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Luciferian doctrine exists as a negationist apocryphal alternative to the chronological sequence of events pertinent to scriptural passages within the third chapter of the Book of Genesis. In stark contrast to the original context presented in the aforementioned passage, the shared interactions of Adam and Eve with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden are recognized as a distorted parallel to its archetypal counterpart. In essence, the aspects pertaining to its literal interpretation exhibit a dichotomous relationship with the actuality of its chronology - in that the Serpent is viewed as the liberator of civilization through its preternatural disposition as well as its penchant for manipulating the circumstances of Adam and Eve’s surroundings. In this contrived scenario, Adam and Eve, who represent the earliest vestige of civilization in recorded history, are the victims of divine imposition; whereby their capacity for knowledge and understanding is deliberately and maliciously constrained by an ominous presence. The Serpent in this instance, then assumes the role of intercessor, freeing the Garden’s remnants from the shackles of ignorance. Luciferianism exists as the fundamental tenet of Illuminist belief systems, this is evidenced by numerous quotes attributed to individuals such as Albert Pike, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Edward “Aleister” Alexander Crowley, Manly Palmer Hall, etcetera.

It is the goal of these assemblages to perpetuate the reincarnation of Lucifer’s essence in human form (Antichrist) through the establishment of what they believe to be a utopian paradise on Earth.

* LAYMAN’S SYNOPSIS - Those skeptical of religious belief systems and the existence of a divine presence will find this entry to be of little interest, however, based on the extensive research I have done I can come to no other conclusion as to why there is such an overt preoccupation with the occult by those operating at the highest levels of industry, government, finance, etcetera. While you may not agree with this particular view, I would hope that all who read this approach it with an open mind. The basis of Elitist dogma and their perceived sense of superiority lies with their belief of a divinely inspired destiny. They have perverted Biblical teachings and scriptural passages to their own nefarious ends as a means of insuring their own sense of purpose. They envision humanity beneath their notice because they see themselves as the descendants of the Serpent, thereby equating this fallacious notion and the exorbitant amounts of wealth they have accumulated as reward for their eternal devotion. The Bohemian Club is an excellent example of this philosophy being carried to fruition, for it is during these furloughs that the manipulation of events on a global scale attain consensus - through occult ritual and sacrifice they pay homage to a deity older than time. The All Seeing Eye, a prominent fixture on the back of the U.S. one dollar bill is another sign of their allegiance - for its progenitors have come to identify Lucifer as their spiritual guardian, and as unbelievable as it may seem, they have come to regard those who do not share their beliefs as enemies whose existence is subject to their whim. Even those who refuse to acknowledge the existence of an omnipresent entity representing what is just, as well as the unseen menace of a malignant force, are regarded as enemies. FEMA internment facilities will not only house political dissidents, but in the End Times, they will serve as stations of oppression for those who refuse to submit to Elitist doctrine.

The cinematic references below the documentation in the written narrative above further elaborate on precepts governing New Age philosophy as well as the concept of Luciferianism:

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