ZoZo Phenomenon

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, August 30, 2013 | 12:04 AM

A sequence of events incorporating the use of a Ouija Board and a planchette as instruments of communication with the spirit realm. This phenomena has been extensively researched by paranormal enthusiast and investigator, Darren Evans, who first coined the phrase in 2009, following his own harrowing experience with this malevolent personage. The Ouija Board, by itself, is bereft of any menacing connotation; it is when it is used as an instrument of spiritual invocation that the manifestation of demonic entities attains precedence. It is believed by numerous experts in the field of paranormal science, that the Ouija Board functions as a metaphysical conduit, whereby spiritual presences gain unfettered access to the physical realm through the act of possession. ZoZo is believed to be a malfeasant, spiritually inspired, animus possessing demonic characteristics that manifests in the corporeal plane of existence through spiritual invocation or psychic channeling via the incorporation of a Ouija Board.
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