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Written By Michael Reign on Friday, August 30, 2013 | 11:10 PM

The trinacria, an eponymic derivative evincing commonality with the following denominations: triskele, triquetra, or triskelion (A term originating from Ancient Greek dialect, interpreted to mean three legs); is synonymous with the Sun and is intended to convey motion. The portrayal of this enigmatic construct accomplished in a veritable litany of aesthetic mediums, most notably, as a prominent fixture of Sicilian lore, as evidenced by its inclusion on the flag of this autonomous region of Italy. The following images lending further credence into the pervasivity of its influence:  

Flag of Sicily

There exist numerous dualities representative of the figure’s principal origins, interwoven into three distinctions relative to belief systems evincing an inherent predisposition to spiritual ascension through the process of reincarnation. The trinacria itself is a symbolic representation of the risen animus, the zenith of the soul in its present state of existentiality, and the setting of the spiritual essence in its totality.


In Celtic folklore it is emblematic of Cerridwen, the Celtic Goddess of transformation who supposedly offers guidance and spiritual renewal at crucial junctures in the lives of those adhering to her philosophical teachings/ practices through acts of ministry.
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