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In various incarnations of the Judeo-Christian philosophy the concept of annihilationism exists as an alternative to the prevailing consensus of eternal damnation amidst a seemingly omnipresent phlogiston within the stygian depths of Hell. Long standing assertions relevant to the purported veracity of the aforementioned premise reference a connection with doctrine associated with conditional immortality (A Christian theological premise synonymous with precepts governing the philosophy of conditionalism, which asserts the notion of eternal salvation - specifically the conceptualization of eternity as an aspect of spiritual immortality - contingent on the faith and belief of individuals in the sanctity of the Holy Spirit and a trust in Jesus Christ as one’s personal savior), in that the soul of an individual, deemed to possess finite connotation acquires the gift of eternal life through one’s faith and devotion. Annihilationism then, is a system of beliefs governed by the destruction of those deemed morally reprobate as final punishment for their transgressions on the terrestrial plane of existence.

LAYMAN’S SYNOPSIS - by Michael Reign - The concept of Annihilationism is widely accepted in various circles of the Judeo-Christian belief system, associating the promise of eternal life with one’s personal commitment and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their savior. Annihilationists believe that the concept of an omnipresent judgment resulting in one’s spiritual descent into Hell is an antiquated contrivance of convenience, choosing instead to focus on the soul’s permanent destruction as penalty for transgressions committed on Earth.
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