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Near Death Experiences/ The Afterlife

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, September 20, 2013 | 11:11 PM

In a world of absolutes, the conceptualization of a reality beyond what is scientifically conceivable is anathema to, what many have come to describe as, the antediluvian personification of inter-religious dogma designed by its progenitors to function as a mechanism of societal manipulation. Eternity, a lesson in abstraction for those professing a willful ignorance of circumstance? Perhaps the refusal to acknowledge the possibility of a dimensional artifice separate from one’s visible periphery rests more with a sense of objectivity relevant to the incidence of unexplained phenomena? There are an innumerable host of documented instances pertaining to the accounts of individuals throughout the world’s entirety, some chronicling their experiences as little more than an afterthought amidst a veritable litany of skepticism. Yet, for those espousing an inherent religious proclivity, these events serve as a type of personal affirmation, in that the conceptualization of an existence independent of physical boundary is no longer considered a facet of preconceived formality, but rather, as an aspect of permanence exhibiting a linear relationship to the scientific community’s accepted realm of corporeality. It is these systems of belief that exist as the foundation for the viability of such assertions, with the notion of spiritual finality functioning as an aspect of predestination.
Near death experiences typically consist of two scenarios, one involving an individual’s spiritual ascension to a realm of actuality transcending base desire and human triviality - what many would associate with heaven - paradise ethereal. The other, a nightmarish visage of permanence embellished beneath an all consuming phlogiston, searing the very essence of one’s soul from the physical realm. What follows are cinematic references documenting the possibility of such phenomena:
Dannion Brinkley’s well publicized experience following the sequence of events involving his being struck by lightning on September 17th, 1975, serves as one example of this phenomena. The registry link below this brief written annotation, elaborates on the context of this sequence of events in its entirety, chronicling Brinkley’s formative years of existence through the course of the feature; a visual entitled Saved by the Light:

What follows below is an overt dramatization of one woman’s descent into Hell.

NOTE: A written appendage appearing in the uppermost portion of this brief cinematic discourse serves as a disclaimer, indicating the author’s true intent with the release of this feature.

A description of Hell as chronicled through the observations of Bill Wiese and Mary K. Baxter.

Purgatory, a perpetual limbo independent of metaphysical actuality, exists as a temporal haven for disembodied spiritual entities seeking refuge from the ravages of uncertainty as it pertains to one’s destiny in the eternal.
WRITTEN ADDENDUM: Many are those who dismiss the concept of an afterlife, and thus all accounts pertaining to such experiences, based solely on their disdain for religious belief systems, choosing instead to adopt the annihilationist precepts of New Age Adventists at the expense of the Creationist philosophy. The dismissal of such possibilities portends more than a passing fascination with ignorance, for if the above stated paragraphs ring true, would not the abject denial of an eternal destiny condemn one’s spirit to the throes of an all encompassing perdition?
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