Shadow People

Written By Michael Reign on Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 11:14 PM

A phenomenon gaining a considerable amount of attention in recent years; the manifestation of dark or obsidian personages bereft of conceivable shape or form, has oftentimes been dismissed as the by-product of an overactive imagination on the part of the observer. Paranormal researchers and enthusiasts remain undecided as to the exact nature of such entities, as their opinions regarding the origins of such figures remain the subject of debate in numerous forums of discussion. The following descriptions, referencing these possible origins, are consistent with these differences of opinion:

Imagination/ Illusory Fluctuations in the Visible Light Spectrum - The scientific community, as well as individuals espousing a marked degree of skepticism, have come to associate the incidence of such phenomena with an overactive imagination on the part of observers. Many also attribute the appearance of such figures to fluctuations in the visible light spectrum as a possible explanation for their occurrence.

Demonic/ Malevolent Spiritual Entities - The ominous countenance ascribed to the manifestation of such figures in the physical sense, has fueled speculation among various factions within the paranormal science community leading many to come to a consensus regarding their question of identity, thereby lending credence to the notion that such personages possess an inherently diabolical predisposition.

Photographic Still - Shadow People Phenomena

Echoes of Astral Projection - One theory being circulated by various elements within the paranormal science community concerns the possibility that such entities, are, in fact, the astral essences of people having out-of-body experiences or supra-conscious episodic interludes.

Time Travelers - The manifestation of these metaphysical anomalies in the physical world has heralded a wide variance of speculative assessments within the paranormal science community, equating the incidence of such phenomena with the possibility of time travel. In accordance with this theory, it is believed that the visual manifestation of such figures in a corporeal sense, are, in actuality, echoes present within the prevailing time stream of individuals from future realms of existence, observing events endemic to the present.

Interdimensional Beings - The vast majority of those within the scientific community have come to a consensus regarding the existence of dimensions far beyond those quantified through a process of conventional reasoning. Some theorists within the paranormal science community believe that apertures in the fabric of space and time exhibit parallel synchronicity with our plane of existence, yet remain conspicuously imperceptible to those inhabiting these divergent timelines - thus the possibility would exist that the appearance of such figures could be the result of some form of vibrational attunement, whereby the physical realm coexists with the quantum universe. In this instance then, the perception of one’s reality is governed by the behaviors of infinitesimal particles whose very existence is predicated on the incidence of vibration at the quantum level. In summation, the actualization of such entities, in the corporeal sense, could be indicative of some type of interdimensional interface - where the very fabric of space and time coalesces at certain junctures within the prevailing continuum, thereby affording a marked increase in the manifestation of this type of phenomena.

Hat Man

In many documented instances pertinent to the incidence of such phenomena, observers claim to have encountered an entity known simply as the “Hat Man”, a being evincing human semblance, yet markedly absentia of any visible or distinguishing features - save for what appears to be a hat adorning the figure’s apex. Individuals bearing witness to this persona have confirmed suspicions espoused by the paranormal science community of a ghostlike similarity in terms of movement and behavior. The other physical manifestation of said entity possesses a sinister connotation, in the sense that witnesses of such beings report the sighting of a physically imposing figure with red, glowing eyes exhibiting the characteristic gait of humans in its patterns of movement.
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