial/ profit-based institutions are characterized by a blatant absentia of moral compass with regard to the policies of their respective industries. Each of these corporate syndicates routinely employ individuals within their correspondent sphere of influence at wages deemed as cost effective necessities by company executives, thereby engendering the promulgation of the profiteerist philosophy through exploitative practice. Oftentimes with the emergence of a corpocratic political dynamic, the prevalence of pyramidal monetary/ Ponzi schemes attain precedence in an industrial setting.

The following composite illustrative of an imagined scenario involving the merger of corporate influence with the nationally recognized political base - a five step system of progression:

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