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Negationism is an aspect pertinent to the concept of historical revisionism, it is predicated on the omission of factual and/ or applicable documentation relevant to the occurrence of a particular event. Negationism exists as an illegitimate historical discourse, whereby the chronological sequence of events relevant to a particular juncture in the fabric of time are surreptitiously manipulated by forces beyond the general public’s scope of perceptibility. In numerous instances, the propagation of interpretive historical narrative contradicting the incidence of war atrocities/ crimes against humanity is utilized as an instrument of disinformation to extend the longevity of dictatorial ensembles. In an attempt to facilitate the distortion of historical chronology, the utilization of several techniques contributing to/ adversely affecting the legitimacy of an event’s interpretation are routinely employed by rogue political constituencies to advance a particular objective. Techniques ascribed to the concept of illegitimate historical revisionism are listed as follows:

1) The presentation of forged instrumentation as genuine

2) The construction of implausible circumstances relevant to a particular occurrence in the chronological sequence of documented history

3) The manipulation of statistical affirmation to support the contention of the political majority, thereby contributing to the alteration of substantiated historical evidence

4) The deliberate mistranslation of textual documentation

* LAYMAN’S SYNOPSIS - by Michael Reign - Negationism is a tactic of disinformation used primarily by the corporatist media to influence the outcome of a particular sequence of events. Telecommunications agencies/ affiliates employ this illegitimate aspect of historical revisionism as an instrument of disinformation to manipulate public opinion in the favor of a particular regime - concealing pertinent facts from prospective viewing audiences to advance a political agenda.
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