Wage Suppression

Written By Michael Reign on Sunday, September 8, 2013 | 8:31 PM

A terminological designation exhibiting commonality with the proliferation of systemic wage reduction (A socio-economic condition evincing a symbiotic relationship with wage dependency, where one exists as an agent of causality yielding the emergence of its counterpart). Wage suppression exists as a combination of factors relative to the emergence of global trade imbalances (Balance of trade, socio-economic nomenclature synonymous with the net export classification - a terminological designate oftentimes expressed as an abbreviated linguistic derivative, in this instance ‘NX’; exists as a statistical incongruity relative to the monetary value of exports levied against the imports of a nation’s output. In accordance with this stated premise the emergence of trade surpluses or trade deficits within the prevailing economic climate exists as a function of fiscal dichotomy. The perpetuation of ambiguity within such spheres of influence is recognized as an inverse proportion of causality, in the sense that numerical disparity attains precedence in either of the aforementioned circumstances), and the proliferation of a globally centralized slave labor apparatus (Terminological interpretation recognized as the by-product of wage disparity as generated through the implementation of exploitative policy at the corporate-industrial level - objectives realized through the enactment of a government subsidized system of immigration. Agencies affiliated with the aforementioned services operate under a laissez-faire methodology to further the corporatist agenda - an ideology predicated on the exploitation of undocumented immigrants through the promise of independence and the accrual of luxury).
The advent of a suppressionist dynamic within the prevailing fiduciary exemplar yields the propagation of a service industry emphasizing wage disparity and the proliferation of a menial-level employment apparatus - gainful opportunities lost within the indefinite vacuum of a deliberately orchestrated corporate exodus.
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