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Time Slip Phenomena

Written By Michael Reign on Friday, August 30, 2013 | 12:06 AM

Exists as a paranormal experience dictated by events involving single persons, or groups of individuals, who traverse the prevailing fabric of the space-time continuum through supernatural instrumentation.

There is a scientific explanation governing the occurrence of such phenomena meriting a greater degree of disclosure, it is listed as follows:

This phenomenon could operate under a scientific premise governing the presupposed fluidity of time, in that the conceptualization of its inevitable passage exists not as a linear function, but rather as a single point in the spatial vacuum (in accordance with such precepts, cartographical aspects pertaining to the physical universe can be applied to the Cartesian plane coordinate-based system) - such contingencies would account for the presence of anomalous fluctuations within the prevailing cycle, as areas/ points of reference within a coordinate-based system experience convergence through their intersection. The presence of such anomalies within the prevailing timestream allows for the incidence of discontinuity (through the incorporation of the Cartesian plane coordinate-based system into the prevailing spatial dynamic, points of discontinuity or undefined regions absent of numerical assignation can arise. In linear algebra, these anomalies attain precedence through the application of functional expressions, with undefined values characterized by breaks within the line’s construction), accounting for this perceived disambiguation, as chronicled by those experiencing such phenomena firsthand.

NOTE: As is the case with paranormal phenomena, the objective reality pertinent to the documentation of such experiences is oftentimes disputed.
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