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GWEN - Ground Wave Emergency Network

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, September 6, 2013 | 7:35 PM

The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN), a system formulated by the United States Government in 1982; whose principal design was one allegedly predicated on the maintenance of defense communications in the event of nuclear war, is, in reality, the technological equivalent of the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) structure - albeit considerably less imposing. GWEN transmitters, strategically placed throughout the United States in proximal localities separated in 200-mile increments, allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field intensity pertinent to each area of divergence; thereby altering the atmosphere’s electromagnetic wave spectrum. These transmitters generate electromagnetic modular pulses in the VLF (Acronymic standard of abbreviation evincing commonality with the Very Low Frequency terminological appellation) range, utilizing specificity parameters applicable to the 150 to 175 kHz (kilohertz) spectra. These signals travel in the form of waves or modular pulses that converge at ground level rather than radiating into the atmosphere in the form of intermittent transmissions. GWEN stations typically transmit electronic signals in an arcing semi-circular pattern, at a distance of up to 300 miles - with such emanations diminishing considerably in intensity and frequency beyond this line of demarcation.

The entire Ground Wave Emergency Network system consists of - depending on the exact source of data extraction being utilized - an estimated 58 to 300 transmitters spread across the continental United States, situated in towers 299 to 500 feet in height. 300 foot copper wires situated throughout the tower’s immediate periphery (Wiring housed within these structures exhibits commonality with spoke-like formations similar in physical appearance to those found throughout the rims of cycling devices) fan out from the base of the system beneath the Earth’s surface, acting as agents of conduction that aid in the dissemination of energy in the form of radio waves.
GWEN transmitters serve many functions including but not limited to the following: weather modification, subconscious manipulation through a process of mind control, behavioral modification through emotional stimulation, etc. Such processes operate in conjunction with the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), exhibiting a marked degree of similarity with the Russian Woodpecker Transmitter.

The Russian Federation openly markets a patented miniaturized version of the aforementioned weather-engineering system known under the ‘Elate’ denomination, a device capable of altering atmospheric patterns and prevailing air currents across a 200 mile radius - this numerical equivalency indicative of parameter restrictions correspondent to the ranges of influence common to GWEN units throughout the continental United States.
Prior to its formative establishment, the government conducted various experiments utilizing VLF transmissions, the present day 58 to 300 tower GWEN system configuration remains in operation and cannot be dismantled unless by Congressional mandate.
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