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LexisNexis, a massive data archival registry system, serves as a mass storage records index housing the following:
Newspaper Publications
Magazine Issuances
Legal Documentation
Unpublished Opinions
Public Records Registries

Patrons frequenting the LexisNexis data registries include lawyers, law students, journalists, multimedia conglomerates, law enforcement agencies, accounting firms, government contractors, academia, etc. For more than a decade the primary idiomatic expression referencing the LexisNexis identity was “It’s how you know”; most recently they have adopted the “Total Solutions” premise.

Reed Elsevier, a purported educational publisher and the owner and operator of the LexisNexis information service, has acquired numerous commercial data broker agencies in an effort to expand its scope of influence and establish market dominance in the field of mass data extraction. These agencies and their correspondent dates of acquisition are documented as follows:

RiskWise - 2000

RiskWise serves as a corporate loss minimalization and injury assessment firm operating under the premise of preventative measure through risk analysis, maintenance, and consultation.

Quicklaw - 2002

Quicklaw exists as a Canadian based electronic research database that acts as a service provider for legal constituencies/ government intermediaries seeking documentation relevant to court decisions applicable to case history logs regardless of their inherent significance or venue, news reports and analysis, provincial and federal statutes, journals, and commentary.

Seisint, Inc. - 2004

Operates as a commercial data broker specializing in the sale and distribution of personal information to prospective clientele comprising federal, legal, and residential constituencies.

ChoicePoint - 2008

StateNet - 2010

Functions as an extensive state and federal legislative and regulatory information service; StateNet houses vast compendiums of records listings and data registries pertaining to the judiciary and criminal justice systems.
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